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She must work for it, reach deep into her Scorpio Earth side to learn what Cancer takes for granted. Surfaces have always been enough for her. But the presence of this man in her heart softens the boundary she has maintained between her outer senses and her inner emotions and passions. Cancer's easy empathy and comfort with deep vulnerable emotions helps her gain the courage to delve her own depths and grow the power she is capable of. Cancer has to work, too. The sensitive guy needs to learn skills and to struggle and work to develop his trade, whatever it may be.

Cancer's direction of growth lies in deepening his personal authority, claiming the right to feel as he feels, and protecting and defending his home. Cancer's sensitivity can make him overly tentative. His life challenge is to grow the will to stand firm. In this, Taurus can help him by example.

Her strength is innate; she did not have to fight to attain it. She was born that way. But cardinal Cancer must struggle like a salmon upstream to the home he craves. The Taurus woman is patient, and so her first impression need not be the last. She likes him, and he feels good to her. Sensitivity runs far beneath the surface of her personality. She seems stoic but in truth, she senses everything right down to the root.

She recognizes Cancer's nourishing flow, and she craves it. This man has what she wants, and what she wants, she will have. He wants her as well. She is not an attention seeker, but is not shy. Taurus woman is strong willed and determined about her goals.

Aries Taurus Cusp Daily Horoscope

She would not change for you, be sure of that and do not try to irritate her by asking to change her habits or behavior. She would not bother explaining her actions and decisions to you, so do not try to ask that, either. Taurus woman is a person of great integrity, strict in social relations, but polite, kind and friendly in total.

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She loves simple pleasures in life. Taurus woman would like to lead a comfortable life she has built up on her own. Taurus women are suspicious about relationships and they would study you before they make sure you are all of the above. Water and Earth element signs often make a lovely match, which is, indeed, the case of Pisces man and Taurus woman. Perhaps the vice versa combination is even better, but here we have a very pleasing connection, as well.

Taurus Love

Taurus woman, Earth sign, needs Pisces, Water sign, to inspire her, to spark her imagination and motivation and make her more open to opinions and ideas other of her own. Taurus woman is charming, self-confident and oriented towards stability in life, family and security. Pisces man is kind, loving and deeply emotional. Both are loyal, honest and faithful partners. At first, they appear too different; Taurus woman is a practitioner, Pisces is a dreamer.

Well, these opposites are compatible and complementary. Practical Taurus could help dreamy Pisces make his fantasies reality, while, in turn, imaginative Pisces helps Taurus reach some new horizons of existence. Pisces is also forgiving and tolerant. Nevertheless, eventually, they would synchronize.

Pisces man and Taurus woman have their own perceptions of what intimacy means. Both of them love pleasures and enjoy simple gestures of affection.

Taurus Is Grounded

While Taurus is more straightforward, she is rarely bored by Pisces romantic approach, if it does not last endlessly. They are not particularly demanding of one another in terms of intimate life and they could find satisfaction in other areas of mutual life, as well.

Pisces man and Taurus woman are highly compatible when it comes to married life. The thing is, Taurus woman gives ground and stability in this relationship; she is capable of keeping cool head even in toughest of situations. On the other hand, Intuitive and deep Pisces man could endure a lot. In addition, he gives this connection flexibility and easiness. These two usually have no problem in organizing shared life.

Yes, they have different habits and tempo, but they are steady and patient enough to try to get used to it. More important, they are successful in synchronizing their needs, because both are tolerant, peaceful and calm. Pisces man and Taurus woman are satisfied with their relationship or marriage. Loyalty and honesty in this relationship is never in danger.

In fact, even their romantic relationship is based on friendship, mutual tolerance, trust and understanding. If they were dating and broke up, they could stay good friends. If there was never a romantic sparkle amongst them, they are very likely to create firm and lifelong friendship. Putting all together, here we have a harmonious and very likely happy relationship. Earth and water signs are known to make a natural match.

Just as earth needs water and vice versa in nature, these zodiac representatives need one another. They make a fruitful combination. Pisces man and Taurus woman are people of different, but complementary, tempers and energies. Skip to content. Every relationship is different but one thing you must do as a strong Taurus woman is to choose your battles. Try to understand that you are not always right in fact and that sometimes others take a little longer to get things done.

Know when to out the horns away. This has all been very hard for me to learn and I am still working on it! But totally worth it because I know for fact that I am with the exact person I am supposed to be with. When we are together everything just works. I like to have this topic for good to for ferther discussion. I really appriciated. I am taurus female and in love with aries man. He is so moody. Sometime he make me feel like i am the only girl in thos world to whom he belongs. I like you but still i cannot give you my love.

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  6. But whenever i ask him to say it looking into my eyes he cannot do so. As a taurean i very calm person, i keep so much of patience in all situation but still i am human.

    My emotions are get hurting because of his behaviour. I know he is not doing this purposely but stil i get hurt. It seems i am chasing him all the time, which i want to stop and want him to chase me. Please help me. Please suggest me how can i get him and make him fall for me. And on more thing we are physically active.

    And when we make love.. First know him from inside. Like take him some where where you can open him like a movie an amusement park or a museum. Just take him let the emotions in him flow out. Then decide in which you can help him. Good luck happy turning. This is so me right now my aries tells me he will fall in love with me just give it time but I mean a lot to him. But he treats be so good. There is no problem in you loving him but the problem is you chasing him for love. Aries do not like being chased they are not strong like you Taurus.

    Daily Horoscope TAURUS April 13, 2017

    Please answer me as on as possible…. He was so judgemental and at the end of the day I walked away for good, he drove me crazy. To this day whenever he sees me he always make a beeline for me and tries his luck. The sex was OK, he thought it was mind blowing…. The main problem was he was too earthy and lacked fineness; I could not have a real intelligent conversation with him without him feeling that I was over intellectualising the conversation and lording it over him.

    He really was defined by his penis, one day we were walking down the Kings Road, Chelsea London and he had his arm draped around my neck when he decided to grab my breast. I was mortified and hit him a great big slap around the chops, well this ended up in a huge fight in the middle of the street and I fled in floods of tears. We lasted 7 years because I really do not like to loose and the last 3 years together were because we had a son together. Never again would I date a Taurus. Proud to be a taurean. Could I pick up personality traits from Aries? I am curious to know why this site is so chock full of Cancer bashing..

    I dunno how this thing works. Pls i need my daily horoscope how do i get it. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site is free and open to everyone, but our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, and voting. Remember Me. Toggle navigation. Daily Horoscope For Taurus.

    Taurus Daily Love Horoscope

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