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Recommended Posts. Guest guest. Report post. Posted May 16, I am planning to develop an Astrology program with an emphasis on predictions,matchmaking etc which would be freely available for everyone. I am comfortable with the predictive part of astrology but I am not very much into the calculation part of it. I do have certain astronomical algorithms that could be used for calculating the planetary positions but using them I am not able to get the kind of accuracy and details that I want to achieve.

I can assure you that I would not be using it for any kind of commercial purpose. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted May 18, Hare Krishna, Rayu. Please accept my humble obbeisances.

KP New Astro

All glories to Sri Sri Radha-Krishna. I was trying to do the same. It's a very good effort. For the calculation of the positions of the planets, that was the only thing that i could do, I was using VSOP87, a french system, which, in theory, has 1 arcsec of error for dates since year BC to AD. I could use the ayanamsa to, in a very good way. There is a way to calculate the positions of the planets with the reference of any year, so you can do with the reference of BC Lahiri ayanamsa or any other.

The Hidden Code of Planets in Astrology

If you want to, i have the calculations for Excel Mac. The only problem of VSOP87, is that there are many calculations, but you can truncate, with the lost of accuracy, of course.

Free Horoscope - Vedic Astrology - Indian Astrology, Hindu

I wold be very grateful, if i can colaborate to you in any way. I know few programs, but I feel my self as a good computer programer. Your servant: Luis. Posted May 21, I would greatly appreciate if you can provide me further information on it I would also like to mention to you about the open source astrology program available at astrojava. Posted May 22, Hare Krishna, Raju. Jaya Sri Sri Radha Krishna. The name of the system is VSOP87, and it is found in internet.

I use it with a book of Jean Meeus, called "Astronomical algorithms". In this book it is said how to calculate Julian Day, Sideral time of Greenwich for those than doesn't know, sideral time is the position of aries 0 degrees, for any time; this is used to calculated the ascendant , etc.

This system VSOP87 consists of long series of periodic terms, which you have to add. Learning the meaning and effects of the different planets. Login Sign Up.

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