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Sticky financial issues arising near the 26th won't turn out to be nearly as dire as you may fear. Your only really challenging aspects this month relate to crossed signals and confusion, in both personal and professional relationships. Try not to let your imagination run wild, and be ready to clear the air.

With aggressive Mars in your sign, you're on multiple missions right now, and can accomplish much.

The Truth About Horoscopes And Astrology

And with Jupiter changing directions on the 10th and Saturn on the 30th, don't let others' slow pace hold you back. April Turn your attention toward work-related matters that require your full attention near the 19th. Your ability to go behind the scenes and tackle whatever needs to be done will work out very much in your favor near the 22nd. But take care on the 27th when Mars squares Neptune—don't lose track or misjudge others' intentions. A brilliant new Moon at the zenith of your solar chart means that it's time to launch new plans.

Even though others may not be on the same page as you, you really do know what's best for you—and during the last ten days of the month, you'll be proven right. Mars in Gemini also signifies that your wisest course is to keep various thoughts and ideas private at this time. Saturn is currently in your relationship angle, so others' fears may tend to deflate your spirits.

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April The full Moon of the 19th encourages you to take some time to socialize, splash out, and enjoy life more fully. With the Sun entering a particularly outgoing part of your chart on the 21st—and connecting with independent Uranus—you shouldn't hesitate to accept invitations and explore new situations and associations. The 27th, though, is a time to momentarily step back and regroup. This April, the Sun and new Moon in Aries accent travel and adventures of the kind that really recharge your batteries and Mars in Gemini is urging you to explore new options.

What isn't so delightful are the pressures you're coping with between the 10th and 13th and you aren't wrong to think that you're carrying an unfair share of the burden. Uranus at your solar chart zenith is about to give independence an increased value in your life plan. April The energy is building toward a powerful full Moon near the base of your solar chart on the 19th, and emotions are running high. With the Sun also coming to your chart's zenith, making your presence felt in a public fashion will work in your favor.

Турнир памяти Рагулина А.П.

Others may be less than supportive on or near the 27th, but don't take it personally: it's all about their own issues. Even though partners and associates appear a bit tuned out during the first ten days of the month, you're on the brink of some new arrangements that should turn out to be stellar. What's more, Jupiter is now in a powerful angle of your solar chart—a great fortune-booster in various areas but particularly concerning personal and property affairs. Don't succumb to anyone's negative behavior near the 27th, and be prepared to stick up for your point of view.

April Your ability to analyze and scrutinize details—especially involving contractual arrangements—will give you the upper hand after the 17th. The 22nd is the time to plot your own course, and not be drawn in by others' machinations and priorities. Once Saturn turns tail on the 30th, you'll be entering a wait-and-see period as far as investments and new ventures are concerned.

Being receptive to others' stresses seems to be one of the themes in April. Enlightening conversations mid-month will be page-turners. Jupiter in Sagittarius is widening your perspective, and if you feel inspired to pursue new plans, they promise to work out more favorably than you dreamed.

With the Sun entering Taurus on the 20th, explore new financial opportunities, and be ready to rethink lifestyle-related issues.

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April The full Moon of the 19th raises issues about security, and Venus' entrance into Aries on the 20th ushers in a more romantic and socially active period. Thinking out of the box is what it's all about when individualistic Uranus comes on the scene near the 22nd, and Saturn's reverse motion on the 30th accents caution and patience. You seem to be hot in pursuit of a new plan as April begins, but Saturn is telling you to slow down, and to engage in tedious but necessary conversations. Whatever is in the air mid-month, though, holds a romantic or highly social charge, so go ahead and splash out.

With the Sun entering your relationship angle on the 20th and then conjoining eccentric Uranus, others may be privy to surprising and unexpected behavior. April A bit of introspection and strategizing near the 18th and 19th will help to clue you into unforeseen developments that are currently brewing. And with the Sun opposite your Sun after the 20th, it might be wise to follow others' leads, even if they're going totally against the grain.

Saturn's change of direction on the 30th also accents the value of waiting and seeing. Any confusion about your plans that's been holding you back should begin to lift away as April gets underway, but be prepared to do a bit of financial fine-tuning. On the bright side, blissful Venus is strongly positioned in your solar chart right now—which isn't only about enjoying life fully, but also about affection and personal pleasures.

But take note that with Mars now in Gemini, others are likely to be unusually demanding. April You really should step back and do some careful strategizing near the full Moon of the 19th. Once the Sun enters Taurus on the 20th and conjoins Uranus on the 22nd, it's time to put your plans into play and follow your hunches. The weird square of Mars and Neptune on the 27th indicates that you should tune out others' odd ideas and just go your way.

Even though Saturn in your sign inclines you to be more cautious and averse to change than ever, the Sun and New Moon in Aries are telling you that it's time to make some shifts, either in personal or lifestyle arrangements. At least be ready to start discussions and say what's on your mind. Venus is heading towards the foundation of your solar chart, meaning that you're entering a period of greater harmony and rapport. April Networking and making your presence felt will help you be in harmony with the universe near the full Moon of the 19th.

And on the 22nd, the electric contact of Uranus and the Sun in the most creative and socially active part of your chart is all about saying "yes" to new possibilities and putting your ideas into action. Be ready to lie low, though, when tricky aspects happen on the 27th. Left : Muhammad Ali. Get around and reach out to others in April, because this is the right time to plant seeds and launch plans.

Aries: July

With Jupiter changing directions early this month, it's also time to stop exploring various options, and focus on following through with what you've learned. You may have to tread carefully to avoid confrontations near February 1st, but harmonious Venus's entrance into Capricorn will smooth over any volatile situations that crop up after the 3rd.

In fact, relationships in general should be in a highly enjoyable phase, with the exception of the period near the 17th. New financial deals and arrangements promise to proceed favorably as well, and getaways will be spirit-lifters at month's end. February Near the 17th, you should put some attention on what's going on in a personal relationship—it's time to face some truths and work out solutions. You'll be in the mood to analyze and reorganize when the Moon is full in Virgo on the 19th, and unusually powerful aspects happening near the 23rd promise breakthroughs and resolutions that set you on a new road.

Left: Princess Diana. Factoring in others' needs and responses is a must this February, especially at the beginning of the month. The new Moon in Aquarius on the 4th will be a page-turner in a key relationship—if you're able to listen and be diplomatic. Aspects occurring mid-month hold a powerful charge around work and your public role, and if you feel an irresistible urge to change course or take radical action, you'll emerge as the leader you were born to be.

February Try to tread carefully around others' sensitive feelings when emotional Venus conjoins harsh Saturn on the 18th. The full Moon of the 19th focuses attention on extremely practical matters that demand real precision, but moods will lighten as February winds down, and your own optimism and wise choices will smooth out various wrinkles. As February begins, fresh approaches and shifts of perspective are what's called for at work—and you should open your mind to the unexplored.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is a confidence enhancer, so feel free to head in the direction you really want to go. It's time to stop being defensive and to tell it like it is, and though initial resistance may be unsettling, you'll create the momentum for more rewarding developments. February Whatever is occurring near the 17th and 18th, a close relationship seems to be going through a tricky passage. All will work out for the better if you avoid overreacting and make an effort to be kind.

The full Moon of the 19th compels you to acknowledge what you're really feeling, and quite a bit of inspiration and magic are in the air as February winds down. Brighten up your life during early February by accepting invitations and being a social animal. Libras thrive on contact and interaction, and even though harsh Saturn is putting pressure on you in numerous ways these days, it's time to give yourself a break. Creative endeavors will also nourish your soul. After the 18th, though, a bit of private time and introspection will lead to the kind of inspiration that takes you in new directions.

February You may be feeling a bit worried or neglected when Venus, your ruling planet, is under Saturn's gloomy influence near the 18th—but try to step back when the Moon is full on the 19th and take a breather. Emotional renaissances are in the air when Venus conjoins Pluto on the 23rd, and the way in which you're taking charge of your affairs on the 28th promises great results.

February rides in on new Moon energy that enlivens all matters having to do with home and family ties, and Mars in Aries ignites your ambitions in a somewhat obsessive fashion. Don't burn yourself out, and take the time to sort out troublesome interpersonal issues near the 17th. Once the Sun enters the watery, harmonious sign of Pisces on the 18th, you will feel an increasing urge to socialize and to follow your heart.

February With aggressive Mars now ensconced in your partnership angle, others will tend to be more demanding and confrontational. You really shouldn't take their behavior to heart, especially when sensitive Venus conjoins Saturn on the 18th. The full Moon of the 19th, though, draws you out and about, and aspects occurring on the 23rd urge you to be reasonable and shake hands on new deals. It really is time to speak up, reach out, and engage in the kinds of exchanges that open up new options.

In fact, communication will be a big part of the story once Mercury enters Pisces on the 10th, and you will be making new plans which may involve lifestyle changes. Saturn in Capricorn is all about being prudent, so don't resist its spell: its presence in your financial angle will guide you to make the right decisions around new plans cropping up near the 22nd. February With an important full Moon illumining the most public part of your solar chart on the 19th, be ready to bring plans to fruition and to make your presence felt.

T&C Horoscopes: What the Second Half of June Has in Store for Us

You'll be inspired and inspiring when Jupiter in your sign receives beneficial aspects on the 22nd, and you appear to be getting your affairs on a new track and leaving a sticky issue behind. You seem to be feeling a bit explosive or at odds with the world early this month, and with inflammatory Mars out of harmony with your sign, various matters will be rubbing you the wrong way. But with Venus in your sign, you'll find that your ability to be charming and sympathetic will turn the tide in your favor.

It's time to redesign your own future by stepping away from ingrained stances and roles. New paths are opening up. February If you're feeling overlooked and victimized near the 19th, do some stepping back—and don't fall into the trap of misinterpreting others' intentions. Your aspects accent the importance of speaking up and clearing the air near the 20th; and by the 23rd, you appear to be at a remarkable turning point for accepting home truths and setting your world right.

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