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The trick is to keep things intrusting, arrange special dates so you are not looking at each other to try to understand. It's important to do thins with each other to have something to talk about. Create what you want. Seven years ago I said goodbye to the love of my life so he could fullfill his dreams in a career. I have tried to move on in my life even being blessed to becoming a mum to a beautiful baby boy. Things never seemed to work with people I try to start a life with because I feel they are not the one but the I said goodbye to is the one I see my future with.

He finished his career in three years and I feel even though I want to feel love again I will still wait three years. I feel still connected to him no matter how much I try to let go. Its like destiny is still play its part. Is he the one I'm suppose to be with, he's always there Deep down inside.

He is always on your mind because you shared so much. My ex broke up with me in May and we still talk here and there, though it's only sexual. We've been on and off for four years I've been told he will come back to me. I know he's talking to another girl, yet believe it's nothing serious. I've been told we'll start talking again, but everyone's definition varies. Will we ever date again? Is there a serious future between us or is this just some kind of meaningless relationship I'll look back on when I'm 40? I suggest you follow your heart you are very strong and will get what you want, once you decide.

I've been in a relationship going on 8yrs. Try doing something new to bring a little spontaneity to your relationship. Try breaking routine and I feel that will work it's obvious you love each other. The dating should not stop when you commit to each other, it should get more inventive. I'm not a super emotional or affectionate person. I tend to keep my feelings to myself so one of the reasons my ex ended things with me was because he felt insecure and could never tell how I truly felt about him.

I obviously care about him a lot and definitely could have expressed my emotions a lot better. I want to give him space and allow him to come back on his own but I also want him to know how I feel. Do you think he already knows or should I express my feelings to him somehow? Do not call him or contact him in any way, and when he calls and he will let him know you want to try again. It is kind of a problem for people when they want some kind of proof of feelings, some people need to verbalize their feelings, to be taken seriously.

I know that this is kind of superficial but, some are like that. He misses you and just needs time to tell you he is sory There is a man that recently broke my heart and I've learned to let go and embrace new opportunities. I'm just curious of his thought process and if his feelings towards me were ever genuine. His own feelings and words became real, that"s the problem some how he could not match his words with action. This has nothing to do with you, he was just unprepared. You will have another chance if you want it at the time. I wou;d like to know more about this new love I will be meeting.

How does he look, how he is etc.. Also moving to hawaii if that's clear. Hawaii will be what you make it. The weather is wonderful, and the people are even better. You will have fun. So I've been told that I have met my soul mate and I am aware of who he is. I was also told that things will improve between us in the coming months. I was wondering however, what should I do in order to help things improve? I feel you have reached a level you should however, you should not blame yourself. You and he are starting to look at each other to bring up something; to talk about.

In your search you and he have, or are starting to run out of things. I dont feel there is anything wrong with your love for each other; that"s strong. Just remember you need to have something to do things with each other; it is worth it. I would like to know the reason -P. For a reason your parents and his did discuse it but, it was not arranged Im libra n hes pisce.

We know each other for long long time and we now in rekationship. Almost a year now my ear rings everyday and main question do i really can hear him having conversation w somebody in other town. Likw hes is in same room w me but hes not.

Video: Pedagogy, resources, and best practices

Do i really can hear him or im losing my mind? But more than that, people around you know that; they are using it to there advantage. About 5 months ago the love of my life and I broke up. While we were together, I truly felt that he was "the one;" I had never felt a connection with another person like that, romantic or otherwise. Now I still can't seem to shake the feeling that we are meant for each other, but perhaps we just need this time apart. Will we be together again? This will stay with you until it fades from you; never compleatly.

I see you running into him at a store; you will have a chance but, you may not feel the same.. So, do you think he doesn't actually like me or do you think he does, just that he thinks i'm too shy to talk to him? He kows that whatever he says to you or to them will get to you.

He would like to be with you alone but, he also knows you are comfortable and he wants that. I don't want to date just to date. I must have a connection with the guy. I have a crush on my boss since the day he interviewed me back in He seems to get happy when i am around. Not sure how to move forward. Other co workers noticed our connection so I am pretty sure it's not just my imagination.

I guess the fact that he is the big boss it is very tricky. Do you have suggestions? Now I feel he will not use his position to take advantage of anyone and is careful to not do that. You must use your best judgement; I feel its strong. I am attracted to a younger man and we had been texting for about 7 months when I revealed that I may have feelings for him.

He revealed that he did in fact like me too. We then stopped texting for a few months. Does he like me enough to start texting me again and possibly go a little further? I strongly feel that this man is falling in love with you. The age difference will not be a problem in the beginning. Romantically you are extremely attested to each others personality.

If you both take your friendship honestly and feel that you respect each other, I feel that things could very well develop in the romantic phase where everything is hearts and flowers… this is a time to really get to know each other better. This is where it is important to talk, have fun, and other things that you both enjoy. You and he are becoming more and more interested in each other and will create the opportunity to become closer to each other; yes the opportunity will be there and I feel it will work. I was told in a reading that I would be meeting someone soon.

However, I am wondering if I already met this person or if I missed my mark because I haven't completely gotten over my feelings for another guy. I thought I had a real connection with the other guy in the beginning and then all of a sudden he is distant with me. I don't know what happened or if I just imagined this connection. A psychic told me it was because I didn't believe I deserved him and I need to learn self love.

We have communicated with each other on and off for the past year. Should he be out of my life completely or will we be good friends in the future because I don't want to lose him, especially since I was so comfortable with him? First of all, was the intention for a long term relationship? I feel that you and this man will have another chance to create what you want. One thing that has occurred is this action has created a real time to think and put things into perspective. I do also feel that he would be open to a more defined situation with each other but for some reason the reality of the situation has become very important.

He does not want to hurt you and if things were completely your fault you would know the reason. Nevertheless he will contact you soon. He really does not know how you may feel about him; are you mad, sad, or a bit of both. Seeing each other again to you and he seems uncomfortable and full of tension; it will not, you will enjoy seeing each other very much. I want my guy to marry me and make our bond stronger and make him forget our past and heal and make each other happy until death do us part. I want another baby. A successful marriage is a blessing, a bad marriage can be a persons worst nightmare.

Our ancestors did things the way they did because it worked. If both of you see the past as being a barrier to the future; the past must be dealt with and resolved before anything can and should happen. It will take a lot of work…. She has moved on so should you. She is a wife now leave her to her new family. I was wanting to know is my baby's father coming back? Do he really have 2 kids or is the girl putting it on him? Is he going to take a DNA Test? Are we going to have another one soon? He will put it off until you want. You can love more than one at a time, when it is allowed.

Will me and my boyfriend J. As far as making a mends, you will get the chance. It appears that you and he have started to be super conscious of each other and your feelings toward each other, you were starting to look at each other, or read each other for the next move. After a confrontation you parted. I still feel love between you and he but, neither one of you have an explanation. It seems as if your personalities were depending on the other actions to confirm the way you and he, feels about each other.

He will attempt to ignore you, if you do not contact him at all; e-mail, phone, letters, he will contact you; as he feels the same and cars for you. Give the no contact a chance to work but do not even talk about marriage, you and he must get along first, and above all else trust each other. I would like to know if D. I also want to know if he will be moving into my home to live with me?

Please let me know. I really am hurting over this. He knows there are lot of feelings involved and and a commitment, he is not made a determination yet, he will call you when he misses home. He figures you are hurt and angry about what he has done or did not do, simply upset and feeling alone. He will contact you in about three days. And that is the time to talk and see how the other feels. I do feel he loves you, as you do he. I had a short relationship with a younger Virgo last year. It was mostly sexual. For some reason I cannot stop thinking about him.

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I really fell hard for him. We stopped seeing each other due to a misunderstanding. Do you see him coming back at all? He does not realize how you feel, first you must let him know your feelings about being apart; you will know then. Some encounters can be intense, even a brief one. People often don't talk enough or let the other know. You will run into him soon A guy I had a strong connection with broke up with me at the beginning of the year. I can't stop thinking about him and wonder if he thinks about me. I miss him still, even though normally I would have moved on long ago.

I can't help wondering if a second chance at a relationship might be in the cards for us? But, he would hesitate in entering a relationship. So it is possible to reenter this relationship. There has got to be a good reason, think again. He wishes to support you mind, body, and spirit. All you need to do is tell him what he wants to hear, if you agree with it, if not tell him why. Am i still in a good direction of finding that special someone? Keep moving and reinforce yourself. The first thing is to be happy and relaxed, to know what you want and who you want.

Remember it is a common interest that bonds two people together. You need to except her as she is, as she has to like you. I am glad that you are doing so well. After dating, then living together for almost 2 years my boyfriend Darin turned to me and said"I don't want you to be my girlfriend anymore". I was blindsided and devastated. We still live in the same house but sleep in different bedrooms.

I love this man soo much. He has been seeing other women, but I have not seen any other men. He does not bring any other women into our home. This has been going on for the last 2. Does he miss the relationship we had? Will he ever come back to me, or do I need to leave and start over?

I have been trying to leave since we broke up, but I just can't make myself walk out the door. After 13 years together , my partner wants to have some time alone to figure things out , this would mean me going away abroad. Will he ask me back? I do believe he loves me but he says he feels numb with everything I'm feeling desperation as I don't know if I should stay here or go away.

Please help As people say " if you truly love some thing or somebody let them or it go, if they truly love you, they will be back if not, the love was never there " He is thinking about that now and he does realize that he will miss you deeply, more then he can comprehend at this time. Remember, things change all the time.

If I ask a girl out called Emily, will she say yes? She must get to know you a bit more before you can expect her to think as you however, she does know you like her, she likes you too. You are very much alike, in a lot of ways. Hi Back in August i split up with more Girlfriend of 4 years! Right now she is very confused about what to say so wait a while first, then listen to what she has to say; that is your only chance. I feel strongly that you will continue to evolve in all ways.

You and he will share an interest in something and it can be profitable as long as you are true to each other. Is mine a love marriage or arranged marriage if any Will I get back my boyfriend? He will talk to you and explain or try to. If he really loves you, he will come back and listen. I was seeing a guy for a while and he just stopped talk g to me. The last time I saw him things were amazing. He kept pointing out how much we had in common and we had so much fun together. What happened? Look at this problem it may be to your advantage. He wants to see what you will do.

How will things work out with the man that I am in love with? I keep seeing signs of him everywhere that is in relation to his line of work. I try to stay busy but I think about him a lot and he is always in my dreams. I think he may have contacted my ex spouse.

My ex told me that he received a call from him. I feel that my ex spouse may have sabotaged the relationship with the man that I'm in love with. He and I haven't communicated in almost a month. I am trying to clear my thoughts and focus on myself and legal issues with my ex spouse. Will I ever have a chance with the man that I want to build a long lasting loving relationship with?

Can you give me any thoughts please? The circumstance of resentment influences have made him think deeply about the relationship. He realizes that others see your relationship as being serious and he is determined to make his own observations and determinations regarding your relationship with each other. If there are no deep secrets that you are keeping from him, I do not feel there are, it should not matter one way or another how others feel.

Ex husbands and wives are usually not the best reference regarding other serious relationships; by observing your response to the talk they had, he will know if you are over the other relationship or not. He wishes to take your relationship to a higher level. My advise to you is to be your positive self and to try not to let others influence your choice in friends and others. Gossip is not conducive to a trusting relationship, but know he does love you very much. I would like to know if my boyfriend will return to me after being reunited with an old flame of 15 years ago.

We were together for 6. Due to the many "coincidences" surrounding our initial meeting I feel that we are soul mates who are meant to be together till death do us part in this lifetime. Your knowledge of what was happening was not a part of the plan. He does not have an explanation and really does not know what to say to you. He knows what he did and how he did it is a very cowardly way to do things, but it does show you, it is not anything about you; so if you are looking for reasons it will create a lot of frustration for you.

He will attempt to return very soon however, the same thing will happen again if definition is not established. You will not feel the same when he needs to return; and he will blame you for what happened and all I can say about that… is that it is not true. A guy from my past came back in my life. We started a relationship and then some drama happened from other people around us and then he started seeing another girl. She had been causing drama and friction between me and this guy.

Will he come back to me will we be a couple again? If so, when? I do see that he will attempt to reenter your life, but as far as a committed situation, he has no desire. Drama will occur as you are seen by others as the other woman and he does have strong feelings towards you and this can be seen by people who know him.

Try not to blame the other woman, he is telling you and her different versions of the same issue. He will want to see you but a relationship would bring many problems to you life. He has many issues to repair and deal with, it would not be the type of relationship that you had in mind. I work with a man Randy that I have very strong feeling for.

I would like to be more that co-worker or friends. Do you see this happening? This man has noticed you and would like to get to know you better. I think you would make a good couple. Take things slow and really get to know each other. He is single and there would be nothing wrong with creating a situation where could talk. This can move fast if you let it, you see he is confused about how to create a conversation. There are a couple men i have met through dating site John May 5 Leo Feburary 6 and William July 23 John is the one who i really wish to be with.

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John really likes you and is very intrested in you and would like to know you better. It is very likely that you and John will make the choice to live together, after a while I feel you are going to get what you want. Im looking for person who will love me,since i separeted with my boyfriend ill never find the person who love me,can you please help me. You will only wait for one year. You may be a little hard to please but, who is not. In that time you will find a forte, you have ignored before. And this will propel you to unexpected success. I feel you have entered a realistic relationship.

You need to continue to date; and attend things to talk about, concerts, pow wows, etc You are now looking at him and, he is looking at you. Do not depend on him to make you happy, you must find that for yourself, as he. It is time to let go, or move to a more realistic relationship. He is as confused about what to do , say, or act; like you. You are very talented and should look forward to the next few years. Will Yildirim U. You will try Hi James I am a girl of 23 soon to be I never thought I'd be as single as I am. Thoughts of been single was great but now I can't help wondering why I can't find anyone at all.

Will I meet someone? All my friends seem to be in relationships or getting into them. I've not much experience in relationships. I've liked people who I could never had. I think I'm a nice girl , friendly and all that but where am I going wrong? Will I ever meet anyone? You are thinking about the future, becoming more aware. You are a very defined woman and will make it but, you must find the right one, and that will happen within the next year I wanted to know if Rich and I will be in a serious relationship? He has adapted to the situation that he feels you want. He does care about you very much, you could say that he is in love with you, this is why he has done things your way; to make you happy and create harmony within your relationship, no matter how undefined.

I feel that he would like to become a bit more serious where the relationship is concerned. If things are pursued naturally, what I mean is the relationship evolving naturally, the way things are supposed to go. I would advise you to be honest with him about the seriousness of your feelings, you will be surprised that he feels the same. You and he have become friends and just let things such as your closeness to each other just happen.

Going from an acknowledged friendship to an acknowledged relationship is never easy because a friendship and a relationship are very different and unfortunately this is the stage where people usually stop seeing each other something that was easy, seems to have become complicated and a lot of people will just walk away, it is easier. In your case however, I feel strongly that entering a relationship will work out for the simple reason that he feels the same and he feels that you and he have always had a good time with each other; and I do not see that ending.

Will my love C and I get our love back to where it use to be and when is he coming to see our son? It would be nice if we could change the past and its circumstances but we cannot. As human beings we learn, we emphasize the positive what feels good and normally learn from mistakes because we can not change them. I do not feel that you and he can change the past, even for the sake of the child.

I do feel however that you and he can start a new and become the family that you and he wanted in the first place. If he feels the same as you it can work however the past and mistakes which we all make in the past relationship must be resolved first or else you and he are condemned to repeat them. I love a guy very much but I don't know about his feelings clearly.

Does he really love me? Will he marry me? Just bringing up the word marriage at this stage of your friendship will only scare him away. Things must develop in stages with consideration and this is the process that people call being in love. When there is genuine love in a relationship there is no need to wonder if a person feels the same; an individual should know because of their feelings. I feel strongly that you need to allow him to return the affectionate feelings. One of the quickest ways to end a friendship or perspective relationship, is to be to open in the beginning and wear your feelings on a sleeve that can be seen by all.

At a time it may be appropriate, but not in the beginning, nine out of ten times it backfires. I feel that you and he can evolve in your relationship however, move slowly and enjoy each others company, get to know each other better; and I can see a relationship being there before you and he realize. The memories you and he are creating now will decide your future, they may seem important now but you see it becomes the substance that holds couples together. People will walk towards good feelings and run away from negative feelings.

I recently split with my partner about 2 months ago, I am wondering if there is a chance of her coming back? Is there any hope for us anytime soon? Does she even care? Give her a chance to miss you. That means no contact what so ever, e-mail etc She does care, just did not want to move so fast.

I think you will get your chance when she is ready. He lives in Hawaii, I live in San Francisco. We grew up together but lost touch when we were 8. After 27 years we finally met again and it was amazing. If what you mean by pursue is can it work. If you like him you should tell him.

Move slowly and get to know if he feels the same; get to know each other again. A lot can happen in 27 years. He feels the same way, confused but happy to see you. It can work Will my boyfriend breakup with me anytime soon? He feels he does love you but he does no what to do. He is looking at you for a solution, and you are looking at him. If you and he can meet each other half way, then yes. I've been single for a while, and seeing all my friends in relationships either getting engaged or having a baby I don't see me being in a relationship.

By doing things to fast you run the risk of a bad marriage, You know what you want. How many friends were ready? I feel your destiny is to get what you want, and be the person you want to be and be ready with enough time to do it right the first time and that you know you and your choice are sure to work and avoid any problems. Has my husband cheated on me? I have a gut feeling have asked him and he denies it.

You must keep dating and give it a chance. Create things to talk about, you and he are checking each other out to find a subject to talk about,. And create memories with each other. I want to know information about my love life. I am very confused at this point with my recently ex-boyfriend. I don't know what exactly he wants and I would love to get back together.

I've been very down lately. Not really sure what life has in store for me. An ex-girlfriend and I broke up about a year ago and i haven't been the same since. I was deeply in love with her and at times i feel as if i will never be able to experience that type of love again. I've dated other women but have not been as happy in the relationship like i once was.

I find myself comparing every women i date to her. She and i have only talked once in the past year. She is currently in a relationship with another man. A big problem we had was that our relationship was long distance. I'm in the military and shes back home going to college.

When will my love life get better? My wife has a stellium of the Sun-Mercury-Jupiter at 19 Pisces, and her wisdom, profound judgment and intuition blow me away each day and have for the past 35 years. My daughter, who is beginning a Ph. D in psychology, has her Moon at 20 Pisces square a Saturn-Uranus conjunction in the 4th house yes, that would be me. Transiting Jupiter is over that conjunction right now. We went out, just father and daughter, to see a fabulous show of modern African dance last week for her 32nd birthday Montreal has a lot of great international festivals , and had an unforgettably happy evening.

She showed me her favorite spots downtown. My own Sun, as mentioned, is at 20 Capricorn sextile Pisces, and currently battered by Saturn and Pluto. I have told my wife she should trust her insights and premonitions more and more. I have told our daughter, who is wary of astrology at this point, that Carl Jung used birth charts for his patients and stated that astrology was at once the past and future of psychology.

Thank you for the meditation Andre; something to live by. Andre, my cousin just returned from days in Montreal and loved it, especially the restaurants and the delis. Neptune has been affecting me from the onset of its Pisces transit. I must say that when it aspected my appox 1 degree Pisces sun, I did have a rude awakening that involved a rejection from a graduate program, after taking 12 credits and getting mostly As. I was so overconfident that I would walk right in, that the fall hurt that much more. It took me time to figure out what went wrong and I applied to and completed another one, realizing in retrospect it was Neptune at work.

My empathy and compassion have deepened especially with animals, to the point that I feel a lot of pain for others and cry at the news. I donate small amounts to a range of charities and am moving toward veganism. I felt a strong sense of purpose and career. I am a little more reclusive now, and am learning to give in a little more and be more tolerant.

Then again, since this all involves my 10th house, I can imaging that I may get more involved publicly in a cause if energy levels allow it. Like with every other astrology transit, the anticipation and worry is usually not as bad as the reality. I find good things to focus on, I adjust to the changes, I get more in touch with my inner resources. Not so bad, and sometimes very good.

Sagittarius🥀 September Love- Someone's Ready To Open Up & Be Generous

By: Sharon K on June 2nd, at pm. Thus it was disappointing to see the status quo preserved, and Netanyahu re-elected. Ohhhh — but wait! The fat lady has not yet sung in this opera, as Netanyahu has failed to form a government. After September 17, whoever wins will have 42 days to form a government…and on November 3rd, Israel will have the second hit of Uranus square its Moon.

Things get even more interesting in January PDT opens a lunar month that appears highly mutable. Situations and circumstances are fluid, changeable, even downright chaotic this month, and it will take keen discernment combined with strong adaptation skills to move through things successfully and relatively smoothly. The Sun and Moon come together in conjunction in Gemini, marking a New Moon on June 3 that occurs within a loose mutable t-square formation involving Jupiter Rx at 20 degrees Sagittarius and stationing Neptune at 18 degrees Pisces.

Can judges who fail to enforce the law regarding responding to a subpoena be removed from the bench? Neptune provides an escape from those earthly confines of reality through music, art, dance, spirituality, imagination, intuition, drugs and alcohol. Neptune in the US natal chart any version is in the sign of Virgo which is oversimplified about fixing or healing broken things. Mars energy, oversimplified, is action, defensive and protective action, the Hero, the accoster, the stamina needed to complete a task.

In the US natal chart Mars is in Gemini which, in a nutshell, is all forms of communication. A square indicates conflict so Neptune absence of reality in Virgo fix broken things conflicts with Mars action in Gemini communication. Transiting Pluto was quincunx demands adjustment transiting Mercury. I know there is mass-shooting fatigue in this country, but I bet if someone were to study a dozen or so charts of these tragedies they would reveal similar aspects related to the US natal square between Mars and Neptune. I feel it is transiting Neptune especially, now only 3 degrees from squaring US Mars, that is slowly pushing the US People toward expanding their consciousness, beyond the confines of our 3 dimensional polarized thinking, in regard to legalized gun ownership and its relationship to communicating Gemini anger Mars while trying to fix things Virgo under the influence of Neptune.

It will be less than 4 months after the new US President will be sworn in. Listen to these candidates now and hear what they are saying about gun laws. Cory Booker is passionate about it. Sharon K, three things unite almost everyone in Montreal: 1. Way better than NYC. I must add another thing. I have always deeply appreciated Leonard Cohen and am extremely proud he was born and raised here. I went to his very humble grave last week. His favorite haunts in the city are turning into pilgrimage sites. He came from a wealthy and enlightened Jewish background.

His was one of the first English-speaking families to insist their son should speak French fluently in order to break down social barriers in Quebec. His first concert at age 12 was to see a legendary Quebec folksinger who sang only in French and was the first local talent to make it big in Paris. He gave interviews in French in Montreal. Also, I was born with Neptune in the 10th. In my case, it brought a commitment to some form of social justice and sympathy for the downtrodden.

Barbk, to me Neptune means access to a higher reality if you are ready for it. If not, it will bring you confusion, illusion and despair. It is associated with drugs and alcoholism, which to my mind means unconscious spiritual longing. It can bring inspiration, intuition or grace. It can also dissolve more primitive or no longer needed levels of reality. I agree that Neptune square US Mars should bring changes to gun laws. It could also be another sign that any military action will end badly in the next few years. Also, the US Neptune return in the late Thirties means to me that the US was then, despite its confusion and msitakes, in top spiritual form.

In the next decade, it led ans inspired the world. The Neptune semi-return, this spiritual power is at an all-time low of great confusion and self-deception. If Trump and Barr start ignoring court orders, they are asking for contempt of court proceedings, which will almost certainly be upheld by the Supreme Court, AND impeachment. In that respect, the law in the US is the same as in Canada. There are regretfully three typos in my next-to-last paragraph, but I guess most readers will understand.

Andre, thank you for describing what Neptune means beyond our present level of understanding. Very well said my friend. Would that the world as a whole were there right now. Let us nibble on our tea-cakes and cackle at the spectacle. If I might, you mentioned, although you admire Bernie greatly, you disagree with him on some important issues. May I ask you to share what they are? I would be very interested. Your welcome. It is such a breath taking list of assaults on our democracy. The human rights atrocities that are occurring at the border are so horrific, I see them as being remembered in history the same as the Japanese Internment camps.

May the weight of this inhumanity be an anchor on the feet of this despicable administration. By: Elizabeth on June 2nd, at pm. DeanW — the only explanation is cult tactic brainwashing. Not sure there is an easy remedy. I still wonder, though, how Fundamentalist Christians can revel in the life of Jesus; yet, come out the other end of that as a Trump-supporter.

It is truly beyond my understanding. The United states as we knew it no longer exists, but if Trump and cronies go to jail impeachment is not enough , the country may have a chance to recover. I was but a lad then, but nevertheless very serious in my convictions. Social Dems and Dem Socialists approach these problems differently. IMHO, Bernie has many good ideas, plus some that are well intentioned but misguided.

Most of the latter he shares generally with many progressive Dems. No religion or political party has a monopoly on truth. IMO, neither party is as rational or as righteous as they perceive themselves. Both parties tend to what I call ideological idolatry. Both parties have developed dogmas based in part on theory, part on actual evidence, and in part on believing what they want to believe whether it is true or not. If our assumptions are false, no matter the perfection of our logical structure, our conclusions are also wrong.

The philosophy of Conservatism contains many good and virtuous values, just as Liberalism also contains many good and virtuous values. In a healthy society the two approaches are complimentary. Nixon and has cumulated in mean spirited, racist, Trump drunk, paranoid fantasy. Dems have their delusions as well. Bernie, and most Dems accept the reality of anthropogenic climate change.

But IMO their proposals to tackle the beast, both a hydra and chimera are woefully inadequate. Concomitantly, the Dem approach to energy policy, particularly the Progressives including Bernie, and my favorite, E. Warren is extremely idealistic, but not particularly pragmatic or arithmetically realistic. Thankfully, they are all in for solar, renewables, etc. IMO it will be decades before we have fusion power, and it may or may not be safe for use on earth though awfully utilitarian in space. Meanwhile, we have a way to quickly phase out fossil fuels and make electricity far less expensively, and far more safely than present.

Unfortunately, spent uranium U has a half-life of over four billion years, U million years, and plutonium fuel, 24 thousand years. Thorium, mostly derived from monazite sands, is 5 times more plentiful in N. America and far cheaper. Disagreeing with both parties, I hold to alternative solutions. The same folks who persuaded our government women should have the right to vote, also believed that if we only outlawed alcohol, men would stop beating their wives, our children would thrive, and America would become a supremely happy utopia.

As we know, the former notion worked out fine, but the latter experiment was a disaster. Such is the result of assuming problems have a single cause, while most are multicausal. Yes, it is weird, to put it mildly. There are individual exceptions, but as a group they tend to be more familiar with literature, history, the sciences, etc. They are therefore more likely to accept evolution, climate change, the notion one is born homosexual or heterosexual, gender and racial equality, and are less likely to feel alienated from many of the cultural directions our society is moving in.

Conversely, fundamentalists are militantly and purposefully ignorant, believing too much knowledge will undermine their worldview, and therefore jeopardize the validity of their ticket into heaven. Mainliners may or may not see the great rabbi from Nazareth, G-d, or the afterlife similarly to the fundies, but unlike fundamentalists, they are less likely to be as concerned about getting into heaven, self-interest and more likely to be concerned about the works of compassion, making the world a better place.

In other words, it is in great part a matter of context. Mainliners see Jesus and his teachings quite differently because they see the world differently from the fundies. This is exacerbated by the fact the economic benefits of globalism have largely accrued to our larger cities and the coasts, whereas the majority of fundies live more rurally. Thine loves the same world that mine hates; Thy heaven doors are my hell gates. DeanW — re the trumpy xians. Frank Schaeffer who was raised by an evangelical sheds light on the mindset.

Such great stuff! Thank You. The tightest aspects and the most angular planets tend to dominate Solar Returns, giving them the power to make their mark over the coming year. The sense of curiosity and abiding respect the arrival of the leader of the free world normally inspires here is entirely absent. There is instead a simmering undercurrent of dislike and a dull contempt that is unprecedented. One sees it on the faces of dignitaries and the public alike.

There is no pleasure anywhere in this, just stress. It seems merely an ordeal the country must navigate with some grace until he flies off to bother someone else. I trust that you did not try to walk ahead of the queen, or use your elbows on her. When you are dining with the royal family, try not to treat the beverage glasses like a sippy cup, using both hands.

It behooves you to leave domestic politics at home. Please try to remember that you represent your country, not yourself. God help us! The man is all about himself, period. Will, a year-old trump appointed judge just ruled in favor of Trump and against the House with regard to using funds to build trumps wall.

I hope this is an outlier but if not, it shows that his judges might support him and not the rule of law. We now know that the administration has lied about this and two Federal judges have already ruled it unconstitutional. By: Sharon K on June 3rd, at pm. I want to thank you for taking the time to write me such an extensive and detailed response.

I very much appreciate it and want to respond to what you said. I have not had the time to do so today. I will have time tomorrow to really process all of what you said and write a thorough response. By: Elizabeth on June 3rd, at pm. Since the conservative brain, upon PET scan, etc. In short, they see a lot of themselves in Trump. What a crock! We can be certain there will be those who will continue to enable this very bad actor. With hope however, more will come out from under the cult-like spell they have fallen under and smarten up. Sharon K, That prosperity doctrine is a mixed business.

Some interpret it as prosperity for all, but among fundamentalists and conservative religionists it becomes essentially a scam. It is derived from Calvinism, a theology without which most sociologists believe modern capitalism would not have come into being. One of the dictums of Calvinism is that the surest sign of he favor of G-D is prosperity. The unspoken logical corollary would be the surest sign of the disfavor of G-D would therefore be poverty. From the earliest beginnings of Christianity compassion was gradually coming to be seen as a great virtue.

The Romans saw it as a perverse and bizarre weakness. But Calvinism reversed that trajectory for some, but not all Protestant Christians. The idea that G-D disapproves of poor people goes degrees against the teachings of the great rabbi from Nazareth, but nevertheless has become internalized in the consciousness of many in our business community, and especially with reactionary fundamentalist and evangelical Christians.

I was amazed as to how smooth he is, and his policy positions were extremely rational and practical. I can see him possibly evolving into an FDR. I hope at least some of you accessed the link I posted about the rural religious right. It is very enlightening. For any who missed it, here it is again.

Sharon K, To be more clear, although compassion was at the center, at the heart of the Jesus teachings and tradition, Calvin gave people permission to reject compassion and to hate people who are different. Eliseo, regarding your post on the benefits of Thorium, June 3rd, at am, I would like to comment that this subject is not understood by the general public.

People are getting snowed by the glamour treatment in the media right now because everybody is freaked about climate change. But, in truth, Thorium is no perfect solution either — it just comes with new and different problems. There is a lot of controversy about the use of this material as a nuclear fuel, as well as getting the fuel made.

The thing that concerns me is the toxicity for people and the environment. The sand that is the source material for Thorium, Monazite, is somewhat radioactive to begin with, but it is found widely distributed in many areas of the world. It has the advantage of starting out relatively safe and abundant. However, it becomes increasingly toxic and dangerous as it is processed and concentrated into Thorium, the fuel material used in reactors.

Astrology forecast for the 12222, the year of the Yellow Earth PIG

Contrary to the myth, Thorium will be difficult to manage on an international basis because it CAN be processed into nuclear fuel for weapons, just like uranium. That is a worry for any sane country and it solves no problems whatsoever in arms control. One particularly serious worry is water — and disposal of waste water. The processing of Monazite gobbles up massive amounts of clean water and dumps massive amounts of waste water back out.

This is the stuff of nightmares. We drink and grow our veggies with water and we will be fighting over for generations to come in any case, just to feed the planet. To have a fuel processed with huge amounts of it, when there are already shortages, has to be addressed. I have exhaustively researched numerous websites where Monazite processing is described, but nobody talks about the enormous amounts of water needed to turn the material into Thorium.

This information is found in technical bulletins on the web, but it is not simplified for understanding or pointed out in any media sources that I can find. Also, even the limited amount of Thorium that was processed in the US in the past was found to cause cancers and other illnesses in workers. Getting Monazite to the fuel stage is an entirely different matter than using it in a fuel cell.

The processing of the raw sand to the fuel stage and purity required needs huge amounts of water which inevitably becomes polluted. The sludge could be dumped someplace convenient that is not monitored for long term health effects. Thorium is not a problem in the US right now because there is little if any processing being done except in science labs or the military, but it could be a significant risk when the energy situation changes in future.

Is this going to be ok after Trump? So, it is unlikely that nuclear of any stripe or exporting pollutants is going to disappear from the planet any time soon. Unless people do their homework and become fully aware this is going to become a problem, not the perfect solution. A couple more links are in the next post. Judge for yourselves — I am certainly not against progress and dealing with our worldwide energy troubles, but there are no simple answers.

If interested, here are 2 more links which are a little more technical:. Beowulfie, Thanks for the links. Have you researched that as well? Some have suggested an Apollo program to solve the twin problem of energy and the environment. The Cancer Moon shifts the focus to preserving emotional and home security, so plan accordingly. Watch, as over the next few days, we hear especially prominent news. Beowulfie — I learned a lot from your posts about nuclear, as well as Thorium-based, energy production.

Because I think you would find it interesting, I will tell you that I was busy wrapping up a project my niece asked me to participate in for her master program in social work. Anyway, I am pretty well finished now. Nonetheless, I will proceed.. Firstly, thank you for that link on Fundamentalism in America.

I am no stranger to that world as it was part of my childhood, but I am always interested in reading about the subject. I find in very frightening how little understanding most people have about that world and how much power and influence they know have in our politics. I agree with you that Bernie is more a Social Democrat than a Democratic Socialist and I wish he would make the distinction.

I am aware of that differentiation. Here is my issue basically, here we sit, 40 years into neo-conservative an neo-liberal politics. And what do we have? We have all lived in this construct of Red vs. Blue for so long, to see any value in anything the other has to offer is deemed a betrayal and that has IMO become not only destructive but dangerous to our democracy. The information you gave about nuclear energy is way above my pay grade, but I hear your frustration that, even the most progressive agenda for the problem is still not sufficient in putting forth a comprehensive plan.

I would be interested to learn more about what you are explaining about nuclear energy. If it is just a matter of ignorance rather than outright opposition, Do you think Bernie or other democratic candidates might be open to it, if they were educated about it? Or do you think it is simply dogmatic on their part to what they are sure is the right strategy? Here is what I would be very interested in your expanding on.. How do they differ with what progressives are proposing?

Your right about the failure of prohibition both in theory and in practice. And I hear that concern of your where Bernie and progressives are concerned. He would like to, he believes in them, but he is more trying to move the goal post back from the far right corner is currently sitting on. He has been doing an incredible job educating people. I think he is moving that goal post and I think that he is the greatest threat to the corporate interest and the entire political establishment.

I think he is making a lot of very powerful people very nervous. By: Elizabeth on June 4th, at pm. This could relate to the flooding disaster or the kids left in vans disaster, or both; both being teachable moments. I suspect we will see a major breakthrough towards fusion around then. Whatever happens around that time may also have some bearing over the events during the US Uranus Return as well.

As for the rich and corporate giants being scared, they should be. DJT is setting the table for a paradigm shift in how people in this country view wealth and privilege. Heard on our national radio this morning while driving: Donthecon trying to leverage his insistence that brits get rid of their current health system and open UK up to US private health providers, or he wont allow any UK trade with US!

Disgusting odius man! Apparently, Trump wants to see like to see U. BTW, good post, Elizabeth. You are on top of things right along with Eliseo, and most everyone else here. Thanks re. There is so much to be grateful for on the internet — who would have thought 30 years ago that you could research almost anything and find credible information in an hour?! There is no excuse for people being ignorant now. No shortcuts to the profits. The whole circle. The full cycle of the economy and the environmental impacts have to be accounted for, including the nasty Pluto parts.

That means the cost of the sludge, the pollution and the nuclear waste; to include the handling and disposing of it in an environmentally responsible way. The responsibility may even be not mining or pumping the stuff. Some things simply may be too dangerous to do at all. The action has to come from the people who will pay the price, who eventually will be not just the poor and destitute who have no power, but the entire population. This problem has no social class when it gets bad enough. Politics and wars aside, all the above has to happen before there will be any true man-made safety on our little blue-green ball of water called the earth.

Even so, there can never be a guarantee because mother nature has a lot of powerful tools, including floods, volcanoes and the like. This is no joking matter and we have to think beyond the next 20 years! Meanwhile, even Donald Trump and his true believers will listen when there is more of this in coming years:. I get mightily sick and tired of being told that we liberal elites have to tread carefully around fundamentalist ignoramuses, and not upset their narrow world view. The problem truly is their ignorance and their utter unwillingness to learn anything at all.

It touches on almost all the issues, but especially on the key issue of how money drives virtually everything that happens these days.

But, despite the supreme position of money, social change does come. The book makes it possible to see how the egg cracks without being an economist, or political or social scientist. They know they are vulnerable and they fight to stay together in their power position. But even if we get there, green house gasses will continue to be spewed out by China, India and Russia. Indeed, even if all global emissions were to stop by tomorrow, climate change would still continue and accelerate. As much money and energy needs to be put into protecting our shorelines and river flood plains.

I see no plans for this now. Finally, any President can announce a plan but few may be able to carry it out. Because of his experience in the Senate and as President of the Senate, Biden would likely be the person best able to get it done. By: ja on June 4th, at pm. I agree with the comment above but do not think that Bernie is the one to get it done.

He has great ideas but are they viable. Also, can he work across the aisle or will the other party think he is too extreme or use that as an excuse to not work with him? By: Sharon K on June 4th, at pm. I also think a political shift to the Left in the US would facilitate such a trade agreement. I see no plans for sea walls, dikes, strategies to reduce or reverse desertification and forest fires, or any other necessary measures coming out of either party.

We need to build a new capital, a project which will likely take decades, therefore needing to be planned out NOW! But not one of our Dem or R politicians seem to be aware of this necessity. They are not exactly conventional. I suggest you email Starlight Nancy and ask her to send me your email address. I could not agree more. Thank G-D! NZ was then forced to find other markets around the globe, and continues to look for any opportunities that present themselves. As for reversing himself on the NHS, does anyone really believe trumps verbal contortions are ever to be trusted or believed for more than the next 2 seconds?

End of the world as we know it: Climate change could wipe out human civilization by , warns study. Kiwi, Interesting! As for as trusting trumps verbal contortions: Of course not. It will be whomever comes after. Astrological indicators for a potential civilizational collapse around include the Uranus Virgo -Pluto Pisces Opposition of , and the next Saturn-Pluto Pisces Conjunction in To top it all off, the opening Neptune Gemini -Pluto Pisces Square occurs in , nearly two centuries after the Conjunction Gemini of The seeds of these shoots were planted around the time of the Uranus-Pluto Conjunction.

An unanswered overarching question is will the Green Revolution, its radical shifts and breakthroughs be enough to save human civilization? Can the necessarily paradigm shifts occurr effectively and on a meaningful scale during the next 30 years? So, it sounds to me like the House plans to reach the American People at a level that can be absorbed by the vast majority of them; story-telling. Specifically, the story of how Trump has broken the rules of the US Constitution.

On television. Told by well-known personalities. How very clever — and very Neptune! Anything is worth a try, and we all appreciate a good yarn, in this case about the adventures of Donald Trump in the White House. Now for your morning sing-a-long. I do see the green revolution coming, BuckeyeShadow, but, due to the chaos, lack of services, and areas of population displacement caused by climate change, and the seeming lack of planning, I think civilization will be very different than we now know it, and a lot of areas will become unlivable.

Of course, this would increase crime and even could cause war, if there were no way to feed everyone, and there are those who would take advantage of the situations in certain areas no matter what. No doubt, the better angels of human nature will prevail in certain areas of the world entire countries in many cases and be able to create oases of a new, improved, better civilization, and there will be other areas where smaller groups will be living cooperatively and doing the same thing, particularly where agriculture can thrive.

It would require commitment to create a strong structure of organization and protect against outside threats but absorb those people and animals that it can. I think, as the green revolution takes shape, more of this will be put in place, and people will be attracted to move to certain areas of the world and of the U. All of this change and associated suffering is painful to consider but there is still a lot of hope for a world that has better organized, greener, more humane bastions of civilization.

The last two weeks were just a warm-up—yes, I know, impossible to believe but nonetheless true. This makes me think of the magnetic reversal currently underway. I assume it would affect electronics in some fashion which could set us back a bit. Our choices around the time of the Uranus-Pluto Conjunction and the now fading Uranus-Pluto Square are telling of our character as a civilization.

During each hard aspect, we have had a chance to declare our intentions and take big, decisive action towards seeing them off, if not through. We were warned of our limited petroleum and fossil fuel resources by M. King Hubbert at the door step of the energy crisis that roiled the US and the developed world during the s. MLK Jr. All truths that when taken as such could inspire a healthier, more livable and sustainable civilization. A healthy lifestyle for humanity, if you will. Here, and at every subsequent turn, however, these ideas and the awakening they intended to generate triggered a massive, unprecedented push-back by the conservative status quo, which sought to preserve its own existence, even if the end result would ultimately be an existential crisis for all.

DJT, the odious McConnell and the ruthless far-right Republican chokehold on many of the levers of our government actually represent the Stage 4 metastasization of these reactionary tumors within our society. It somehow seems awful and perfect at once as a reflection of the US at present, that the POTUS is the most wilfully ignorant, churlish and buffoonish charlatan to ever hold the title.

To be clear, the s and s offer plenty of opportunities for us to get on the ball and do something about our condition. In this sense, the approaching Pluto in Aquarius era calls for nothing less than humanity putting all of its chips on the table and fighting the good fight to survive. You do tend to lean toward fatalism BuckeyeShadow, understandably, and you are not alone at this particular roundtable.

In fact, it would seem much more likely to be a stair-step process thank you Denise Le Fay , a gradual awakening of Humanity, thus the repeated outer planet clashes with trans. Saturn and Jupiter and each other, and with various national birth chart patterns. I have long thought that if mankind en-mass does not respect and live in concert with mother earth, she will eventually shake most of us off like nuisance fleas. They were haughty and did detestable things before me. In the course of millennia the earth has survived a number of conjunctions, squares, and oppositions between Uranus and Pluto and I have no doubt that some of those were accompanied by stressful aspects involving the Sun, Mars, Saturn, or Neptune.

Of course, as far as we know, none, or few, of them were during times when nuclear weapons were available. Though dinosaurs became extinct the human race did not. Except for deciding who to place in positions of leadership having control of nuclear weapons or allowing such positions to be filled by despots who would have no compunction about using them mankind will most likely have no way to avert or control disasters at those times of stressful astrological aspects.

Preventive measures can certainly be practiced up until then. Many economists are predicting that should Trump make good on his promise, a recession would result. The only reason that the market is currently doing all right is because the head of the Federal Reserve very tentatively said he might lower interest rates. Starlight predicted economic stress for the country with a good period for Trump in October. I may be cynical, but I feel the only way any Republicans and many Independents will grow disillusioned with Mr.

This happened to George W. Bush also with the Great Recession. By: Virgo on June 5th, at pm. Special thanks, of course goes out to Nancy Sommers for her continuing this blog, this blessed forum, this excellent haven. The strong Sun will take care of this. There will surely be some caveats, but this is necessary for success. Negatively located Mercury will periodically throw some sticks in your wheels. Those sticks might come in the form of an important document being lost, or in the form of medical tests being considered positive for something unnecessary, but eventually everything will fall into place.

Everything will work itself out. In general, you will experience some minor troubles of the communicative nature. However, don't lose your confidence and everything will be all right again. Make sure not to find yourself banging your head against hard walls; you will just end up being frustrated and start making mistakes. Keep in mind that someone else can easily put you into that kind of situation.

This is why you should make sure to keep an eye on everyone around you. If you notice someone who you ended up offending without a reason or who was beaten by you in a fair fight, do not hesitate to lend a helping hand and share some positivity with them. If you prefer not to do this, the Moon will end up making the negative emotional state even worse. Always keep in mind your mission for , which is spreading positivity.

Planetary Transits 12222 Vedic Astrology

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