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Illustrations by Amanda Lanzone. The moon in Virgo opposes Mars at AM, so watch out for a confrontational vibe!

December 28 Zodiac

The mood shifts at PM when the moon enters harmony-loving Libra, putting us in a diplomatic mood. Sexy Venus connects with power planet Pluto at PM, creating a passionate energy! Tense communications take place this morning, but your focus shifts to your career when the moon enters Libra this afternoon. The moon enters fellow air sign Libra today, finding you in an adventurous mood! A big boost in intuition arrives this afternoon—follow it and see where it takes you, Aquarius. Tension in your relationships arrives this morning—however, as the moon enters Libra this afternoon, you and your partners dig deeper into these issues.

You will plan for a good future.

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You mobilise all resources. Be warned, before taking a step, counsels Ganesha. Beware of middlemen and agents to save yourself from a major financial loss. You will be in a jovial mood today. You will complete all tasks with energy and enthusiasm. Pending tasks will be completed now, and your routine tasks will be finished in a jiffy.

Cancer - December 28, 2015 - Weekly Horoscope

In the morning you will be able to complete all tasks impulsively, but the later half of the day will see you taking a more measured approach, says Ganesha. Today will be a day full of emotions and insights into love. Despondency may trouble you all through the day. However, Ganesha advises you to remain unaffected by it in your work. At your workplace you will be in great demand as a problem solver. Ganesha says that today will be spent in entertaining, throwing parties and in general having a good time. You will be able to plan a trip in the near future with your family members.

You may be able to put your money into something that is safe or into a business and will also want to invest a good amount for future needs. Today, you may not be in a mood to work as you may lose focus every now and then.

Cancer Horoscope For Wednesday, October 9,

This may create problems in meeting deadlines in future. This half of the year will bring personal spending. Fortunately, the second half of the year is completely free of financial problems. They need to avoid purchasing things of great value and try to save money. Although they will enter the new year with joy and satisfaction emotionally, suspicion and inner unease seem to threaten their good mood. The life partner will be understanding, willing to communicate, therefore the they need to leave their fears aside and confess their feelings.

By the middle of March, they will cross a more delicate period, which will improve towards the end of spring. Venus can also bring uncertainty in the life of the single natives that went through disappointments in the past. Yet, there are unexpected chances of exciting meetings and romantic moments during the summer, which can make the romantic life more pleasant. If you already have someone in your life, the first months of the year will offer you one of the most beautiful times of the year. And if you are single, you will fall in love with someone and live somewhere on some pink clouds, away from the earth.

For the rest of the year, you are going to oscillate between moments of fulfilment and dissatisfaction. No matter if they have a reason for that or not.

Money & Career

Some natives might even get involved in extramarital affairs. The single ones spend their time collecting as many new conquests as they can.

In conclusion, brings an interesting year for you, full of romance, emotions, and love. Self-confidence increases sensitively and love relationships are pretty good, but not on long-term.

Daily Horoscope for December 28

Therefore, be careful with whom you share your feelings and who you trust because you never know if that person is truly your soul mate. Anyway, you must learn how to relax and how to take advantage of the time spend with your friends and family, especially now around holidays.

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Those of you involved in a stable relationship have no reason to worry. May, October, and December are the most romantic months for you.