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Taurus rising sign: The influence on your zodiac personality
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Taurus Ascendant • The Astro Codex

Because Taurus is ruled by the astrological planet Venus, someone with a Taurus rising will make it obvious that they enjoy the finer, prettier things in life. They are very attached to their possessions, and spend their time shopping or creating while wearing aesthetically pleasing clothing and jewelry.

Their personal appearance is important to them. Those with the Ascendant in Taurus in their birth tend to be very responsible people.

☉ Sun in Pisces + Taurus Asc (rising sign) HD

Security is extremely important to them. Financial security is especially important to them.

Why Is My Rising Sign SO Different From My Sun Sign?

You will find that those with a Taurus Ascendant usually have a hefty savings account that they will never touch. They must be financially secure in order to be happy. A person with a Taurus rising loves to love. These people are sensitive and kind making great health care providers, counselors, and veterinarians. They are generally organized and professional in business. They are no nonsense people as well. Do your job, be responsible, look nice, and you will enjoy the company of one or more persons with Taurus rising in their birth charts.

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Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

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    How to Understand a Taurus (Ascendant) Rising Sign

    Please do not correct the time difference, unless you know for sure that was not calculated correctly by the system. Your rising sign dictates who you are on the surface. Because of this, if you just met someone and guessed their sign, chances are you would guess their rising before their sun. And because our lives are greatly affected by how others relate to us, your rising sign has a huge impact on your daily experience. And guess what?