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  1. Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…
  2. Sexuality and your Zodiac Sign
  3. Aquarius and Aquarius: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

Together, they enjoy following current events and discussing modern, progressive ideas.

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Independent and cosmopolitan, all of their socializing could leave this couple somewhat emotionally detached. They spend most of their time away from the home, and they work well together as part of a larger whole: an organization, business or group. Sometimes, this couple has a great difficulty detecting or expressing real feelings, either their own, their partners or those of the people around them.

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They share certain ideas of how people should behave, which is more often than not an impersonal outlook. Aquarius is ruled by the Planets Saturn and Uranus. Uranus controls radical or novel ideas. Always reaching out with their idealistic visions, the Aquarian intellect can be so extreme and eccentric that Aquarius is known as the Einstein of the Zodiac.

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  5. They can be too intense for the rest of the world, and they are often misinterpreted simply as brains. However, Saturn contains a great work ethic, tenacity and responsibility, and steers the Aquarian relationship to work hard through any problems that may arise.

    This ethic makes the couple very productive and well respected. Aquarius is an Air Sign. Brainstorming and confronting issues with their superior intellectual abilities is second nature to them. The same rational drive that makes the Aquarian couple self-confident and self-assured can also be the source of any emotional or physical detachment that may arise between the two.

    They are a great team and share wonderful conversation, but the intimacy of the relationship may take a lot of hard work and effort. Also, they can be cold toward those they find banal and mundane. Aquarius is a Fixed Sign.

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    • 2. Stability Is Important To Them, But For Different Reasons;

    Aquarius is the sun sign of friends and, boy, do they have a lot of them. And this is fine by another Aquarius lover, who loves the knowledgeable friends. Speaking of interesting and innovative, the Aquarius Aquarius sexually are definitely interesting and innovative in the bedroom! Their innovation can border on deviant, occasionally. You may find this couple handcuffed to the bed in one moment and reciting poetry to each other in the next.

    Aquarius-Aquarius Compatibility

    There is no limit to what this couple will try. For these two, what stimulates the mind also stimulates the body!! What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! So Aquarius, if you want to find someone who is scintillated by the Pythagorean theorem, likes to cavort with interesting people, who will support your charitable cause, and will give you support and space, choose another Aquarius!

    Aquarius & Aquarius Sun: Love Compatibility

    This can be problematic for the Aquarius man Aquarius woman in love. You see, someone has to remember to pay the bills and take care of buying groceries. But in an Aquarius Aquarius marriage , both of you are busy with your creative ideas rather than taking care of your family. This works our fine until the electricity and water get turned off and someone has to eat.

    Sexuality and your Zodiac Sign

    This lack of attention to banalities may also impinge on their most precious resource, friendship. However, once someone becomes a fixture in their lives, they become infinitely less interesting—this also may apply to each other in this Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility! Test Now! Unless both Aquarians are mindful, this unintentional disregard for others can land this couple an unpopular reputation for flakiness.

    Aquarius and Aquarius: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

    And an Aquarius Aquarius couple without friends around them is an unhappy, strained couple. This tendency of the Aquarius man or Aquarius woman to chase after the most popular person in their midst can lead to problems with cheating. Which not so strangely, usually does not bother another Aquarius does, because he or she is just as rational and cerebral as his or her partner. The problem is that the more chasing both Aquarians do, the further they run and the less converging and re-converging they do. Thus they may end up drifting apart.

    Although they will undoubtedly remain friends, this puts a strain on their relationship. And it may also hurt the people their chasing, too. And in these ways, Aquarians are their own worst enemies preparing the ground for the Aquarius Aquarius breakup. So, Aquarians, pay attention to each other, your friends and your bills! This will take the strain off of both of you in this Aquarius Aquarius compatibility and leave you free to innovate, donate and volunteer! You may also want to make sure you have a birthday reminder app, at the very least.

    Call someone to celebrate him or her, rather than to satiate your boredom. Trust me, Aquarius, your friends will be happier and so will you both! The key to the success of this Aquarius and Aquarius relationship is being responsible for each other.

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