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When Mercury is in Taurus, body language is key. A lot can be communicated through the physical world — even the smallest touches can speak volumes. Sentimentality blesses your partnerships when Venus goes home to Taurus on Wednesday, May Venus in Taurus will gift your relationships, even the platonic ones, with glamour and beauty. Apart from love and aesthetics, Venus is also the planet of values , so this is a useful time to evaluate which aspects of your relationships are the most important to you.

Opposition Aspects in the Complete Horoscope

Also on Wednesday, May 15 , your planetary ruler, warrior Mars, enters sensitive Cancer, compelling you to learn more about the world outside of your own. You are going to have more energy to explore and broaden your horizons through study or travel. This will be a good time to go abroad or learn about distant relatives.

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There is an energetic full moon in your sign on Saturday, May 18 , Scorpio. This is a time where you need to prioritize your feelings, though you should take care to balance them with the needs of other people. Also, some of the opposing sign axes seem to be much more obvious than others, where the similarities and dissimilarities are concerned. This article will discuss the six zodiac axes.

Though "polarity" has yet another meaning within astrology, here I will take it to mean the axis of any opposing pair of signs. The Aries-Libra axis is the first and in many respects also the most obvious of the polarities. The basic nature of the axis concerns the self and its projection out into the world, and the adjustments that are made in facing and relating to other people. Crudely put, Aries is the primitive, the egoist of simple, unguarded self-expression, while Libra is the sophisticated diplomat.

Put in another way, Aries is authentic, focused and true to the self, while Libra can be inauthentic and vacillating. In reality, none of the two signs are less concerned about the self, but make themselves heard in different ways. The issue also falls on partnerships, where the need to define the identity in isolation meets wanting reinforcement from and comparison with another. There is also the objective and impartial discrimination of Libra and its complement in the subjective, individualized response of Aries.

The general themes of the axis are those of creating versus refining, leading versus following, having one's way versus compromising, initiating versus completing,. The Taurus-Scorpio axis concerns the intensification and stabilization of the self and its environment through the sensing and feeling nature. This pair relates to the organic cycle and biological purpose of man, and develops further the concepts of finality, death, value and worth at different levels. Both signs are preoccupied with focus, and the determination to fully exhaust their potential within the boundaries they have set up for themselves.

While Taurus relates to the immediate physical environment, Scorpio relates to psychological states and what is just beyond the scope of the senses.

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  • Taurus is practical and tries to preserve and strengthen what is given to them, while Scorpio reaches inward striving for transformation of the emotional being. The axis illuminates different yet mirroring aspects of sensuality and sexuality. Taurus natives generally do not like to go anywhere, but they can be persuaded to take a walk in the countryside or a beautiful garden.

    Disliking change of any sort, Taurus is slow to enter into relationships, but once they do, they rarely end them. With a sharp intelligence and a keen eye for detail, Virgo natives sometimes have a difficult time in relationships. On the other hand, Virgo can idolize a partner and generally wants to find ways to be helpful to those they care about. They are more likely to show their love by doing practical things for their partner than they are by speaking romantic words of love.

    This sign skillfully navigates the material world with ease. A Capricorn native will not marry only for love but is a devoted and stable partner when they do settle down. The Air Signs are intellectual and curious. For them, the most important thing in a relationship is good communication. They are attracted to intelligence in a partner above all other traits. Air Signs like to have an active social life, which can make it hard for them if they have a jealous partner who does not understand their nature. When two Air Signs get together, life is a constant conversation, and they tend to host or attend many parties and social events.

    Their home is usually filled with books, and they enjoy learning things together. Gemini natives are talkative and friendly. They enjoy interacting with many different people and learning about many different things. This sign cannot abide boredom, if natives of this sign do not have something to hold their interest and attention, they wander off and find something else to do. Libra is the perfect diplomat.

    Houses, Reciprocal Action of Opposite

    This sign values courtesy and harmony above all other considerations, even honesty. Because Libra is so concerned about having good manners, it can be easy to underestimate their intelligence. Yet, underneath the polite mask, Libra natives are very observant. Indeed, they often know quite a bit because people of all walks of life talk to them. Aquarius thrives on being unusual and unconventional. Like all Air Signs, Aquarius loves to talk to many different people and listen to many different ideas. On the other hand, Aquarius rarely initiates conversation.

    Duplicated Signs

    Instead, these natives wait for others to come to them. Water Signs are passionate and emotional. They usually have powerful intuitions and many of them are psychic. When they enter into a partnership, they want to bond heart, body, mind, and soul.

    What is your opposite sign or complementary sign in astrology?

    Casual relationships are difficult for Water Signs because they form deep bonds quickly and easily. This means that they run a real risk of getting hurt, particularly with natives of the other elemental groups. When natives of two Water Signs become a couple, they are able to understand each other in a way that most other signs cannot.

    Cancer is the sign of the nurturer and the caregiver. More than anything else, this sign desires a family and makes a loving and devoted parent.

    Opposite Astrological Signs

    They are often a bit shy, particularly when it comes to strangers, but once they warm up to someone, they are warm, generous, and giving.