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Horoscopes for the July 12222 New Moon in Cancer
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A partial lunar eclipse takes place when part of moon enters the earth's shadow , as per NASA. Full moon lunar eclipses are different from new moon solar eclipses because it's a time of letting go as opposed to starting new. Full moons are a time for endings and completion, but with Saturn retrograde, Pluto retrograde, and the South Node in the mix, this is also the ending of a very important cycle — one none of us will ever see again.

This eclipse season is simply part of the story, and the grand finale of the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse series will take place in January In the meantime, think back to July and January , because similar themes may be resurfacing during this time. While you're at it, look at where Cancer-Capricorn are location via your birth chart.

This is where you'll experience a powerful breakthrough. What are you willing to let go of, Aries? Your soul mission is calling.

Repressed fears are no longer an option. So go do what you were born to do. The world needs you. Embrace the infinite possibilities headed your way, but make sure you let go of the negative beliefs you've acquired throughout your lifetime in the process. Embrace the new you, Taurus. You're becoming a beautiful butterfly, Gemini. But in the midst of your evolution process, there are a few things you need to let go of. Remember who you are and what you're capable of.

Way to go, Cancer. The days where you stayed quiet just to make others happy are no longer. Speak your peace, make amends, and say your goodbyes if need be. You're on a new level. The show must go on, Leo. But in order for this to happen, you need to let your soul speak for itself. Make sure you're tending to your mind, body, and soul.

November 12222

Create a positive environment for yourself, too. What makes you happy, Virgo?

You're a unique being, so why not embrace it and share your gifts with the world? Like it or not, your happiness is forever a priority. Start tapping into your individuality. In the 18 months following, most of the eclipses will fall in the Zodiac signs of Cancer and Capricorn. Both a New Moon and the North Node highlight the future, and new possibilities.

Moon in Aries

Ask yourself, what visions do you want to make real? And consider how you want to feel around the Cancer parts of your astrology chart.

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General themes associated with Cancer include the home, where you live, your living environment; your family, including relations with relatives, your feelings, and whether you have a sense of safety, security and being protected. That feeling of protection may show up in a variety of ways.

For instance, do you feel safe and stable financially?

Do you feel secure in your relationships with others? Do you have a safe nest or sanctuary to retreat from the world in? Another feature of this New Moon eclipse in Cancer is that it is exactly opposite Pluto, at 20 Capricorn. Power themes may be triggered, and you might need to face down a person that stands opposed to your goals or plans. Or, you might need to overcome a figurative or internal bogey man, who keeps pointing out all the ways in which your plans for the future might go wrong.

Pluto in Capricorn can control through fear, especially fear around a loss of security or financial stability. Finding a way to manage this fear and still walk forward may be part of your eclipse experience this week.

Full Moon for February 2020

It may also be time to let go of an old fear, or shed an identity you have outgrown. If you have a responsibility that has come to feel unnecessarily heavy or limiting, have that conversation about how to delegate or handover things to someone better suited to this task. The end result, the discovery of its wings and the power of flight, is incredibly liberating, as the butterfly can do so much more than the caterpillar ever could. Even if the process is intense, demanding or confronting, I expect the having wings and new found freedom results will be more than worth it.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses , Online Eclipse Calendar, Astrology |

Here are some tips about where to actively seek change, transformation and new growth according to your sign. Aries : your home and living situation is ripe for renewal. Update your role within your family and make a plan for what you want to provide for loved ones in the next two years.

Taurus : speak your truth. Express your ideas and emotions, and plan a learning, research, writing or teaching project for the next two years.

Sun enters Sagittarius

Sibling relationships are also highlighted. Gemini : time for a new budget, savings or debt repayment strategy. Your efforts in the next two years can create lasting financial security.

Let go of bad money habits. Cancer : put yourself and a pet project or personal priority first. Time to take care of you, body, mind and spirit. Thoughts, habits and personality patterns are being re-set.