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Even if it's the least delicate of the solar system, it's also the one who believes the most in you.

L'horoscope du 1er juin

Pluto Returns Direct this week, Thursday exactly, and will give the stick of the mercury relay race that will enter the sign of the scorpion. Mercury will be his messenger, and will listen to you for the next few weeks the report of the operation Well, your fears, your doubts, your little ones. We identify so much with our solar sign, which is also the one on whom the ego is based to find its strength, that the ideal that comes out is sometimes of cruelty that devastated us: we seek to find ourselves with a perfection that Is just a lure.

Living the truth of its sun is to accept the whole system around it: the famous solar system.

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  4. L'horoscope du 1er juin 12222.
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We are an association of shades that only belong to us and find all sense somewhere. And sometimes, what we believe is an essential of our solar sign, well And there may be reasons for this in your astral theme, to be able to release all your power to be alive. Invente ton ciel Horoscope du 1er au 7 octobre.

We start by looking for sweetness with the entrance of the sun in balance, a great specialist of harmony and velvet legs. This aspect gives courage to the balance to get away from the conflict, which often keeps it away from healthy resolutions.

horoscope quotidien détaillé

Our mars en virgin is a fighter who knows how to reason, he is more in strategy and its fire serves to stew until perfect cooking rather than being in the service of a burning broth that comes out with a few layers of skin less. So it will help you choose the temperature at which you feel good They are often there as ghosts of the past, and the new moon that will come through the sky on Saturday to come helps us develop a presence that is not yesterday to create tomorrow.

With Uranus retrograde in Taurus at the bottom, it invites us to let an internal leached program in our machine to wash the memory of wounds. Who's taking care of the program? This is chiron, our healer planet that will be determined and effective in the sign of the Aries, in front of our two lighting. There is something very sensitive and mysterious, as the night extends her presence on the day, an inner priestess will come to feed a magical fire that will act as a purifier of everything you dare to say no thank you, and Will bring vitality to everything you dream of saying a big yes in joy.

This priestess is vesta, at the trigone of this new moon. An planet whose energy has been able to drink in depth of your experiences during the previous season of the virgin, to which it seems deeply connected by its ability to be the guardian of his temple. Surround yourself with sweetness, and release yourself like a snake that makes its mue, significantly and safe, leaving behind a skin that no longer fit you. Invente ton ciel Horoscope du 24 au 30 septembre. Close to the equinox, the forces of day and night see their strengths balance. Will they be opposite or complementary?

The good and bad news is that it all depends on you!

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Relational communication is optimal, and can be turned to exchange, solutions and smiles to be born. The Sun is still in a virgin, a sign of earth and therefore focused on concrete, the words are not in the air and the measure is to put: it is simply turned to the positive! The sky is as realistic as optimistic, and who opens his heart will see the light. The one who leaves it closed, even if it is only for protection or fear, may not feel this beautiful energy. But there may be a shine before making us leave this period If you're afraid, imagine it's just a ghost train tour Saturn doesn't have his same to play with the concept of reality, beat it to his own game!

Invente ton ciel Horoscope du 17 au 23 septembre. We find the learning aspect between Neptune and Jupiter that accompanied us all by already training twice in our sky Neptune wants to high, again and again, and sail away from reality, leaves to go through artificial paradise. Jupiter wants luck and expansion, leaves to be in the avoiding failure by staying stubborn in his comfort zone where his ego of God of the gods is already feeling a solid seat.

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They have found some common grounds This long dance between Neptune and Jupiter allowed us to learn to take time, often supported by the presence of Saturn in Capricorn who tried as well as bad to make us mature. The Black moon is not far away We carry in us dreams that are not dream, and gave us the opportunity to sort out what was from the order of free fantasy or a mission of fulfillment with a little courage It is like a river where you can reflect yourself as you really are, and that reveals you a real beauty, a soothing presence of you for you.

If you find garbage floating in this river, whether they have been laid down by your doubts, your lack of confidence in yourself, or by tests or betrayal The energy of the virgin invites you to contact the purity of your soul and honor it. Invente ton ciel Horoscope du 10 au 16 septembre.

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Horoscope du lundi 1er juillet 12222 par Marc Angel

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L'horoscope du 19 juillet 12222

Compartilhe coisas boas! I made simple design with story of constellations for her. New start! Now you can here the sound of planet! Flash du lion! Flash du verseau! Couple of fun ones from the other week.