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The Uranus In Aquarius: Personality

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Uranus Conjunct Neptune Natal

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Cafe astrology!! As the house associated with siblings, the native may have brothers and sisters who are unpredictable and rebellious. There will be nothing mundane about the intellect and the individual will thrive on ingenious wit and quick insight. This is a playful placement for Uranus and Airy Gemini knows exactly how to master the planet's energy.

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Much of the innovative energy of Uranus will be applied in more practical ways with Uranus in Cancer. This is an emotional and moody sign, while Uranus is impulsive and aloof so people will not know what to expect from the native because their moods may swing wildly. Uranus in the Fourth House can describe a childhood with alot of moving, uncertainty and unpredicability.

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  • The individual can feel like establishing roots is too restrictive or enjoy traveling and discovering new living situations. Whatever the home environment, there will be something unusual and rebellious about it. This individual may wire the home with latest in technology and all sorts of innovative gadgets.

    Uranus in Cancer is or the Fourth House will seek freedom and independence in the home environment, which may not be all that comforting for partners seeking a more committed living situation. Leo and the Fifth House relate to the personality, romance, art and creativity. As an artist, Uranus in Leo or the Fifth House will blaze new trails, adopting unusual ways of producing art. As a parent, Uranus can describe both the children who may be innovative or excel in the sciences and also the way the parenting can be unusual in some way.

    Uranus can create an unpredictable love life, that come and go at lightning speed. The personality of the native can be infused with a rebellious quality. This is another fiery placement for Uranus that can ramp up Leo's desire to shine in the spotlight with a magnetism that can make them unresistable.

    Uranus in the Houses of the Natal Chart: Astrology/Zodiac

    The Fifth House is associated with the Sun and the ego can align itself with the image of unpredictability and a dedication to follow one's own drummer, no matter how off beat. Earthy Virgo and the Sixth House association with routine and discipline will not tone down Uranus in Virgo's desire for change in the work environment. This can be a scientific placement for Uranus where Virgo will help to focus the ideas, but a 9 to 5 job would quickly bore the native. Uranus in the Sixth House is best suited to working for oneself, remotely or even juggling several jobs to keep the pace of life interesting.

    This placement can make the native drawn to unusual diets and healing modalities and may even lead to work in alternative medicine. While Virgo suggests a desire for stasis and order, it is also ruled by Mercury and like Gemini, Uranus will express itself best in the area of the mind. Freedom in this placement comes from taking the mundane and shaping it with a different slant to innovate old methods. While not as rebellious as Uranus in other signs, the individual will enjoy new trends in exercise and being the first to adopt them. When Uranus appears in the Seventh House, the individual is not going to approach relationships the way others expect them too.

    The whole idea of partnership is going to seem somewhat foreign because Uranus in Libra and the Second House is going to find something interesting in everyone they meet.

    Chapter 3 - Lesson 25 - URANUS IN CAPRICORN

    This doesn't bode well for a partner looking for a normal commitment and as long as the freedom to come and go, and even to explore other relationships is understood, Uranus in the Seventh House may settle down. There will always be a sense that they might just disappear though. Libra has a strong fashion sense because of its association with Venus and Uranus can add an unusual flair in how one dresses.

    It is important that the native owns their desire for independence or they may experience constant rejection.

    Because they are drawn to mates least likely to commit or who are involved elsewhere, they may not acknowledge it is their own aloofness and distaste for intimacy or clinginess that creates this. Scorpio and the Eighth House are both very complex.

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    Inspired by the myths of the underworld because of Scorpio's Pluto rulership, we have come to understand this house as representing the deeper aspects of life. The Eighth House is associated with sex, death and transformation. It also relates to insurance, financial institutions and our shared resources with others.

    Uranus in Scorpio will offer a double dose of the shock factor. Scorpio tends to stalk the profound and is most comfortable when probing beneath the dynamics of human behavior. Because Uranus tends toward the unpredictable, Uranus in Scorpio will find new ways of approaching human dynamics. Scorpio is associated with psychology and detective work and Uranus in the Eighth House can show applying technology in these areas.

    The native will find that areas associated with the Eighth House will need to offer a sense of freedom, therefore, they may have unusual ideas about sex and death. The detached quality of Uranus suggests that when meeting transformation, the change can happen quite suddenly and come out of the blue. Uranus in Scorpio and the Eighth House may actually court transformation and have a deep fascination with change.

    Sagittarius and the Ninth House relate to higher education, philosophy and travel in foreign lands. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and has an expansive outlook so Uranus in Sagittarius and the Ninth House can suggest going on long distance trips that come up suddenly or are not what was expected. Uranus in the Ninth House can show higher education based on technology or science.

    There can be many false starts and stops in obtaining a higher education. Life's philosophy can also be very original for one born with Uranus in Sagittarius or the Ninth House. The unpredictability and innovation of Uranus will infuse the mind when one is on a type of retreat.

    Chiron Signs: The Key to Discovering Your Core Wound & Healing Powers

    This placement might lead the individual to explore many cultures or live in a way that they become part of humanity and not necessarily tied to just one's place of birth. Capricorn and the Tenth House are both focused on the results of hard work. This is the area of our life associated with the career and the influence of the father.

    Uranus in the Ninth House can describe an unusual influence from the father, perhaps he coached the individual to be unique. The cold and aloof quality of Uranus can also portray a disconnect with father where he was unavailable or unreachable. The career can take on an unusual dimension and can relate to the sciences or technology. Capricorn brings a stable foundation to the otherwise unpredictable Uranus, so the native may vacillate between periods of building, but with unexpected changes that lead them in an entirely new direction.