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The astrologer therefore imparts light from god.

Effectively, astrology operates behind the fine mesh screen of science and religion, which obstructs the sceptic bugs while letting bogus bodings blow through. These predictions essentially posit that the outcome of your day is shared by a twelfth of humanity. An inherent human confirmation bias flags the hits and overlooks the misses. Horoscopes also parrot back opinions we cherish about ourselves. When seasonally and culturally tweaked, Forer statements appear prescient. Vedic astrologers are quick to debunk predictions like these horoscope snippets that are based on the Western tropical zodiac.

A zodiac sign is determined by the position of the sun against the 12 constellations, relative to the earth, at the time of birth. As the earth spins like a top it also slowly wobbles on its axis. The set reference point for the Western classification is the spring equinox. Vedic astrology uses a sidereal zodiac, fixed to the constellations and not dislocated by the wobble.

Conversely, Vedic astrology as practised in India predicts trends, developments and actual events without qualms. The birth chart is cast on desh, kal, patra — place, time and situation of birth. The resulting diamond-shaped grid is then divided into the 12 zodiac signs across which planetary influences are distributed. The planets have long been attributed with human characteristics — think mercurial temperament volatile or a saturnine countenance sullen. Delhi-based astrologer Ajai Bhambi insists that any inconsistency in the janampatri forecast and actual events is attributable to inaccurate information or an incompetent reading.

Also Obama. Cast a chart properly, and accordingly we can predict anything under the sun.

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Astrological knowledge is documented in the Rigveda , an ancient repository of Hindu wisdom. This wisdom was later tabulated in scriptural texts. The astral expertise involved in charting a janampatri is enough to occupy dedicated scholars for years and the corpus of minutiae has contributed to the general acceptance of Vedic astrology as an ancient and obscure science. The discovery of stars, planets and asteroid belts has changed the face of the heavens without any corresponding alteration in the astrological technique.

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Modern planets like Neptune and Uranus continue to be persona non grata for most Vedic astrologers because their discovery came after the scriptural edict. As a discipline, Vedic astrology is also subject to interpretive disputes because of the inaccessibility of source materials. Many texts are cryptic, lost or referenced only in second-hand accounts.

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Sanskrit, the language of the scriptures, was the domain of the elite. The upper castes historically controlled the collection, interpretation and dissemination of astral knowledge. The knowledge was stopped at a certain class of people.

Bhambi is a case in point. Sporting long white locks and saffron robes, he abandoned a career in law 35 years ago for astrology. Self-taught, Bhambi now practices his booming brand of foretelling as the host of both a weekly horoscope show and a Sunday lecture series on the Hindi news channel P7. He also used to write regularly for the Hindustan Times. Because knowledge of Vedic astrology takes a long time to accumulate, Saggoo says rather than question the practice, people instead focus on the outcome.


Cancer Daily,Weekly And Monthly Horoscope

Astrology was only put under a scientific scalpel after the advent of the personal computer, which facilitated the meta-calculations necessary for massive data sets. Dutch astrologer turned sceptic, Rudolf H Smit, maintains a survey of existing research conducted in the West. He collates results reported since the s in psychology and astrology journals such as Astro-Psychological Problems, Astrology under Scrutiny in Dutch and Kosmos.

In short, his findings conclude that the claims astrology makes are incommensurate with its results. In a rare commentary embedded within statistics, Smit states that astrology has never performed better than random chance in predicting human destiny. It depends on hidden persuaders — selective reasoning, confirmation biases — to alter the staggering evidence stacked against it, and it has prevailed.

Post forensic autopsy, there is no corpse to resurrect. In , the Indian government sanctioned the study of astrology as a qualification for a higher educational degree. It is now possible to acquire a masters or a doctorate in astrology with funding through the University Grants Commission.

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Make the most of positive lunar influences to press ahead with all serious ambitions and get as much achieved as you can in the time available. Partners will thank you. The result is that plans and arrangements which have been blocked should be underway by the weekend. Events that took place over the last couple of weeks or so must have made it painfully clear that one close friend is taking you for granted.

Not only that, but they may be a danger to themselves. You can be on hand with a supply of emotional sticking plaster. So, gird your loins and carry on! Venus, the ruler of your gentler affections, is inspiring you to dream of love.

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  8. The only question is, of course, will partners respond? Leos who can arrange or implement travel plans or forge overseas links should get on with it: there is no time to waste. It may now be clear that a major alteration in your work methods or routine is unavoidable. If you make an early start, you should do well, attracting support and admiration.

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    Those who now feel neglected or hard-done-by, should have taken the trouble to find out what makes you tick. Neither would they have let you down! Declarations of love are one thing, but you may embarrass yourself as well as others. In fact, your foot may be well and truly wedged in your mouth!