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10 Things That Would Likely Happen If We Nuked an Asteroid

Morrison was definitely a friend of Chiron, but he was also studying the influence that Saturn's Rings have on us. You can read about that here. Morrison also had a vast knowledge about the Moon. Read a few of his thoughts here. Find out more about this body, officially named Albion. Find out about the first two ever discovered, and see where they are today. And there is a link to send in your own keywords if you'd like to have them added.

After Ellie Bach pioneered the use of those four, the late Al H. Cybele was a Phrygian goddess that the Greeks identified with Rhea as well. Since they both relate to Saturn's wife, could their chart positions also relate to Saturn in the chart? The IAU keeps an updated list here. Find out more here. You can also schedule a consultation with Zane here. All of them are very dear to me, but the first one below , received March 24, , will always have a special place in my heart. Adze, we miss you! Chiron zanestein. It is set to the current date and time, but you can plug in any other data you wish just be sure you enter it as UT.

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The bodies you are looking for may already be in the list that it is set to calculate, but you can add any number of additional Minor Planets as long as you know their numbers. And there is a link you can click on to the Minor Planet Center to look up the numbers for any Named Object. The rather unique body Damocles is included. It's a free site, but they welcome donations to help keep them up and running. Site Search : search tips sitemap.

If you have the Solar Writer program, consider purchasing the Chiron Report. Scottsdale, Arizona September , , Westminister, Colorado. Subscribe to the Centaurs group:.

Asteroid Itokawa in the news – Sabian Earth Astrology

To contact me Mr. There is a wonderful online astrology calculator where you can find out the exact positions of just about any bodies you wish from the years Just recently I heard a Yacqi shaman speak: "Imagine if you will, it is pre-dawn and the sun is about to rise on the beach, and some people have awakened early to see the pre-dawn light. The rest of the people are still sleeping on the beach, and those who woke up early have a "sacred responsibility" to help other people as they begin to wake up, and to know what sunrise is all about.

This is not your supermarket-astrology mag! TMA is essential reading for anyone serious about astrology.

Japan's year of triumph in space

Each issue contains lively, well-written articles, a global forecast calendar, book and web page reviews, and astro-humor. If you're tired of astrology fast-food then feast your mind on TMA. My favorite astrology software for PC's is Solar Fire. It can do just about any astrological procedure you wish, and is always getting better and better.

What's really cool is that if you create a chart in Solar Fire, you can send to your device and open it in Astro Gold Chiron taught many things to his pupils, and one of these was astrology. Kepler College is open. They are the only acredited school in the world that will provide for an accredited diploma in astrology.

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To quote Steven Forrest: "Another school of astrology? Not at all.

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Kepler College is different. It's a degree-granting four-year university, just like a conventional college -- except that astrology provides the spine of the curriculum. Some of the brightest minds in the world have studied what would happen if we blew up an asteroid, and the answer is There are a lot of factors to consider: the size of the asteroid, how far away it is, what the asteroid is made of, etc. What would actually happen if we nuked an asteroid? Why is it so complicated, exactly?

Read on to find out! Do we have the means? We have the means to launch a nuke into an asteroid, but will we ever really have a good reason to actually do it? Weaver thinks nuclear is the only practical option if we only have as little as, say, a six-month lead time. Weaver says non-nuclear options to deflect the asteroid, while possibly effective, would take a decade of planning and development and would have to be deployed years in advance of the collision.

Nukes it is, then! A zillion people on Twitter make Armageddon jokes. The snobs make Deep Impact jokes.

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The HAIV is comprised of two detachable parts: a leader craft and a follower craft. Instruments on the leader, if all goes according to plan , detect the perfect impact point on the asteroid roughly two hours before the big boom. About one minute before impact, the leader separates from the nuke-packed follower at high speed and touches the surface, sending a signal to the follower to begin the detonation sequence.