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View all articles. Cookies help us provide, protect and improve our products and services. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies. The truth is in the sub-text whether spoken or otherwise now. Remember eclipses conceal and then later reveal. Please, if signing any important contracts or documents, pay attention to the small print and if necessary, have a professional pair of eyes go over it. The energy of this stunning, cathartic eclipse all started in Feb , what was going on then?

Have you changed the way you communicate? Did you receive news that changed the course of your soul journey? Whatever it was it all reaches a climax this week. Prick up your ears and tune in to what the Cosmos is trying to tell you. You may find that you finally see the truth of a situation as the eclipse rips away all illusions. Venus is in its ruling 7th in your chart and meets Jupiter in here for a date for the first time in 12 years. This is all about partnerships and long term love now. This can be a romantic connection, a marriage or live-in love, a working or business partnership, a close friend, an activity or collaborative partner or even in some cases, a horse or non-human partner.

New connections sparkle with long-term potential especially with Venus now out of retroshadow phase.

taurus weekly horoscope 3 jule 2018 by michele knight

Benefits come to you via existing partners or an opportunity to step into a new working one emerges. Be on the look out for anyone larger than life who wants you to tango. Say it anyway — and with love this week. Doors to career advancement open wide Hold your head high and believe. Your ruler is not only supersized this week but also totally eclipsed. Your relationship to your cash — again, this is linked to your own belief in your worth or what you time and talents command, could be pushing some emotional buttons.

KNOW you are worth it, you are fabulous and you deserve the security within yourself that you have been grafting towards since Feb Be aware that eclipses conceal before a big reveal. Be cautious then when it comes to entering into any financial dealings under this Moon and if you lend someone money, be prepared for it not to come back as fast as they promise — if at all. So, be sure you can write the sum off in the long term. Your own feelings about your money, value and assets — material and intangible, could be the mystery you need to uncover however. You are determined to achieve security and should recieve the final piece of the cosmic puzzle this week.

Work opportunities are there or just enhanced wellbeing provided you do not hit cruise control or tip into overindulgence or daydreaming. Venus and Jupiter unite for a collaboration in your 6th for the first time in 12 years. This is a major opportunity to win that job or promotion or make a lasting impression in your business. And do this knowing your worth. Get to work this week, Cancer. Professional doors swing wide. Hold your head high and walk through. Hello, karma! What form is it taking?

What I can tell you is that it will slowly emerge from the shadow of the totally eclipsed full Supermoon in your 1st this week. Be aware that you are going to feel more intensely about everything than you normally would at this time. So I am going to advise you not to make any major decisions about anything at this time — unless you are in a position where you have to. What comes and goes in your life is governed by larger forces at work. You are at the climax, crescendo, summit of a process that started in Feb Your identity, your life path and your soul journey is about to take a turn into a new dimension.

Leos born may 29 horoscopes

The eclipse is a massive game changer for you. You have magic in your fingertips but first a secret is revealed that makes the next leg of your journey very clear. In other news,love and pleasure take to the skies thanks to a once-inyear meeting between Venus and Jupiter in your fabulous 5th. Big loves, big passions, diving into pleasure, luck, success and travel all beckon as does the opportunity to shine, see and be seen. Mars in your 9th boosts your show-stopping confidence and sends you headlong off in hot pursuit of adventure and new horizons.

And as you do, the universe moves with you. Destiny is at work but always remember you are a magician. Be as creative as you can be this week when it comes to going after whatever it is you want. Make it happen now! Intuition whispers — heed it Benefits flow from home, career, property and family Build for your future. It takes place in your mysterious 12th of secrets, psychic ability, intuition and hidden enemies and synchronicity.

Eclipses conceal and later reveal the truth as the shadow of the eclipse passes. Sometimes this can take months. Partial eclipses mean we only have part of the puzzle. Total eclipses mean we are utterly in the dark. Do not take anyone or anything on face value now. Keep the line open to your intuition and above all, heed what it is telling you. Nothing and no one is as it seems under this Supermoon. If you are true to yourself a magical reward is on the way. A journey to the deeper side of life is possible, and gains and advantages are yours this week when it comes to property, where you live, family, who you live with and your career.

Big, beautiful benefits could flow via those you live with, property dealings, moving experiences or via career progression thanks to the once-in-ayear meeting between Venus and Jupiter in your 4th. All this points to your bedrock — what sustains you over the long term. What shelters you, nurtures you and allows you to build a base from which to create a firm foundation.

Some could benefit from the generosity of a female family member, older woman or female mentor. Leases, contracts, mortgage agreements can be signed now. If you are seeking to move, expect to get more for your money than you thought — and this applies to either buying or renting. Long distance relocations can be undertaken and bring you more benefits than you could possibly imagine.

Put down some roots from which to grow your freedom this week. In a nutshell: Big, bold, security enhancing moves can be made this week, Virgo. Build a base from which to aim high. But when it comes to intuition — listen to it and wait for more to emerge. Where do you fit in the bigger picture? News puts you back in the spotlight You go from not to hot again. You may be questioning one particular friendship or even your place within an entire group. All this leads to a fabulous revealtion that ends up leading you where you need to go.

Remember, you are at the peak of a process around this area that began in Feb You have changed your attitude around groups, beliefs, and your concept of social media. Defer any decisions if possible as perception and reality may be entirely different things.

The 11th rules all kinds of social connections and this includes social media. If you have been toying with the idea of social media cold turkey for a while— there may not be a better time to do this as you gain a deeper perspective. Your sense of belonging could be challenged and your goals may be up for review. Big tangible things are happening in another part of the sky which make you realise just what you have to offer. New work opportunities, business success, unicorn unique plated ideas, travel and expansion beckon thanks to ruler Venus meeting Jupiter in your 3rd for the first time in 12 years.

This may seem strange after the challenges of the past seven years when many of you have seen yourself go from hot to not either personally or in terms of your work. Watch for a complete reversal of fortune, opportunities to flirt and your words, ideas and even that CV to open doors for you in ways you could not have imagined 12 months ago. Time to stage that comeback, Libra. In a nutshell: Examine goals and contacts and see if they remain true to who you are, Libra. Value your professional image Keep plans to yourself Brazen new beginnings with love and money are possible.

Guard your reputation and your public image this week, Scorpio. Keep your broader ambitions under wraps and your own counsel when it comes to your career and above all, pay close attention to what you feel may be going on at work or even at home, rather than what is happening in plain sight. You are about to shift your perception of work and have a massive revelation.

You have been going through a huge career shift since Feb and the Leo Super Blood Wolf Moon, in all her glory, is bringing things to a climax. Hidden agendas, manoeuvres in the dark, takeover and power moves may feature, but if you use your instincts, and those tantalising charm skills of yours, you could end up winning. Avoid gossip at all costs and do nothing to fuel it. Be seen as professional and focussed on the job at hand.

A certain detachment may be necessary this week thanks to the total eclipse of the Supermoon in your 10th of career and status. This may be a time to keep your plans and certainly your thoughts, to yourself.

Taurus moon sign may horoscope

If you are given confidential information, lock this in the vault. Eclipses cover up and total eclipses are black-out curtains pulled across a particular area of our lives. Guessing and gossip will serve no purpose now. If you are thinking of applying for a promotion or a new position, keep this to yourself. Be stealthy Scorpio and see all while creeping towards your goal. Huge abundance could come calling so professionalism and discretion bring their own rewards this week. Venus in its ruling 2nd in your chart has a deal-making meeting with Jupiter in here on the 22nd.

This is the first time Venus has encountered Jupiter in here for 12 years. Your star is about to shine, beam your unique view out. Oh and you might dive into a relationship either in business or in love or even both! Handling larger sums of money than you have previously or just having more at your disposal gives you a new sense of freedom and confidence this week. In a nutshell: When it comes to your career this week, discretion and being job-focussed pays off. An asset-building opportunity could arrive in the form of a new job, source of income or love affair! You are the sign of the explorer and usually the full Moon in your 9th of all-things Sag-ruled, is one you set sail under.

However, this one comes super-sized and obscured by an eclipse. This is a total eclipse so instead of a guiding light, you are very much in the dark, but not for long. Here be dragons as the old saying goes. Not that the thought of them would normally stop you venturing forth as in your philosophy, dragons are there to be ridden. However, on the day, take extra caution while travelling — especially the long distance kind that you love, and if you are uncertain of your next step, please wait for the map to be revealed.

This may be a time of staying in place instead of venturing forth and reassessing where you fit in to this wild, brave new world. You need more information at this point especially if you are involved in any of the following: legal matters, mass media, travel, academia, religion or philosophy, sports, doing business overseas or people from overseas in general, buying or selling of livestock especially horses.

Make no mistake you are on the brink of something breathtaking however. The above is merely a caution to have a clear map or destination in mind. This week sees Venus planet of love, pleasure and attraction meet your ruler Jupiter in your 1st for the first time in 12 years. If you were over 18 back then, think to what opportunities presented themselves. You could be in for similar opportunities and themes. Work that Law of Attraction now as its yours to wield in any way you want. A big new love or something which broadens your horizons could appear — anything from that hot new lover to a chance to show the world just what you have to offer thanks to Mars in your 5th.

You have room on that dragon to take someone with you now. Get ready to ride. In a nutshell: This week could see you momentarily unsure of your direction. A big bold brave new path or opportunity is about to open up. Get ready to ride, sag! How deep do those feelings go? Come to the Cross of Changes Past rewards and people feature. You may not see important changes coming until they occur or else be unaware of the need to make them, this week Capricorn. But make no mistake, a transformational and seismic shift is occurring.

This may be happening in the last place you would think. And chances are even if you are now looking, you still may not see it thanks to the totally eclipsed Supermoon in your 8th on the 21st. Emotions run deep under this full Moon but with the eclipse, you may not be aware until the later of the true extent of your feelings or even your fears around something. Chances are however, you have subconsciously thought about this for a very long time. There may be changes around your salary, shared resources or a relationship and again, you may not see this coming.

If they do occur what I can tell you is this is by no means over — yet. The bigger picture has yet to emerge. Gifts from the past, people from your past, past life credits, divine inspiration, self-healing, freedom and higher love are all yourself. Watch who or what comes winging in from long ago and far far away with fresh relevance and newly minted opportunity attached. This can be as simple as a thought which frees you from a long term restriction to someone who simply pays it forward karmically. If something is holding you back, it may now magically be removed from your path.

Revelations clear the way for freedom now. Get ready for spiritual truth and lasting insight. In a nutshell: You may not be able to see the changes ahead — or the reason behind ones which occur. The past comes calling. Go for goal You have the team to make the dream Focus on friends rather than one-to-one love this week. When a full Moon appears in our 7th this is usually the time to look at what others are reflecting back at us.

Remember, this house rules duos of all descriptions — your marriage partner or long term, live-in love, your business or activity partner, your closest friends and collaborators, a beneficial working relationship and open adversaries. What has changed in your relationship experience since then? What do you think will be revealed? Your gut will be telling you who to watch. Try to avoid confrontations or decisions around a key relationship if possible now.

Despite Venus and Jupiter meeting in your 11th this week — something which has not occurred in 12 years, this is not the time to embark on a new love affair. However you could also meet someone out and about who you have a soul connection with. As you of all signs should know being the 11th house, your 11th is more about wider, connected relationships between you, friends, groups, organisations and the collective. Both these planets want to deliver good things and in here — good times. Benefits flow from the people you know now. A friend or even a new group of people could introduce you to wider possibilities and broaden your horizons.

Friends may share what they have with you — anything from their contacts and influence to their possessions and assets. Someone who helps you in a big way towards a goal could appear now. To get the best from this meeting this week, concentrate on your social life and leave the one-to-one stuff on the backburner for now until love shows you just what you need to know. In a nutshell: Benefits flow from people you now.

Both on a personal and professional level. Share your goals and wider vision with others. You have the team behind your dream now. Wait for a new light on wellbeing Act with humour and diplomacy You are your own best asset. You are about to finally breakthrough patterns and habits and step into your magnificence.

No, your intuition for which you are famed is not failing you. What this says is that more information needs to emerge and it is your intuition which may end up guiding you towards it. There is big treasure to be unearthed. As far as your work or rather your long term career goes, this is your week of big moves, significant opportunities and possibly even larger rewards.

You are in a position to impress now in a way you have not seen for 12 years. Venus and Jupiter are meeting in your 10th of recognition, rewards and status, offering you the chance to climb higher than you have done for a very long time. Magical fishy, use your empathy and intuitive skills and you can do this in a way that wins you backing and support from influencers. You come across as someone people want to work with or do business with. You are in a position to showcase your experience and skills and are seen as an asset to any company or business situation.

You accomplish your desires with grace, diplomacy and a touch of humour thrown in. Others could attract a partner who is charismatic, successful and extremely outgoing. Bank on it. However, when it comes to your career — do it, and do it with style, Pisces. Success is within your grasp. Welcome to your monthly astronumberscope! Astronumerology combines the wisdom of astrology with the hidden power of your birthday number bringing you a new type of forecast on a different date to your usual astrology forecast.

today's featured reader

So, your astronumerology forecast will be available when the Sun changes signs — usually around the 21st of each month. First — take your birthday date. Now, take the astro number for the sign the Sun is currently in. Between January 20 and February 18 the Sun is in the sign of Aquarius. The astronumber for Aquarius is 4. So, to work out your forecast for the period of Jan 20 — Feb 18 you add the following:. Now reduce 20 down to a single digit — 2. Read the astronumerology forecast for Number 2. Say you were born on the 10th. Your birthday: 10, plus the astronumber for the sign the Sun is in: 4, plus the current year: You would read the numberscope for the number 8.

Astronumerology is more than just numbers! It is influenced by the planets and their positions which colour the individual forecasts. This is the last time this will happen in our lifetimes. Uranus is of course, the ruler of Aquarius. Astronumerology shows you the energy you have available to you within a given month — and where to direct it for success. Get ready for excitement, thrills and a touch of the unexpected this month! Be the mother of reinvention no matter what gender you identify with.

Do not imitate others as the heavens are calling for your unique signature on whatever it is you want to do. If you are lucky enough to be stepping into a 1 month, it is always about a new beginning on some level. It begins with you not being your old self. Look within and envision that future you now. How do you feel, think and look? What needs to change to bring this about? This can be anything from changing your thoughts to changing your appearance.

As you make the necessary adjustments you will watch in amazement as the world adjusts its view of you. The universe could just present you with a smorgasbord of choices now. Dare to make that different choice to what you would have done in the past. How you appear in the eyes of others is going to change this month. Look and feel your best. Sex and romance? New love affairs could be off to a scorching start while existing ones recapture that heat. Whatever or whoever you aspire to be this month, once you become that person watch how the world literally sits up — and takes notice in all the right ways.

Life offers you are fresh start this month. But also asks you if you are truly serious about having it? Sometimes we can talk about what we want, we imagine it, visualise about it, dream it. But then when it turns up — do we sabotage it or doubt it? This month for you is all about soul commitment. Being certain of what you want and then being unafraid to take it, have it, live it. Let go of feelings of undeservedness.

Time to connect in a new way to your emotional world. You feel the way you do for a reason. Why is this? Your dreams are designed to fulfil a specific need deep within you. So ask what that need is. Then — go directly to the need. New people are queueing in the wings wanting to enter your life and they could be instrumental in not only helping you on the road to attaining what you want, but also in your life path flowing in a radical new direction.

What supports and sustains you.

taurus moon sign may horoscope - 3 december horoscope

So, if shudders happen but nothing falls down, you know you have what you need to see you through the long term — be this a relationship, a job or a lifestyle. If it all comes tumbling down however — it was never solid to begin with. And this is your chance to begin anew. Anything that falls shakes you free to create something lasting and better. As life flows in a new direction — go down it.

That path is leading directly to what you need this month. Step into a month where you can afford to be a little bit bolder, a little more daring and a lot more expansive — especially when it comes to your resources. You can however afford to take a chance on yourself and what you have to offer. Your talents, skills, knowledge, abilities are like money in the bank. And you can literally translate them into cash in a new way. Strut your stuff and showcase yourself. Reach for something that you have thought beyond your grasp up until now.

That job, that opportunity, that big client, that project, that destination or even — dare I suggest it — that person. This month wants to deliver surprises and its biggest surprise just could be the one you give yourself. Travel plans can be initiated and undertaken. Follow your intuition this coming month as it will guide you towards opportunity. When it comes to those resources you have more at your disposal than you may think. Write down not only your current income but what you have at your disposal in terms of talents, skills, experience, space and contacts.

The people who support you. The things you own and possess. Chances are once you have finished listing these you will have created your very own Rich List which shows you that you have more than you possibly thought. Once you see what you have, now make a list of how it all can be used in new ways. Above all, tell others about the magical resource that is you. Create your own luck and the flow to take you to it. How are your trust issues this month? By that I mean do you trust the universe to lead you where you need to go? Sticking your heels in when change comes knocking not only prevents your soul evolution but deprives you of opportunities.

Yes, events may catch you unawares. You may even not like the look of them initially. This cycle has a direction and a purpose all its own. Live in the moment NOW but know that as you do, you are actually creating your future. Along with the 9 cycle, this is one of those months where people may show you their true colours.

Cancer Monthly Astrology Horoscope October 2019

Once you see the shades they fall into — act accordingly. At times during the next few weeks you may just feel like crawling under the duvet and shutting out the world. But try to resist doing this if you can. New friends and connections can be made now and again, there is a touch of fate around this. And you will never discover what that is if you stay home with that boxset! The truth? You may find yourself at a crossroads with the choice of directions you can take ahead of you this month.

Options beckon and if you have felt stuck lately, this is the month when life can move forward for you once more. Be organised and pay close attention to what you say and what is said back to you in turn. You are connected to your smarts in a new way this month. Savvy you is able to communicate clearly and get your ideas across. You may find yourself at a crossroads where you have more than one direction you can choose to head in. It may be time to choose a path you have not been down before.

For some this could be launching that project or idea or even taking a new job in a totally different sector to what you have worked in before. Siblings will feature more than usual if you have them, as may your old neighbourhood or friends from school. Questions around your education may come up. Do you feel you know enough or would you like to return to upskill or study? Is that the path that is calling you? Your attitude to your work and what you know, your routine and even your relationship to your body is changing. Make those necessary alterations and go with the flow.

No matter what the planets are up to in the heavens in your own personal chart, when you have the gift of a 6 month, love is in the air! This is one of the best cycles for romance, love, creativity, attraction and pleasure. It wants to on some level. Above all this month, be serious about what you expect from love and also from your work, projects and life in general. Knowing exactly what we want is the first step to getting it. Choices and decisions define not only this month, but your life for a long time to come. Make them with confidence especially if you can clearly see how they will enhance your future.

Are people taking you seriously? This month hands you the opportunity to do something about this and it begins with you acting in your own best interests. If you are single and seeking love, or if you are settled and facing issues in your relationship, take some time to look at your past love history.

Not the other person s. Until we learn from our past we are destined to repeat it. So ask yourself, do you want more of the same or something new? Your self-worth and self-esteem have a major role to play here. This is also a month where extra money, gifts or other resources can come your way. Ready to attract? Get relating to yourself and then everyone else around you a whole lot better. Other worlds beckon you this cycle if you are in a 7 month.

adventure club september 28 horoscope

The mysteries of the psychic realms, intuition, insight, the multiverse, the Tarot, numerology, astrology, psychology, healing, mediumship, fantasy, channelled creativity and inspiration are all yours to play with and explore. This is a month where I like to tell people to keep their feet on the ground and their head in the stars. To make the most of it, you do need to remain grounded and practical. Do not get lost as you need to remain focussed. Others may come to you for help or you may need to go to people to ask for it yourself.

Are they constantly getting themselves into situations that are self-created due to faulty decision making? If so, look at how you can point them in the direction of practical healing and help rather than playing the rescuer. If you need help — how are you at asking for it? And have you been in this situation before? Your compassion and empathy peak this month — know the difference between these and sympathy.

Above all, this is a month where you need to follow your intuition and pay attention to your gut instincts. This month is all about karma. Karma is the past catching up with us in the present. Now, sometimes this stems directly from past actions or connections in this lifetime.

Other times it is karma from a past lifetime. People with whom you have karmic debts are going to appear — or should I say reappear. They will either help you or hold you back. Look at all your relationships and see who is playing which role and know you have played this out with them before. This is a spiritual month rather than a material one. Your ideas of life, the universe and everything in it will expand and even make sense in a new way.

The stars are calling but stay in the real world. Romance speed bump? Sudden stop? Mind changes? Obstacles in your path? Know there is a beautiful reason behind it if this happens. Everything happens for a reason and if something comes to a grinding halt this month it is because you need to stop, look, listen and above all, draw on all you know and have learned and see how it applies here.

If something is not working out, it may well be it is because something even better is edging ever closer. Under this condition, you will be able to take full advantage of this type of study. Rome, prague, bombay, madrid, philadelphia, chicago, los angeles, bath, bristol, portsmouth, syracuse, damas. It is the number of beginning typically representing your intentions. Most of them have loud voices as if they are just quarreling. The aquarius-pisces cusp needs someone who can give himher birthday jule 19 horoscope love and support, and appreciate hisher eccentric imagination and dreamy state of spiritual inclination.

Domestic and career needs are not in competition with one another in the. But just as that eventually dies down, this connection is short-lived. There will be stress and short-tempered attitude, which could spoil soft and effectionate thoughts. To equate adoring expressions of love with love. Usually a cord is said to connect the soul and body at all times.

And by challenging them to live their dreams. Money-making opportunities. The metal dragon is the most strong-willed dragon. Fish who are left'unfulfilled' at this point may sour before the 25th. Leo, virgo, libra and scorpio take as much as three hours and fifteen minutes to ascend. Leo love matches with each zodiac sign. I remember who i am and what i'm. Results in the male and female genetic contributions to the zygote not. Gemini helps fuel sagittarius' passion, and sagittarius keeps gemini interested in romance. And need to know the answers. As such, they have dug vast underground kingdoms in the search of precious metal and stone.

They include gemini, virgo, libra and aquarius. It is a gathering energy, the energy of the harvest. Like all the secondary bodies, it must be in close conjunction with planets or angles in order to fully express its action.