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Our house was a continuous meeting place for everybody. But Aries is also a leadership sign like Capricorn, so you still have that ambition and desire to lead and come first. You can be a little emotionally immature and want all of a romantic partner's attention. But I wouldn't worry about it. Plus this is only a small part of who you are. Most of my questioners don't seem to realize how much info is found if they have their Natal Birth Chart done.

All of your planets are in a zodiac sign, not just the two you mention here. So really, what I told you could be somewhat different, had I all the information. But what I said should be fine, Sun and Moon are important. Don't worry. You don't sound boring at all! I had to look these up in a book of planetary tables because the astrology signs don't change on the 21st like clockwork every year as some believe. You are Pisces and your partner is Cancer.

Two water signs are usually compatible, you are both emotional and sensitive. The Cancer one is more ambitious and a leader, and the Pisces is the one to provide the support, though that works both ways. It should be a pretty easy relationship unless your other nine planets are in signs that clash. And even if they do, if you've been together any length of time, you should already know if you are compatible or not by the way you get along. Both of you are creative and artistic. Pisces people understand what it's like to walk in another person's shoes, so you don't judge others, a great quality to have.

You are probably a good storyteller. Water signs are psychic, so as you are together longer, you will develop a kind of telepathy where you can communicate without words. Both of you need occasional time to yourselves, just to ponder and dream, not because you need to get away from each other. I see it as a pretty easy going relationship. The Cancer person is the planner, but you have good ideas, and also could work well together in a work situation as you are so creative, you could start your own business.

That means you both have similar emotional makeups. It can't hurt, but there's so much more in a chart, this isn't enough information. This article, "Aries Moon Sign Emotions," gives more information on the topic than I can answer here, although I can't confirm either way. Astrology is a lot more complicated than that, if you read a few of the other questions here, I discuss that more. I'm Taurus ascendant, Gemini moon and Aquarius sun. My husband is Gemini ascendant, Aries moon and Sagittarius sun. Can you please explain the astrological dynamics of our relationship?

I'll try, these trinities are pretty compatible. You have an ascending Taurus, so come off as gentle, but also stubborn. So that can be passive aggressive, you like to keep the peace.

You are romantic, sensual, like good food and wine, nice things, the better things in life. But you aren't snobby, quite the opposite, you are calm and generally well-liked. Your Gemini ascendant husband is restless, intelligent, fun, always ready to try something new. He can be hard to pin down.

He tries to look at everything from all sides, so it seems like he can't make decisions, but he really is trying to be fair. I like that you have the Gemini moon, that rules your emotions. So you are light hearted in love, and he needs that in you. It also helps you to understand him better. The Gemini Moon ruling your feelings mean you can get bored fast too, so you can keep up with him. He thinks you are changeable, but you think the same of him. His Aries Moon means he puts you on a pedestal and loves to show you off to friends.

He is proud of your achievements. He's a little immature at times but so original and fun, you can get past it. The Aquarius Sun means you like to shock others a bit, and have a very independent streak. Having both Taurus and Aquarius, you are pretty stubborn.

But you care about others, in a sort of detached way, or may do volunteer work or fight for a cause. His Sag sun means he is also independent, but in a way that compliments you. He likes the outdoors, sports, kids, animals. He's easy going. I am Pisces Sun and Aries moon sign and my partner is Pisces sun and Capricorn moon Is this a compatible match? But I can work with what you gave me. Normally I don't think two people of the same Sun sign do well together, as time passes, it's sort of like being with yourself. However, all of your planets are in a zodiac sign.

Aries and Capricorn, your Moon signs, are in a square relationship. Since the Moon rules your emotions, there is chemistry between you. Both of the signs are ambitious, goal oriented. The Aries Moon means you are passionate and spontaneous, outgoing and fun. Capricorn Moon people are sensitive and insecure but are also strong and hard workers.

They like being in long term relationships. So I think you bring his personality out more, and he helps to ground you. Being Pisces means you are both dreamers and artistic, so your Moonsigns help to bring you back to reality a little more. He cares deeply but has trouble showing it with his Moonsign, but the Pisces Sun helps him to be more expressive. Pisces people are good at expressing themselves, and this is good for communication in any relationship. Do you feel like you are compatible? Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury, so you are both intelligent and have a lot to talk about, so it's easy to communicate.

Gemini changes interests and friends often, but Virgo is an Earth sign and is more grounded and health oriented. The Taurus Moon is romantic and sensible, very sensual and looking for love. The Aries Moon is passionate, but a little immature in emotions, as it's the first zodiac sign. It's not a bad combo, give it a try. I don't see any major issues. I am a female born on October 22nd, in a relationship with a man who was born on June 15th, If you are in the relationship, you should be able to know if you are compatible.

Astrology doesn't solve all your problems. Trust your intuition. Your sun is in 27 degrees of Libra. Scorpio is a sign of long ascension, and the "rule" everyone thinks that the signs change on the 21st is not usually correct from about July through October. This is one of the longest I've seen, though!

He is a Gemini. Both are air signs, so I would think you had a mental connection at first, as you are both intelligent. He's bored and restless, and you like to go out, so that should work well. You are more ambitious and like to have pretty things, and will work hard to get them. He knows a little about many things, and probably will change jobs often. Based on this, I see no reason not to give it a try.

I was born on February 25th, , and he was born on April 27th, He has an Aries moon, which is what led me to this. We are both musicians and love music. So you are Pisces, and he is Taurus, at least as far as your Sun signs are concerned. This is usually a good match, as water and earth compliment each other.

Water flows freely and needs Earth to give it shape. Earth would dry up and be a wasteland without Water. So you need each other. The issue I have is that every planet is in a sign and house, for both of you. Also, each planet is a certain distance from the others, called aspects, and this is really important. So this is such a small percentage of astrological information, I can't tell you that much.

If you are just having a little fun, or in the beginning stages of this relationship, yes, I would say based on the two signs you gave me, you are compatible, although you knew that if you are already seeing him and it's going well. The fact that you are both musicians and have that in common is good.

His Aries Moon makes him fun to be with and a social person, as Taurus people usually don't say much unless they really have something important to say. I'm Cancer, a water sign like you, and sometimes it's fun to be with the life of the party, and sometimes it's hard, because you have to be the sensible one. Pisces people are very emotional and led easily, and he grounds you. You are both gentle people. You are very creative and psychic, and can read him well. You are both kind, so if you do argue, you would fight fair, and not try to be hurtful really.

That's important in a relationship.

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Based on this I think you would be able to have a good relationship. I just wish I had more info, because it's so little. But then I would have to cast a horoscope, and I charge for that, and can't do it from this site, I have my own. So although I want to help you, questions like this are a little frustrating, because I wish I knew more and could give a complete answer.

But even if cast a chart, I can't promise a couple will be together forever. Life is hard, and we have many challenges to overcome. Astrology is complex, but life is more so, and even I can't use astrology to answer all my questions. Trust your intuition, and I have a good feeling about you two. I am a female born on March 22nd, and the guy was born on October 9th, We've been in a relationship for six years.

We both love each other. You are opposite signs, Aries and Libra, and you know the old saying about how opposites attract. It's usually a fated relationship, and at one time or other, most of us have a relationship or fling with our opposite sign. The problem is that opposites usually have a lot in common, they want the same things, but want to go after them differently. So I believe you love each other and it can work. Have you moved in together or has the relationship progressed at all in six years? That would be the central question I ask, and if not, why? Do you break up a lot?

Or are you waiting for the right time? It's not the ideal combination, but it could work. I think of the elements when I work with couples and their compatibility. Scorpio is water, and Aries is fire. Water puts out a fire. He may stifle you in creative and other ways; you are more outgoing and lively than he is.

But the moon and eight other planets are all in signs too and houses so this isn't much to go on. Your ruler, Mars, was once the ruler of Scorpio, until Pluto was discovered. You both have strong personalities and want your own way. He's stubborn, and you are adaptable. There's no reason not to give it a try!

Normally, Sun signs that are next to each other can get along well. I know many successful relationships with people who have this aspect. I don't know your ages, or the differences between the two of you. And all of your Moon and planets are in astrology signs, so it's little info to work with for me. But based on the Suns being so close to each other, I see no problems.

It's likely you may have Mercury or Venus in Leo, or he has Mercury or Venus in Virgo, so that would be helpful, and this is often the case. Mercury rules how you think, and Venus rules your love nature. Both planets stay close to the Sun. Best Wishes! I am female with a Leo moon sign and Libra sun sign. I am older than my guy, who is an Aries moon sign and Aquarius sun sign. We have been in a relationship for a year. We took a break in between, but are now back together.

Will it work? All of these signs are compatible. Your Leo moon and his Aries moon are both fun loving and creative. Libra and Aquarius are both air signs, so you have a strong mental connection, too. Aquarius people do erratic things which only make sense to them. They do need more freedom than most and don't really like to settle down. I think it can still work if you can talk about his need for freedom and set some boundaries, or at least find out if it's you he needs the break from. It could be something different. But talk, and if he leaves again, then I would say no - it's a pattern we don't want to see.

Let me know how it goes. So he is Cancer and you are Pisces. I've been getting many questions regarding this combination, and it's normally a good one. Both of you are water signs, so it's a relationship where you understand each other and it just flows easily. Of course, other factors will influence this, all your planets are in a sign, and that can broaden the interpretation quite a bit. But two water signs are generally compatible. You are both dreamers, but he is more ambitious and more of a leader, being Cancer. He will help ground you. You are creative and likable, probably artistically talented too.

I find him very sensitive and selfish, and it's all about what he wants. On the upside, as an Aries, you are outgoing, fun, a leader, and interested in doing new things. Aries is a fire sign. Virgos are intelligent and organized. They care deeply about their health, and his body is probably a temple. Virgo is an earth sign.

He's sensible and reliable. I generally don't like the combination of fire and earth. Think of those elements, and you get scorched earth or a volcano. If there are good parts to the relationship, it may be worth working through your differences. I think he may have planets in Leo all your planets are in an astrology sign. He would expect to be treated like a King then, sort of how you describe him.

Cheat Sheet

Now, Leo is also a fire sign. It's really up to you to decide if he's worth the trouble.

5 Things an Aries Does When They Have a Crush

I'd say no, but he may have redeeming qualities; I don't have a lot to go on. A site I trust is CafeAstrology. Check out where some of his other planets are. But if he's really annoying, move on. Will we always have this argumentative side to us? I think you will. There's so much fire here! Your husband is a double Leo and a Sag rising, the whole trinity is in fire signs. And you have Sag rising and an Aries Moon, more fire. My god! The Virgo and Leo Suns are good, and yes, signs next to each other often say they feel like best friends.

Since you have the Virgo Sun, I hate to say it, but you have to be the one to try to stay level headed and put on the brakes when the mood turns argumentative. Fire signs do get over anger fast though, and don't usually hold grudges. So if you are getting negativity away or clearing the air, it should be OK. If you are fighting so much you can't take it, that's another story.

But I think it's hopeful. You both are interesting people who love to try new things, entertaining, going out. I think you compliment each other. How can we better understand and meet each other's needs? I don't see any big issues here. Your Leo Sun means you are warm and outgoing. You have a regal sort of bearing, a certain air of respectability and interest which draws others to you, and his Capricorn moon likes that!

Leos love to entertain and are generally busy going out and having parties. You are loving and people like you. You are a Fire sign Sun. He is Aquarius, and that's your opposite Sun sign. I have an article I want you to see, we all have at least a fling with our opposite sign, the sexual chemistry makes it, so he feels like the ONE, and even if it doesn't work out depends on our ages and circumstances he's the one you won't ever forget. There is no longer a Part 2.

OK, back to him. Aquarians are harder to pin down. He's intelligent, always thinking about new and different things to do. He confuses you because one minute it seems like he cares a lot, and then he forgets to call you or pay attention to you. It's just how Aquarius people are, nonconformists. He cares a lot about other people, and you like that. I also like to think about elements in astrology; you are a Fire sign, he's an Air sign. Fire needs air to burn! Now, the Aries Moon rules your emotions, as his Capricorn Moon rules his. Both of these signs are what we call cardinal signs of leadership.

You are both ambitious, or at least have a streak of it in both. You have dreams and intend to fulfill them. You get diverted more easily with Aries, but he will carry those plans through. Aries Moon means you are ardent and romantic in love. You will put him on a pedestal; you want to show him off. He is emotional, but doesn't show it as much.

But don't doubt it is there. He will show you very nicely in private! You have surprising ways of showing love. Just remember Capricorn Moons don't like surprises that much. Don't throw a surprise party and don't freak him out too much. He wants to know what's going on.

My partner is a Cancer Sun and Scorpio Moon. Yes, based on this little bit of info. All of your planets are in a zodiac sign, and one of 12 houses, and every planet makes many aspects to the other 9 in your chart. Pisces is a gentle and sympathetic sign ruled by Neptune. Cancer is also a water sign, ruled by the Moon.

Your partner may change more than you, but you are both restless spirits. You are the stronger of the two. But Cancer and Pisces couples normally do well together. Your Scorpio Moon means you are very strong and opinionated, and also make goals and achieve them. You are very passionate.

Aries Man in Love and Relationships

You may overwhelm your partner. Pisces people are dreamers, and the Aries Moon is a bit emotionally immature. But again, you both have other planets in signs I don't know about. Aries Moon people are fun to be with and have original ways of doing things and showing their feelings.

I think you have a shot here. I'm a Capricorn sun, Capricorn moon, and Gemini rising. He's an Aquarius sun, Aries moon, and Taurus rising. It's hard for me to answer all these questions I get based on compatibility when all the questioner is giving me is what is called The Trinity in Astrology. It's a small part of what a whole Natal Birth chart can tell me.

But I'll try. Your Capricorn Sun means you are ambitious and have goals you want to achieve in life. You are a person with your feet on the ground. People ask for advice all the time and you are well respected. You do have a wry sense of humor. You are a hard worker and not inclined to play too much. The Capricorn moon rules your emotions.

You want a relationship where you feel emotionally secure and can depend on the partner even though you are independent, you want to know they are there for you. You take relationships seriously. You aren't the type to get too involved with someone unless you are sure you are already pretty serious. You are family oriented and don't want to be with someone your family doesn't like.

The Gemini rising is how you come across to others, and that's a lot different. You seem fun and flirty. I'm not saying you aren't fun, but are more serious. Gemini gives you intellect and you are witty. His Aquarius Sun means he is unconventional and has a broad variety of friends. He will go out of his way to help others. He is also intelligent, and this is the best part of what I see, his Aquarius Sun and your Gemini Rising. He runs hot and cold in love, and you won't like that. I don't know if he really wants to settle down.

The Aries Moon is also a leadership sign, but he's very "me first" and a bit emotionally immature, and I don't know if you have the patience to baby him as much as he needs, although he is ambitious as well, he doesn't finish what he starts. The Taurus rising is good, and Earth sign.

He does have a romantic streak and enjoys the good things in life. I'm just not sure if he's as steady a partner as you need. I think that eventually you may consider him too flighty, and he may be bored with your nose to the grindstone attitude, hidden behind the flirtyness of your Gemini Ascendant. I'm not saying it can't work, there are many other factors here at play that I don't know.

I just don't like it that much. Try it and see what happens. If you don't see it progressing, the Capricorn in you won't stay long anyway.

Aries Man Trying To Make Me Jealous

You are Virgo, and he is Scorpio. I generally like water and earth; it's just a natural and easy combo. You still need to try but will have similar attitudes towards many life issues. You are reliable and trustworthy, and he likes that. Try not to be too critical. You have an earthy, sensual way about you. He's secretive and won't always tell what he's thinking. He's sexy and will be loyal if you are serious. I don't know the rest of your planets, but it's a good start.

My Pisces boyfriend with an Aries moon and I are always on constant breaks. But we love each other dearly and some days we mesh so well together. Some days we blow up on each other, which causes us to have constant breaks from the relationship. How can astrology improve my relationship? I don't see anything to cause this, but as I preach until I am blue in the face, I don't have a whole chart here to interpret. Aries people are leaders and normally original and fun people.

They are outgoing and love to try new things. Pisces is the sign next to Aries, so that should be fine with your BF. Signs next to each other normally get along. He's sensitive and creative. You have more ambition than he does. Maybe you hurt his feelings too much, being blunt and outspoken? Your Leo Moon means you want a lot of attention in a love relationship, you want to be treated like a Queen. But you are kind and generous, and well liked. His Aries Moon is also a fire sign, good for you both.

But Aries is the first sign, and he can be a little immature. He wants attention too but needs to be babied more. One year and 6 months is a pretty long time. As I said, all your planets are in a zodiac sign, so besides what we have here, there must be other factors keeping you coming back to each other.

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But I'll give you some advice. I believe and found out the hard way that if a couple breaks up once without solving a problem, it already sets a precedent, and they continue to do that. So I always had a "one strike, you leave, it's over" policy. Strict, but it keeps what you have from happening. Either try to communicate and get your issues out of the way, or I don't think you can continue like this. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. This isn't really an astrology question. With the Leo Moon and rising, you expect a lot of attention.

With his Aries Moon, he's immature. If he can't give you what you want, you have to make a decision to stay or leave. I don't your ages or how long you were together, so that doesn't help. You seem like you need someone who is more devoted to you, but also like you may expect too much. You may have to realize all relationships cool down a little bit after a while. What can we do to understand and meet each others needs?? I'm sorry that Aries Moon is being such a problem. Since I have no chart, I can't see what aspects the other planets make to each other.

I would guess either no planets aspect your Moon, or maybe since it is likely in the 6th house, that's the house of work and service, so it's not a house which makes planets stand out. Pisces and Virgo are what we call mutable signs, so they aren't leadership ones. You would tend to be led more than to lead. I would think being Pisces you are creative and gentle, and not as unlikable as.

Virgos is also a sign who likes to take care of others, so nursing or caring for health of others would be a good job for you. Although the Capricorn Venus is sensible and it's hard to show your feelings, you can do it, you just don't like to show them in public or in front of others, just in a quiet way. I think that Virgo rising is making you too critical of yourself, and often a love interest comes along when we aren't looking.

Please don't hurt yourself, call someone when you feel that way. It can foster tension and accidents and rules over fire and danger. The Aries zodiac sign is active, energetic, excitable, impulsive, optimistic, open to change and new experiences. I am grateful for all that I am, all that I have accomplished and all that i will achieve. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries embodies the primal archetype of identity and the knowledge of the self. Aries liberates life from the frozen bonds of winter. As a cardinal fire sign, Aries pushes forward, with strength, courage, restlessness and vigor.

The young ram is adventurous, ambitious, impulsive, enthusiastic and full of energy. Expect an Aries to be the first at everything … did that, done with that. They pave the way for others and love to talk about their adventures. They especially love to receive praise and admiration for their courageous and heroic acts. Aries is an independent sign that relishes in freedom, although they do not typically enjoy being alone. Leaders and go-getters, expect an Aries to really stand out in a crowd.

The first impression of an Aries is one of being vibrant, talkative and exciting. Most people will be infected by their enthusiasm and warm-hearted nature, especially when forming close, personal relationships. An Aries will look out for their friends, family and lovers. They will protect those they care about, should the need arise. An Aries will also encourage them with their natural optimism. If you want to compete with them, be prepared.

They do not take competition lightly. A darker side of Aries is self-centeredness, although once they have conquered this shadow quality they have more of a warm inner security that shines the light on the positive qualities within everyone they get close to. It is important that an Aries makes a deliberate effort to consider those around them … everyday.

A reminder on the fridge may help to keep them at their best, so that all the energy that they have does not get the best of them and cause any accidents or hurt feelings. Quick tempered, they tend to lack diplomacy. Aries also tends to leave a trail of unfinished tasks, projects and goals. In love , an Aries is a one-on-one lover.

They love attention, both giving and receiving … and often can never get enough. That is, as long as things stay interesting. An Aries is just as direct and quick in pursuing love, as they are in all other areas of their life. They go after what they want, granting their hearts desire as fast as possible. An Aries will fall in love quickly. They are ardent lovers. Aries is the first in line to get things going … whether or not everything gets done is another thing entirely.

Aries and Sagittarius Compatibility: The Hero and the Adventurer

A fixed sign is the center of the four seasons. They know what they want, stick to it, and direct from it. They have a lot of authority, ambition, and power to them. And mutable signs come in more with a gentleness, a flexible nature, and gregariousness. Triplicity has to do with the sign's element and what other signs match it. Earth signs are more practical, they are bound to their senses, and they have the capacity to break down the thick amount of material density we all deal with. They understand the material world. Fire signs are about the will.

They are passionate about making things happen. They are the sign of manifestation. Water signs are about emotions. They are about how things feel, about the heart, energy, and absorbing and communicating with energy. They have a certain telepathic way with energy that's pure and refined. Wind signs are all about intelligence. They are constantly thinking. They have to translate their thoughts back into energy in order to make sense of it for other signs. They think highly in words and are a little more detached because they are such highly objective problem solvers. They do have intense emotions, as do all 12 signs.

With yin and yang, I would say that some of these signs follow this traditionally, where others can exude masculine or feminine energy instead. For instance, Aquarius is so close to the last sign, and there a gentleness that becomes more apparent as we move down the line from Aries to Pisces Scorpio has such a diverse range of emotions and sexuality that it often comes off more masculine than feminine. Gemini as the dual twin can often feel genderless or whatever it wants. Conflict: they can get confused about what to do next.

Aries may throw temper tantrums, and Gemini is not going to understand why they are doing this. Gemini may respond to this in a detached manner. These two will feed each other mentally, they'll enjoy each other's company, and they come off youthful, ideal, and fun. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I was reading this article because i wanted to see how is it that geminis and aries can be good friends, etc. As a gemini i should fall into this but i honeslty cannot stand aries.

All of them. I get confused as a Scorpio alot more than what i am, a gemini. All aries are selfish. I know im being biased, based off my own experiences. However, after having family, friends of both sexes, and meeting strangers, i cant with them. They are so stubborn and all knowing. They are manipulative and deceiving. After what I've been through with arie people, i steer clear of them.

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Cheat Sheet Aries. Constantly Doing, Never Reflecting These two are going to be very spontaneous in their relationship. Aries on Jealousy Wind signs are natural charismatic people. Relationship Dynamic Aries is more assertive, firey, intense, demanding, and argumentative. Further Understanding Astrology For your own understanding of the zodiac, it is meant to be mathematical. They balance each other out They have a youthful, hopeful nature about them which is reassuring for others They both have a spontaneous nature and are curious about the world around them They bring a lot of energy into a room and make it come alive See results.

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