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LEO Jul 23 - Aug Current karma September New Moon Watch October Special Feature — George Clooney — Celebrity star forecast. Sign up to receive our email updates. Subcribe to our newsletter. Lastest News. November 1, 0.


Astrologically, Erdogan is an impatient, selfish president with strong, aggressive feelings that are always in turmoil. He possesses an extremely short fuse when people oppose his ideas. He is not a very compromising person, and can fly off the handle at the slightest provocation, especially if he does not get his own way. Unfortunately, he does not take advice easily by the UN or political figures and when challenged tends to react with indignation. He could be described as a dictator in his own right. November is a critical cycle for Erdogan.

With Mars aggression clashing with his natal Uranus defiance , his push to establish a kilometre safety zone, eliminating the Kurds and threatening to release up to 4 million Syrian refugees currently living in Turkey, back to their homeland. Although opposition will be seen with the United Nations and many countries, Erdogan has Saturn stubborn in transit and opposing his natal Uranus rebellion and believes he will win his war of insurgence. According the USA horoscope, the American decision to withdraw troops from Syria will considerably reduce any risk of a disastrous clash with Turkish forces and keep a balanced relationship between the USA and Turkey, at the expense of the Kurds.

This will be a worrying time for Turkey and the world in the future. With Venus happiness , Mars competitiveness and Jupiter achievement all forming encouraging connections in Trump's horoscope, he can expect a month of expansion and happiness as he defines his place in the world. Immaterial of the Democratic opposition and pressure of impeachment that will be seen in November, Trump will have more energy, enthusiasm and authority to overcome any opposition.

This renewed vitality will allow him to work positively and persistently toward achieving his goals and a successful exchange of ideas with Chinese over trade talks. With Mars determination in a compatible combination with Trump's natal planets, he will receive considerable support from his Republican constituents and be lucky in anything he undertakes. With impeachment proceedings building behind the scenes, Trump can certainly expect political confrontations with competitors or very powerful partisan rivals beating at his White House door.

From November 19, the Democrats, public service enemies and whistleblowers will endeavour to drawn him into various deceptions.

With Mars aggression adversely connecting with Pluto, the planet of corruption, the Democrats are running a losing battle, as no substantial proven evidence for impeachment will be forthcoming. Trump's attitude will be confident and optimistic, and this will be a favourable month for legal litigations and deals. However, during the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th and 19th, Trump is likely to encounter a few days of considerable pressure, frustration and discouragement, and he will be sensitive to criticism by media and certain limitations and restraints that it entails.

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Fighting with authority figures or lashing out at others who restrict him in any way is a strong possibility. A sense of struggle or of being overwhelmed by obstacles and blockages is likely to characterise throughout this month.

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One advantage Trump has: Jupiter good fortune is connecting with his natal Moon emotions and he can expect unquestionable developments regarding his presidency, positive trade talks, a profitable US economy and professional pursuits to be sustained. Trump will encounter a stroke of good luck throughout the month; his judgment and sense of timing are excellent. The Democrats will not have a win over Trump in November.

Boris Johnson With Mercury negotiations in retrograde delays until the 20th, Brexit will cause Johnson a certain amount of frustration. Fortunately, Johnson has many strong planetary aspects around him than may save his bacon in November. With Uranus change forming a strong relationship with his natal Saturn stability he will become more responsive to actual situations and conditions rather than his rigid image of them.

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His negotiation skills will be compatible with those he negotiates with. His increased flexibility and responsiveness develop rather easily for him during the month and consequently this will be a positive time for achievement. Because he will be less rigid and dogmatic in his approach, he will be able to work more effectively with people or organisations that he has had difficulty with before. This is a confident month for Boris Gemini and a good time to focus energy on resolving belated Brexit problems and gaining a better mutual respect.

This is also an advantageous time for business relations and any interaction with government agencies and organisations. Progress can be made more easily now since there is less bureaucratic inefficiency and more responsiveness to the immediate needs and concerns that require attention. The United Kingdom faces an enormous economic directional change in With a strong Mars courage constructively connecting with his natal Jupiter prosperity during November, his creativity, organisation, personal pride and authority will be multiplied.

Morrison will have a compounded desire to communicate, study and exchange ideas with the community. Short trips, meetings and encounters with farmers, groups and corporate heads will be successful. This will be one of Morrison's more favourable months for negotiations, business, finance and employment figures.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

With Mercury communications in Scorpio determination he will achieve greater professional stability with State leaders and alleviate bitterness from the past that has caused tension, disagreements and delays. With the Sun leadership entering Scorpio finances , government infrastructure plans and programs to alleviate many drought and water issues will be seen.

Although the dates 3rd, 4th, 5th, 13th, 24th and 25th may cause Morrison some frustration, he can expect overall a successful month of achievement. According these states' horoscopes, they have overspent and created considerable financial debt. However, Morrison will outlive the present state premiers in their next elections and rectification will be seen in the long term. GENERAL Although November will see some difficult planetary aspects challenging the world and particularly Australia, there are also many good aspects associated with the month.

From the 8th the Sun energy forms a delightful aspect with Neptune ideals and most people around the globe will be reaching a clearer idea of where they are going in their life and endeavouring to gain more satisfaction with their everyday activities. With low bank interest rates, real estate should gain strong momentum for buying and selling over the next four months.

November is an ideal month for home improvements, making repairs, remodelling, purchasing household items. A month of personal elevation and social status for many. Weather conditions over the next three months for the southern hemisphere should gradually break some drought area conditions as we move towards Weather rain patterns for November will be intermittent with heaver showers and some thunderstorms predicted from 20th onward, when Mercury movement moves into a direct motion and Mars action transits into the fertile water sign of Scorpio first time since December The total average was This made the 30th wettest year on record.

Farmers over this past 12 months have done it terribly hard and many have sold their cattle and walked off their properties. However, their prayers will soon be answered as the weather cycles are predicted to slowly change for the better from November onward.