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As illness is one of the routine ways of exit we have to judge the illness and diseases from this house. If Ketu is malefic in 8th house, appease Moon by offering milk to Lord Shiva in Linga form , or by donating yellow lemons in a religious place, or by feeding a dog with milk for 15 days. In female horoscope — comforts of conveyance, wealth and The general perception is that the bhava occupied by a malefic becomes defective, and thus, a malefic situated in the 11th, the house of gains, causes Daridra yoga.

Lal Kitab has given great importance to this house and planets in it. As a node of Moon, Rahu shall not provide adverse results so long as 4th house or Moon is not afflicted. Red Book is an ancient book, its origin and author is not known. Saturn position should also be analyzed to arrive at final decision because Saturn is the lord of eleventh house, being the Aquarius Sign. It will also allow the flow of wealth without much effort.

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Mantra of Moon Ketu and Moon. Do not build a house out of your earnings between 24 and 27 years of age. The Moon stands next to Sun in importance. Rahu in 4th House This house belongs to Moon, which is an enemy of Rahu. As a node of moon, Rahu shall not provide adverse results so long as 4th house or moon is not afflicted. Anything whether it is fruit, flower or any other thing must be in your hand while you enter your house to attract money in your life. Mars is in 11th house and Moon is in 5th house in own star.

None of the planets is exalted in the 8th house. Moon in 11th House according to Saravali: Should the Moon occupy the 11th, the native will be wealthy, will have many sons, be long-lived, will have attendants to serve, be intelligent, sharp, valorous and splendourous. Association of Mars with 11th House lord will make a native popular.

If with malefics — wicked. The Moon in this house will be affected by the planets placed in 2 nd, 8 th, 12 th and 4 th houses. Moon and it's remedies according to Lal Kitab. If the native has been having trouble on account of recurrent nightmares, keeping a glass of milk on bedside would help. Moon is a friend of Sun and Mercury.

Very little has been done to put the theory of red book astrology among the people. Mercury and Rahu combining in houses 3, 8, 9, or 12 of the groom is also inauspicious for the brides family. Unholy mangal is known as Veerbhadra in Lal Kitab and is has been accepted that mangal is neither brutal nor benevolent.

Saturn in 11th house. Some remedies are specific to few planets. The native will achieve a position higher than indicated by his qualification and will obtain good results from The author of Lal Kitab describes Saturn as a serpent and Rahu and Ketu as its head and tail respectively. The sixth-house moon chart holder doesn't lose the desire to live well and perfect their skills, but this need is subdued by the need to care for others and be cared for by others in practical ways.

It also indicates that the native will derive considerable assistance from these associations. REASON :- The reason for this could be due to forcibly grabbing of land or house by forefathers and even not paying its dues to its owners. Ketu in the 8th house generally gives injury or accident by a vehicle or horse, donkey, mule, camel, elephant, buffalo etc. Donations for Moon. But, Saravali states that all planets whether benefic or malefic endow one with wealth and fortunes.

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  7. BAD:-Problem in child birth, own house if constructed before 55 years of age will give bad effects in respect of health, if take liquor then notorious Mars is one of the worst malefices. Lal Kitab Prediction Sun in your 3rd house If benefic: 1 The native will be rich, self-dependant and having younger brothers. The birth chart used in lal KItab is also same as vedic astrology. Similarly, if Saturn is placed fourth and Lal Kitab and Vedic astrology differ on one major basis that is the kundli prepared and the postion of planets in both the kundli.

    The sun, eulogised by the author of the Lal Kitab as Vishnu, the lord of presentation, is the father of Moon in 11th House. The path of becoming an army officer or in navy will be open. Due to this reason you posses high ambitions that are likely to be fulfilled. The position of the Moon in the Eleventh House indicates that the native has a tremendous capacity for entering successful friendships. Keep good relations with your If planet Ketu is unfavourable or weak or malefic in one's horoscope then he can do remedies for planet Ketu as per Lal Kitab.

    Avoid taking milk during night.

    Lal Kitab: Red Book of Astrology

    Lal Kitab has enunciated such significant principles of astrology that stand well tested today and as such they are of very much importance in our day to day life. LCA Softwares! Red Astro Premium Version 8. Their love of possessions did not bring them happiness. Result of Moon in 10th House of Chart. If the 4th Lord the house of masses placed in the 10th house house of sex of masses and Venus or Mars are involved either in shape of aspect or conjunction there will be extreme sexual lust in that native.

    On 23rd March Rahu shall be entering into Gemini in 6th house. Rahu in 6th house. Lal Kitab - Role Of Planets. They have a stronghold on those particular house. It has been apply described by Lal Kitab in the following words: 'The native gets ground between the earth and the sky for food. Ordinary malefic influence on this lagna leads to ordinary financial status.

    But it is interesting to note that for 8th house, Moon which is actually debilitated in the 8th house of kalapurusha chart is considered as the planet of luck! Similarly for 11th house instead of considering Saturn which has the lordship of 11th house, Jupiter which is only a bhava karak for 11th house is treated as planet of luck! In other words we come to know about the time of death and its causes.

    Lal Kitab | Hindu Astrology | Horoscope

    In , I delivered a lecture to the students of astrology, who were studying astrology in Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, Delhi. Most yogas are composed of more than one planet. Lal Kitab is an amazing branch of Vedic astrology. Such people tend to form friendships, which has a.

    Mars is the ruler of the house.

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    It is exalted in Capricorn and debilitated in Cancer. Dhana yogas are astrological combinations or yogas for wealth and prosperity which prove more fruitful if both the lagna and its lord are strong, and there are no Arista yogas present affecting the Dhana yoga - causing planets and the bhavas associated with earning, acquisition and accumulation of wealth. You will be healthy, with a roundish beautiful face. Start wearing from a Monday.

    Ketu in conjunction with Moon in the first house of Lal kitab makes the native instable in mind.

    House No. The deference is in vedic astrology the houses and planets both moves with time but in case of Lalkitab only the planets moves the sign of houses are fixed. Ketu in Second House gives a need "to change" past lifetimes' materialistic interests. Top: Moon in 11th house: This house is strongly influenced by Jupiter and Saturn.

    Major planets which will influence your Career and Financial fortunes are Jupiter and Saturn. Ketu Remedies of Ketu in 1st House 1 If Ketu's unfavorable effect is visible on your maternal uncle, then feed jaggery to the monkey. Even Rahu and Ketu give good results. When Rahu is benefic in this house the native would be intelligent, wealthy and will 3rd House Lal Kitab refers to 3rd house as 'the times of exit from this world and the gateway of exit'.

    Many of the friendships formed here will be directly connected to the domestic side of the native's life. When the planet in 11th house of the birth chart transits 11th house or 8th house the articles pertaining to the planet should not be purchased new and brought in the house and kept safely. The power of light 3. Going on pilgrimage would be beneficial for him. Saturn in 11th House. It will wash off the poisons and evil effects generated by the Moon in the 10th house. Health as per Lal Kitab Horoscope Natal Moon in the 4th House When the Moon is located in the 4th house of a natal chart, its position is considered a very fortunate one.

    Influence of planet Sun 1. Get vedic astrology remedies for venus, general lal kitab remedies, lal kitab remedies to attract someone, lal kitab remedies for marriage, laal kitaab remedies for venus, venus remedies lal kitab, lal kitab remedies for love, lal kitab remedies to look beautiful. None of the planets is debilitated in the 2nd house. For the natives of Taurus Moon Sign, Rahu will emphasize on the house related to money and finances. Jupiter, being the lord of 6th, 8th or 12th house is also supposed to give adverse results.

    The sign on the cusp and planets in the house can show the kind of friends you're attracted to, the qualities you want in a friendship, and how you are as a friend. Moon in this house is if bad than it behaves like ocean sometimes quite and sometimes very stormy. Lal Kitab Sanjivni Rules Regarding Donating or Gifting in Lal Kitab: It is a general rule that if a planet is exalted or well placed in the horoscope, the Karak objects of those planets should not be donated or gifted.

    There are other combinations in the horoscope as well which may make a person impotent but the stress in this post is not on the combinations for impotency but on the remedy for impotency. Add to cart. Add to wishlist. Lal Kitab is an astrological treaty full of mysticism. It contains profound insight into astrology, palmistry and Vastu. Lal Kitab is said to be written in an old dialect of Urdu by Pt.

    Rupchand Joshi, and it consists of various verses in poetic demeanor. Lal Kitab comprises of sheer magnitude of astrological profundity behind the veils of ambiguity. It requires an astute and penetrating astrological understanding to decode it. On the basis of these lines of the palm one can draw the actual horoscope of an individual and can do the placement of planets in various houses of the birth chart.

    Lal Kitab: Remedies, E-Book and Tools

    In addition to the above, Lal Kitab has announced unique remedial measures to solve chronic and critical human problems in day-to-day life. These measures do not require the practice of ordeals, yagnas, havans and other complicated and expensive rituals, which prove more troublesome for persons who are already in trouble because of the evil effects of certain planets. These measures are again different from Yantras, Mantras and Tantras, which give various adverse effects if not followed rigorously in all their minute details.

    The first part of this great treatise contains the principles and Sutras for interpretation of horoscope, termed as.

    Lal Kitab L NO .1 Samudrika Shastra.

    The birth chart of an individual is prepared like the traditional Parashar principles, but the only important difference is that the Rashis are not considered or taken into account for predictive astrology and, therefore, the digits indicating the Rashis in a traditional birth chart are scrapped. Secondly, for predictive purposes the ascendant is treated as the first house and it is regarded as the house of the first Rashi, i.

    Red Book is an ancient book, its origin and author is not known.

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    Astrology based on Red Book is different from other known branches of Astrology. Very little has been done to put the theory of red book astrology among the people.


    Other branches of astrology generally suggest very few remedial measures which are complicated and expensive, whereas in Red Book Remedial Measures suggested House wise for every Planet, which are unique and help a person to get rid of evil effects of Planetary position in the most easiest and effective manner. Our deep study and research thereon has enabled us to say that the theory and system suggested in Red Book are reliable and effective.