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Learn about the 5 stages of grief. She has this uncanny ability to zero in on what is going on with great sensitivity and compassion. She has a vast amount of knowledge regarding the planets, energies and how these affect our births, our personalities and our experiences and challenges in life, both short term and long term. Besides her knowledge she also gives you the tools on how to prepare and live through your experiences.

Having a reading by Fiona is an amazing gift to yourself. She always helps me to see things with a new perspective that is extremely helpful in unraveling whatever dilemma I'm having at the time. The marriage of these elements makes her a wise, insightful and creative chart reader. Her interpretations are not only accurate but inspiring and help lend meaning and shape to where one is in one's life.

I can't recommend her enthusiastically enough. Read my reviews on Yelp. Recommended Astrology Books. As an astrologer I hope to energize a fresh perspective into the way you approach being in the world.

Learn Astrology

My astrology readings inspire new ways of approaching areas of your life where you might feel blocked, confused or overwhelmed. We can forget about the amazing unique gifts that we have when our focus is on what is not working. My astrology readings remind you of your innate gifts and how they can be brought to bear on the challenges you face. We may even unearth some special talents you are not consciously aware of and figure out ways to attend and strengthen these talents. When we feel engaged on the inside we can connect to a new vision of who we are and share our vitality and ideas out in the world.

You can use your astrology reading with me to look at many areas of your life such as your relationships, career, childhood, creative desires, travel and your spiritual path. To give you the best possible reading I combine information from three separate astrological charts. I look at your birth chart to understand your natal influences. And I look at your progressed chart which shows what you are emotionally ready for. I combine the knowledge from these charts to understand where your time and energy will be most received as well as those areas where you may need to apply patience.

Understanding the timing of things can bring relief and reorient your focus to what is ready to be in play now and what still needs time to grow. My hope is that you will leave the reading feeling a sense of direction and excitement about your life, your relationships and what you are building towards. My astrological readings are full of warmth, attentive listening and discussion. I bring to our meeting over a decade of study as an astrologer, stargazer and my experience as a licensed psychotherapist. My readings are influenced by my love of myth, storytelling, archetypal symbolism, depth psychology, Buddhist psychology and alchemy.

You can read reviews of my work with clients on Yelp. I can record your reading in MP3 format which I will send to you via dropbox. You can also record the reading yourself if you prefer. If you are curious about getting a reading, or if you have any questions about my approach to astrology, you can reach me at I am happy to answer any questions you might have about how we can work together and the ways in which a reading can address your particular needs.

Once I have your information I will contact you with possible dates and times for your reading. I usually book weeks in advance. The fee is non-refundable once paid. He predicted for my brother's rasi he was accurate. I don't know how he does it, but he is the real deal. I loved a girl madly and due to some unavoidable circumstances we got separated. I was very upset and wanted her back into my life. As i wont trust much in astrology but even though i tried contacting few peoples finally Eshwar ji who turned out to be an dream come true and made us two united.

I am heartily thankful to you Eshwar ji?? He solved my problem at various times with great precision and with the good investigation. I talked about 1hr with persistence. Clarified everything splendidly. Apart from his astrology excellence, I respect him as an extremely empathetic and kind-hearted individual. He never requested any money from me and in spite of that, he is constantly prepared to help me and get me out of my terrible occasions. I was going through the toughest time of my life.

Astrologer eshwar helped me to solve the problems with his deep knowledge about the subject. Very nice pandith, whenever we call. We are very much impressed with the predicatoins he shares. Good knowledge of astrology Saying everything correctly.. They are truly experts in carrier and marriage Good and aspects And a nice experience. I have lots of problem in my relationship my boyfriend have chetting me,he flarting me but I am love this in seriously i want this any condition but he can't love me when I surching vinod ji he told me don't worry I can do strong on line worship and some black magic remove worship than all kinds of love problem are solved first time I'm not trust him but after no any way I'm agree to start our work in online worship i can see my boyfriend relationship problem are solved and now we are marriage soon really very good person vinod ji an help full person also Thank for my Heart vinod ji.

There are very strong worship online i cant believe after i talk to vinod ji , because he do online work for me but very strong and help full and in very short time really i cant believe i was tension for a long time i had a love affair in last 3 years but i have always fight with my lover some miss understanding problems i think but when vinod ji check he told me some black magic problems of you and your lover why your relationship is destroyed when i do our worship all kinds of problems are gone and i show few day after i performing worship my lover problems are solved permanently.

Me and my husband are living happily together today, That man is great, you can contact him via email liberationlovespell… Now i will advice any serious persons that found themselves in this kind of problem to contact him now a fast solution without steress..

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Ketanbhai patel he is very knowledgeble in astrology and vastushastra, has broad experience. I am very pleased with his services and I will consult again and also tell my friends and family. He will guide you with something actually works and he will not put you through big unnesassary expenses. I had a lot of problems in my life related to getting married but i am very thankful because of GURUJI i am married to a right life partner. Great experience with guruji. Few months ago , I didn't found my soulmate.

But luckily when I meet guruji and following the instructions gave by him , now not only I found my soulmate but also I married with her and my love-life going very wonderful. Thank you. Thanks vinod guruji, What a great big worship you do and solved may love problems very short period my love come back thanks so much very trusted person Thank you guruji.

You solved my problm earlist i can see changes in life also save my time and money Thnx again. After 8 years of married life, I was not conceiving. We went to a holy place, for this prayers. We then succeeded. When my daughter was 24 years old, we started looking for a suitable groom for her. She is pretty and has a very good job.

Greetings, Spiritual Seeker!

We were somehow unable to find a good match for her, because there seemed to be some problem dosha in her horoscope. We spent more than 5 years going to various temples and performing many prayers, but there was no use. We became desperate because she was getting older and the marriage of her younger sister was also stalled. Then we met Astrologer Shiva pandit ji. Within six months of consulting him, we found excellent alliances for both my daughters, and both are now married and settled abroad. My parents were against my love marriage. They were not ready to accept it and forcing me to get married to the person of their choice.

We used his astrology services and resolved every problem. After his effective services, my parents had accepted my love happily and allowed me to marriage my boy friend. I really enjoyed my reading today. It was very helpful, and have insight on what to do. I will be using this special person sent fromGod!!! I am very happy that I followed astrologer shiva advice! Thanks for helping me out and calming me down for better situation.

After 6 months of waiting as you said you will be in better situation in July and guess what it actually worked out for me and things are quite easy for me now. Keep it up. I am forty five years old, and used to own a successful import-export business. But, when I passed through the Saturn transit, my life turned upside down. Nothing I touched seemed to work.

I lost of lot of orders through no fault of mine, and many competitors emerged in my line of business. Banks also started calling on their loans, and it became very difficult to pay the monthly loan repayment instalments. He gave us simple but excellent advice which we found easy to follow.

As a result, even though I am still undergoing Saturn transit through my sign, my troubles have gone down very much. I am able to pay my bills and am able to sustain my debts as well. I really appreciate your help and guidance its because of your blessings sumit came back to me thank you so much maa. Need y. But it starting happening working after 2 months of the prayers.

STAR CHARTS • Natal Astrology 101

Now I understood after prayers we have to wait to see the results. Thanks a lot with your prayers. I recently had a reading with Das and He clearly has a deep knowledge of astrology.

He was able to explain the influence of planets in a way that was meaningful to me. I found it very helpful. I would highly recommend Das. Thank you for the informative, illuminating, direction-setting talk that was so clean and clear. You are amazing at what you do! In spite of my qualifications and experience, I was having great difficulty in finding a suitable career opportunity.

The remedial measures you suggested have been effective. After doing a Pooja I received two offers and have landed the right opportunity. Thank you for your help. I had made a career choice to join a company and you asked me to wait for two weeks before signing the offer letter. In an amazing co-incidence, I was approached by another company which offered me a much better opportunity in every respect.

Logically, I would have never seen this coming as the position was never advertised. I have been working for two months in my new position and am enjoying every minute of it - many thanks for your timely advise. Thanks a lot for your excellent report which I found to be very exhaustive. I have not come across such kind of clarity of thought as demonstrated in your report from any other astrologers.

You were very prompt in answering my subsequent queries which also showed your thorough knowledge on the subject. I will definitely consult you in the future whenever any need arises. I will now not look to any other consultants in the future. You have been most thorough in your analysis and did a great job with answering follow up questions. Your analysis for physical attributes was right on and also your predictions for the times that have gone by.

I will definitely be consulting you in the future. How are you? I have some good news to share with you. Taking your advice, we have attempted one more cycle of IVF in Singapore after performing the poojas prescribed by you. This time it worked and my wife is now into her ninth month of pregnancy and the baby is due any time. Thank you very much for your valuable advice. Thanking you, Best regards,. Thank you very much for your time this afternoon to go over my analysis, I am very satisfied and relieved with the results. Also, thank you for taking my worry away for the period related to my health from May June I will look into finding Hessonite, although if I can't find it..

I will make sure to let you know. I will be in touch and thank you again Enjoy the day. I was advised by a friend that you are someone who has years of experience and lineage as an astrologist. Not only were you able to do my chart well, but you also gave relevant and precise interpretation of my chart. Based on working with you, they lied to me. You far exceeded my expectations. Not only are you a gifted and very caring person, who gives your all.

You when above and be onto answered any and all questions that I had. Seeking to ensure that I understood clearly how to apply this reading to my day to day interaction in the world. You are a professional Astrologist and knowledgeable priest, who is truly committed to the overall well being and betterment of his client, and I am grateful to you and for you. You made my horoscope around April and it was so good.

I even got to understand things that you said months later, but you were so right! Thank you again for that. My problems seem to be solved, I am healthy again and the problems in my relationship are over - I hope Now I would like you to make the horoscope for my daughter. Thank you very much again and I wish you the very best. I recommend them to all my friends. Tulsidas is the astrologer you dream of. He is deeply rooted and well versed in the science and academic study of astrology. In his readings, He takes your astrological chart and interprets your squares, conjunctions, risings, suns and moons into insightful guidance for your life.

Susan Levitt | Tarot - Astrology - Feng Shui

He clarity, connection and intuition make you feel comfortable right away that you are in the presence of a powerful man and if you pay attention, you will get some very valuable information to help guide your path. I have recommended Tulsidas to many friends who all thank me. You will too! Inspirational advice that opens my eyes. Everyone who knows me knows that I love astrology and use it in my life. I rely on his guidance to help me get through some of my hardest times.

He always opens my eyes to my many wonderful options and the fact that I have much to be grateful to you. Hi, I had a love spell done for me to bring back my ex boyfriend and it worked after trying so many spell caster she was the only who was really able to help me. Thanks a lot Sadhana. Thank You sir for finding an ideal and perfect match for me i will come to see you again very soon sir. Need your blessings. I Really appreciate for fixing kendrum dosh after treatment i can see and feel changes in my life. Thank you much Uncle. Thank you so much for the free reading. I advice you should charge for reading as well you are expert sir, Thanks again.

Only 10 Dollars for full horoscope reading which is very less as compare to other astrologers, fully satisfied with reading results. Thank you Sadhana. Guru Mata ji best astrologer in world to solve all problems. I got solution of my love back solution in 8 hours thank you guru mata ji to sought out my problems thank you. Not trustworthy. Never ever give out any personal information to her like credit card and your life information. She blackmail you at the end if you confront her. I confronted her that she is a scam and she told me I have no evidence against her and said to go to hell.

She is a scam and plays games to get your money. I was so tired of the relentless tests that love demanded of me! I wish no one ever has to go through these difficult paths of life, like me. In case if anyone even needs to give these.. My scientific background forbade me from believing in these forces, but the sudden..

Thank you Shiva Laksmi Guruji. I always wanted the perfect love story for myself, and I found my perfect love partner too! Everything was perfect and I really couldn't be happier.. He is such a nice person. He helped me through my tuff time. On his first call he spoke to me for 2hours. He really wants to help people. I can see he has a good heart and good soul.

Please contact him he can really help you. First, a quintile between Pluto and Uranus can enhance the effect these two planets can have on one and transform life for better. Second, the tension between Saturn and Uranus, which is likely to continue right throughout the mid-point of August , will result in impatience and anxiety. So, in this piece, we bring you the forecast of the impact of these two aspects on all zodiac.

According to it, the planets play a vital role in deciding the lifetime happenings of a human being. Saturn is one such powerful planet that holds a lot of interesting myths that might never hear of. Astrology is a complex science which analyses the placement of different planets in the horoscope. The unfavorable position of several planets causes a dosha in the horoscope or Kundli.

People use horoscope services. According to Indian ethos, marriages are closely related to astrology that times back to Vedic era. The light that Astrology can throw upon marriage, the help it can give in forming a union or making the better. What Astrologers do you need? Vedic Astrology.

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