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When these two people fall in love, passion and exuberance is guaranteed — they share a good sense of humor and a big vision of the world as well. What makes Aries girl find the Archer attractive? The answer is his pioneering spirit; on the other hand, he feels impressed with her bold and reckless approach to life.

Get ready to participate in spontaneous activities? This girl appreciates your honestly, so be careful in showing how frank you are with her. This relationship has potential to last forever; even if they separate, the can stay friends and soon cross in the future.

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  • Friendship Comes Naturally to an Aries Woman and Sagittarius Man.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Finally I did it, and he ignored the text. When I tried to confront him, he ignored that one too. He tried to joke with me later on Snapchat and I questioned where his head was at. I miss the friendship dearly and it breaks my heart when I read stuff like this. Well this is one Sagittarius that has only ever wanted to settle down. I was wanting a house and family. Every girlfriend I have had, I have spoke about marriage and kids. Im a Sag and everthing is true.

I love my Aries wife she is funny smart and beautiful. I was shocked when I notice all the words they use to describe both signs and explain the difference between 1 another. Im married with a handsome little boy and I wouldnt have it no other way. SAG men are perfect for Aries females. Da faq you mean I got to stay true to my man and keep my ego aside. You guys are difficult and complicated. It is not something I feel I can not handle. I really hope he opens up to me.

Sagittarius Man and Aries Woman - Compatible?

I like where my new relationship with a Sag is going. I was just on here because I got bored and I thought I could look at this kind of stuff. Omgod…same but sad that we r just friends but we dont talk much…i need help…. Me too. Im aries and ilike this sagitarius guy, were stil playing catch. And ihave no patience to this. Maybe this week imgonna rape him lol. Be true…be strong…your feelings should be mutual…. Tell him how you feel.

They are usually quite stand offish but open-minded and very affectionate. They truly are the best…. I immediately felt a connection and also recognized myself in him a lot. Then I recently found out I can try to hide my feelings but he knows how I feel anyway. It took one look in his eyes and I knew that he knew. Update so in love were both complicated but in love we are when we said it to eachother it was beautiful. This was on target…and it seems like we have been together all our lives…Our arguments are put the cards on the table discuss Whats important…we both express our concerns n feelings and 10 minutes later we talking about dinner plans or his grand daughters….

Because he says he loves my vibe, and when we text or talk its filled with excitement. O at first he was very consistent with communication, but for some reason I think that was his down time. He is back working again. Help there is this sag male that I am digging. We have great communication when we are communicating, but… He is inconsistent. If you are digging somebody you contact them right.

I do know he is working sooo idk… I digress. Plus the man is suppose to lead for the most part …. You reach out to him! I have an Aries woman who I dated for almost three years. Never pick up the phone to call me, text me when she feel like it. Have to ask for a kiss. Spend money when she feel like it. I am a good Sagittarius Man that do not mind spending money on my lady. But I feel like a chump to be still with her. This site is so true about sagi men. I am definitely not going to rush anything! But I am extremly happy that our paths crossed…… Good luck to those of you who are dating a sagi….

So true. My best friends sister is always on my mind. I known her since she was Idk if she loves me though. I feel this unexplainable love for her. All the time the past 5years non stop. Every day. I wish I could hold her. I wanna say her name but it may give me away. If you read this we are ment to be. Come on its me girl. I know u you looking our love compatible up just like me. I love you and want you. I hate I only see you once a week.

I know this reply comes a liitle late, but I think what you suggested towards the latter part of your post would be conducive. So I am a Sagittarius man. I just came back from a two week business trip in Indiana. I live in Chicago and I meet this amazing energetic, open minded, funny, and witty woman that is a Aries. Shes from the state above me and was also in Indiana for work. We worked at the same location, but different departments. I notice she was so confident with her self or at lest she was putting on a good show.

Automatically got my attention but what got me the most was her first words to me was your shirt-tag was inside out and she fixed for me.

Aries Woman

That was the first day I was there. When she did that and she walked on off. You see I am more of a quiet type and I like to observe and I could come off as a blunt. I wonder if she did that for me to notice her?? Anyways we stayed at the same hotel along with other people we knew from work. We own the same hoody and a other shirt. And other girls that we worked with thought we had thing.

So one day my co worker that road along with me to Indiana to have a smoke in his room.

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  5. I open the door and she was there!! Same hoody as mine. I was impressed with her conversations they were bouncing off of each topic she brought up and lots of randomness. Which I love.. The group from decided to go out to a bar so I ended up going out with them. I road with her and my co worker. She made sure I went in the same car as her.

    As the night goes on with loud music and drinks. Which I only had one and the Aries had two. She instantly grabbed me and kissing me with so much passion my eyes lead up!!! After that she held my hand on the way back. We arrived at the hotel like at 3am. I ended up staying in her room and this was the most passionate love making I ever had in over two years. For me it seemed more then just a booty call. This was the last night there. She had to leave in the morning. I was kind of bummed out and walked her to her room. I felt sad. Is it because I fell in love?

    Is it because she treated me with such passion? The next rolls by we said our good byes and got her number and said we will keep in contact. She lives 2 hours from were I stay. I want her in my life so bad and want to see her again,but how can I do that with out pushing her away? Sooo this makes things hard… Should I just let the universe do its thing?

    Or should I take action? My two best childhood friends are Aries and we get along so well. We could appreciate one another and we never hold grudges with each other. Let her know how you feel….. I think we are both waiting on opportunity, well at lease I am, lol. Keeping it all in my Prayers tho! I am a Sag man and since the last 13 days or so i came across this one girl who gave me all those looks, talking to my teammates during lunch time, pass close to me, etc during which time i feel so nervous and bothered as we work in the same floor and sit across each other a little distance apart, ofcourse.

    During one of these encounters, with her help, i got her name and came to know she is an Aries woman. I am sharing my story here as i came across this site and read all your comments. I too feel the vibes now and frankly i had 4 sleepless nights. Thanks to all of you for sharing the information and i am looking forward to meet and talk with this girl as and when time permits.

    Cheers and all the best to all of you. Happy romancing. Should I wait more? Or should I make an exception and make him know that I like him? Please help. Your situation is same as mine! I know Sag guys is talkactive type but he never approach me and when there only me and him in lift, he not even say a word. What does it means?

    Aries Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility

    I always wanted to approach him but I have no right time to do so. Help me guys! Be patient, which is hard for an aries gurl. Ik, I am one too! Be patient and stick around. Try not to be forceful like us aries tend to do. But let him know ur def into him. I find myself melting when I see him and he knows I like him because he told me so. The first time I found out his feelings were mutual I was surprised! What should I do?!

    I also agree that this true. My lover is a Sagittarius. We get along so well. At times he can be a little detached. But he was in a very bad marriage. He say that he doesnt want a relationship, but he calls like we are in a relationship, gives me money like we are in a relationship, and show genuine concern like we are in a relationship. So in love with this man!!!! Help me to keep him!!!

    Signed so confused…. A sagittarius man is one of the few who can win over the heart of an Aries woman. He can give her what she desires. An aries woman will always stand by him and inspire him. He understands her well and is always willing to support her. The aries woman will admire his strength and honesty. If these two people remain considerate of each other then they will find everything they want in each other.

    This can be a satisfying relationship which grows stronger with time. This is truly a match made in Heaven!! We are the best of friends, talk about any and everything together, and love each other very deeply. In the beginning trust was a big thing for us to get over on both parts.

    We both are friendly which can be misinterpreted for flirting so we tended to doubt each other. Once we came to the understanding that we are both very similar and know that we are pretty much two sides of the same coin then it became easier to fully trust each other. Overall, this match is great and I wish all other Aries-Sag couples the best!!!! This is true!!! I really like the guy now. Idk if I should talk to him about it or just let destiny desl with it????!!!

    I just dont want to push him away…. Everything that was written above about an Aries girl and a Sagittarius guy are all true. The very first time we spoke, the magic, spark, attraction and connection were all there. We clicked easily! After a month, he connected to me again and explained what had happened. We always talked online everyday, exchange messages on the phone. Sending messages the whole day. We talked a lot of stuffs and we enjoyed our conversation a lot. We planned to meet up and if things would really work out, we gonna settle down.

    Everything was really perfect. Until one day, I felt that there was really something wrong with the way he sent me a message. The next day, he told me that he started to go out with a female friend. He will always like and love me but the problem is really the distance. I was really hurt then but I was able to wish him luck. I started to hang out with some guys the very next day. He broke up with the girl and wanted me back.

    He wanted to meet me and work things out and continue the plans that we had before. So one please help me. I am an Aries girl and well my friend is a Saggitarius. I met him 10 months ago and well since the day i met him i liked him. He treated me like a queen. I loved his personality and we just clicked. Later on we decided to be more than friends and meet one day.

    He has become my friends with benefits but we have only met for that twice. Ever since I met him we havent stopped talking but we never tried to be together. He had just gotten out of a relationship of a very long time and so did I. The time didnt feel right. Now I have a boyfriend, a Scorpio, but he has been neglecting me; and now, more than before, my sag friend is there. I told him that well, few months after meeting him I have started feeling something for him unexplainable.

    Aries and Sagittarius Love Compatibility -

    I wish him the best, happiness to the fullest and though i would like to be with him i know the circumstance. I go crazy when i see him in person, thus I havent seen him in a while. But we talk everyday. Even if just to say hi. Now i asked him, why didnt we try to be together before. We have never argued, he makes me smile laugh etc, and i do the same to him. He says he doesnt know, maybe we should try going out on dates. Now i have no idea what to do. My boyfriend neglects me but it doesnt seem moral to just leave him and go with my sag friend.

    Any suggestions? Again I say I hope to meet Aries lady who likes and can travel by my side around the world in her s. Goose : Lol, sounds like my Saggitarian fella. Perfectly true. Mind blowing. So far, I have been with my Aries girl for 5 years. The first 4 months we were together, we jumped each other every single day, times a day. Mind and soul is alway on fire. She is the love of my life unlit I die. This is so very very true. I have met a sag man at my work and we became friends right away.

    He has a sag girlfriend. But that is o. I have fun goofing around with him. He is so generous and funny. He admitted to me that I teach him to see the world in a new way, to take the time to look around and not stress so much. He teaches me to be more trustworthy. Sags make great friends. Wow, this is so true. We spent sometime outside in the rain, laughing and having a blast, it was such an adventure.

    When he kissed me goodbye, neither of us wanted to leave… it was awful. Just the thought of having to say goodbye again breaks my heart. We only knew eachother for about 4 hours in person, and this is the chemistry we have. So I can safely say that I believe that this HAS to be one of the most compatible matches of the zodiac. Sorry for the long story, but I had to get it all off my chest…I miss him. Aries women Please I could use some advice!! She has two children. I dont want to scare her away but I have strong feelings for her. I finally met this Aries after months of waffling and arguing with each other.

    We met at Starbucks drank coffee and shared a croissant. We discussed gay marriage, Indian culture and went to the bookstore.

    We held hands. I am totally smitten but I have to play it cool. But I want this Aries. And the other one is a Sagittarius. We both met each other in school. He was older than me and and i was younger than him obvious. When he finally knew my name, he always talks to me. As always! We met, fell in love, and married 13 days later. Aries F I know exactly what that means. My Sagittarius man was exactly the same before we met. It means he dated many but not for extended periods of time. My Sagittarius and i have been together a long time now and it have never stopped being beyond description.

    Im a sag man and my wife is an aries women. We meet at a BBQ 5 years ago, 8 months later I married her. Its not all sags just some. The Aries woman is emotionally vulnerable even tho she presents herself as independent and self confident! I agree with everything the reading said, it was definitely on point. And aries baby made a good point about how us aries females are, you are so accurate.

    But heres my story… We met on July 4th 09 and it wasnt the fireworks that was blazing in the sky that had my eyes twinkling, nor the humidity of a summer night that had me sweating. It was a sag.. He was calm, cool, collected and too dang fine. He was also dressed to impress as well. Well the night we met I was on some b. But anyhow this particular sag happens to be my best friends new boyfriend, best friend.. Anyway neither of us said anything. Just keep eyeballing each other. The night goes on. I go home. My phone rings and its my best friend telling me Mr Sag wants my number and Im telling you, from our first date the fireworks keeps exploding time after time.

    Ive never felt anything more real than this. We clicked from the very beginning. When Im upset he knows how to make me laugh. When I am a damsel in distress he would swoop me off of my feet and handle things. Hes very thoughtful and loving. Always willing to try to make me happy. If I ever needed anything he made sure to take care of it. When he looks at me I can see the love. And for someone as handsome and fine.. Never met a man like him. He has a way to make me feel like Im a queen.. I love that!!.. One thing I can say is.. Aint no guessing games when it comes to a sag.

    But anyways.. Now we can all guess why he was dressed to model for GQ magazine when I met him.. Now we are corresponding through emails, letters and phone calls. But our love for each other has grown even more deeply. I know that the chemistry that we shared was real. Being an aries woman, I must say we are very optimistic.

    And I am in love.. Some things are worth waiting for.. I cant wait until we can continue our relationship.. I know that it will be welll worth the wait. Yal wish me luck!! My story will be continued…. Well, Im a aries woman and I love Sagittarius i mean their just Perfect. Their always confident funny and loving he drives me crazy In a Good way!

    I dated a sagittarius and we were in love but i broke up with him for NO reason me being a Stupid , Scared of falling in love girl.