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Panditji specializes in Remedial Astrology, a concept unique to Vedic Astrology, in which you can alter the course of destiny in your favour through the right remedies. Panditji considers "helping people through Vedic Astrology to significantly improve their Bhagya Destiny " as his life's mission.

Here's a playlist of Panditji's videos discussing various aspects of Vedic Astrology covering planetary effects, remedies and tips to improve our Bhagya. Santosh Upadhyay: "Pt. Sunil Pandeyji is the best astrologer I have consulted so far. His predictions on my job promotion were very accurate. His recommendations on my child birth were also true.

Strongly recommended. Amit Dwivedi: "I consulted Pt. Sunil Pandeyji for my matchmaking and how successful my marriage will be. His prediction was very accurate. He is best for matchmaking and suggestions on marriage and other problems also. Shashi Upadhyay: "I consulted Pt. Sunil pandeyji for my health issues and pregnancy. His predictions are very accurate and he is the best person I have known in my life. Now he is like a family for me. For any problem I always consult him. His suggestions and blessings always work.

I recommend him. I have also taken few astrology classes from him. Or the reverse can also be true, with these planetary rulers of the angles being aspected by any dynamic planet. The dynamic methods most obviously useful in relationships are Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc directions, except where the angles are in signs ruled by Jupiter or Saturn.

In the above cases the transits are just as important as progressions. I use both the classical and modern planetary rulers of the signs since the documented data clearly show that they both work. However, I always look at the classical rulers first since they are much more often involved than the modern rulers. Venus and Mars play no role in the beginning of a romance unless they rule an angle or the 5th house.

In this case even their transits to natal planets and angles are useful in triggering relationships. In most cases it is quite easy to see who fell first or deeper in love by looking at the number of dynamic aspects that activate the important relationship points.

Astrologer Sunil Pandey

People who have a dozen dynamic aspects activating the relationship points all at the same time have little choice but to feel a deep need for romantic involvement. Generally, the more enthusiastic partner powers the relationship and sweeps the other person off their feet. The above conclusions are based on the analysis of 27 relationships, some of them celebrities, others very ordinary people. What they all have in common is that they all react to exactly the same planetary influences. Below follows a detailed analysis of the romance between Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball.

She was a B movie star who met Cuban born band leader Desi Arnaz on the set of the movie Too Many Girls in May of and they got married six months later. This gives her chart Capricorn rising with Venus ruled Libra on the 10th and Taurus on the 5th. Assertive Mars ruled Aries is on the 4th house cusp. Her father died when Lucy was four years old, and she was raised mostly by her maternal grandparents.

At sixteen she was sent to acting school by her mother to keep her away from criminal friends. Her acting skills were not particularly good, and she ended up playing roles in low grade movies. One of these parts was a role in the movie Too Many Girls. In order to set the stage for how the romance worked out I looked at the transits for a time period of four months, starting with the month before the relationship began.

That way I could see the astrological motivators before, during and after the start of the relationship. Let us look at the progressions first. In the following section I will state the dynamic aspect followed by its psychological interpretation. She needed money badly and felt stressed because of it.

In April her progressed Moon trined Venus ruler 5th and 10th, so she was ready to accept a new 5th house love and romance as well as 10th house career and financial opportunities. By July the progressed Moon had conjoined natal Uranus in the 1st, bringing the excitement and thrill of a new relationship with the sexy and much younger Desi Arnaz. In April Saturn ruler 1st was transiting her 4th and trine the Ascendant and conjunct the North Node; this set the stage for the focus on her relationship and family security needs. By May, Saturn opposed Jupiter in the 10th, indicating that maybe her relationship with Desi brought her unwanted notoriety at work.

She really worried about the age difference. Saturn also trined the Moon ruler 7th; she was obviously happy to have found a lover who met her emotional needs. Transiting Jupiter was conjunct the 4th house cusp and trine the Ascendant, again repeating the need for home and marriage. In June, transiting Saturn trined Mercury, indicating her finances were much better now. Transiting Jupiter trined Moon ruler 7th, bringing thoughts of marriage to her mind. They eventually agreed to lie about their age and both claimed to be born in Saturn then conjoined Mars ruler 4th in the 4th, driving the need for marriage and a common family home.

This gives him 23 Gemini rising, Pisces on the 10th and Libra on the 5th house of romance. In April he had Solar Arc Mars ruler 6th of work and 11th of business income, which is natally conjunct the MC, square the natal Moon. This activated his career and work ambition as well as his sex drive.

His career and finances were doing fabulously well and he could well afford to think about relationships. In April transiting Jupiter ruler 7th and 10th sextiled Mercury ruler 1st, sextiled Uranus, sextiled Ascendant, squared Saturn. The need to start a relationship must have taken over his whole life. He was in love with love but had serious intentions with Saturn involved. With Neptunes involvement he just had to find his goddess and his feelings were over the top. Also in May Uranus squared Mercury ruler 1st, and the need for the wild excitement of a new love was definitely on his mind.

In May transiting Neptune squared the ascendant, indicating the likelihood of falling helplessly in love and idealizing his partner to the utmost. Transiting Jupiter sextiled Venus ruler 5th, sextiled Pluto, squared Neptune, conjoined natal Jupiter. The need to expand his social and professional relationships as well as his romantic life was on his mind when he met Lucy. The time had come to take this romance to the next level and move forward with a commitment.

The movie really boosted his career and allowed him to consider a permanent arrangement like marriage. The fame and fortune he had hungered for were falling in his lap. Desi and Lucy were married on the 30th of November The marriage failed all too soon due to his constant extramarital affairs.

He simply could not turn down an offer of sex from a woman. The rules for predicting romance in a chart are simple and predictable and appear to work all of the time. One needs to see the rulers of some or all four of the angles activated, either by being aspected by dynamic planets or these rulers of angles themselves moving through the chart and activating other planets.

Appendix 1. TR Pluto trine Mercury. PR Mercury ruler 5th sextile natal Mercury. PR Moon opposite Pluto A sudden shift in relationship values that lead to more than a friendship. SA Mercury ruler 7th sextile Jupiter ruler 1st. Good time to start a possible marriage. He had SA Neptune square Pluto ruler 4th. He is in love. Progressed Moon trine Saturn ruler 7th. SA MC square Venus. They broke up 9 months later. Santosh TR Saturn ruler 7th sextiles Pluto ruler 4th of home. You have a need to build a home and family with a marriage partner.

The focus is on building a career to build a home and raise a family. TR Jupiter opposite Venus ruler 10th. This marriage is primarily to start a home and family but is also a very public spectacle to announce the marriage She had: TR Saturn ruler 5th sextile Mercury. Words of love and romance will be heard. TR Saturn square Moon ruler 10th. The wedding is very public and everyone admires her. PR Moon squares Uranus ruler 5th and Sun ruler 11th. Her friends will have to take second place to her romance and marriage. First of all the governments of the world are going to be encountering many challenges to their regimes regardless of the style from dictatorship to democracy.

Dramatic developments will shake up the world order and make themselves felt for the next ten to twelve years, whilst a new world order and system of governing is re established around the globe. We see both Saturn and Jupiter entering new signs this year, heralding changes ahead in the climate and in personal and interpersonal relationships. Saturn is exalted in Libra by the end of the year and will be taking to task those who fail to align themselves with fairness and justice as represented by the scales of the seventh sign of the zodiac.

Tricia has been studying astrology for over thirty five years, and currently lives in UK. She has been featured by media such as radio, TV, magazines including Starteller, and currently writes western sun columns for two UK newspapers and online magazines.

About Anuradha Sharda

She has studied Vedic astrology since , and is a member of The British Association of Vedic Astrologers, whose journal Gocara has featured some of her articles. You can visit her website to find out more: www. Saturn retrogrades from the onset of the year till May and can bring harsh lessons for all, but especially socially for the less well off, those in low paid employment as well pensioners and unions who represent those working in low paid and manual jobs.

Difficult times in employment fields will upset all as old forms of employment are lost, and new ones begin to take their place. A challenge for the entrepreneurial, but very disturbing for those who just want a reliable job and work routine. Countries ruled by Saturn such as Russia will also be Jupiter is retrograde from June till October and this is not good for commerce, publishing fields, the press generally nor for the oligarchs and oiligarchs who seek to sustain an old empire which the new order disdains and which no longer looks respectable or desirable as the new world order begins to shake up old values and priorities.

More religious riots can break out and disputes between religious leaders will also make the headlines. Sustaining progress in life and take your expertise and initiative to opportunities for new career presented but the climate is so that losses possible outweigh the taking. Certainly directions and life paths are unpredictable even you might feel advantages of any benefits of risk. You begin the year promoting major changes at work and home, and some may even be negotiating new land or property moves. After 22 August into the second half of the year, environmental conditions begin to change whether you want them to do so or not.

You are advised to take extra care while travelling in January but also in September and October. More journeys in connection with work are highly likely; ensure mechanical failures don't upset plans and use reputable transport companies for boosting security levels for long distance travel. Mid February brings a weekend retreat or pleasure outing but you will be taking time to pay more care to health and exercise regimes also. July can be a stressful time due to changes demanding a new style of operating and mid September to mid October bring challenges in situation where you have to be on your toes with many around you vying for power or struggling to dominate you and take control.

Expenditure can also be a source of distress at these times. Those who are single can expect some romantic attraction to raise hopes of new relationship. Avoid triangular relationships as you are scandal prone in the year ahead. By October expect to be deafened by the sound of wedding bells, but take care of finance and use any increase in income to help out when the going gets tough again by the end of December.

Your best bet for if you are looking to get the most fun out of life, is to join as many groups as possible, or go on new courses to make the most of planetary support. A male associate will help with providing a new opportunity for gain and success. You can get a more tailored account of your year ahead by ordering a personal reading from Tricia at www. This makes you more ambitious than ever before. The second week in January brings the prospect of more travel connected to business affairs and some may even be flying at home or abroad.

Ensure vehicle maintenance is up to scratch, get windscreen wipers changed, and top up the de frost, and be extra vigilant while driving. Health needs some minor attention at the start of the year also. Avoid viruses and people with sniffles. The second half of February brings a hectic time and a kick start to business affairs taking you in some new and unusual directions. March to April Venus is retrograde so be extra patient and wait for frustrations and delays to disappear rather than fighting them and lowering vitality.

March to April can be challenging financially and some extra expenses or debts will force you to be extra careful with the limited resources at your disposal. Energy levels can be low at this time too. Money or lack of it can be a problem. July brings plans to fruition or completion plans made in February, and by the beginning of August you are ready for a complete new start in a different direction. Last year was unpredictable and you would have found yourself going in one direction only to find opportunities came from another.

This year brings to an end the obstacles to progress and better trends for feeling more in control of the direction you want to go in. Watch August for more support for what you set out to achieve. June is a lovely month for travel and small self indulgences, also for the possibility of romance to boost your ego. You will make extra effort to look good and admirers will be around to notice. However till 14th May some financial catastrophes could force you to reassess your spending habits and sort out essentials from desirables to balance the books. Rather than doubt yourself you begin to develop awareness that there is a higher force at work it was just that you didn't know which way they were taking you.

Those entering education will find this time of year especially challenging. November and December bring a creative time of the year but also a need to work out what you want and how to gain the co operation of others in order to get it. A trine between Jupiter, Saturn and your natal sun begins to form by the end of October bringing the opportunity to make great progress into realising your dreams and hopes for the future, though you will also have to put experience and lessons learned to good use to make this a reality.

Mars in solar first during late July to August can be unsettling making you prone to rash actions and impulsiveness which could bring regrets. You'll tend to adopt a pioneering and overly competitive approach which antagonises people and stops them from cooperating. This gives rise to a situation in September where you will need to be extra careful about how you speak to others if you want to avoid disputes and hostility. Men around you could also be vulnerable with many distressing changes affecting their health.

Jupiter moves into your solar eighth early in the year and this means good luck trends slowly change and come in from new directions. This can bring family matters to a head and if tension has been simmering then will bring them to a head with separations likely. Opposition surrounds you at the start of the year with someone trying to outsmart every move you make.

It could be that cultural differences begin to create communication problems and throughout the year this will present many barriers and a need to establish new family boundaries. Men are especially antagonistic and hostile till May, then again for the second half of the year, and could be in need of a health check up, or just some TLC. By the beginning of July relationship issues reach a climax as you get caught between health constraints and career demands, and perhaps some debts which drain resources to stretching point. By the end of July you will need to carefully introduce a new health and exercise regime, and plan goals and directions more carefully for success.

The 22nd July brings some space for starting new projects and for promoting your own ideas and personal goals. Take care of father figures and mentors as they could feel threatened by your thrust for freedom or are suffering major setbacks themselves. The first three weeks in August bring a little romance your way as well as deeper self understanding. You feel more attractive and your social life will be more upbeat. You could meet a soul mate in a group or team setting and this looks set to get your pulse rating. By the end of the year you encounter problems with someone who doesn't appreciate your contribution or expertise, possibly a Capricorn who feels they know better than you.

Financial pressures surround you and continue to do so till October, depressing family joy, and bringing likelihood of family separations before the end of October. Tough times will eventually disappear and on a brighter note, you find it easier to deal with the stresses and strains in life. Communication skills need developing so courses on how to improve them should be You are wiser in the year ahead and in a better position to bring about improvements with greater ease than last year. The second week in January brings travel for work purposes while some changes in the work routines arrive during the first two months of the year.

You might experience the worst side of possibly an Aquarian during 20th January to 20th February, but use the encounter to strengthen your own position, and learn new skills, rather than allowing it to turn into an explosive situation. Around 9th February you're best advised to sort out essential domestic and work administration and put personal affairs in order. Father figures or employers are encountering their own problems and will be difficult to deal with. You'll find women around you more supportive at this time. February to March can bring financial setbacks perhaps due to lack of support from the bank or credit company and money owed does not get paid.

Overseas travel is highlighted but so are hospital checkups, and even some secret affairs which could cause a stir or a sparkle depending on how you react. The beginning of August brings business and relationship affair to a climax where it is make or break time. Avoid the limelight and provoking arguments to win the day, or risk losing a good friend. Late August through September brings pleasant and appealing time when you easily persuade all around you that despite your occasional battle for their admiration, you are essentially a charming person who is full of good ideas.

This era is also an excellent time for initiating new plans and life directions as few will oppose you and vitality will match ambition. You can be accused of exaggerating in order to illustrate, but your dramatic approach is what singles you out as an entertaining and lively companion. The good news is that Saturn moves out of your solar first by October leaving you wiser, freer but oh so much older with age marks to prove it!

The bad news is that mortgage this situation plants a seed of rift unless handled carefully. Jupiter aspects solar tenth from 6th January promising some easier flow of energy where opportunity and achievement are concerned, so make the most of this trend to find out which tasks to prioritise. February to March sees you set to lose a friend, who tries to dictate unreasonable terms, while partners could be more competitive and argumentative, but debts and health problems are affecting their overall performance and so patience is needed.

Changes in the work routine are also likely. July highlights a pleasurable interlude where leisure and pleasure trips offset some trying times, but don't neglect minor health problems which arise as you get rid of tensions. August brings to end problems with transport or roads which have interrupted many of your domestic and work routines. Make the most of pleasant vibes that surround you as you'll look good, feel good and will be winning friends and admirers and influencing everyone you come into contact with.

There could even be a nice little romantic encounter. Do take care of health however, as there is a warning of some exhausting factors which leave you in need of a little respite from all the summer activity. By the end of December you'll be loosening many of the shackles which have held you back for the past two and a half years and life will take on a more optimistic feel than ever before with a brighter looking future than you ever dared wish for.

Jupiter moves into solar fifth from 6th January and can activate romantic yearnings as well as a need to learn more, socialise and spend more time with younger people. However, it can also be a trigger for job changes and for problems to emerge with employers, bank managers and other people in positions of authority.

January 26th brings some changes in you balance DIY projects with work overdo it. July brings a need for a change in life direction and modification of ambitions to accommodate emerging market trends. This could indicate a domestic situation which gets out of hand, or a need to stay away from home for some reason, could even be a hospital stay for some, so take care, as this trend seems to last for the final months of the year. It augurs a trend for unexpected and rather frustrating and delaying circumstances to surround plans and goals with many surprises to upset the daily routine.

Enjoy it while it lasts…………….. This time of year also makes you inclined to make new moves in your job but there is a warning to wait until the end of the month to avoid making hasty decisions based upon temporary situations. Many of you could either be the end of an unsettled phase in. January brings transport to take extra care of pets if you need to be extra careful when take any risks.

Take a backward step to see if anything they are saying has any truth in it, if not then carefully explain your position before moving on to pastures new. The reason could be a rise in the need to travel more frequently than usual, and often through heavy traffic in city and urban areas. Some stressful situations could arise where energy is drained leaving you needing time to unravel from the stress and lack of progress which ensues.

Your appetite for adventure and compulsive during the first half of the that not all journeys will go to plan and unexpected encounters. The roads look weather foul ups so ensure a blanket and supplies are kept in a safe place in your. Be warned however be prepared for some quite like being subject to many spares, along with emergency vehicle or rug sack. After August things become less fraught and more settled with enjoyable opportunities and more gainful travel.

Take care of the pennies till later this year as the credit crunch spoiled every aspect of business, domestic and social life for you, although with your entrepreneurial abilities you are also well placed to find some creative solutions which have excellent profitability built They can be overly controlling or overbearing and your broad mindedness and renowned sense of humour is going to be tested to its limit in this situation. A time maybe to assert your needs, set out boundaries and let the other person know just how far you allow them to go before you put your foot down.

This situation could result in you having to make a decision to make a break from certain quarters or group of people and take on their work yourself, instead of continuing with them. Independence and entrepreneurial adventures are keynotes for you in with many opportunities for expanding your horizons and testing new initiatives will stimulate your creativity and innovative talents. December brings a time when you are recognised and rewarded for the things you do as well as there being a few admirers who give a welcome boost to your ego.

Watch out for a few romantic moments to brighten up the year. You might have to take more time to examine plans more carefully or get help ironing out the details before progress will be made. Health will need care, be aware that this time too will pass, and take some time out to visit a health or personal trainer who can deliver good programmes for healthy regimes as well. Venus is retrograde bringing some where you may not get the take on more responsibility which situation for a while. Be warned to keep up with insurance payment and to ensure all treasured possessions are not exposed to danger or theft especially until the end of August.

Ruler Saturn will be exalted in Libra by the 30th promising a better phase for you where your special talent for dealing considerately and fairly with others is going to be put to the test. A change in circumstances is promised for this time as well as changes in your personal circumstances, career and status which may leave you breathless as to its magnitude of impact on your life. Write to me and let me know how this works out for you when it happens.

July brings the need to tidy up important personal affairs especially where health, image and behaviour is concerned. You will also be initiating long standing heartfelt projects. Men around you such as father figures, mentors, the bank mangers, bosses or others in positions of authority will be sending out distress signals. Investments particularly may be a source of irritation when they fail to yield the expected result.

The last week in January brings changes in your routine and a busy time to test your You could end up going on a wild goose chase, or simply campaigning to support a favourite cause political or environmental or both. Sadly the financial downturn has hit March sees you robbing Peter to pay let alone desirable things in life.

Jupiter comes to your aid this year but he tends to be a rescuer from dire trouble and only intervenes as a last resort, rather than providing the fast track you would prefer to have. Certainly he will open doors for you at the last minute when all others have closed, but are you ready and willing to take advantage of all new offers?

Changes, challenges, sadness, partings and family separations have left their scars, but ruler Saturn moves into solar ninth and is exalted by November making you look more closely at how you relate to others as well as the new situations you find yourself in. A test of how much you know, and how much you are prepared to reconcile this with past lessons and integrate this with new learning is about to be presented.

Mid July to mid August brings another ego conflict to deal with, but by now you should be weary of competing with the problems others present, so just agree with their demands to keep the peace but do what you want anyway! After July changes to the work scene take up time and energy and you will either need to be extra flexible or just take time out for some relaxation before throwing yourself into anything too unsuitable for your talents and skills. After 22nd August things will fall into place more clearly and you begin to manage life more effectively.

Venus retrogrades March to April and can interfere with domestic plans and with faith in good fortune in life. Your beliefs are going to be put to the test at this time. Venus helps with the sticky patch in July by sending a loving vibe that makes you more charming and less likely to upset those around you, and gives you the edge you need when dealing with sticky situations. The year is going to be more challenging certainly but also lively and interesting. There is a need to be more secretive and diplomatic due to many secretive affairs taking place around you, which not all are aware of.

However this year you can expect completion of one area of life in relationships or business and perhaps a new career or role at work. Sadly some mourning for things past and passed away colours your life at the beginning of the year and leaves you with a heavy heart or even hostility, and this could last for months to come in The first week in August you need to take care of expenditure especially if you are planning an overseas trip where the pound might not stretch as far as you thought it would. Saturn is retrograde till May and a backward step and plans for giant leap forward.

Work issues sorry but some of you could find are in the pipeline, but see it as dreams……. Saturn moves into solar eighth by November bringing hard work and a need to pay special attention to detail, especially in administrative task either at home or work. You will need to set boundaries and establish proper guidelines not just on spending habits but also upon what others can realistically expect from you.

There may be a situation where you have a parting in the family or a fall out which creates distance between yourself and family members, so patience in relationships will be required if permanent splits are to be avoided, for the next two years. Good fortune may feel as though it has deserted you, but hang in there and wait for your ruling planet to go ahead, sometimes the obstacles are there to stop you going in the wrong directing.

November brings some pleasant encounters with more harmony and pleasantness in your life, and if you are looking for romance then this is the month when it can come into your life, a time when the difficulties in love during March and April can be revisited and evaluated so that you can set the record straight and get onto a more harmonious footing with loved ones. The last eclipse nearest to this degree was Jan. From a general perspective, this eclipse will oppose the natal Pluto in Leo of a lot of the early baby boomer generation.

It falls in the Aries dwad. She has written three books on astrology. Her most recent is Predictive Astrology: Cycles of Change, Seasons of Meaning, a compilation of western astrology prediction techniques. She also contributed to writing the biographies that are part of the Astrodatabank software. She continues to teach and consult in the Tampa Bay area, and is presently preparing an in-depth course on the degrees of the zodiac.

Her web site is www. But based on my research, I think an appropriate theme for it is the consequences of great heights. This theme is literal in the field of science and aeronautics, which is appropriate when you look at its decanate and dwad. The point was well illustrated by Liza K. The Challenger disaster that occurred on Jan. President Dwight D. US Astronaut Lisa Nowak was allegedly trying to harm a female air force captain when she found that both women were in a relationship with the same man.

The heroic landing of the US Airways airbus on Jan. Technical achievements There have been other technical achievements associated with this degree. In , French physicist Albert Fert discovered the Giant Magnetoresistance effect, recognized as the birth of spintronics, ultimately leading to music players and laptops.

Hall, Liza K. Source: Palmbeachpost. More on this further into the blog. There is one event that seems to provide a potentially haunting theme to this degree, and that is the concept of setting things in motion. A particular event of illustrates this concept. On Dec. It is too easy to assign a theme to a degree based on one incident. I also think that the concept of nuclear energy has begun to make inroads as a viable source of electricity. That it has gained more interest is unusual, but in keeping with an eclipse in this degree which would have had influence from November There are a few other incidents related to nuclear energy.

The transiting Moon was at 7 Leo London: The Urania Trust, p. On April 26, , at AM8 , a reactor blew at the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, Ukraine, which killed 31 people and left treated for radiation poisoning. The Vertex for 9 the event was 7 Leo On Jan. Although the weapon's high explosives did not detonate, there was some contamination in the area immediately 10 surrounding the crash.

Following the accident, exercise alerts were temporarily suspended. Transiting Venus was at 7 Aquarius retrograde. The material was not damaged. Transiting Saturn was at 7 Aquarius At the time, Saturn was at 7 Leo At the time, his secondary progressed Sun was at 7 Aquarius No, which was released in the US on May 8, On Nov. She had a secondary progressed Ascendant at 7 Aquarius and transiting Jupiter was also at 7 Aquarius. Another interesting tidbit about achieving heights: Michael Jordan, considered by many to be the greatest basketball player of all time, first joined his team, the Chicago Bulls, in At the time, he had a converse secondary progressed Sun at 6 Aquarius 58 7 Aquarius , in conjunction with his secondary progressed Venus at 7 Aquarius Source: infoplease.

It is, however, an important angle, and in event charts I would place it on equal footing with the ascendant and Midheaven. Hence, it is included here. He pairs the symbols, and the combination can be quite useful. Regarding 7 Leo, Charubel and Sepharial can be quite effusive. Isidore Kozminsky also sees 7 Leo in lofty terms, noting that it is under the influence of Mercury: A book, on which is a crown, resting on a golden throne.

He says it is a symbol of fame. The symbol he gives is A naked foot bleeding; above, a burning lamp. He feels it is a symbol of suffering. Venezuela has Uranus at 6 Aquarius Interestingly, this Venezuela chart, based on a Sept. Bovee, Blain. The Sabian Symbols and Astrological Analysis.

Paul, MN: Llewellyn Worldwide, , p.

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The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized. Zodiacal Symbology and its Planetary Power. Refer to my article on the Articles page about 8 Cardinal also published in May issue Vol 3. There are numerous charts of the United States, but one in particular worth observing is that of the Cornwallis surrender on Oct. I think this brings in a Mercury emphasis with this eclipse.

Mercury then returns to 7 Aquarius on Feb. Jupiter will be transiting 7 Aquarius on Feb. You should also be aware during the next six months following this eclipse of the times when the Moon is transiting either 7 Aquarius or 7 Leo. Matters pertaining to the eclipse could be prominent then. Matters pertaining to the with the Last Quarter Moon at 4 Aquarius January, , p. For example, they can symbolize the transformation Pluto of leadership Mars , and this may simply reflect a new president.

Boston, MA.

Galactic Press, first edition. The solstice point of 7 Aquarius is 23 Scorpio. The solstice point of 7 Leo is 23 Taurus. Note that fixed signs have other fixed signs for solstice points, unlike Cardinal and Mutable signs. Asteroid Involvement The asteroid Tisiphone is also in 6 Aquarius on the day of the eclipse. You can find out more about her and her work at treehousemountain. It is interesting to note that transiting Mercury at the time was at 6 Aquarius 04, almost exactly in conjunction with the degree of the upcoming eclipse.

Longitude for Jupiter and the Sun was about 7 degrees apart, but they were parallel in latitude. However, this is not the first time a commercial flight has gone down in a New York River. Mercury was at 7 Aquarius 27, opposing the Midheaven at 11 Leo In mythology, Sedna is considered to be the Inuit Goddess of the sea, and of the Eskimo underworld, and one legend popularly associated with her is that she was lured into marriage by an evil bird spirit. Sedna is presently at 20 Taurus, and I checked some of my research regarding the 20th degree 23 of Taurus to see if there was anything remotely akin to the event.

A few things seemed to jump out: Tools of the Trade. Treehouse Mountain. February , p. I have heard it is supposedly of the nature of Saturn, though some stars within Eridanus are considered fortunate. He was also an experienced glider. It is interesting that in spite of losing the election, Palin continues to garner coverage and interest. As Joseph Campbell once observed, mythology is something that never happened, yet is always happening.

I offer the above only for what it may be worth to those who are studying Sedna. From very limited research, I think Sedna may have to do with survival. Time will tell. Predictive Tidbit. In a personal chart, The Zodiac By Degrees. Lunations and Transits Step by Step.

Parma, Ohio. For example, on March 12, , there will be a conjunction of the Sun and Uranus at 22 Pisces. In what house does that fall in your natal chart, and what houses do the Sun and Uranus rule? This Nodal axis could be significant since it involves the Moon, which means that all major aspects between the Moon and Saturn will occur every month. The exhale is likewise an end, and also the primordial promise of a new beginning. If say you were born after your friend with a North Node at 17 Taurus, your North Node would be 16 or earlier than hers.

His three books each focus on unique areas of Soulsign Astrology. Due in Adam will publish, Empowering Our Collective Journey, a truly new vision for synthesizing the synodic richness of Mars and Venus, evolutionary understandings into the masculine and feminine as fundamental principles, and a post-modern re-integration of the Sumerian sky-priests' star knowledge.

Learn more at: www. The first is that the Nodes are fundamentally different than any other body or calculated point in astrology. Their closest cousins are the horoscopic angles in that both Nodes and angles are products of intersections of planes. Thus they are born of celestial pathways carved out by the Moon Their jagged movement information is known by the native. The plain fact that the Nodes form an axis is another distinguishing feature about them. To work with them in any way requires we understand the differences between a planetary body — singular — and an axial spectrum — polarity pair.

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Keep in mind that a planet is only a 1 planet; it exists in one position at any time, notwithstanding its polarity position. Polarities, especially those expressed on the material plane, evolutionarily imply a development toward deepening into the polarized reality that composes them in order to bring about a deeper and therefore more efficient result.

Correlating the Nodes to levels and qualities of 3 body memory and thus also to the degree of somatic intelligence can be highly useful not only for individuals but collectives as well. Cardinal Energy One such application of this idea is an examination of the interaction between the Nodes and the cardinal days in our year.

Together they divide the year into four, providing biorhythmic benchmarks for calibrating our bodies, hearts and minds to the seasonal flow. Spring cleaning, summer fun, fall colors and winter quiet are examples of the ubiquitous practice of adjusting our inner senses to the outer seasonal reality.

Planetary ingresses into the function as an axis, is to correlate the SouthNode cardinals are universally recognized as timers of action, to the memory held in the body conscious or change, initiation and visible otherwise and the NorthNode to the experiences events at the social level. When the Lunar Nodal axis reaches any pair of these cardinal points, they will already have traveled through the entire cardinal sign. They instead treat the beginning degree as their fruition point.

How do we wrap our heads around these contrary motions? Out of this basis can come any psychological, mental and emotional delineations. Abstract as this suggestion may seem, the very nature of what a node and especially a nodal axis is demands a description broad enough to encapsulate their enigmatic nature. Nodes represent the way we ourselves are developing into greater capacity for greater consciousness. The nodal axis signifies how Mind is developing from South to North as us. Consonant with many spiritual understandings from the East, I have also found multiple 6 places in Vedic astrology as well which supports this idea.

An interior, subtle shift occurs in response to the awakening of a nascent potential. Nodal events generally do not indicate pragmatic events. I have postulated in prior writing that the reason for this is the simple fact that a node is absent of a physical body energetically interacting with the physical plane. I am proposing that when the lunar nodes come into contact with cardinal points, the result is an evolutionary seeding which may very well not produce immediate, tangible outcomes.

This new course will challenge what has come before if it misaligns or impedes what is needed to happen next. That the transiting nodal axis correlates to the invisible seeding or activating of new regions of our cellular imperative — our evolution — will be nothing new to those already fluent in evolution applied to the astrological art.

See note 3. Where are such seeds planted? In the collective mind. Next is to note what such a contact might be referring to in terms of influence or growth and then begin to keep an eye out for when related events actually occur in that domain of your self. You can also note other interim planetary transits transits, progressions, etc. We each have each of these perspectives multiple times within our makeup. NOTES 1. A growing number of astrologers seem to be including select polarity positions into their chart work.

These are explained in my second and third book respectively. The term implies not just awareness of an aspect or level of self, but the capacity to respond to life at multiple levels and each appropriately. I have also observed many of my clients manifesting the seeds of their evolutionary next steps in less time, as early as two months.

The five month is an estimated average on my part. Perspectives such as these have been proven by integral theory to represent the linking structure in consciousness between all spiritual, religious, and cultural divides. Switchwords were first introduced by James T. She specializes in energy healing techniques. Kat also brings a new level of understanding to Switchwords, utilizing them to help restore emotional, physical, karmic and astrological balance.

The Switchwords and Switchphrases in this article are also available for easy access and use without need to memorize or research them through the Astrological Imbalances, Karmic Problems and Bad Luck file linked to the Emotional Freedom vial. The Emotional Freedom vial is an energetically charged vial of water. This vial of water has instructions to energetically put the vibration of positive affirmations, Switchwords, Switchphrases, etc. Following is a comprehensive list of Universal Switchwords. There are thousands of Broad Switchwords. Personal Switchwords work for individual people.

Personal Switchwords often are names of family members and close friends, as well as words that have been individual to their experiences in setting up switches which attract the experiences the Switchwords embody. At this moment is working as professional astrologer in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In his practice he works together with Psychology, Astrology and Science following the ideas of Ken Wilber and Roberto Assagioli, and working with the Astrological wisdom of Classical Astrology. He has written articles in different magazines, and also written a book "Urania y Sofia".

La materia del alma del mundo es una sola, cuando un individuo emplea su intelecto el movimiento de su alma se une a los movimientos celestiales del alma del mundo. Los Tetrabiblos de Ptolomeo fueron traducidos en el Y de hecho estaba doblemente en lo cierto. Luego del mismo, fue detenido como Podemos citar las obras de numerosos autores, como Histoire de l'astronomie ancienne de M. Mientras tanto, la rueda sigue girando I disagree, and one can easily find my reasons, supported by hundreds of practical examples, in many of my approximately fifty books.

One can change ones destiny by changing ones location of Solar Return. He worked for twenty years with the most popular daily of his town, Il Mattino. He has been dealing with astrology since He has published over 50 books, most of them bestsellers in Italy as well as abroad. He has been doing statistical researches from the very beginning of his interest in astrology.

At the beginning of the 90s, he obtained very brilliant results with researches on astral heredity on a sample of over 75, subjects. He has held seminars, courses and lectures in different universities in Italy and abroad, and in several culture clubs. He is deeply interested in informatics. He founded the school of Active Astrology. My daughter Laura had a peculiar birthday in , compared to that of her astral twin. According to my subsequent observations though, I believe that she was born only ten minutes later than my daughter. Laura was born in Naples on the 27th of May at Both of them would have faced horrible constellations, had they spent their birthday in Naples: perhaps the most awful ones that I could imagine.

I warned both of them and suggested them to relocate their SR to Australia. In fact my daughter went and visited a very peculiar place called Monkey Mia. Laura spent her birthday there, and two months later married. According to her acquaintances, Laura had the most wonderful year of her life. Let us see what happened to her astral twin, call her Ilena. He spent one month poised between life and death she spent much time by his side, in the hospital. Three days after her birthday, while she was eating one of her molar teeth fractures; she had to take antibiotics for one month for a badly cured infection.

After years of stable position, she lost her job and spent the whole year in unemployment. After seven years of stable relationship, her boyfriend left her to marry another woman; she fell into depression and spent the rest of the year in bed. According to her acquaintances, Ilena had the most awful year of her life. Even more: you can add my postal address, my phone number, and even my mobile phone number! My comment? If you believe so, you can believe in anything. How could they? Would they live a life with an Italian birth sky and a second life with, say, a Brasilian or Japanese birth sky?

If so, we should come to the conclusion that neither classical Astrology is true. Another really difficult case to solve for the opponents of the Aimed Solar Returns is the accident suffered by pop singer Madonna on the day of her birthday in It is really a puzzling case.

She suffered from several fractures.

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What do you think? Does the Solar Return cast for the States explain the event? Or does the Solar Return cast for the place where she was actually near Bristol, in England? In the latter case she had Uranus over the Ascendant and three celestials in the 6th House, among them the Sun and Saturn. Healing is simply a matter of integrating and harmonizing the forces of life and health within the individual with these Universal Life Forces.

All Medical Astrology in Greek Medicine is based on the principles of Hermetic philosophy, which states: "As above, so below; as within, so without. David Osborn was born in Tokyo Japan in and grew up largely in the Orient as the son of a diplomat. Apart from Greek Medicine he has studied various other healing sciences. David was able to study Ayurveda with Dr. What he learned there helped him greatly in his understanding and appreciation of Greek Medicine. He was also surprised to discover that much of what Dr.

Lad had given in his evening lectures about diet and therapeutics had actually been written by Hippocrates in his Aphorisms over two thousand years ago. In , David started to study herbal medicine by correspondence course with Michael Tierra, C. Michael's eclectic system of Planetary Herbology, which integrates the herbal healing principles of East and West, exerted a very profound and formative influence on David's approach to herbal medicine and natural healing. Heat evaporates moisture, producing dryness, whereas cold condenses moisture, producing wetness.

The Four Elements I listed above are the same ones used in astrology. I have listed them in order, from the most Yang to the most Yin. Fire is the most active, dynamic, Yang element because it is the greatest emitter of light, heat and energy. Its basic qualities are Hot and Dry, which are both Yang in nature. Water is the most passive, Yin element because it is the most cooling, and the greatest receiver of energy.

It basic qualities are Cold and Wet, which are both Of all the traditional medical systems I had Yin in nature. This is abundantly evident in the physiology and metabolism of the human body: Fire assimilates, circulates and metabolizes Water, whereas Water contains and cools down Fire, keeping it in check. As proof of the inherently Cardinal modality of the Fire and Water elements, we only need to look at the first Fire sign of the zodiac, Aries, and the first Water sign, Cancer; both signs have a Cardinal modality. The other two elements, Air and Earth, are moderate and mixed in their basic qualities.

Being moderate elements caught in the middle, Air and Earth are primarily acted upon by the Cardinal forces of change. Air's inherent modality is Mutable, since it readily responds to and welcomes change. Earth's inherent modality is Fixed, since it tends to resist change as the most solid, stable, persistent and enduring element. Accordingly, the first Air sign of the zodiac, Gemini, has a Mutable modality. The first Earth sign of the zodiac, Taurus, has a Fixed modality. I had tried reading several books on Medical Astrology, but none of them really made any sense to me until I read a book on the subject in French that related the Four Elements of astrology to the Four Temperaments of Greek Medicine.

Of all the traditional medical systems I had studied, Greek Medicine proved to be the closest fit with Medical Astrology. They are analogous to the doshas of Ayurvedic medicine, but instead of three doshas, Greek Medicine has Four Temperaments. Choleric Temperament The Choleric temperament is characterized by an abundance of the Fire element and the Yellow Bile humor; it roughly corresponds to the Pitta Dosha of Ayurveda.

The Hot and Dry qualities predominate. Body Type The Choleric body type is of short to medium build and frame, and has a reddish complexion if heat predominates or a sallow complexion if bile predominates. The physique tends to be lean, compact and muscular, with warm, rough, dry skin and veins and tendons clearly defined. The digestion and metabolism are strong and quick, the urine scanty, thin and dark, and the stools tending to be soft and smelly. They can also be prone to anger, irritability, impatience, stress, burnout and a short temper.

Physically, Cholerics tend to suffer from febrile and inflammatory diseases, infections, bilious disorders, hyperacidity, acid reflux and stress burnout. Sanguine Temperament The Sanguine Temperament is characterized by an abundance of the Air element and blood, or the Sanguine humor. It has no real equivalent in Ayurveda, but In astrology, the Air signs - Gemini, Libra could be considered a blend of the wetness of Kapha with a little of and Aquarius - are basically Sanguine in the heat of Pitta, since the Sanguine temperament.

Galen considered blood to be the very essence of life and health, and the most desirable of all the humors, being perfect In Greek Medicine, the Sanguine temperament is generally considered to be the most healthy and balanced. In Ayurveda, blood is not considered to be a dosha, since the word "dosha" means, "defect", or an inherent predisposition towards pathology and imbalance.

In Ayurveda, blood is Rakta Dhatu, one of the seven tissue types. Body Type The Sanguine body type is of medium to tall build and frame, and has a pinkish, rosy, blushing complexion.