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Beware eating disorders, Leo should make sure not to either overeat or starve themselves. Habits that are beneficial for your health, exercise, diet, physical discipline, etc. The third trimester will begin with the natives of Leo having a great power of seduction. They will be more attractive and interesting for whoever has their eye on them, expressing their real feelings more clearly and with more honesty.

Mars enters Scorpio

They will let go of fears and prejudices in love. Their sensitivity, romantic adventures and sense of pleasure will improve. Finances will be stable for quite a while longer and projects will be re-examined.

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It is a good time of the year for trade and for travel. In health, there could be throat problems. Take a moment for introspection and to heal past wounds.

Leo Horoscope

You will have good health in the middle of the third trimester, but those who are doing some type of treatment should follow it completely to the end. Beware of allergies and rheumatism, however, Saturn will deliver its healing energy. Natives of Leo will try to strengthen their emotional bonds during the fourth trimester, making both internal and external changes to do so.

Be wary of your dominant attitude, respect the time and space of loved ones. You will have happy recreational moments together with the person you love but beware of others meddling in the relationship. There could be a possible job change or the natives of Leo may demand a raise. An innovative project that excites you will begin in November. At the end of the year, projects at work will grow and the possibility to earn more money will increase.

Monthly SexScope for Leo - uxelaxujeg.tk

Your health will recover from any previous ailments and you will introduce healthy habits to improve your lifestyle. Psychophysical energy will increase in November and a period of good fertility will start, ideal for those who want to have children. The year will end with a good state of health. Make sure not to overeat and drink too much at the end of the year parties. The total eclipse of the Full Moon in Leo, which will take place on January 21st, invites you to reflect on your own personal nature who you really are, what are the expectations that weigh on your mind or the changes you must undertake in order to achieve your idea of success.

It should be noted that this type of lunar event emphasizes your inner world. You usually take external situations personally and emotional outbursts are not uncommon. This solar phenomenon marks an excellent opportunity to consider making a change in the workplace new work team, location, hierarchical position or changing your salary. The natives of Leo will enjoy an upward trend in terms of health, however, it is a good idea not to use too much force lifting heavy weights or objects or underestimating the importance of rest.

This astral transit will make you look for your partner to transcend being just a figure of romantic interest, to becoming a companion and ally. For single people, the lunar event can mean the beginning of a stable relationship with someone from your group of friends. Mars will enter the X House of Leo on February 14th, which can be interpreted as a more aggressive attitude towards the process climbing the ladder within the business hierarchy workplace.

The presence of the asteroid Psyche in the VI House of Leo is advantageous to working on overcoming negative psychological patterns which could be blocking your success. Uranus will enter the X House of Leo on March 6th changing your perception of what it means to succeed, which will contradict with what you learned with the eclipse of the full moon on January 21st.

This is a favorable position for practicing tantra and freeing karmas associated with sexuality, which have been accumulated in other incarnations. The retrogradation of Ceres and Jupiter starting on April 9th and 10th respectively will take place in the V House of Leo, creating tension in your relationship with children. Romance will have to wait. At the end of April, the retrogradation of Saturn and Pluto will take place in the VI House of Leo, generating an aversion to your workplace and the responsibilities inherent to it.

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It is a good time of the year for routine medical evaluations, since the retrogradation of Saturn and Pluto in the VI House of the lion will reveal hidden injuries or ailments or that seemed to be in remission. These could reveal tortuous secrets or past traumas. Address the motives of your heart. This is an important transit that guarantees the support of your work team when promoting your ideas. Think of it as a seesaw, you have moved further to one end and away from the other.

You are likely to become highly innovative, passionate and magnetic in the second half of the month. People sit up and listen to your ideas as you can appealingly deliver them.

Leo Horoscope 2020

Your mind is a calm and stable place enabling you to fortify your life in any area you choose. On the 7th, Mercury moves into Libra and you may find yourself spending more than usual.

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  4. Try to keep a tight rein on your impulses to spend on frivolous items. Taking the time to think, plan and reconsider will help you to make powerful and profound life changes and decisions that are in line with your values. On the 21st, Venus moves into Sagittarius which generates expansion and opportunity, especially at work. You may be inspired to start a new venture. Leo enjoys freedom and exploration so you may find yourself becoming more open minded to new avenues of expression or ways of being.

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