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The planets in the hora of the Sun bless the native with affluences wealth to a greater extent in comparison to the planets in the hora of the Moon. The planets in the Sun Hora may denote self-earned wealth, i. As the Hora chart is to be considered for wealth, by worshipping Rama and Krishna, or chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra, our financial position improves.

Navamsa is usually considered the most important. Astrologers usually place the main consideration on the birth chart and give extra consideration to the Navamsa chart.

A Navamsa chart identifies in what part of a sign a planet is located, and whether its position is positive or negative. The Navamsa chart is often used to determine marriage and relationships. There are three lords of the Navamshas: Deva the demigods , Nara the human beings and Rakshasa the demons.

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These three lords repeat three times in a sign, beginning from Deva in a movable, Nara in a fixed, and Rakshasa in a dual sign. The Navamsa chart can be used like the birth chart to read a person's entire life. Dashamsha Chart It divides, each Zodiac sign in the birth chart in 10 different parts each 3 degrees. It is called D The dashamsha chart is referred to as the career chart for it focuses on the 10th house.

It can reveal what type of career should be aspired to and what the social standing, status and ambitions are.

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It can indicate fame in this area as well. The planet that rules the 10th house in the rashi chart is the most important planet to be analyzed in the dashamsha chart. One of the brilliant method of overcoming the difficulties mentioned above is the use of Vargas or subtle division. Each sign is divided into specific number of parts. Thus, the lagna or rising sign falls in a specific area of the division.

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Rishi Parashra describes sixteen divisions called as the Shodashavargas. These Vargas not only help segregate the apparently similar charts, they also specifically deals with the specific area's of the native life. Thus, the use of Vargas is essential in order to make accurate and specific predictions.

Rashi or complete sign of 30deg 2.


How to Read Dashamsha Chart (D-10) _ Jyothishi

Hora or one-half of sign 15deg 3. Drekkana or one-third of a sign 10deg 4.

Dashaamsha/daśāṁśa/दशांश D10- Part 1 of 5-Pt. Sanjay Rath

Chaturthamsha or one-fourth of a sign 7deg30' 5. Saptamansha or one-seventh of a sign 4deg 20' 6. Navamsha or one-ninth of a sign 3deg 20' 7.

Divisional Charts or Harmonic Charts or Varga or Amsa Charts

Dashamsha or one-tenth of a sign 3. Dwadashamsha or one-twelfth of a sign 2deg 30' 9. Shodashamsha or one-sixteenth of a sign 1deg 52'30" Vimshamsha or one-twentieth of a sign 1deg 30' Chaturvimshamsha or one-twenty-fourth of a sign 1deg 15' Sapta-Vimsha or one-twenty-seventh of a second 1deg 6'40" Trimshamsha or one-thirtieth of a sign 1deg 00" Khavedamsha or one-fortieth of a sign 0deg 45' Aksha-Vedamsha or one-fortieth of a sign 0deg 40' Shashtyamsha or one-sixtieth of a sign 0deg 30'.

Planet produce their results depending upon their strength or weakness in a horoscope. Determination of the exact strength of the planets demands an elaborate mathematical exercise.

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  5. It is customary to express the strength of the planets in Rupas and Shashtyamshas i. Six different sources of strength combine to give planets its actual strength. These six sources of strength, also known as shadbala, are: A. Sthana Bala or Positional Strength B. Dig-Bala or Directional Strength C. Kaala Bala or Temporal Strength D. Chesta Bala or Motional Strength E.