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We have completed an agreement with Esoteric Technologies that gives TCR Astrologers a transition pathway and specially discounted pricing that will allow you to upgrade from your Time Cycles Software to a fully compatible 64 bit Catalina OS program, when and if that becomes necessary for you. Read more about this in the email message from Stephanie Johnson of Esoteric Technologies. When you move to the Astro Gold program all of your saved io chart files will be converted into their format automatically.

Nothing will be lost. Esoteric Technologies are the only people authorized to access and import your saved Io Software Chart Files. We have provided them with the necessary details, and assisted them to make certain that this works flawlessly for you.

iPhemeris Astrology Software for MacOS

Support for your Time Cycles software will continue during this transition. We are not just abandoning you. For the next several months we will continue to provide support for your Time Cycles Research software. If you have a question or a problem just email us at: astrology timecycles. I wish to sincerely thank each of you for your support and friendship over the years. Many of you have been with us for decades.

Your loyalty to our software has confirmed that I made the right choice when I began this company. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve you.

Astrology Software Programs

Please read this entire text for information that will affect your Time Cycles Astrology software and give you valuable resources to help you continue your Astrology adventure in the months and years to come. What this means to you Your Time Cycles' software will continue to run fast, efficiently and dependably in all versions from A very important fact you need to know When you move to the Astro Gold program all of your saved io chart files will be converted into their format automatically.

Support Support for your Time Cycles software will continue during this transition. It contains links that will help you learn more about Astro Gold for the mac.

Our Latest News

Hence I was a little worried, and it is kind of expensive, but it works like a charm -- is very easy to use, and is all that it is claimed to be. I only bought the basic edition, and there are some limitations, but according to the documentation I can upgrade if I want to.

TimePassages for Windows and macOS

As a kind of verification that I had made the right choice, this is one of the programs recommended by the lady who wrote "Astrology for Dummies" which I also bought at the same time, and did not know this. One last thing to mention about this company -- they shipped this very well packaged via registered mail. I did not expect that, but was very pleased. If you are interested in See All Buying Options. AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter. Best astrological delineation program on the market today.

Been using Halloran software for almost 20 years now, works on the pc, but u can use it on a mac via parallels desktop. AstrolDeluxe Platinum. SF is a mass-market program that does a lot, and quite well, but little very well. Pretty much all of its functionality is available in better and cheaper packages, apps etc incl free or low-priced web services.

It contains a practical, working implementation of some of the more interesting and powerful techniques in contemporary western astrology. All of which have been tested and copiously explained with instruction and examples in a manual that is more like a trade-craft textbook. You will find experimental and research-driven techniques that are simply not available elsewhere, or as well, for eg. I love this CD because I have been into astrology since late , and find this CD to be simple to use and quite accurate for general use.

I use to do charts by hand and now only use this device for natal and updated transit charts. Auto Registration does not work, do not call Customer Service , they do not answer. Call Sales , they will help you. Once installed, Registered, and Update Downloaded, it is a Wonderful piece of software for the price! Just what I wanted. Astrology Source.

Kala Vedic Astrology Software | uxelaxujeg.tk

Excelent software. Like the product,but not very user friendly. I started studying astrology in the mid 80's, and to have this much knowledge wrapped up together is a dream. The information contained in three DVDs would fill two bookshelves.

Molly’s astrology software picks

The price is high, but for what one gets, it is a true bargain. I've used v. Technical support has been excellent too.