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Your Weekly Horoscope

Ganeshaspeaks Teams achievements in predicting events correctly in almost all areas of public,national and international interest are too many to be put in words here. The areas covered are myriad, and include politics,education, films, music, sports, stock markets and more. With this E-book, we hope to add another feather to our cap, and to bring to our readers accurate,reliable and interesting material that will not only work as a ready reference for the year withits annual and monthly zodiac-sign wise predictions, but also as something worth preserving forthe years to come.

Turn the page to find out how! World trends for the year aheadFrom the terrifying tsunami in Japan to the sensational killing of Osama bin Laden to the globalpanic of another impending economic meltdown, has been an extremely eventful year. Whatdoes the year have in store for the world? Read on to find out. Transiting Saturn in Libra- Saturn signifies democracy, so people will be very cautious and more vocal about their rights.

This will create havoc in many so-called-sensitive countries. Saturn will enter Virgo the sign ruled by Mercury due to its retrogression during 16th May to 4th August, This can lead to the dollar, pound and Euro turning extremely volatile. Between April and June, transiting Jupiter will be in the star constellation ruled by Sun, i. This indicates that there may be major changes in UNOs structure, strategies and modus-operandi along with decisions or declarations by UNO Know the full forecast, Get your Personal copy now!

Every step taken by the country and every policy made by the government has a significant impacton the rest of the world. But lately the country has been facing some serious issues, especially thatof the financial meltdown. Read on to find out what the future holds for the USA.

Strong emphasis in Gemini in the 11th House indicates thediversity of immigrants, strategic alliances with foreign countries and gains in trade. Venusconjuncts Mars and Jupiter, which indicates power and wealth.

Capricorn Tomorrow Horoscope

The Lord of the 12th House,Moon is in the 7th House and retrograde All the 12 sunsigns can be classified under these elements such that there are three sun signs under each head. They fill the otherwisemundane life with some excitement, zaniness and beauty. Colours are also said to have a markedeffect on our sensibilities, feelings, moods etc. That is why there is a noted alternative therapycalled as Colour Therapy.

Surround yourself with compatible colours, and see the differenceyourself.

Various tones, moods, qualities and feelings can be associated with colours or colour groups likeReds are warm colours, Blues are cool ones while Greens are said to induce Zodiac PreferencesKnow the preferences of various zodiac signs. Find out which one makes the best shopping partner,and which one of them would make the best gymbuddy! Also in store are the preferences ofvarious zodiac signs natives in terms of sports and health arena. ARIES :Initiating any activity comes naturally to these initiators of the zodiac, but the real challenge forthem lies in sustaining interest in it.

Energy, initiative and enthusiasm are a given, but so areimpatience and wavering attention, when it comes to Rams. An Aries loves to be pronounced as afitness freak, and will also love to indulge in myriad sporting and physical exercise activities.

But,then, they may not really be very consistent with these gym and playground escapades. However,given their natural ebullience, they tend to You are in complete control of your career, and have done better than mostpeople around you, and often you are the one who sets the Matters related to Career and Finance for Crabs in the year This is a volatile year as far as your finances are concerned. Uranus is your financial planet, and itspends a the whole year in a square aspect with Pluto. Ganesha says you can expect major changesthis year.

There is a divine cleansing going on in your financial life, as in many erroneous decisionsthat you made in the past — like wrong But there will be little action involved this month. You will mostlydeal with issues that are trivial, and this may eventually lead to frustration.

Makar Rashifal 2019 - मकर राशिफल 2019 - Capricorn Horoscope 2019

Your mind will bepreoccupied all the time, working on ideas and plans that you wish to implement at work. Careergrowth is not really What can one say about him that has not already been said? The Livinglegend of cricket and the master of records, Tendulkar is undoubtedly the most respected batsmanin the world of cricket today.

Capricorn Career

His cult following in the country is matched only by his records. Whatis in store for this illustrious batsman in ? It makes him aggressive Roger Federers year aheadIn an era of specialists, youre either a clay court specialist, a grass court specialist, or a hard courtspecialist Considered by many sports critics as the greatesttennis player of all time, the Federer Express has won a record 16 Grand Slam singles titles duringhis illustrious career.

Whats in store for this Swiss maestro in ? Read ahead to find out.