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This mobile astrology software includes Horoscope Matching,Prasna, Muhurtha and lots more. Available in Android and Java. How to Uninstall? Testimonial Disclaimer.

download Astrology software | Om Sri Sai Jyotisha Vidyapeetham

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download Astrology software

Gayatri Devi Vasudev. M V Naranarayanan. Kanippayyur Namboodiripad. Provide planetary calculations, atlas, horoscope reports, aspect patterns, transits list. Analyze you and your partner inherent characteristics to judge the compatibility with your partner.

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Access to astrology information and display it in a concise and no-nonsense way. Gain insight into yourself and others with beautiful astrology charts and in-depth reports. In addition added with kp significators, planets sub lords, house division sub lords tables, 5 level vimshottari dasha, western house, planet to planet, aspects added for simplified understanding. Without switching to other tabs you can predict instantly from single window.


These features helps delineating the horoscope for comprehensive analysis. RVA Software completely web based horoscope software. Ajax search feature is very helpful by searching existing profile using single click you can re generate horoscope again.

You can edit the existing birth details, add phone number, email id etc. Login Sign up. Vedic Astrology Mother of all astrological systems.

Given more preference to adipathyas. Western Astrology Angle between the two planets considered.