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  1. 17 Times Tumblr Horoscopes Got WAY Too Out Of Control
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17 Times Tumblr Horoscopes Got WAY Too Out Of Control

A passionate and intelligent debate over semantics this week will unfortunately get bogged down by pragmatics. Rummaging through your basement, you will stumble upon an old guide on picking up women from the s, which, after a visit to your local bar, you will discover works just as well as the day it was printed.

You will be accidentally left behind by a tour group while visiting Mexico City next week, resulting in a harrowing and distressing afternoon of not being able to accurately identify which buildings are colonial. After experiencing the steep drops, abrupt and short-lived climbs, and out-of-control spins of a roller-coaster for the first time, you finally see why your therapist so often invokes them in characterizing your mental states.

the onion horoscope

As the court stenographer, your job is to transcribe testimony without bias. Still, you will not be able to stop yourself from typing off-color comments about a fast-talking defendant on trial for murder.

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Rock venue managers from across the country will praise your ingenuity and business savvy next week after you successfully employ a sheepdog to corral and guide a lineup of Wilco fans into your club. Clickhole The Onion The A. Virgo Aug.

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Your Horoscopes — Week Of November 6,

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