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  1. Does anyone know of a good astrologer in Pune, India ? | Yahoo Answers
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First of all i want to say many thanks to Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt the best Astrologer in India for his valuable guidance provided, He has excellent knowledge of art of seeing future and I really appreciate his work and I highly recommend him.

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Does anyone know of a good astrologer in Pune, India ? | Yahoo Answers

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He then went back to his home town and started practicing Bhrigu readings. Since then thousands of people have taken Bhrigu readings from him which include many famous politicians and industrialist of the country. Pandit Nathu Lal Vyas got the attention of national media when his prediction given to Prathiba Devi Patil of reaching very high post become successful. In Smt. Pandit Nathu Lal give both life readings and Prashna horary readings as per the Bhrigu system.

He do not take any fee and just accept donations from the people visiting him for their Bhrigu readings. He ask for the horoscope and also see the palms for doing his secret calculations to find a number. There are 12 such laminated sheets of paper and each of those 12 circular shapes are figured having name of planets and some numbers.

Bhrigu to Vyas: 5,000 years of fortune-telling

One may guess that these are based on solar transit as the Sun transit from the 12 zodiacal sings each year. Once the number selected by the person matches the calculated number by Pandit Nathu Lal then only he trace the Bhrigu leaf from his file.

Each Bhrigu leaf is said to be having a unique number indexed on it. Pandit Nathu Lal also give this number to their client for future reference and ask them to visit after 4 months. He generally give this life reading of Bhrigu in many segments unlike other Bhrigu readers who translate all the Sanskrit solokas in one reading. This Bhrigu life reading done by most of the Bhrigu readers is very general in nature. So if someone is interest in a specific query then he will have to ask a question to take Prashna or horary reading from Bhrigu reader.

In Bhrigu Samhita there is a mention of some important years in the life of native which some time correspond to the planets influential years. Bhrigu readers often tell their clients about the important years of their life like 22, 24, 26, 28, 32, 36, 42, 48 , 60 etc. How does there years come from?


Is there some astrological logic behind it? This question is often asked by many students of astrology. Apart from this the Bhrigu system also consider 30, 36, 48, 60 and 72 years of age as the time that may bring very enigmatic changes in your life depending upon the running Vimshottari dasha. Around the age of 30 years the Saturn completes its one cycle in transit and reaches at its natal position. So around the age of 36 Rahu and Jupiter will be reaching at their natal position in a horoscope.

Thus both Saturn and Jupiter reaches close to their natal position when a person reaches at the age of around 60 years. Apart from this transit of major planets Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu over the natal position of planets is studied to make different inferences in the Bhrigu system of astrology. When Rahu transit over the natal Jupiter then it may give very painful experiences to the native if he is under going a dasha of malefic planet in his horoscope.

Bhrigu jyotish.

When the transiting Jupiter influence the natal Sun and Saturn then it generally gives good time to the native depending upon the dasha running in his horoscope. The transit of Saturn over the natal Sun generally have been found to bring changes in career of native. The Saturn transiting over the natal Moon gives mental tensions and ill-health in some cases. The transit of Rahu and Ketu over the natal Moon also does the similar things. The transit of Saturn over the natal Venus have been generally found to be giving good earnings and benefit from opposite sex.

The transit of Saturn over natal Rahu or Ketu may give illness and worries depending upon running dasha in horoscope.