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Starting with the first day of your Wavespell, insert the first day Daykeeper in your 1st house. Insert the 2nd day Daykeeper in your 2nd house and so on.

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You will notice that your Galactic Signature's Tone will correspond to the same House. Now that you have all the Daykeepers inhabiting your houses let's begin. Start by asking the question that corresponds to each house - then make correlations with the planet and sign that inhabits that house. If there isn't a planet in the house, just look to the sign. Example chart: Q: How do I call forth the resonance of my true vibration? With Mercury and Neptune conjunct.

Q: What does my heart desire to manifest?

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  6. The Questions:. Tone Cosmic. I've found that the most relevant Daykeepers are the one's that inhabit a house that a natal planet also inhabits.

    Aries 29 january horoscope

    Start by reading the Daykeeper Keywords of the Daykeeper that falls in the same house as your Sun, the most important planet you have. Then read all the Daykeepers that inhabit the same houses that your planets do. Make correlations. Use the learning site, above. The order of importance of your natal planets generally, but not always!

    Sun - who you are and who you are becoming Moon - your emotional life.

    Ascendant 1st house - the lens through which you see the world. Saturn - your life lesson. North Node - this looks like a the 'eye' in the 'hook and eye'. I love the north node - because it shows you where your soul wants to go, in this life time. If you look exactly opposite the north node that is where the south node would be, if it were shown in the chart.

    This is where your soul is coming from past life indications and where it feels comfortable. This would be an excellent Daykeeper to read. Mercury - how you conceptualize.

    Horoscope: January 21st - 22nd

    Venus - your values. Mars - how you get what you like! Uranus - your unique spark. Neptune - your spiritual self. Neptune is not of this world! Pluto - where your power lies. For a short run down of the energies of the houses:. Ascendant and 1st: the lens through which you see the world. Your Personality. How others see you. Money and posessions. IC and 4th: Your past even past lives , childhood, family, home. Your 'inner home' within. Any one-on-one relationships business or romantic.

    Astrology Today

    Strange house, I know! All the 'mysteries' that people don't usually want to talk about. Deep psyche stuff. MC and 10th: This is the absolute top of your chart For other, perhaps an Avocation: your Calling, Life Objective, status and respect in the outer world. Your reputation. It's the 'other-worldly' house. Non material. On a positive level shows you where you're plugged in to your Higher Self. Unfortunately, there is a tendency to just not get what's going on here indicated by the planet that is in there.

    Hard to see through the veil or darkness. Yellow Star, in my Signature is my Challenge!


    And, you can see the red lines challenging aspect running towards my Venus - from those intense planets including Saturn, the planet of Challenge itself. Soooo - this gives me much more insight into my Life Lesson. Developing self-confidence and feeling secure in my self-expression 5th house Saturn and Yellow Star connection The next thing to look at is transiting planets the planets out there right now. They are the green planets on the outside of your natal chart.

    Mayan Astrology ~ Find your personal Theme Year ~

    They go around your chart counter-clockwise. The outer planets move verrrry slowly spending about 7 to 9 years per house and the inner planets move more quickly. It is also called the Adult Sign. The core of your character begins to shape when you reach puberty around years of age, so this sign starts to influence you by this time.

    Dreamspell Mayan Astrology Readings: What is your Galactic Signature?

    Before that, it was mostly your Youth Sign, influencing your life. When you are 26 years old, until 39 years old, your Day Sign will have the maximum impact on your life. And when you are 52 years old, it is the time of the Mature Sign, to take on the stage. You took into consideration your needs for evolving and growing spiritually.

    Naturally, you have no idea about all of these aspects the minute you were born. Remember, your Day Sign guides you and reminds you of your spiritual essence and personal mission to help you evolve. There are 13 different combinations of your Day Sign and the Tone you were born tells you, which one you have.

    Career Horoscopes

    Your Trecana Sign also has an impact on your Day Sign. This can be understood in a few different ways. One of them is about compassion. You have a compassionate heart that accepts all differences and different scenarios. Within your presence, people find comfort and relaxation, knowing that they are accepted as they are. This creates a very healing atmosphere. Another meaning of Tone 12 is about the understanding in the sense of knowing.

    Your soul is understanding. This means that you have an understanding of wisdom which comes with tolerance. These attributes can make you a good teacher that does not get caught in ego, title, and competition [ Curious about the community and politics. You might be uncomfortable or even a little scared by the name of this sign.

    However, let me ease you by being direct. For the Mayas, the Death sign is seen as one of the most fortunate signs [ Transformation is the key meaning of your life. You either transform yourself by some internal or external force, or you love to help and facilitate the transformation of someone you are in touch with [ Your politeness attracts abundance like a magnet and you manage to reach your goals. Your strong psychic abilities and emotional intelligence will bring success [ Do not suppress this curiosity but get guidance from competent and trustworthy people, like those belonging to the Jaguar sign [ Remedy: Being beneficial to society.

    Appropriate professions: philosopher, judge, spiritual healer [ Skip to content. Day Sign.