Number 10 for first birthday

Need more girl birthday party ideas?
  1. 10 1st Birthday Party Ideas for Boys | Party | Baby 1st birthday, 1st birthdays, Birthday fun
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  3. First Words, First Steps, First Birthday: Toddler Milestones

10 1st Birthday Party Ideas for Boys | Party | Baby 1st birthday, 1st birthdays, Birthday fun

You are clearly an awesome mom who put a lot of time and effort into this first birthday theme, and you truly have my respect. But a month-old will never be impressed by a balloon castle, no matter how epic it is. I know Frozen is still all the rage, but no need to take your party theme so literally. Image: Horse and Pony Rides.

Must I be the party pooper who points out the obvious? While this may mean a different start time than Grandma expected, everybody and especially baby! Create a quiet area.

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Create a secondary party area in another room or outside area for guests to go if they need a break from the festivities. Set out non-electronic toys for babies who may feel overstimulated, and leave out snacks for adults who want a spot for quiet conversation. Designate photographers.

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Choose a simple theme. Need birthday party theme ideas? Weather permitting, opt for an outdoor venue. The mess will be minimal, and younger guests will have lots of space to move around.

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Put older kids in charge of games. Delegate, delegate, delegate.

  • First Words, First Steps, First Birthday: Toddler Milestones.
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  • 17 First Birthday Party Ideas for Moms On a Budget;
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  • Put them in charge of face painting, music-making, singing songs, and more. Take photos before guests arrive. Gift your new toddler with a set of musical instruments to develop her love for music.

    First Words, First Steps, First Birthday: Toddler Milestones

    Making up their own songs and beats can keep toddlers happy and busy in an exciting way, and they will love having you as a captive audience. Your little one will begin exploring her place in the world by trying on the identities of the people and characters she sees around her.

    Birthday Numbers - 1, 10, 19 & 28 (Numerology Decoded)

    A set of costume pieces will help her learn to express herself and to have fun making her own choices about who she is. Your birthday child will love celebrating this special new age with a first birthday shirt that she can wear all year long. It also makes for cute pictures, and a fun benchmark to see how she grows and changes in the shirt throughout the year. The joy of watching your toddler play with movement is so special, and new shoes to accompany these memorable times will go a long way. Gift your one-year-old with a graduation year shirt in a size that fits an eighteen year old to match her projected year of high school graduation.