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What To Watch For Why? It's last quarter Moon time Look at the house Mercury is currently transiting in your natal chart, as well as the houses ruled by Mercury in your natal chart to see how the combustion might be showing up for you.

Combust Planets In Astrology (Lesson with animation)

As it's in my own first house, for example, I got a strange rash on my arm this morning and simultaneously was almost duped into giving my information to a hacker or identity thief over the phone this morning!! The good news is that when Mercury conjoins the Sun it is symbolically reborn and will then begin to slowly recover which happens in the next 48 hours after Mercury conjoins the Sun.

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Watch as challenges or roadblocks to harmony, unity, friendship, or diplomacy arise and likely reach a cross-road or standstill. Saturn retrograde and moving very slowly isn't likely to reach out or move much from it's position, and though the two planets will meet again, Venus and Saturn are also mutually separating from each other, painting the picture of two parties equally ready to move on. Technology and war, the communication surrounding war and aggression Can we say that combust wont affect mercury much as a mercury is used to combust as it is close to sun as you mentioned in video b degrees of combustion is more than 10 degrees.

So it wont affect much c will sun in pisces conjunct with debilateted mercury help mercury?

Regards, D K Bose. Follow Us. Combust Planets - Now this will be some fun to explain and to understand as well. Basic ancient definition of a "Combust Planet" is when a planet comes too near to Sun degree wise , it starts feeling heat out of the fire of Sun.


When it comes even closer then it starts burning and this burning of a planet is referred as Combustion of Planets. In Hindi, it is called as "Ast Gruha". About effects it is said that Planet thus combusted is unable to give any positive result for the simple reason that it is burnt. Now, some recent researches have come up in which it is said that a planet is never fully combusted or burnt, as such in any situation, every planet will provide some of its impact.

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Best way to understand it, is to look at the chart here. In 10th house and in sign of Leo, Sun is at 9. So, Lets see some rules regarding combustion of planets and then see which planet is combust here and which is not. First of all, Mercury is only combust when it is within 1 degree distance from Sun. Like, if Sun is at 9. Because Mercury is always the closest planet to Sun.

Combustion in Horoscopic Interpretation

It is used to the heat of Sun, it is always burning. So, like in this horoscope, Sun is at 9.