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The tarot consists of 78 cards, with the deck divided into two separate categories: the Major and the Minor Arcana.

The Pisces Moon weaves a lovely fairytale just for you…

Understanding the difference between the Arcanas and their number correspondence can greatly enhance your ability to comprehend a card that you may not be totally familiar with. These cards are often pivotal and carry a deeper psychic meaning. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards, numbered from The symbolic characters of the Majors tell the story of our passage from childhood and innocence through maturation and enlightenment. In the Minor Arcana, we deal with the realm of the physical. Divided into four suits, these cards represent will the Wands , intellect the Swords , emotion the Cups and material the Pentacles.

Numerology: Secrets of your Birthday – 1st. 10th, 19th, 28th: Number 1 Life Path

The Minor Arcana are similar to a deck of regular playing cards but include the Page as an additional court card. Each suit is numbered and has a corresponding element. Both the Major and Minor Arcana are numbered, giving each card a unique numerological meaning. This means that there are 5 cards that correspond to the number 1. Even though each of the four Aces and the Magician card has a different meaning, they all have the same underlying message: new beginnings. Even numbers are often stable and enduring, while odd numbers generally embody various states of change and instability.

The tarot is actually cyclical, so each ending also signifies a new beginning. Understanding the numerology of the tarot can provide a helpful window into the reading of the cards. You might also want to compare your personal numerology to the tarot for further insight.

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One is the number of new beginnings, and in the tarot, it represents the first step on your journey. The Aces of the Minor Arcana are the purest form of the element of each suit, and often appear when the querent is starting a new job, relationship, or simply changing their perspective or approach. This is the number of partnership and the choices we make upon our path.

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The number two tends to show up during the process of consideration. It often asks us which direction we want to take and what players will be joining the team.

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Three represents the growth of an idea, project, or relationship. This is the number of team building. Four is the number of foundations. Practicality and structured thinking prevail, and the initial burst of energy that began with one has stabilized. This card often appears when a certain level of success has been obtained.

With the number 5, instability and change enter the picture. Mikki Donaldson 1 Comment. DECEMBER 10 birthday horoscope predicts that you possess an analytical way of thinking, but generally, you have a great sense of humor. You are certainly a creative person especially when it comes to hiding your feelings. Your family and friends find your enthusiasm refreshing.

DECEMBER 10 ZODIAC – Ultimate Guide to Birthday Horoscope – ZODIAC

You always try to make people around you happy. If today is your birthday, you will generally be steadfast, cheerful and likable people. When it comes to relationships and feelings, you tend to shy away. This is one conversation you like to avoid. The future of person who born on 10 December depends on his or her ability to network and make new contacts. However, you are open to debates and talks about traveling or something that would add some clarity to your wondering mind.

The December 10 birthday personality is known to think ahead of their time. Unlike some born on this birthday, you are open to ideas uncommon to most.

Sagittarius Tarot Card 12222

Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. The December 10 horoscope predicts that you are usually idealistic. You are generous and optimistic when it comes to rooting for the person with the highest odds against them. Surprisingly, you have a side that is serious, and you can be defiant when challenged. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! As the December 10 zodiac sign is Sagittarius, you tend to handle your business promptly.

You know how to get the job done. Your personality sheds light on your work ethics. You are an extremely hard worker, and you expect everyone to live up to your standards. This could cause some disagreements with those you connect with. However, you are not the most patient person in the world.


Waiting will more than likely make you a bit edgy and restless. So please be on time if you want to impress this Sagittarian! The December 10 birthday love compatibility prediction show that you are pretty much a skittish Sagittarian. When your lover starts to make demands, you are likely to cut out. I detect double standards, Sagittarius. You are worthy of so much and capable of many things in love. As a parent or as someone in authority, this December 10 birthday personality will require some organization within the unit and tenacity.

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Try The Quiz Now!! The December 10 astrology predicts that health and exercise go together for a person born this birthday. You love to participate in physical activities.