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Jupiter will be in Sagittarius Nov. So, it's helpful if you know your natal Venus sign and which degree it's in to get the most from these Lucky Horoscopes. You can get that information from your Free Natal Chart. Adjust for a day before or ahead for your time zone. Taurus Lucky Numbers for November: 4, 9, 11, 12, 16, 18, 28, Astrology knowledge is NOT needed.

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Scorpio people, even if they are not conscious of it, are very aware of the undercurrents that flow beneath the perceived manner of our existence. With that in mind, Scorpio people looking for good luck in and beyond are advised to keep their luckiest numbers in mind. The number 9 is a surprisingly loaded one in terms of its spiritual meaning as much as its mathematical value and monetary connotations.

Consulting Astrology About When Not to Have a Surgical Operation

However, as far as it concerns being a lucky number for Scorpio, number 9 and its financial connotation is a big thing to consider. Scorpio is a star sign ruled by money and the power and influence that it brings, but also the undercurrents of mystery and power that go with them. Scorpio people looking to raise their standing in the world of wealth and career are advised to see the moments in which the number 9 crops up unexpectedly.

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The same can be said of romance as well though, a very important part of life for Scorpio people. And of course, with ending in lucky number 9, this is set to be a promising year for Scorpios in money and love alike. At the most immediate level, 18 is both two times 9, our last lucky number, as much as being written in numbers that can create 9 by themselves — 1 plus 8 is 9, after all. This all speaks volumes as to the lucky nature of the number 18 as a number of good luck for Scorpio people, but this number also has plenty of its own special meaning that Scorpio folks can draw good luck from.

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Scorpio people who turn 18 during the course of are especially promised a remarkable year of unexpected positive opportunities, much-needed closure for past injustices and heartbreaks, and of receiving a sudden insight into the direction life needs to take — and whom stands as most trustworthy to take with them on the journey. A much-needed house move, a sudden shift to a more prosperous career, or a long-awaited confession of affection from a lover to be can all reach a maturation point that blossoms into everything a Scorpio can ask for when lucky number 18 is attuned to in this way.

A sudden windfall that falls via a contracted invoice 27 days after a job is completed, for instance, or suddenly meeting your soulmate — and finding out their birthday is the 27th of the month. People that Scorpio is following up to chase down payments suddenly have the money to pay up, and maybe even a little interest to say sorry.

Phone calls to say whether or not you landed that dream job suddenly come through on the 27th of a month, while prospective new dates and partners you may have been chasing suddenly agree on the 27th to meet for a steamy secret meeting.

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More than this though, watch out for the number 27 in addresses, street names, even your bank balance, dear Scorpio. However, this is not just a mathematically lucky number, but also one that speaks of nurturing, inner confidence and inner peace. These are, although perhaps Scorpio might never admit it, very important things for Scorpio people to nourish within themselves. Beneath their pride and calm exterior, Scorpio people often have deep-seated doubts and vulnerabilities that they dare not express.


The sudden appearance of 54 here and there is not only a sign that Scorpio is safe and being watched from on high, but also a sign that those around them at that moment are safe to entrust their deepest selves to. Good luck and moments of calm that enable valuable introspection and inner soul work are promise by this number — Scorpio must be ready to commit to these deep and searching questions during , of course.

Some numbers that are lucky for star signs in seem a little random, even if you take the once again obvious mathematical element of this example — 6 plus 3 is lucky Scorpio number 9 — into consideration. The number 63 is a number that signifies a sudden moment of awareness that brings everything that once seemed disconnected into focus. This is very important to Scorpio people, because often these folks take action in ways that rely entirely on instinct and gut feeling.