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Indastro Special Reports. PrashnaKundali is a free service. Your questions will be answered without any charge. Online grievance redressal mechanism on CIMS. Round the year seminars, workshops, extension and guest lectures, field trips, industry visits, exhibitions etc. Innovative welfare schemes for students. Opportunities for progression to higher level of education and employment.

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Prolific participation in sports, games, cultural and other extra-curricular activities by students. Regular publication of college magazine with contributions from both students and staff.

Sanatan Dharma College (Lahore)

Active Alumni Association. Grooming of students as leaders. Today, from the Guru-Shishya tradition we have come a long way to make the teaching-learning experience participative, innovative and dynamic. This would not have been possible without effective governance, leadership and management. Unlike the corporate world, where the sole motive is to increase sales, turnover and earn more and more profit, the HEI regimen focuses on the development of Human Resource.

Hence the College Governing Team needs to play a very responsible and visionary role in the management of the institution: Documented Vision, Mission and Quality Policy. Regular communication and co-ordination between the Top Management, Principal and Faculty ensures proper progression of academic and curricular goals. Imbibing new managerial concepts for effective and timely dissemination of student-friendly services. The management and Principal are open to the dynamic changes in Higher Education and are ever ready to implement the latest technology.

Regular meetings of Policy Making Bodies. The institution follows effective management techniques and procedures like decentralization, delegation and grooming of second and third line of leadership. A network of teams comprising of Standing Committees related to academics, sports, cultural and subject specific activities ensures hassle-free working. Delegation of authority is ensured as conveners of various committees, subject societies, NCC, NSS, other cells and all the heads of the departments act as administrative heads for their specific areas of working.

Participative management ensures encourages the involvement of stakeholders at all levels of an organization in the analysis of problems, development of strategies, and implementation of solutions. Annual Perspective Plan for Development ensures continuous growth. Involvement of the staff in the decision making process in day-to-day functioning of the institution.

Brainstorming and implementation of Quality Improvement Strategies. Regular measures for motivation of the staff are undertaken to ensure participation at all levels and to increase efficiency. Online Grievance Redressal Mechanism is in place for the staff. Regular online and offline student feedback is obtained, analyzed and suitably implemented. Effective Faculty Empowerment Strategies. Stress on Faculty Development. Continuous review of the teaching-learning process. It also details two Best Practices of the institution which have contributed significantly to the improvement of the institutional processes and overall development of the stakeholders.

Innovations 1. Infrastructural Development in consonance with Academic and Curricular requirements Latest and innovative ICT resources Fully interactive and responsive website with highly user-friendly and user-urgent features. Fully functional Placement Cell with an impressive track-record. Fully functional Career Guidance Cell catering to diverse students needs related to career guidance. Self sufficiency in Power with own dedicated transformers and power generators. Zero Water Wastage Campus Zero Waste Campus Vermicomposting Project E-Kiosks or instant online student support.

Earn While You Learn Scheme Through CIMS students can access their examination results, assignment scores, attendance details and other academic information directly on their computers or mobile phone. Faculty members have the facility to upload details of their activities and duties during the session and then retrieve the same xiv. The reason behind this is that professional as well as HEIs lay maximum emphasis on only technical knowledge and academic input.

The result is that pass-outs from even some of the institutes of eminence are not able to get employment and even if they do, they find it difficult to retain. The goal of this practice is to motivate and provide ample opportunities as well as a sound platform to students where they can develop and enhance their personality by participating in a variety of activities which in turn will not only boost their confidence but also prepare them for the daunting challenges presented to them by the society, thereby, improving the Social Progress Index of the nation.

Rajinder Singh Vice-Principal Prof. Sushil Kansal 3. Type of Institution: a. By Gender i. For Men ii. For Women iii. Co-Education b. By Shift i. Regular ii. Day iii. Evening 1. It is a recognized minority institution? Yes No 6. Sources of funding: Government Grant-in-aid Self-financing Any other 7.

University to which the college is affiliated: Kurukshetra University c. Nil ii. Nil 8.

Recent Listings

Does the affiliating university Act provide for conferment of autonomy as recognized by the UGC , on its affiliated colleges? Is the college recognized a. Location of the campus and area in sq. Built up area in sq. It is fully air conditioned, equipped with latest sound system and projection facilities, electrically controlled curtains and cyclorama, attached washrooms and a Green Room. They have modular tables and removable chairs to facilitate participants needs according to the nature of the program. Sports facilities Play grounds The college has vast play grounds including facilities for: o Cricket All-weather cricket pitch, facilities for net practice.

Hostel Not Available Cafeteria The college has a spacious, modern and fully equipped canteen to cater to the needs of the students and staff. It is reasonably priced and serves a variety of snacks and drinks. The Canteen Committee takes care of its quality standards and hygiene. Health Centre The college has a part-time visiting doctor for the healthcare issues of the staff and students. Emergency facilities available at District Civil Hospital located within 01 km of the college campus. Animal house Dept. However, most of the animals are in the form of specimens which are preserved in the Zoology Museum.

Biological waste disposal The Biological Waste is segregated at source into dry and wet waste. The dry waste from the college canteen and campus is used to manufacture vermicompost. Bio-degradable waste is used to manufacture manure. The non bio-degradable waste is disposed off under the supervision of the Scrap Disposal Committee. Waste water management The college has taken up the challenge of achieving Zero Water Wastage Campus status.

Used water is recycled and used to irrigate gardens and lawns. Details of programmes offered by the college current academic year S. Yes, the college offers 23 Self-financed Programs. New programs introduced in the college during the last five years? Yes Physics, Botany, History etc. Annual System b. Semester System c. Trimester System Number of Programmes with a.

नवीन काय आहे

Choice Based Credit System b. Voc 02 M. Com IT, B. Com CAV c. Any other No Number of teaching and non-teaching positions in the Institution: Teaching faculty Positions Sanctioned by State Govt. NA NA Ph. Furnish the number of the students admitted to the college during the last four academic years. Com General B. Com SF B. Com CAV B.

Com PPI B. Com General M. Does the college offer any program in distance education mode? Provide Teacher-student ratio for each of the program offered. Com 3. UG BCA 4. UG BBA 5. Voc 7. Com 2. Sc- Maths 4. PG MA-Eco 5. Com-IT 7. Accreditation being applied for : Cycle-3 Ratio Ratio 9. The institution aims to blend traditional and modernistic approaches to education to uplift and better the society.

It endeavors to inculcate Sanatan Dharma values while imparting western education in order to strike a balance between the two. More than a century later, the institution still upholds the vision of its founders. Our Vision The Vision of the college is an offspring of the lofty ideals of its founders and great educationists like 'Bharat Ratna' Mahamana Pt.

Our Mission The primary mission of the college is to uplift the society through education. Like a beacon, guiding the philosophy of nurturing a healthy human resource that is endowed materially, intellectually, morally and spiritually, the institution continues to spread the light of knowledge. Our Objective The institution aims at generating a productive human resource by laying emphasis on "Improving the Quality of Life" through purposeful education in consonance with the mission: To provide a congenial academic atmosphere.

To extend the horizon of knowledge and skills keeping in mind National and global trends. To promote research and scholarship by strengthening infrastructure and human resource. To provide different avenues to the students, ensuring social parity and gender sensitivity. To imbibe a spirit of National Character. To provide multi-faceted development of students. They are clearly stated on the college website. They are also mentioned in the college Prospectus.

These are reiterated during the Staff Council meetings. They are also enumerated during the Annual Alumni Meet. They are communicated during the Orientation Program of new students How does the institution develop and deploy action plans for effective implementation of the curriculum? Give details of the process and substantiate through specific example s. Being an affiliated college, the institution follows the curriculum designed by the affiliating University i.

An action plan is devised within the department wherein unitization of the syllabi is done according to the available number of teaching days in the semester. This is done in the departmental meetings held under the chairmanship of the HOD. For example, the paper-wise unitization of Semester-IV of M.

It also provides effective academic inputs on curriculum through organization of Refresher Courses. It also organizes Orientation Courses for newly appointed teaching faculty for improving their teaching practices, soft-skills, e-skills and also acquaints them with the latest pedagogical skills. Support at the Institution Level The institution provides a host of services and infrastructural facilities for effective dissemination of the curriculum and for improving teaching practices: o Well ventilated and equipped classrooms.

Voc Courses. The institution takes effective curriculum delivery very seriously. For this purpose the following teaching methodologies are deployed: 14 Conventional Teaching Methodologies All HODs are instructed to closely monitor the progress made by each teacher during the semester. It is ensured that the unitization drawn up at the beginning of the semester is scrupulously followed.

The curriculum is regularly updated by the Common Syllabi Committee of which many regular staff members of our college are members. Special care is taken to address the needs of slow and advanced learners. Environment Awareness Club is active throughout the session to motivate the students and also adds to their existing knowledge which helps them in their compulsory Environment Subject.

New Books with latest editions are added to the library every year. Laboratories with latest gadgetry based on ICT including smart boards, projectors, laptops and all-in-one podiums. Laptops are provided to all the HODs for effective teaching environment. E-Journals are available in the library. Fully equipped Language Lab for improving the communication skills of students. The institution is devoted to the establishment of better interaction with the beneficiaries to enhance the academic acumen and employability skills of its students.

The following details give an elaborate insight into the institutional networking practices: Interaction with Industry Following MOUs have been signed with the industrial houses who in return provide the students with hands-on-training and exposure to industry: 1. Tech Informatics, Ambala Cantt 3. The Jobs Express, Ambala Cantt 5. The Vertical Recruiters, New Delhi 6. Web Spin Technologies, Panchkula Haryana 7.

Sebiz Infotech Ltd. Xport Soft technologies Private Ltd. Consortium for Educational Communication, New Delhi Tally Institute of Learning, M. M Education, Ambala City Big Bazaar, Ambala Cantt Hero Honda, Ambala Cantt Economics in o Visit to Aanganwadi at Kardhan village on by the students of B. Home Science. Experts are also invited from the University to teach the advanced portions of the curriculum. Academicians 1. Tankeshwar, VC, G. Andrew W. Hay, Jindal Global University, Sonepat. Madhubala Saxena, Delhi University, Delhi. Paramvir Singh, Head, Dept. Chadha, University Business School, P.

University, Chandigarh. Arora, Acharya, Oshodhara, Murthal Sonepat. Eminent Visitors 1. Anil Kumar Shori, Addl. Sufi Singer Barkat Sidhu Ji 6. Hukam Chand, Dept. Chaman Lal Verma, Dept. The institution has established MoUs with the following institutions for effective operationalization and dissemination of the curriculum by organizing academic programs in collaboration with: National Center for Social Media Research, Chandigarh.

Burning Brain Society, Sector 33, Chandigarh. The Placement Cell plays a pro-active role in providing job opportunities to the students. Students are required to submit Research Projects as part of their curriculum. Students selected during campus and off-campus interviews Sr.

They are instrumental in suggesting the changes in the curriculum. The feedback provided by the stakeholders is communicated to the Members, Board of Studies who in turn convey it accordingly. Name Prof. Veena Sharma Department English 2. Neena Malhotra English 4. Neelam Ahuja Home Science 5. Divya Jain Botany 6. Uma Sharma Sanskrit 7. Sunil Sharma Physics 8. Sharma Commerce N K Sharma Hindi Desh Bandhu Botany Indra Yadav Chemistry No Name Dr. N K Sharma Hindi Dr. Member, Inspection Committee for B.

Colleges, KUK. Formal feedback from outgoing students, earlier obtained manually, has now been converted to online mode. Curriculum for some of the courses like B. Voc, M. Com I. If yes, give details on the process Needs Assessment, design, development and planning and the courses for which the curriculum has been developed. Yes, the college has developed curriculum for the following 04 courses in the last four years as detailed below: 1. The demand for IT professional skilled with Web Designing and development tools is increasing day by day.

So the college intends to train its students with the skills required by the industry engaged in Web Designing and Development. Design This course is a one year certificate course divided into three modes: Theory, Practical and Project. Exams are conducted annually. Com IT Multidisciplinary UGC sponsored innovative course It is a two year full-time specialized course at the Post-graduate level after graduation in Inter-disciplinary and emerging areas. The course curriculum is jointly drafted by department of Commerce and Information Technology.

Needs Assessment Transforming organizations with information technology is an important business objective because traditional structures are often ineffective in producing desired level of productivity, customer service, and employee welfare and shareholder value. Hence a need was felt to equip management professionals with IT Skills. Design: This course is a blend of IT and Management skills. It is a two year Post graduate program wherein the semester pattern is followed.

Syllabus has been approved by KUK. Two under mentioned B. Voc degree courses with multiple entry and exit points have been started by the college under the UGC scheme of DDU Kaushal Kendra to meet the economic and industrial needs at regional and national levels: i B. Voc Software Development ii B. A constant dialogue was established with academicians from university and experts from the Software Development and BPO industry. Voc is a three year degree program with multiple entry and exit levels with the provision for horizontal and vertical mobility. It follows CBCS and provides for provision for credit transfer across courses.

The institution endeavors to sensitize the teachers to the need of achieving the stated objectives. For effective dissemination of the contents of the curriculum, teachers are encouraged to use a variety of methods of instruction in the class-room with special emphasis on ICT. The following academic activities help in ensuring that the stated objectives of curriculum are achieved: Tutorials for slow learners.

Extra classes by teachers to ensure fulfillment of the needs of slow and advanced learners. Additional books and e-resources for merit students. Educational tours. According to a recent survey conducted by Stanford University, US, the youth need such short and middle-term courses which not only provide immediate employment but also become the eligibility for better avenues.

Keeping the above objective in mind the college has started the following courses: Sc-CAV B. Com-CAV B. Com-PPI B. Software Development B. If yes, give details. Currently the college does not offer any such programme Give details on the various institutional provisions with reference to academic flexibility and how it has been helpful to students in terms of skills development, academic mobility, progression to higher studies and improved potential for employability.

Courses offered in modular form B. Credit transfer and accumulation facility B. Voc courses provide credits for Theory, Practical and Project work and also provide multiple entry and exit points with the provision for horizontal and vertical mobility. The curriculum of these courses is designed keeping in view the needs of Software and BPO industry by having constant dialogue with academicians and industry experts.

The training of skill part is provided by experts from the industry. On site visits is a regular feature of the course. Project development is also a part of the course which improves the potential of students for employability. BPO B. If yes, list them and indicate how they differ from other programmes, with reference to admission, curriculum, fee structure, teacher qualification, salary etc. Hons -IT B. Com-SF Program M. Com M. Com-IT S. No Program B. BA H Sanskrit B. Voc SD B. These guidelines clearly specify the admission, curriculum, fee structure, teacher qualification, salary etc.

These programs differ from the conventional grant-in-aid courses on various parameters as follows: Curriculum These programmes are specially designed keeping in mind the needs of society and industry. The curriculum is well-charted and designed to meet the requirements of the competitive scenario. ICT is an integral part of the curriculum for all these courses. Admission Procedure Admission criteria are the same as for grant-in-aid courses. Selection is through merit for all the courses.

Fee structure For all self-financed courses, the fee structure is designed by the University and approved by the Government of Haryana. If yes provide details of such programme and the beneficiaries. Global employability challenges have resulted in the upcoming of a variety of skill oriented programmes, relevant to regional and global employment markets. Tally experts are in huge demand in the employability market. It is considered to be the best ERP and accounting software.

Medical Sales Representatives with excellent communication and analytical skills are always in high demand. Program: M. It has been designed specifically keeping in mind the requirements of the employability needs of the companies which are now totally dependent on software based accounting methods. Program: B.

Pachai Rajan (Astrologer)

Voc Software Dev. Software Industry is growing at a phenomenal rate opening tons of job avenues for young graduates and post graduates. To provide vocationally trained skilled workforce to IT industry, the college has started three year under graduate degree program B. This program prepares student for at least one job role identified by IT Sector Skill Council at each exit point.

Voc B. It has a very high employability potential. Candidates with this certification can work in the industry as contractors, installers, technicians, network designers etc. It provides vast and hands-on practical knowledge of fiber optic components such as cables, patchcords, active devices and communication systems etc. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization.

The term web design is normally used to describe the design process relating to the front-end client side design of a website including writing mark up. Students can choose the relevant timeduration according to their choice. Program- Cosmetology; Beneficiaries- All girl students; Duration- 1 Year With increase in awareness about grooming industry and a raise in demand for cosmetic services, the course offers excellent entrepreneurial opportunities for the students, especially girls.

Currently the University does not offer the facility of combining the conventional face-to-face and Distance Mode of Education. The goals and objectives of the institution aim at a holistic development of the students personality. It is our constant endeavor to see each and every student well-placed professionally. The present curriculum of the University, at times, tends to be either too technical or merely theoretical.

This trend leads to a stunted development of the humane side of the students personality and illprepares them for the employability market. Use of ICT for a more conducive teaching-learning environment What are the efforts made by the institution to enrich and organize the curriculum to enhance the experiences of the students so as to cope with the needs of the dynamic employment market? Human Rights The college has been organizing workshops and seminars and Certificate Courses under the scheme of Human Rights Education both for the students and the staff over the years.

An amount of Rs. The Legal Literacy Cell of the college is actively engaged in creating legal awareness among students. Teachers are motivated to make use of latest ICT tools to impart education. Some of the events conducted in this area are as follows: Moral and Ethical Values 30 The moral and ethical aspect is taken care of in the PDPs conducted for students. Seminars conducted by the Sanskrit Dept. Vedic classes for all the stakeholders were organized by the Sanskrit Dept.

Street Plays on various social issues are enacted in the campus. The institution has started a number of skill-based short-term and full-term courses to enhance the employability skills of students. These are as follows: S. Com-IT B. This year they organized 09 seminars and 06 workshops and training programs. The college conducts regular off-campus and on-campus Placement Drives. In the last four years more than students have been placed in various companies of repute. The students are exposed to career opportunities and the corporate sector by arranging visits to the Industry and Career Fairs.

The college library has a rich collection of books on career guidance and opportunities. A number of diversified activities are carried out throughout the session in the form of rallies, contests, quizzes, orientation programs etc to ensure community orientation.

Currently, the institution is under the process of streamlining its working. It organizes various programs to create awareness on issues like equality on the basis of gender, economy, class etc. It also organizes various programs in collaboration with the Women Cell and other associations Citing a few examples enumerate on the extent of use of the feedback from stakeholders in enriching the curriculum?

The feedback pertaining to curriculum, obtained from the stakeholders is shared with those Faculty Members who are members of the various Common Syllabi Committees of the University. The teacher in a formal and informal manner takes suggestions from the students regarding the curriculum. Discussions are also done with the industry experts and University professors during meetings, seminars and conferences. Such valuable inputs are shared with the members of the University Common Syllabi Committee. For example the curriculum of B.

Com IT was set after taking the feedback from the industry experts, University professors and stakeholders and necessary changes were made before finalizing the syllabus How does the institution monitor and evaluate the quality of its enrichment programmes?

10,websites - [PDF Document]

The mid-term and end-term student feedback is helpful in giving valuable inputs regarding the quality of enrichment programs which helps in further improvement and subsequent needs assessment. Besides, syllabi for the following courses are exclusively designed by the Faculty of our Institution: B.

The feedback pertaining to curriculum, obtained from the stakeholders is shared with those Faculty Members who are members of the University Common Syllabi Committee. Although the college offers need-based enrichment programmes, the faculty takes care of enriching and supplementing those parts of the syllabi that have become obsolete with latest resources and knowledge. Feedback from the members of the society and the industry is sought during IQAC meetings, which helps in introducing changes to the existing curriculum.

The institution introduced 08 new courses in the last four years based on the following rationale: The institution strives to keep track of the changes taking place in the day-today requirements of the employers in the Global Market. It also takes into consideration the development of new courses by the UGC.

Based on changes in trends in the market and Higher Education Regulatory Authorities, the institution decides to start new courses. The institution also takes into consideration the feedback received from various stakeholders including students, alumni and the experts from the S No Program 1. Beneficiaries All Commerce Students 2. The Pharmaceutical Industry is considered to be the evergreen sector of the corporate world.

It has been designed specifically keeping in mind the employability needs of the companies which are now totally dependent on software based accounting methods. Students from all faculties Software development is the process of computer programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications and frameworks resulting in a software product. There is no human activity today that does not involve the use of some kind of software. Software Industry is growing at a phenomenal rate opening numerous job avenues for young graduates and post graduates.

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