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Earth signs can ground Leo and place this fire sign on a more even keel, which is essential for getting things done. And both have a humanitarian streak. While Leos feel for the whole world, they can have trouble taking the next step to make a difference, but earth signs help them actually commit to that volunteer opportunity they've talked about for ages. The trick to make this match work is that both parties need to give a little. Leo needs to sacrifice a Friday night to hang out on the couch, and earth signs need to join their Leonine lover at that glam, dress-up, see-and-be-seen soiree.

Finally, each needs to recognize their own weaknesses and allow their partner to pull more than their weight in certain areas.

Leo Woman and Libra Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle

For example, earth signs can choose the house and do the budgeting, while Leo can decorate and make sure that it's fabulous. If you have an eye on a Leo, pounce fast. Leos are oblivious to subtle cues and appreciate direct action. A kindhearted sign, a Leo will never be mean-spirited even if her or she doesn't feel the same connection that you do—and putting it all on the table today may turn into a "yes" a few months down the line.

But in order to make that Lion want to connect, here are a few ways to be bold:. Get physical. This sensuous sign loves touch. Allow your hands to brush and give hugs instead of handshakes when you meet. A compliment works, too, because Leos put a lot of time into crafting how they present to the world. They like when people take notice. Make a plan. Whether it's a hot air balloon ride or a whitewater rafting experience, Leo loves to fully explore the world, especially on once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Plus, making a plan from start to finish makes your Leo feel taken care of, which this sign loves.

Be inclusive. Remember that Leo has a "the more, the merrier" attitude. Cornering them for a convo while a party rages around you will make a Leo feel caged. Invite others into the dialogue, because Lions think good socializing skills are incredibly attractive. Sensuous and generous, Leo is one of the Zodiac's sexiest signs, with a willingness to try anything once and a personal mission to make sure that his or her partner is satisfied every single time. A Leo loves dirty talk, so narrating what you're doing as you're doing it is super sexy.

Leos also love to hear that they've done a good job, and that you're happy with their skills, so be generous with the carnal compliments. Leo loves to look. If sex on video isn't your thing, keep your Leonine lover happy by placing some mirrors near the bed. And this sign is very in tune with their sensuality, so don't skimp on foreplay, naked massages, and worshipping every inch of their body. Remember, your Lion loves to purr just as much as he or she loves to roar.

Exploring the gamut of sexual games, from slow, sweet coupling to biting and hair pulling, will keep a Leo happy and coming back for more. Let her shine. A Leo woman loves to feel valued and nourished by her partner. Daily compliments, "just because" gifts, and date nights are essential to keeping her happy.

Leo women also prize their friends, family, and work relationships. Don't make her choose between you and someone else she loves—it'll only end up hurting you. Know that when you fall for a Leo woman, you must love her friends and family, too. Be direct. Leos are so busy and with so many people in their orbit that they don't have the time or energy to analyze subtext.

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If you want her to do something, or if you feel that there's something she should be doing in the relationship, tell her. Passive-aggression will erode your relationship. And Leo doesn't want you to worry about her feelings. Of course, you should say things in a loving, respectful way, but letting annoyance fester will only damage your bond. Believe in second chances. Naturally dominant and constantly on the make, Leo men see romantic possibilities everywhere. Even if they think they're falling in love with you, it can be tough for them to actually turn down other options.

That's why Leos are infamous for putting the kibosh on a relationship just when it starts getting serious. But that doesn't mean he's gone forever. Sometimes, a Leo man needs to realize what he's missing to truly commit. Understanding that—and believing in second chances—can pave the way for a happy and long pairing with a Leo. He apologized for contacting me. I still thought of him daily.. It just felt right. Now I am single and seeing this Libra every 2 weeks. I am scared.. A part of me says be patient with him..

Leo in Love – Sign Compatibility

So thats what Ive been doing yet, I feel empty. Help… He is driving me crazy. When I am sad.. He is there. When I need help I need just ask. When I am in trouble he will help me deal with it. Would they? Libra man here, and I was able to court a Leo woman. Our compatibilty at the moment is exactly what is described: very passionate and wonderful. However, as a Libra my mind is always wandering and I end up overanalyzing situations too much.

I do not want to ruin the relationship. Im a Leo woman and my experience with a Libra man was almost perfect. The only thing was he always cheated. He was a great man in every way except when it came to other women. Hi Justin, I am a Leo woman, do try to put the focus on your emotions not on your thoughts. Live the moment. Meditation, mindfullnes might help as well. With Leos we are very direct. Im going to tell you the best way to keep us leos as a leo woman i know the best way is to communicate.

Because us leos are direct. You libras take eons to make a decision, and your hot and cold. Us leos cant stand that. If you want to know something DONT overthink it. Simply, ask us and we WILL tell you because were so direct. Do all these and you will see longterm happiness with a leo.. Congrats i just saved your relationship. Your welcome. I suggest you speak to her and try to limit the over analysing because it can sometimes ruin things im a Leo woman in a relationship with a libra man my libra tends to do that as well.

I am leo woman. The above stated negativities exactly what happened between us. I failed in correcting whatever wrong happened before but it was too late he gave up. I heard i read that if u believe in ur love it will come back. Will we ever meet will we ever be together again??

I always get instincts of our reunion. Please help. Yes, he will come back to you. Provided you both spent some precious moments together which no one can replace in his life. I am a Libra Man and as fated I have fallen in Love with my Female class fellow, she is two years younger than me, but the mood of the class is so tight that no boy can talk to a girl nor can she!

And I hate rejection. What should I do? I am afraid of her rejection! He opens every part of me and makes me realize just how sweet life can be. I told him that I wanted to get married and he said that we will! So just watch out. I am 39, i recently met a 32 year old Libra man, oh my gosh, never have i been so fixated with a person in my life.

He is gentle, caring and most importantly loving. He is the ying to my yang and i think we are super compatible. The sex is so great, the converstaions are super errotic. Only he has the abillity to make me open up like no other has before. I am a 20 year old Leo woman August 8th and my Libra man October 18th is in his 30s. Oh how I love his charm! Yes I love older men! I am too mature for guys my age. I also know Libras are known to be whores lol.

He respects me having my guards up. We seem very compatible. I know he is a big flirt. I can tell already. He thinks very highly of himself.

Leo Soul Mate

So here goes nothing lol. He is as sweet and a peace maker as noted above and he truly has the ability to calm me down. We have a little baby boy together. Libra men take a long time to decide what they want hes working you out and if your right for him he will make sure you know xx. Well then…. Im married to a libra man now. Im a leo woman and currently with a libra man. We originally had an open relationship.

I was actually out off a previous 8 yr relationship with a virgo which ended horribly. I just intended a ons but it continued on not just physically but on all aspects n i guess we just couldnt be away from each other. Yes as a leo female being in an open relationship there were other females, i just trusted in the universe it was gonna b me n him in the end. I was actually the threat to these other females. I was the intimidation ive been stalked n contacted.

It was weird but i never treated him indifferent i just told him to handle his situation. As time went on i remained chill as the other females began to become to stressful and jealous and try to posses him. Oh yes indeed i loved him n never judged him. I never try to change him or his habits. He was already attatched to me but then jealousy and possesion over me set in n i knew he was on my tail like a cat on a mouse. He showered me in gifts n taking me out…intially i kept my 2 kids out the equation but as time went on he more egarly wanted to meet them.

I took that as a hint of commitment comimg thru. Hes met them he loves me n them as well we r expecting his first child now and i have to tell u this man is so family oriented its crazy n i love it. My kids father is not in the picture n he takes them on fully n completely. All in all a ons n an unruly untamed non committed libra was woed by this cool cat.

And we have a family now. Hes handy and fixes things around the house i just really love him to pieces. He recently said i dont say i love that much its not like i use to and if he doesnt say it i wont…ill keep that in mind i dont mean to b that way virgo even said the exact same thing b4 im trying to listen more closely to his needs since he pays so much attention to mines. I love what we have just because it started off so wild n crazy and now its so calm and serene.

Hes so excited about his baby hes gonna be a excellent father hes so protective of my 2 kids u cant tell him theyre not his… Its amazing never seen this coming but im glad it came around. I needed to see this!! It is hard to not get jealous but I try to remember that he and I see each other on a regular basis. I am the one he opens up to and shares things with. I seem to be the only one he can trust.

I am the one that he cancels other dates with just to spend time with me. Your comment has made me think I am on the right path. And, as in your case, these women seem to be eliminating themselves from the equation without me having to do or say a thing. So, thanks for this!! It gives me hope. HI I am a libra man, 24 and my leo love was We were happy together until i had to move out of town to start my career as a Racer.

I was unable to give her much time and suddenly i realized our relationship started breaking up. I tired everything to make things right all again but it was too late. I tried anything and everything i possibly could but it only made things worst. Yes i lost her. I realised my mistakes and i am change. I feel like my libra could be a flirt but I have never witnessed it? How did the cheating begin was there any signs anything you noticed in particular, I am just wary of him ever cheating on me because I cannot stand cheaters!

Also I hope you had the strength to leave that Man he is not worthy of you I promise you are better then that and you will find somebody who will devote their time to you love you unconditionally and be nothing but loyal! You also sound a lot like me I just want to be loved showed attention I hate to be kept guessing I need direct truthful answers also how is the libra male sneaky?

Based on your experiences. Thanks Katy on possibly dating a Leo Woman. I am a Libra man. I am the sensitive type. I love a strong, leading woman, with goals. I will help achieve them. I think age has alot to do with it also. Just a guess. Thank you. Age has to do a lot with it, experiences and how people approach them.

I am a leo woman, and alpha woman and very independent. I am very ambitious and have goals to execute. In relationship, i believe in both parties should piggy back each other and able to motivate one another equality. I just think that respect is the most important key along with honesty, and being communicative. Yet of course, compromising is the best. Woman like me want a man who will take the lead and would like to learn from our partner. But at the same time we would like to lead too as well as teaching our partner somethings that can learn from us.

It is nice to reciprocate the feeling back when you know the person you are giving it to and giving it back to you just the same. So, perhaps to some it seems like we are over compensating? But its not the big-bad-wolf of tyranny and ego as portrait by most horoscopes! We require r-e-s-p-e-c-t. What can I say about Leo woman.

I simply started arguing with her in the middle of class,can any of you imagine that,lol. Who knows if should I marry that devil or a princess cause she have two faces one of an angel and one of a wicked devil. So thumbs up for Leo girls,this libra guy is completely obssesed with them especially with this one! Justins07 Maybe you are right… I am a poor example of a Libra Male. Everything about her being the type to be into luxury is correct. But me being a capricorn i would rather enjoy the finer things in life rather than having to go deep in my pockets all the time to prove love.

Sometimes requires hurting her feelings but love always wins. Remember this and caps will always keep there lions tamed like they would rather it to be in their sub-conscience. Who ever admits to needing there bosses? Try to keep your lions tamed without always giving gifts that is the secret.

Remeber, these two signs are represented by a lion and a man holding a pair of scales. Leo is a fixed sign and all the fixed signs love a good argument. They love twoing-and-throwing, cat and mousing. If a libra has Venus ruling planet in a more assertive sign, and a rising sign is also assertive, this could be quite good. Awesome, i so agree! Leo women are just too much. Gotta be in complete control and must be the center of attention. I am a libra male born October 3rd. My love is a Leo female born August 3rd.

What this man above was doing was giving away his power and authority, his own divinity for the love of this woman. No one has the right to abuse another, a lack of love for self is evident. To allow yourself to be treated that way for the love of anyone is rather pathetic. This was a poor example of a libra male. He was weak and did not learn to love himself properly, his universe reflected that lack back to him as an abusive partner. We must know our partner is not responsible for our happiness. My Leo woman is my perfect compliment. I see the God I AM reflected as her essence.

She is radiant.. Simply letting him know will do the trick. Wondering if youre even still together. SkRuFFiE this was 2 years ago. Curious to know where you guys are now. MadMaxx oh my goodness. You sound like my boyfriend…the libra. He is so sweet to me and ive never had anyone to treat me this way. I hope he doesnt feel like our relationship is unbalanced. I love him. Sure, in the mdeium-term the leo female is perfect, and in fact there is no reason for leo female libra male to break up. In a strange way it creates stability.

But after a while you really feel stifled. But the thing that really undermines this relationship long term is, in fact, that libra is romantic. He wants a woman he can love tenderly and spoil. While the leo female likes to be spoiled, there is nothing sweet about her. I really believe that the leo female is the person we can live with. Love is the most important factor in a relationship, not star signs. But who says there no truth to it? Can I ask a few question you being a libra male please?

And You are correct I feel as though I love me to take charge and lead I just feel as if you libras will slowly build stuff up and eventually explode or leave I feel thought I would do so many things to annoy him but he would hint it kind of because eventually just end up leaving and I would never see it coming because of my silly ego sometimes. Each Libra male is different.

I can be flirty and have many female friends so this really doesnt help at all. It really helps understand the compatibility dynamic from a personal point of view. She is very classy, smart, independent, loyal, trustworthy and loving. The cons are that she is very self centered, selfish, pompous and impatient. When I first met her it was nothing but fire. I could sense just how badly she fell for me…how badly she wanted me…that made me and would make any Libran man want her.

Librans are extremely indecisive so, when any woman sticks her neck out far enough to tilt our scales we are forced to pay attention to and often fall for her in order to regain some sort of balance. In the beginning it was a dream come true. Deep, intellectual conversation, unlimited cuddles and the comfort of her voice. I did what I suppose most Librans do. I spoiled her to the extreme. I did not hold back. Not because I wanted to impress but because this is who I am.

However, after time I began to noticed that absolutely nothing was being reciprocated. Leo Ladies please understand that Librans are so accommodating that they can express this love to anyone but they choose to express with YOU the person theyre with. More than recieving they love to give…but they still like to recieve at least something.

Not once was a massage of any sort offered. Not once have I tasted any of her cooking gourmet or not. Not once have I been given a gift. Rarely have I been surprised. Please understand that Libras sacrifice so much to show you and the world how they want to be loved, which apparently is how everyone should be loved.

When we see ourselves sacrificing so much and getting so little in return, our instinct kicks in and we began to notice whats fair and what isnt…we begin to weigh our options. If we feel we are being cheated far too long we will leave in the blink of an eye, with no trace of our existence and no explanation. For to us the answers are clearly obvious. We dont have a hard time expressing our feelings, we do despise expressing negative emotions when the reasons for such emotions seem obvious to us.

Libras are kind, sweethearted, gentle and hyper intelligent but we will not allow ourselves to remain in an unbalanced state for too long. This was my first time dating a Leo. I have always been drawn to Aquarius women for some strange reason. I broke up with her after 3 months becuase she was unbelieveably selfish and unaware.

After about a year we saw each other again and I fell for her for the same reason I did the first time, she made it clear that she missed me and approached me as if I was the best thing thatd ever happened to her. I love her to death. But I hate her selfishness and self centeredness. I hate the fact that shes so uppity. Shes making me be indecisive. I know she loves me but I feel she loves herself a lot more…and that isnt really love at all is it? You must put yourself first sometimes but Love is putting the other first sometimes as well. I have yet to see any sacrifice at all from her.

I wish she loved me the way I love her. I have so much more to say but Ive written a book already so Ill finish by saying this: Love is simply what you make it. You said alll of this here.. I say this confidently because one thing about us leos is we are very rational. If you told us what you were displeased about.. Being a libra i know you didnt tell her to avoid conflict. You have fears youve made up. When they could be easily been put to bed with one convo.

I am a libra man and have been in a commited relationship with a leo woman for a bit over a month now and, to say the very least, this is the most dynamic entanglement I have ever been a part of. We met just prior to her birthday last year and I noticed a strange attraction immediatley she actually noticed me about a month prior but I was too stoned to notice her. She was in a relationship at the time so we got to know eachother as friends before even thinking about being together.

Her boyfriend at the time invited me in off the streets acting like the apartment they resided in was his even though she was the only one with income. We got to talk and learn about eachother when I took her to work, as I was the only one with a vehicle. Me being a libra I immediatley picked up on the imbalance of their relationship and began my fight for the underdog… kitten in this situation. They would both present me with their issues with one another and his complaints seemed trivial at best.

She worked all day as a cashier just to keep a roof over his head and him in her arms. She had some trouble seeing what I saw but I eventually convinced her through my infallible logic that this situation was fruitless and not worthy of her time and pain. She eventually left him… not for me to my dismay, but to find herself so to speak. This left me confused and frustrated. Without letting me know and unaware of our feelings for eachother she had left the state. Without hesitation we began talking… well texting, endlessly.

A few days later she pounced on me in my front yard. She is a perfect balance for me. My past relationships were with pisces, gemini, another libra and a cancer… not one of them anywhere near as loving, passionate and understanding or as deep as the entanglement I have with my lioness.

At our most intimate times together there is a passion so intense I am barely able to hold any kind of composure regardless of my military training I still become primal and incoherent Anytime that we spend together is nothing short of amazing. We do have a few disagreements here and there, but it is impossible for us to be truly mad at one another.

Leo Man and Leo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

I would definetley reccommend this pairing to anyone of similar astrological makeup and backround. She is sitting right next to me right now we are inseperable and being the leo that she is wants me to convey to you all how truly amazing she is. There are really no words that I know of that are powerful enough to do so.

As I said earlier this is the most loving, caring, passionate, interesting, intellectually satisfying, adventurous, healthy and fufilling relationship I have ever engaged in. It did take a bit of compromise from the both of us to finally fall together but the end result was well worth every single drop. I am in love with a libra man But i have not told him yet We keep messging each other every day, every now and then, talking about general topic and deep standards and own beliefs.

We are never copy-paste, but i feel we understand each other, and i feel he is lying deep within me and my essence. Sometimes it sets me doutbting about his actions, many times he seems so caring, other times, he would look like a stone. My waitig? Its almost a year. A year of talking, sharing, and caring. I was waiting him to tell me to stop messaging him, or anything, so i can be sure i must go away, but this has not happened yet. I feel so confused, i was in contact with other men — virgo, taurus, aries, leo, cancer and capricorn- superficially, but they tried to approach me, but i didnt allow them, was keeping analyzing their actions and words in advance, and making some investigations secretly, cause in my mind, i didnt wan to approach or be in love with anyone unless i myself is totally involved and accepting fully.

Its true, that his flirting to other ladies annoys me, but i tell myself, many men do, and besides, its just flirting, — a part of social skill- that libra enjoys expressing — even though i am a leo girl, but one can tell, i dont like social gatherings a lot, nor social parties, And i am never selfish, i like to do things for others, everything i can, but i i like to hear a little of praising and thanking, with no offences or grandiosity.

I just hope that things are as real and true as i am really. I cant deal with deceiving and lying.. He is tender, kind. We rarely talk to each other through phone, text or else except seeing each other and talk to directly. He softly touched me, he showed me his feelings, he warmed me up really. Is that a problem of a Libra- hard to let others to understand????

So, I am a Leo woman and I just started dating a Libra man. He sends me cute texts during the day when we arent together. And when we are together everything is so passionate. And I will admit he is quite the charmer. He could do the most disgusting thing and I would still be starry eyed. He is not jealous and has no reason to be. Myself, on the other hand, am a very jealous woman but he has the ability to make my mind at ease. I have never dated a Libra before but am looking forward to this relationship.

After reading this and other compatibility sites , and also spending so much time with him I see that this could be and amazing thing. I am a Leo and I have been with my Libra guy for three years now. We instantly hit it off. He has lots of friends, and he is very outgoing towards everyone, and that includes women.

He has a very feminine air about him, and sometimes I wish he was a bit more agressive or foward about things, because sometimes he seems very neutral. I know I do that sometimes. Just talk to her about it.

Best Matches

Hope that helps. I do believe what itsays. My brother is libra and I am a Leo woman. We have the best relationship a brother and sister can have. Out of all my brother an sister we are the closest and then one that hve always been together. We love each other very much. Aside of thatI recently met a libra man and is no lie that I am extremely attracted to him. His eyes melt me down everytime he looks at me.

We communicated very well is just great. I am a libra plus scorpioi hate leo gals, they fall for instantly without me even trying. Ooops they are sooooooooooo clingy. I have just started dating a libra man. I am a leo woman of twenty and i have to say, he makes me feel so happy. I actually feel loved. I have been with a gemini, a cancer, a virgo, and another leo which isnt advised , and i can say that NONE of them can make me feel the way he can.

He does have a minor jealous streak, but its nothing that affects us. I like to think of it more of as a portector than jealous. Everything in that article is mostly true. I do not like being the center of attention all the time. I do not like dating Libra men. They never know what they want in their life therefore causing huge waves.

From now on, Im making a conscience effort to never give my time them anymore. We broke up about 5 months ago.

Leo & Scorpio: Love Compatibility

If you and your Libra have a child together, though, you two need to think of the child. If this child is 7 or older, you and your man are providing a false sense of security for that child. May God bless you and clear your path! I am a Leo lady, and I am very independent and somewhat uppity. I have some major downfalls though. Another downfall my ex hated was that I was SO independent.

I never let him pay for me when we went out to eat, I would refuse a gift if it was too expensive … in other words, I have too much pride. Thank you for your comment, it gave me a view on myself I never had before!! But I am mature beyond my years. April 19th, , a boy in my class asked me to go steady. I said yes. The first three months of our relationship were great. No stress. And then we started realized issues.

He was addicted to pornography and that was not acceptable to me! I ignored it for a while. Blah blah blah, we went through a bunch of crap. That upset me. I assumed a lot and I was pushy, he yelled a lot and was hard-headed and indecisive. I broke up with him August 23rd, But then, last night, I realized all the feelings I still have for him.

Talk about not trying to get out of the nest. This Leo-Libra information is for the most part correct. And Jerimiah Libra is incredibly genuine, smart, and kind. I guess I am looking for advice. Am I willing to put aside my natural independence and uppity-ness in order to be with him again? This is hit or miss for a Libra man. Being a libra man I have been drawn or repeled by a leo woman. It depends on how self centered the leo is, or if they are aware of their self centered behavior.

Those factors are important to know, if the relationship is going to work. Libra men can lose their identity if they get to sucked into a leo woman. And the reason I found this is I met another Leo online. Very beautiful and the physical attraction goes both ways. I was with a Leo as a friend with benefit situation for a few month. We were VERY compatible as friends and even more in the bedroom. I agree with most of the description about Libra men, but yeah, we do get jealous at times. She used to love it when I did little things for her like start giving her a back massage if we were laying there watching a movie.

The night I moved her into her 1st apartment without room mates I stayed up while she was sleeping and wrote her 3 poems on paper plates. It was all I could find without going through her stuff lol.

I left one on the coffee pot, one on the bathroom sink and one on her pillow next to her. Months after she left the state, we were on the phone and she told me that no one has ever treated her better than I did. We can also be a little clingy lol. In october I got the courage to tell my attraction to a Linda man.. I am having a hard time with the lack of understanding his feelings.

I have fallen head over heals in love with him.. Major road block is that he is with one of his kids mom.. I have shown him in many aspects I want uto take him on… helps. I am a Leo with Scorpio moon and my guy is a Libra with Gemini moon. I am so in love with him. He is charming, but his moon can be a mean and nasty and then it can be sunny and bright. He likes me home and he likes to take me places and do things for me, which is so addicting to me.

He is so level headed and does not like drama and gets upset when I blow up, you know how Leo women do, lol!