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December 6 Birthday Astrology

Take note of who in your life is invested in healing and evolving. Who is truly transforming themselves through the hard work of introspection and aligned actions.

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Who is developing themselves in powerful ways without their success being at the expense of those around them. None of us are able to do this flawlessly. All of us will go in and out of consciousness in regards to how our actions are impacting our environment. This Mercury retrograde would have you go for nothing less. The sheer power of your feelings cannot be denied. The magnitude of your impact on others should not be underestimated. The intensity of your experience is important to hold with a great deal of conscious awareness.

You are responsible for knowing where you are emotionally which is its own journey with a big learning curve , but you are allowed to be unsure of what to do with it. When in doubt, write it out. Put the pen to paper. Put your body, mind and soul in places and spaces where you can vent until you feel empty of excess baggage. Each emotion that we feel carries with it considerable power.

Direct this power towards specific containers when it feels unruly. Direct this power towards trusting in the process of your life when it feels unencumbered by chaos. Direct this power towards developing a deeper understanding of your relationship dynamics and what they are teaching you. With Mars in your 7th house of committed partnerships until January 26th, you are given ample opportunity to learn lessons around intimacy.

We are all at different stages of our development around this topic.

Scorpio December Monthly Horoscope Predictions |

We have an exceptionally hard time navigating intimacy with others, personally and collectively. Unpack the information that arrives with these opportunities slowly, so that you can experience the powerful transformations that they can provide you. Mars enters Scorpio this week introducing you to a six-week long look at the power of your routines. This is an invitation to spend more time developing strategies that can help you get ahead with certain work projects and career ambitions.

Every major accomplishment starts out as a minor movement. A seemingly unimportant action. A small offering. This transit reminds you of the power and the importance of putting your attention on the present moment. On what you have agency over in the here and now. On what you can encourage yourself to get done day to day. Stick with the habits that help your progress. Keep watch for the mysteriously magical relationship between acceptance and ease.

As Mercury gets deeper into its retrograde it brings with it a myriad of lessons that come through your most important partnerships. Keep reviewing them. Try not to rush through them. Many of the systems that we live within tell us to keep going. To power through. To rise above. But when it comes to the heart, so much of our development happens in the struggle. Love your partnerships enough to wrestle with what is there so that you might be better able to love them in all their complexity and beauty. The boundaries that you develop and adhere to here will serve you for a long time to come.

This week asks you to get familiar with the edges and boundaries of your deadlines. Responsibilities weigh heavily on your time table. Like fruit too burdensome for the vine, your projects need you to labor in their fields so they can eventually be set loose on the world. As you do so, remember those that your work serves. Remember how the work might be helpful once it gets out in the world.

What December's Scorpio Horoscope Means for You

Remember that if you want to make an impact there are things that you have to put up with. Like days that are too short. Like weeks that are too long. Like things going wrong. How can you take responsibility for your way of working given the conditions that you are in? The obstacles that are in front of you need to be met by an incredibly exacting use of your time. With Mars moving into your 5th house of creative energy, projects and productions, you have a powerful ally at your side.

Mars rouses your passion, but it needs to be channelled with precision. Consider the ways in which you might put this energy to use. Ways in which you might direct it towards the creations that encourage you to recognize your own strength. Ways in which you can focus yourself to get done what you need to, then revel in the pleasures and passions that await you. There is power in getting grounded. There is an energetic force of life to connect to.

Love and Compatibility for December 6 Zodiac

There is support at your base. Look back at what has driven you all this time. Since childhood. Since before birth. Since your memory began. What has been the through line of your life? What desire has dominated your decision making? What need motivates you most? As Mars spends the next 6 weeks in the part of your chart that deals with all of your in security issues, you get to experience the power of securing a connection to yourself. Security is a state of being.

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  7. Mars wants to help you become a master of this method of being. As Mercury works its way through its retrograde, it asks you to deepen your study of your creative energy, projects and pursuits.


    What do you need to be more mindful of in regards to your energy? What do you need to give yourself permission to create? What do you need to allow yourself the freedom to experiment with while developing the discipline it takes to understand it from all angles? As Mercury routes around the base of your chart and life, it pulls up all kinds of forgotten facts. Receiving confirmation of an old wound can be healing, but it can also be re-triggering. Take time with what you discover. Take time with what is coming to light.

    Take time with what and how you review your past as you parse out what it might mean for your present and future. As Mars moves through Scorpio for the next 6 weeks, it works on awakening your appetite for pleasure. For passion. For gloriously dirty dalliances.

    For the pursuit of all things beautiful in your life. There is a creative power and potency that you are afforded at this time. One that has a confidence in its own abilities.

    You are always lively and ready to have a good time. The December 6th birthday personality has a magnetic charm. People are often drawn to you without their even knowing it. These Sagittarians are the ones who are the advice lord among the group. You love a good challenge. However, as a negative birthday characteristic, you have the patience of a raging bull and could be impulsive as well. You could be someone who is described as being impatient, forward yet flexible. Naturally, you are an honest person who can be hurtful with that sharp tongue of yours.

    You, for this reason, are often the peacemaker. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. The December 6 horoscope predicts that you are usually on the go all the time. You are optimistic about life, and normally, you surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Mostly, this Sagittarius birthday person is searching for peace and understanding.

    Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! As the December 6 zodiac sign is Sagittarius, you are in an awesome position to teach. Your aggressive nature makes you a stern administrator suited for upper management or business development. If the entertainment industry interests you, then maybe you should look at some areas that would be beneficial to you. The future of person who born on 6 December depends on the amount of effort they are ready to put in.

    Your social skills are inferior, but this does not matter since alone you do greater things than when you have numerous people around you who emit negative vibes. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. The month of December is a hectic one for you when it comes to love. Love sure does exist, but for you and your spouse to enjoy it, you need to spend quality time together.

    This is the time that you will be able to plan for Scorpio pregnancy if need be. Singles will find it hard to enter into love relationships because they are not looking for commitment but only for fun. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Scorpio horoscope predicts that this month you will spend most of your time with your family. Fun and entertainment will be the order of the day for your family as a whole. Scorpio children will be happy to see you around the home all the time. According to the sun signs predictions for , you will have awesome health throughout the month.