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Provide them the reassurance they need. Give people what they want and say what they want to hear. Over-playing - When someone asks for something, use something along the lines "oh come on, is that what you REALLY WANT" Over play the request from person and tweak it to your advantage to get out of requests or to persuade. Butter them up for the duration by helping them with favors, flattery ect So when the time comes you can voice all that you've done for them.

And they'll feel inclined to do so. Bring up topics about work, family, ex's , To test reaction and see how they feel about them. For a effective manipulation tactic, have insight on what person believes about them selves and what they think about themselves and tweak it to your advantage. Ones that apply to specific people means you would have to know the person and what beliefs he has, and what they thinks about themselves and study them.

Now what I mean when I say "Tweak it to your advantage" if you wanted something out of somebody, you could use these "beliefs" to your advantage if they gave you any shit Ex "want friend to go to movies and he says " he can't" you could use the belief of Cool and Smart knowing him for a while, you can use this to your advantage in this situation by saying " if your cool you would come along, and tickets are half off so don't be "stupid" and turn down this cheap fun night " and tweak it to however it sounds best.

A The key is not only what you look for but where and how you look.

Deep Astrology Weekly Horoscope August 27- Sep 2 2019 New Moon in Virgo, Sun Moon Conjunct

C Start by always seeming interested—the appearance of a sympathetic ear will spur anyone to talk. D Share a secret with them. F Find people's idols, the things they worship and will do anything to get—perhaps you can be the supplier of their fantasies. Perhaps the child was pampered or indulged in a particular area. In either case they will be unable to resist you. The indulgence or the deficiency may be buried but never disappears.

Learn about a childhood need; a powerful key to a person's weakness. One sign of this weakness is that when you touch on it the person will often act like a child. Be on the lookout, then, for any behavior that should have been outgrown.

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People who thump their chests are often big cowards; a prudish exterior may hide a lascivious soul. The uptight are often screaming for adventure; the shy are dying for attention. Probe beyond appearances, you will often find people's weaknesses in the opposite of the qualities they reveal to you. There is often someone behind the scenes who has a great deal of power, a tremendous influence over the person superficially on top. Alternatively, even in a group of people acting with the appearance of one will.

Find the one person who will bend under pressure. The insecure are suckers for any kind of social validation; as for the chronically unhappy, look for the roots of their unhappiness. The insecure and the unhappy are the people least able to disguise their weaknesses. Or any base motive such as lust, greed, vanity, or hatred. Before hand of trying to persuade say how experienced you are at matter, how long you've been studying, how you know what you do.

Be the first to give and ensure what you give is personalized and unexpected. Trying to get people to sponsor your charity fun run? June 29, Saturday. Extreme heat all over the world. We are used to it I am on my way to the beach. Let's see what to expect next week? The eclipse is here! It is horrible. But I am drifting from the subject Mercury will be stationary at 4 Leo, check who has planets at 4 Leo, will be affected most! Actual aspects. Begin: Aspect Exact.

Yesterday we had a new rally! Back later Have fun Drink water!!

October New Moon 12222: See Jupiter and Saturn in the Halloween Night Sky

June 28, Friday,. Yesterday there were elections in the Meretz party, and for the first time in history, a gay person was elected. Nitzan Horowitz. As per his solar chart, he is very clever guy. Good luck to him! Yesterday I saw a program about Dr. If one could live with it a few months only, remember Patrick Swayze? I remember him as the cruellest husband ever Married for 6 times!

All his wives, I think, met the axe. We have his time of birth, Wife is ruled by Neptune, at 25 Sag. Dies at the age of 55 of hepatic dropsy.. Many of his children die after birth So what is so special in this aspect? Let's see what each represent? Jupiter rules the 9th house of law, high studies, religion, faith, long distance travels.

Neptune has several layers. It rules art, medicine, religion:, endlessness, no boundaries, drugs, toxications, poisons, it is a quiet killer. When one is in opposition the other can drive the person believe in his own hand made religion, force it on others, remember what Henry did? In order to get a divorce from his extra- religious wife? Made up one that was convenient for HIM! He burnt down churches and killed monks. Only to be able to divorce. Then he married one woman after the other, was unable to have a hear, a son, he banned Elisabeth, who afer his death succeeded him.

He simply believes he and only he is right. Here is her chart:. It i s at 2 Virgo, rising before the Sun, she is very clever. Mercury also rules her career, so she is in the spotlight right now. BUT, Mercury turns retro and will weaken her, bad news will come out about her. She has Aeternitas linked to the South NOde! Will push her to extremes, and to her fall. This will come in less than one year. Feb-March June 27, Thursday. Thanks God, I sold my puts yesterday In the morning I had a hearing check-up, in Tel Aviv Better get a taxi. But I did drive, and make rounds and rounds for 90 minutes, finally I parked in a forbidden area, and prayed to find my car when I return.

The test was short, It confirmed what I already knew, having Satun on my asc, makes me slowly death at my left ear, but I couldn't tell her this, could I? So I am home now, fresh and after shower, wowo! So, let's see what is happening in the world? Better look at the sky first.

We have the Moon at the end of Aries, Soon it will enter Taurus, where she is exalted, and I think markets will top and fall. Mercury just entered Leo, here it is better than in Gemini, brings some air into a fire sign, so any move to the up or down will be strong. Vnus at 22 and Pluto at what does that tell you? You should already know. Yesterday I sent alert for the BTC.. I think right on time! June 26, Wednesday. If you think it is hot See how Earth will heat up till All the other positions are still there.

SIlva, a friend from a group suggested to check if there is any planet around 20 Sag, Ras AlHague fixed star, which is poisonous. So there was some kind of poison in the sea, that caused hundreds of whales and other sea mammals die. Unfortunately this will not end soon, because Jupiter is retro, and will return to 20 Sag! Raikoke Volcano eruption photo from space! Let's see which fixed stars are triggered by the planets now? Mercury enters Leo. This sign's unfortunate fixed stars are between: 1st decan of Leo, then 8th deg.

Venus is "safe" till the 28th degree in Gemini. As if there was some good USA-Chinese talks But we are under a slowing down Mercury! Now I receive a mail, the the " incorrect announcement of the Steven Mnuchin June 25, Tuesday. I wanted to surprize you yesterday, and I worked on the alerts for today, but then the lights went out exactly at 11 pm, and there was darkness. I have a whatsapp group of the town, to know what's going on I should buy some candles Not that it would help work on the computer.

So, I'll redo it now. It's 8 am I should be ready by the time Europe opens. The sky today: We have the Moon in Aries; will bring powerful moves! She will also square the stelliums today and tomorrow. Alerts for Asia and the far east sent. Watch out for Fed. June 24, Monday. I woke up at Once I could sleep till 12 noon! What a waste of time! So I see that the BTC topped at ish levels. If you listen to this recording Now, transit Sun trined natal Venus, and we got a top.

We have two more planets to aspect natal Venus, on June 27th and July 2nd! In any case, you have the stops for the cryptos in the app! What trick will he pull now? I analysed his chart many times He has a Pisces Sun with Leo Asc. Ruler of career is Venus, it is at 14 Pisces, exalted, has no limits, together with Mercury at 13 Pisces; he seeks extreme powers, life time rulership. But had happens now? Transit Neptune, the ruler of his stellium!

It will bring to his fall. I always write that Saturn must be present when someone is crowned or falls, in this case, Dir. Saturn is at 14Cap. To balance it, we have Mars accelerating till mid April June 23, Sunday. It's 7. The sky today: The Moon moved to Pisces, here on personal level is very vulnerable. SHe trines the Sun. Both Venus and Jupiter square Neptune, they are in opposition, so Neptune is at their midpoint. Let's see what did good old Ebertin think about this position? This aspect will last a few days.. TA Our market will open with a minor negative arbitrage.

On June 20 we got a double top with May 22 top at , here the index got blocked by Pluto, and fell. Now we have an open gap to close till I am back from the gym, just to find out index like a dead man's monitor Merkel shake and tremble.. Poor she! She has no Parkinson? I doubt.. I wonder what happened to her when she was years old?

Let me check.. One of Merkel's consistent priorities has been to strengthen transatlantic economic relations. June 22, Saturday.

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I sent alerts for the cryptos! They are the only thing trading during the weekend. So, not yet born, already causing a turmoil.. Today we are days from July 27, Lunar eclipse at 4 Aquarius. I guess it has no more power, lunar eclipses affect us months, but keeping up the count till one year. I read that in many places in the USA it snows!

Here we have very nice weather What do we know about the next week? The Sun is in Cancer- moves 8 degrees during the week. The Moon is approaching the Sun, moves from Aqua. Mercury moves into Leo! Brining some fire and energy, here is the bummer! Mercury turns retro on July 8th, at 4 Leo, and Direct on Aug. Remember, Mercury in Cancer is bad, so try your utmost, the planet is against you. Neptune turns Retro! So, what do you do with this info:? Look at your chart, see where is Mercury and Neptune, what house, sign, aspect, and in what field will it affect you?

For the markets, in general, I think we saw a top with the Sun entering Cancer.. Look at shorts, see if they are growing in volume! Now I start to write my weekly forecast.

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Where is SSEA heading? June 21, Friday. GOLD: is getting there for the third time!! Now at ; it should cross over, as per my "three fathers pattern" Only that, the Sun enters Cancer today SIlver also rallies, but should go above Next target is at 1. Raise stop there! Watch today announcements!! In the USA and Canada: we see new highs as well!

This eclipse lasts for 4 minutes 33 sec! Let's look at Trumps' chart:. He has a Sun at He was destined to become a president. Both are in Gemini, of course. I have not heard him speak of his mother! Was she away, far, distant? He will infinitely search for love and affection! But he always speaks highly about his father! So they might bring some worries about his career and money. He also has Jupiter in the 2nd house of money.. How much wealth has he?? I stopped counting.. All the outer planets will be there for a while, quite a long while..

When outer planets are on stage, the " while " is in years, or at least months. June 20, Thursday. I woke up really early today, before You won't believe what was my first thought I was thinking what life did Morsi have!! That I have to re check his chart. So he was an intelligent, modern, practical man. Until he quit all, when Dir. Uranus arrived to his Sun!

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See Dir. We might be able to use this important event of his life and make Mercury the ruler of his MC, career.. In any case, this winning happened with a weak Jupiter, signaling for a short term success! Here is his natal chart with Mercury on the MC! On June 30, millions of people march on the streets of Egypt, demanding him to resign! See the Moon? He was overthrown by the army, led by Sisi, on July 3rd he was on trial several times, given the death penalty, then life imprisonment. He died when Uranus was exactly in opposition to his Moon. So, it is interesting to see, how all his life Uranus ruled.

In his natal chart Uranus is in Detriment and 2 other planets and the Moon in fall.

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But, he also had a strong Sun and Pluto, which pushed him to heights, not for long though It's 7 am now We closed at - this is stop, probably it'll run up to , nothing to block it before. Seems to me, that "they" will kill all shorts, till 4th of July!

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But we have to watch the Sun entering Cancer tomorrow! It's the Summer solstice. That is a major sign for a CIT. WOW, lot of events. What a bear wipeout!! So what happened?? In any case. I sent alerts to subscribers, of course. I always update people, when I am at my desk SO what can we expect today? In my weekly forecasts I wrote that June 19 will be a day to remember.. He is attacked.. See this. June 18, Tuesday. The news of today is about Mohammed Morsi , who, seems that collapsed in court and died of a heart attack. I tend to believe it.. Neptune is at 18 Pisces.

This 18 degree is not less powerful than the 22 degree. Neptune is also in his 8th house of death, in opposition Venus. This is a Solar chart, so we don't have the time of birth, Note also that his natal Uranus is just a few minutes away of being out of Bound OOB, and tr. Mercury is conjunct by declination! Morsi, who doesn't know, what the Muslim Brothers' leader. He ruled in Egypt for 13 months. Let's see how is the Earth doing quake wise? New Zealand is still having some after shocks, but I haven't seen any casualties. So far so good In the markets: US made a try for new highs Healthcare leading.

I'll send some alerts for the US soon.. It is the 18th of the month. We are under double Mars effect today! Both are separating from the Nodes, which is good. I wouldn't expect much of a Cap. What else??? Venus is in Gemini, not a favorable place for it. And, what is more important, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune share the same degree, in different signs! With some calculations they show a resistance level. June 17, Monday. Here is another asteroid and explanation about it! Very interesting!!! The Number of it is , lately it was called "Gong Gong". It orbit Neptune, it is bigger than Ceres, it takes Read the article by Zane!

The only change is, the Moon moved to Sag, already separating from Jupiter, so if we saw a positive move in Australia and the far East, this energy, brought by the Moon will evaporate by the time US opens. June 16, Sunday. There was a 7. I hope there will be no casualties! Note: Mercury conjunct Mars, both in opposition the Capricorn stellium, and both trine Neptune!

Neptune is always a part of a quake.. June 15, Saturday. I bumped into an interesting debate about Orcus. I found this on the net about Orcus:. Did you know that our Solar system has recently grown by 8 new planets? Pluto is not alone! Meet his Kuiper Belt tribe, every one as powerful and as special as he is. Orcus is a Kuiper belt object with a large moon called Vanth. Orcus has an orbit that goes around the Sun twice for every three times that Neptune orbits around the Sun.

Orcus Astrology. It can become a numbing defence against imminent chaos and feelings of powerlessness. Orcus is a Hadean. Pluto is impassioned, Orcus passionless. In other words, walk your talk. Under promise and over deliver. People with a Prominent Orcus. I researched this further, and found that today Orcus is at 9 Virgo It entered Virgo on Aug 1, A picture is better than a thousand words So we can see, that Orcus will be in Virgo till 7. XI JinPing, China's leader! He is 66 today. Interesting that Trump and him were born 1 day and some years apart. And how could I forget to say happy birthday to Donald Trump?

Look at the stellium in Gemini! With Orcus right there!. I n transit, Orcus is conjunct his "point of commerce" and it is interesting that they have the trade-war with China.. Orcus also sextiles natal Mercury, so there you are!! Looking at Hillary's chart, I am surprised or not? Sorry, but the stuff I read on FB, how people just "disappear" or commit suicide around her, is piling up. We also have a candidate here with a strong Orcus. Ayelet Shaked, former Justice minister. June 14, Friday. I worked all morning and sent all the alerts for all the markets.

I hope you were gaining money.. June 13, Thursday. It's not getting easier! The Moon moved to Scorpio.. She will be there for 2. From the target is Let's see if its breath will last. I could make a research. So remember to be patient and think twice before taking risks.

If you do make mistakes during this moon phase, fixed star Syrma encourages you to say sorry. Politicians are likely to make unexpected decisions that could lead to aggressive responses, rebellion, and stock market shocks. They will also have to react to sudden, unforeseen events. Expect this new moon to inflame the rebellion in Hong Kong as well as other hot spots around the globe. The effects of the October 27 new moon last four weeks up to the November 26 new moon. The best time for making a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two weeks of this new moon cycle.

This waxing phase of the Moon lasts from October 27 to the November 12 full moon. I can safely say all full and new moons bring out the crazies. People walk into shopping centers just to cause trouble. They pick out the peeps who lie low. Hard to be nice to people like that, it really reminds me of an apocalypse wrapped in a horror movie. Has anyone noticed how intensly people behave during these times?

I believe ppl truest nature come out at these times, it becomes harder for them to wear their disguise. Jamie, could you post the October 21, 3rd quarter moon phase chart, and maybe take a stab at prognosticating the Canadian Federal Election held on that day? Yes, all the moon phases charts are here: Moon Phases. I put up an election result at Mercury Rx. Very surprising outcome. With the clues gathered and cipher broken. Mine too. I read it has great luck attached to it with both sun and moon in scorpio but with uranus opposition sounds like lucky break through terrible shock.

This article is pretty good because it focuses on the quincunx between Neptune and Mars that occurred in , same aspect, in the same signs as the Oct 27, NewMoon. Watch the Canadian post election political actors and pathocrats, as they dance the cosmic puppet tune, down the new Mercury Rx yellow brick road. Hi Jamie, your post is amazing. All these nuances with fixed stars give a great idea of the energy that we will face. Out of curiosity: 1. If this new moon falls by 1 degree near natal Uranus so the transiting Uranus is also opposing natal Uranus and transiting Uranus is just at 3 degrees of natal Jupiter…..

What will be stronger Uranus conjunct natal Jupiter opposite natal Uranus or the Uranus transit opposite new moon?

Sounds like it has already started… Firefighters, police and bomb disposal vehicles just on the other side of the street, right now. Back to astrology, I have Ceres conjunct this New Moon, less than half a degree, and I read somewhere else that this new Moon is the end of the July 2. Ceres, discovered in , 20 years before this poem was written, is the first of many more discoveries to come from Mars-Jupiter asteroid belt. Horn of plenty… now, THAT sounds good! I suppose that was it. Jupiter can make a positive difference that depends on your natal chart, I am not a master, however for part of fortune; I can say from my previous full moon conjunct part of fortune — new conjunct part of fortune experiences, or other transits on it that I observe carefully, it has zero influence, I am not even sure that part of fortune has any meaningful manifestations.

You have to deliberately go after it and activate it and work with it, to bring it out! Menu Skip to content. Search for:. New Moon October Astrology. October 19, November 1, Jamie Partridge.