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November and December are likely to be good for income and profits. Career, too, soars during these months. Expenses should be curtailed to avoid fund shortages. Career: This year career will undergo a dull period. Professionals need to put in more efforts and exhibit confidence. Career will look up in November and December. May and June are ideal for successful business transactions and for improving business. In June, July, August, and September work will keep them busy.

Aquarius Moon Sign 12222 Yearly Horoscope Predictions

Love Relationship: During the first three quarters, they may not be very expressive towards their partner, but this will change in the last quarter. January, February, March, October, and November are favorable for marriage alliances.

Finance: For most of the year, there would be good income inflow and gains which are likely to be both regular and unexpected. Finances will grow well, and even expenses will be for auspicious purposes. Businesspeople will get good profits, and for the salaried, income will be steady, with the possibility of hikes. Speculation will not yield much profit.


They will have to make strong efforts if they want success. So, they need to concentrate and focus more on their studies. Where foreign aspirants are concerned, June, July, August, and September might be favorable, with good chances of success. Health: The beginning of the year will bring ill-health, medical issues, and ailments but June, July, August and September would be better with chances of recovery and convalescence a well as good health.

But this positive period will be followed by a bad spell and health problems will crop up again during the last quarter of the year. They should worship their favorite God to ensure good health. Unfavorable Months: April, May, November, December During these months they should pray to their favorite deity and perform the recommended rituals. Aquarius General: Aquarians, this would be an average month for you. You need to develop self-confidence to handle situations ef Aquarius Love and Relationships: In love and relationships, you will be expressive during this month.


Astroved Pisces

This will be helpful to your partner to u You could obtain ancestral property and receive back the loans that you had offered to others earlier. You would be happy for the accumulation of wealth. All you have to do is to manage finances in a proper way for the future. You may have expenses towards the end of the year. Even though the expenditure coming your way could not be turned down, you could cut short on your expenses. Hanuman Fire Lab to read the financial situation better and save for the Future. Aquarius Horoscope for Love and Relationships For those involved in relationships, there could be some unpredictable happenings in life.

Stay cautious and do not be emotional. Stay practical to avoid unpleasant things. Good communication is the key for success in relationships. Do not be harsh with common friends. Stay cautious when you travel alongside your partner as there are chances that you both could get caught by your family or relatives. If you have not disclosed your relationship at home, you can disclose the matter slowly.

Aquarius Moon Sign Daily/Today Horoscope Wednesday, 9th October, 12222

Aquarius Horoscope for Health Your health would be in a good condition throughout this year. Although you may suffer from seasonal problems like cold, cough and occasional fever, your health would be fine. Take care while having food when you travel. Avoid untimely intake of food. There are chances of deterioration in health because of unhealthy food. Problems related to lower abdomen and knees are possible.

Yearly Horoscope 12222

It could well be rectified by visiting a doctor without any postponement. Ganesha Homa for Good Health. Aquarius Horoscope for Students You shall enjoy your studies in Although a few of you might be interested in sports and other extra-curricular activities, it would not be difficult for you to perform well in studies as well. Even a last minute glance can help you get through in your term examinations. Your existing works shall get completed speedily and pending works would begin to proceed positively.

You should be clear in your communication.

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You may apply new techniques in your personal and professional life, which can resolve issues quickly. You may form new friendships during travel. Be careful during travel as you may forget your belongings. Your health condition would be normal this month. September Aquarius Monthly Horoscope — Love and Relationship When it comes to love and relationships, this would be a normal time for enjoyment. You need to control your words and understand the situation patiently.

You would be a very effective planner and handle domestic works systematically. This quality can improve your image among your family members. It is good for you to avoid oral commitments without analyzing things properly.

You should avoid negligence in paying your bills or taxes. Plan your savings carefully for best returns. You would recollect your pending amounts, which can act as a surplus amount for fulfilling your expenses. You should fulfill your commitments properly. You may have to work for additional time to enjoy career progress. Your independent nature on resolving issues would be appreciable.

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Be supportive to your colleagues for getting help and success.