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This movement is cause by the rotation of the Earth around its axis. Rulers of the signs Each sign is affiliated with one or two planets whose action, or function, best corresponds to the energy of the sign. Traditionally these planets were called the "rulers" of the sign. The following diagram shows you the rulers of each sign. The outside circle shows the day-rulers, the central circle shows the night-rulers, the inner circle shows the signs.

Elements Triplicities and Quadruplicities You learned about quadruplicities in the course material. The chart below shows you the distribution of elements and quadruplicities.

Inscribing the houses The first thing we do is draw the cusps of the twelve houses into the circle of the zodiac. We work with a chart for September 14, , at p. The twelve houses are twelve sections that are distributed in the zodiac in a counter clockwise manner. Unlike the signs of the zodiac, the houses are not of equal size. This, then, was the point of the zodiac that was rising in the East at that time.

The beginning of the tenth house is at 2 degrees Libra and 46 minutes of arc, or degrees of Libra. The beginning of the tenth house is called Midheaven. This is so because the midheaven is the point of the zodiac that is "in the middle of the sky. The cusp of the seventh house, or descendant, is the point in the zodiac that is exactly opposite the ascendant. It is 13 degrees Gemini and 12 minutes of arc, or degrees Gemini.

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The cusp of the fourth house is on the opposite side of the tenth house cusp, in degrees of Aries. We proceed to draw all other house cusps into the chart.


With the houses drawn into the chart, you see that the houses are not equal. The first house measures from Degrees of Sagittarius to degrees of Capricorn. It is slightly larger than 30 degrees, while the eleventh house measures from degrees of Scorpion to degrees of the same sign, hence it is much smaller than 30 degrees. The axis from the first to the seventh houses marks the horizon.

The axis from the tenth to the fourth houses marks the extension of the meridian. The houses from one through six are always below the horizon. The houses from seven through twelve are always above the horizon, visible from the place of the event. The houses are always in the same sequence, from 1 through I prefer to write the house numbers in Roman numerals. I do this so that they will not be confused with numbers that mark the position in degrees.

The ascendant, or the point of the zodiac that rises in the East at the time of birth or at the time of an event is by far the most influential part in a chart.

Karl Welz Inventor of Orgonite the Chi Orgone Generator

It exceeds even the sun in importance. In pop-astrology, the person who was born at the time for which the sample chart was erected, would be considered a Virgo, because this person has the sun in Virgo. However, considering the importance of the rising degree, I would say that this person is a Sagittarian with the sun in Virgo. Inscribing the Planets The next step is inscribing the planets into the chart. Inscribing the Aspects. Our next step is to find the aspects between the planets and inscribe them into the chart.

Here you will already see the advantage of the chart pattern that you learn to use: With a bit of practice, you can directly read the aspects from the chart. As you have read in the course, an aspect between two planets exists if the planets are within the range of specific angles from each other. For the beginning, we consider only the major aspects: The opposition, or degrees apart opposing , the trine, or degrees apart, the square, or 90 degrees apart, the sextile, or 60 degrees apart, and the conjunction, where the planets are close to each other.

Karl Hans Welz

An exact aspect is very brief. This is so because the planets are always in motion. However, an aspect is valid within a certain range of accuracy. This range is called "the maximal orb" of an aspect. Consequently, an opposition is valid when the planets are between and degrees apart.

Astro Dynamic Manifestation - the Technology to Custom-Design your Destiny

This means that the maximal orb for an opposition is 8 degrees. The same holds for a conjunction that is good up to a distance of 8 degrees. The square has an orb of 7 degrees, the trine 7 degrees, and the sextile 6 degrees. The effect of an aspect is strongest when it is exact. It is weakest when it reaches the orb.

For instance, two planets exactly 60 degrees apart are in their strongest mutual aspect, while when 54 or 66 degrees apart, the influence of the aspect is still noticeable, but it is very weak. We inscribe the aspects as lines that connect the planets in aspect.

Draw blue lines for soft aspects trine and sextile and red lines for hard aspects squares and oppositions. In our sample chart we used two different dotted lines.

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Abbreviations and Symbols You are familiar with the symbols for planets, signs and aspects. In the following I am showing you a system of abbreviations that allows you to enter the signs, planets, houses, etc. These abbreviations are also an excellent tool for another purpose: You can use them to write astrological "formulas" that you can then translate into statements using the key word method that you have been taught in this course.

All rights reserved. No part of this course may be reproduced in any forms or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without prior permission in writing from the author. Box Woodstock, GA I am going to do the same thing with anything else I have on the cooker to invent. Of course I love to make fun of some of the copycats, and I did this only after some of the copying folks decided to run smear campaigns against me after having stolen my ideas.

On the other hand, tap water, distilled water, and water filtered from tap water generally lack the orgone energy that water contains naturally. Therefore, having become aware of the obvious problems connected with industrially processed water, many scientists have developed methods of vitalizing or re-vitalizing water. For instance, some researchers have developed methods to generate a transfer of natural water information. In principle, with such methods they try to establish structural links to the desired characteristics of water, usually with very little orgone energy available.

In fact, Dr. This is a characteristic of water that had many applications as widely apart as homeopathy and religious traditions for centuries before Beneviste, even though the persons using such methods typically were not aware of the scientific principles involved. One of the easiest methods of revitalizing water is to charge it with orgone energy. You can get evidence of the benefits of water that is charged with life energy simply by doing so, i.

You can do so with the free transfer test. In fact, according to personal experience of tens of thousands of users, water that has been treated with life energy, i. This is plainly visible as stronger plants, more blossoms and larger and better tasting fruit, and more beautiful flowers. It can save laundry powder Being saturated with life energy, it keeps helping the environment even after use It is attractive to animals.

Especially cats feel attracted to water that has been revitalized by means of saturation with life energy.

Videos and words from the inventor of Orgonite

You can make living water water that is saturated with life energy with ease: Simply put a bottle of water of your choice store bought or filtered on top of the AO or any other water optimizing life energy generator and allow it to saturate with life energy. In the following video, Karl Hans Welz, inventor of Orgonite, speaks on the free automated transfer test of chi energy available by e-mail.

Enter your name and e-mail address.

You can also check the box to receive more information. The free transfer test of life energy will be e-mailed to your e-mail address. This card acts as a structural link and brings chi energy from the chi generators in the lab, to your location, no matter how far away you are. The site will walk you through a few short tests, so that you can experience the power of chi energy for yourself. Orgonite and Chi Generator inventor, Karl Hans Welz, shows the first Chi Generator of life energy in history and talks about his first life energy devices.