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Ixion themed people keenly feel their outlier status yet embrace it. Resonating with Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus brings Ixion optimism, practicality and originality-a bit like wily coyote. Tracy Delaney, programmer of the Serennu minor planet ephemeris, is gifted at working out difficult delineations. To find your natal Ixion by degree and sign check out this e phemeris add link. Do they apply to me? Do I believe in them? Where in my life am I an outlier or an early adopter?

Do I want to revolutionise old systems?

Gemini in Astrology

How do I push the envelope? What unconventional path am I following? Transiting Ixion is currently-as of the end of September at 22 degrees Sagittarius and will cross the Galactic Centre and conjunct Sagittarius in January Which — notably — is about the lack of self-forgiveness. Shame also contributes to the tendency of that pain to bury itself in deep, fueling reactions we have a hard time identifying with the original wound and need for forgiveness, since we do not see it.

On a cultural level, we are seeing many manifestations of Ixion right now.

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There something verging on a mania when it comes to blurring the boundaries of right and wrong, appropriate and inappropriate. Dear Boots, That was enlightening. Thank you for sharing. It would be very interesting to read more about Ixion's effects on the angles, houses, and interaction with planets.

For example, would Ixion on the ascendent reveal a sociopathic narcissist, and is that placement from consequences from a past life? What if Ixion was joined by Neptune in the first house? Would that exacerbate or ameliorate the problem?

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When a planet passes Ixion in a house, is that when the issues related to that house transform the person into a sociopath, or would the square or opposition pull it out? Ixion can certainly be involved in the indication of narcissism in a chart, but I would not look to it as a sole indicator as narcissism as opposed to narcissistic traits is generally indicated by a stellium of circumstances in a chart, not just one thing. Beyond that, Ixion as a point in our natal chart tends to indicate where we will get our Self into trouble WITH our Self, not necessarily with others.

In other words, Ixion often indicates something we 'spoil' for ourselves without any external force having to punish or convict us of something. To your question about Ixion changing its nature by being aspected by transit, that depends on the object of course and the nature of our natal Ixion challenge.

Often times a transit will simply act as a 'trigger' which causes us to experience our 'Ixion Factor' without changing a thing, as that's Ixion's nature. This being a relatively new point to astrological study, there are likely to be quirks found in the study of Ixion transits and transits to Ixion yet to come.

Chiron and Friends - Ixion

However, in my estimation it is far more likely that we will change the 'focus' of our Ixion "issues" rather than eliminate Ixion as a theme. So if for instance you have Ixion in the 1st house, it may manifest as some bad physical habit, or some habit you have which isn't good for you physically. But even if you learn that lesson, there are other 1st house arenas for Ixion to play out in, and as it's going to be in your natal 1st house for the whole of your life, it will tend to continue testing various aspects of your 1st house awareness for the whole of your life.

As for Neptune, Neptune conjunct Ixion in any house is likely to make understanding your own Ixion issues either more difficult or something you will tend not to focus on for whatever reason.

Or it may indicate some sort of compulsion which causes you to take on difficulties or to undermine your Self or personal aims. It could also indicate someone who does something or continues to work towards something regardless of the difficulty or threat to one's self - - or because they simply have an inability to accept the possible danger.

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Regarding 'transforming someone into a sociopath,' that is unlikely to occur under any transit. Because people who have sociopathic or narcissist, etc. So if you are talking about someone who 'becomes' a sociopath under a given transit, the chances are they were always a sociopath, but those tendencies were not recognized or discovered until the transit came along to 'uncover' or expose something to someone else.

The bottom line here is that no one point defines a chart and that a psychological issue is not read from a single point. Ixion is problematic, yes.

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  8. But Ixion is in every chart of every person and creature alive and not everyone is a terrible person, though we probably all have terrible moments when we have to confront something about ourselves, whether we accept it - or are forced to deal with it - or not.