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I also offer my gratitude to my revered sister who blessed me so warmly for my success in this pursuit. I am highly appreciative of the efforts made by Mr. N arinder Sagar, and his son Saurabh Sagar of Sagar Publications, in collecting host of materials and data which immensly helped shaping the book in the present form. Besides, their continous encouragements and relentless support made it possible to present the book before the readers in time. Their genuine passion in promoting vedic astrology in India and abroad is incredible.

The author hopes that the style and content of this work will be easy, enjoyable and stimulating which may encourage the readers to elect to practice the postulations and rules of the commercial astrology enunciated in this book to the best of their advantage. Makar Sankranti 14th January '98 P.

The format of llu hook though exotic in character, has a great deal of utility In kindling the contemporary aspect of astrology. I tiring this period, I received candid vie. Ii i meet the fervent desire of dear readers, GLOSSARY of both iinlmlngical and commercial terms has,been:annexed to this edition in a fond hope that it would come handyand.

It may also provide great v. VflNtidev is a welcome addition in astrological literature in I in 1iii nay the whole world. Gandhiji said that the measurement of good iovernment depends on how its subjects grow "Morally", "Socially" and "Economically". Tulsidas says in Ram-Charitra Mimas, "Poverty is the greatest curse of life on this earth". As mutter of fact, every human being, a company or a nation littN to decide their mode of investment and industry at an opportune moment for a sound business proposition. The fifth and the eleventh houses lieve a direct influence on the earning capability of a native: I lif fifth having bearing on the past Karmas of the native, the ninth representing right conduct in their life, including the tnmpound fate at a given moment in life time and the eleventh house being the house of earning, fulfilment of all wordly desires and the capabi l i ty to overcome all Impediments created by lack of resources, opponents and illficases.

Second house represents accumulated wealth and NOUrcc of economic sustenance and the fourth house- iti cumulation of immovable property and place, means and im do of operation of business or individual venture. In this context the twelfth house has an overall influence, being the Iiounc of expenditure and investment, including the ultimate livcdom from the miseries of world. Vedic astrology in money matters Prasara Hora Shastra has therefore, laid down excellent conditions for enjoyment of life if lord of the 12th house meets the auspicious conditions namely: it should be friendly to the Ascendant lord, occupying the 5th, the 9th or the 11th house, in its own, Mool Trikona and in exaltation signs, with auspicious planets or in Vargas of signs occupying the 5th, the 9 th or the 11th sign in Rashi birth chart.

On the other hand, all energies are imparted by 27 Nakshatras. Thus the interaction of Nakshatras, houses, signs and planets gives an idea about the direction in which an individual should make his or her investment which have an auspicious influence in the horoscope and can give economic prosperity to a native.

The present book would be of immense value and help in this direction. It would help the natives to choose proper timing and direction for their economic activities. It gives different yogas and methods to judge ones own nativity from financial stand point, as well as indications for the prosperity of a company. The technique of the use of "Sarvatobhadra Chakra" on financial matters has been explained in an elaborate manner and would universely help to judge right time in selecting companies for investment or for trading and other economic activities.

Page: 'nble 1. Pakshas and Tithies. List of Nakshatras. Examples of Tarabalas. Inauspicious Yogas. Inauspicious portions of malefic Yogas. Karanas within Tithies. Qualities of Karanas. Nakshiitras for Weekdays. Nakshatras and corresponding places in Kurma Chakra. Places allotted to nine Asteral triads by Varaha Mihira. Ruling signs of countries and notable towns. Classification of sign in terms of decanates.

Commodities and their ruling signs. Rise and fall in commoditie's prices by planetary transits. Nakshatras and their lordships 'able Nakshatras Constellations 'able Groupification of the gunas. Solar and Lunar groups of nakshatras. Commodities and other matters signified by nakshatras. Names and symbols of planets with. Orbs of planetary conjunctions. Tabulation of conjunction. Aspects of swift planets. Aspects of slow planets. Parallel aspects and markets. Solar eclipses from to Lunar eclipses from to Eclipses and nakshatras. Vedic names of tithies. Transiting period of planets in signs and nakshatras.

Relative speeds of the planets. Average periods of retrogression and direct motion of planets. Consonants, vowels and tithies. Tabulation of Vedhas. Effects of Vedhas. Retrograde and stationary periods of planets. Average period of retrogression, setting and rising of planets. Retrogression of planets from to Nakshatras of Gold and Silver. Transit of planets in zodiacal signs in the year Horoscopic Charts: Harshad Mehta.

Bill Gate. Anil Ambani. Chandra Swami. Mukesh Ambani. Amitabh Bachchan. Uttam Kumar. This divine science has four mojor branches viz. This ancient testimonial of vedic origin in which the mankind all over the world has reposed an implicit faith, has been handed down to us by our sages. The fact that astronomy and astrology are being the limbs of vedas, is quite evident from our scriptures. The astrologers, to begin with, had shown interest in astronomy to compute the positions of the stars in the celestial hemisphere.

This pursuit was mainly to know what was stored for the nation, kingdom or rulers rather than for the individuals. The astrologers in those days, concentrated on the horoscopes of the kings in order to know whether good fortune was promised to the kingdom or not as the destiny of kingdom and its subjects were connected with the fate of the King. Therefore, at first, the horoscopes of the members of the royal families were read because the rulers were looked up by their subjects for the preservation of the growth of the nation.

But Grahas Planets , Nakshatras Vedic astrology in money matters liuliiy u. Apart from the four branches of astrology listed out earlier,'Natural Astrology' which originally was the part of Mundane astrology has, of late gained great importance and assumed its own utility. The astrologers are taking keen interest in the study of this facet of astrology. Natural or Physical astrology depicts the influence of the luminaries and the planets upon tides and other terrestrial phenomena i.

Mundane astrology takes into consideration the disposition of heavenly bodies and relates them to the prosperity and adversity of nations and communities. Horary astrology has reference to horoscopes erected at the time when a person has an earnest and intense desire to know the result or effect of any undertaking or impending event. An astrologer having competence in this field, would provide information sought for by the querent provided that person has complete faith in this science and genuine urge of knowing the answer to the query.

It may, however, be clearly understood that the horoscopes indicate tendencies only and depict what is likely to happen. It has an inestimable value is assisting the individual to know and be forewarned to avert evils or to take advantage of the opportunity provided by 'Fate' per se.

A lthough all branches of astrology are equally fascinatin'g and instructive, the Natural and Mundane The Investors 3 iihlrology. The nations which have sound 14 onomic base and sustainable peace, the living standards nl llu'ir people become quite high. On the contrary, a nation coding under the disturbed conditions with poor economy i hardly provide healthy environments to its people.

In I In' former case, the nation would be under the influence of Iwnofic planetary disposition and while in the latter, malefic pliinots would be causing adverse effects. Trading and other economical affairs can not escape the Influence of celestial bodies. Although this forms part of mundane astrology, the increased activi ties in stock exchanges and speculalory dealings, have promted many UNtrologers to work in this field rather more seriously. The iiHlrology of the commodities remained one of the segments of the divine science and many references are available in Ihe ancient scriptures related to astrology.

Trei astrologi o singură concluzie - Urania, Voropchievici, Pătrășcanu. Horoscop săptămânal

However, with I ho latest developments in handling forward tradings and nffairs of stock markets astrologically, the interest of the mundane astrology has been profoundly focussed on Commercial Astrology which deals with the commodities markets and other commercial and speculatory activities guided by the principles of the Vedic Astrology.

India has mothered astrology, yet the commercial astrology has a lot of scope for research and sustained study, especially in the urea of Stock Exchanges and Stock Markets which started operating in India qui telate as compared to thg other developed countries of the world. Besides, many facets of commercial activities have ajso undergone dramatic changes. Trading, by and large, has come in the hands of professionals who employ many scientific tools in managing the affairs, i The scriptures Shastrns of our sages and also Works 4 Veclic astrology in money matters carried out by our eminent astrologers are limited to old and traditional items while there is world of change in their t'AVjLb ; manifestations.

Although the present breed of astrologers through their serious works and experience have tried to fit in the new inventory of items in the ariibit of signs and planets, yet much more work is still required to be done before one could reach on a firm ground and say something with an element of certainty. TThis is the major factor to guide the pricing pattern of any commodity. Drought, flood, good rains etc. The role of solar and lunar eclipses is predominant in the mundane astrology so is in the commercial astrology.

Commercial astrology, therefore, is the most useful branch of astrology. This is also based on the classical principles of natal astrology. The indepth knowledge of natal astrology is necessary to understand and practice commercial astrology. As stated earlier, it dwells on the commodity markets which are the very basis through which Stock Markets are studied.

Vedic Astrology through its centuries of sustained studies of the celestial bodies and their effects on the terrestrial life, formulated certain combinations to understand the fluctuations, both in terms of quantum and prices. The planets signify all the mundane matters. A commodity, at times, is ruled by two or more planets. In order to derive subtle results, all these I til I nonces have to be taken into account without ignoring iiny one of them.

The political Mcenario both domestic and international, have direct Iwarings on the prices. But in effect, such conditions are created by the planetary configurations or Influences put forth by a set of planets capable of creating arcity even though the items are available in abundance. Broadly speaking, influence of J upi ter shows environment of plenty and prosperity and thereby it depresses prices.

On the other hand, Saturn's influence causes shortage, famine like conditions and in turn appreciates the prices of all the commodities under its spell. Likewise, the other malefic planets viz. The fluctuations often render-7 contrary effects in the stock markets. For example, a shortage of a particular item brings rise to the prices but the shares of I he same item falls. When Rahu was in Libra in the year and , the prices of clothes went up due to strike in the textile mills.

Venus being the lord of Libra denotes cloth. As a result of these developments, the shares of the company dealing with the textile materials got depressed. Similarly, Jupiter signifies gold and petrol and rules over Sagittarius and the transit of Rahu and Saturn over this sign in the year brought sudden spurt in. The Government also went into stlep hike in the prices of petrol 6 Vedic astrology in money matters and petroleum products. As the civilisation progressed, the mankind constantly raised their standard of living. To make living more and more comfortable, inventions were made constantly.

In ordey to regulate the activities of human being in a cohesive manner, the concept of trading through circulation of money was innovated. The inventors kept on evolving simple yet effective methods in their pursuits to gain maximum with least possible investments. This gave birth to trading norms which governs every business and trading centres even today.

TAUR 15 22 septembrie

Their norms have similarities as well as differences depending upon prevailing local traditions, characteristic of a particular commodity and different laws promulgated by the state authorities. Based on the regulatory provisions of each Chamber of Commerce or Trading Centre, the transitions of buying and selling take effect through different modes which in common business parlance are called trading, speculation, forward trading etc.

Trading : an intrinsic nature : I t is an intrinsic nature of the mankind to make maximum profits with bare minimum investments and also with least botherations. Most of the persons with such tendencies, undertake different pursuits to achieve their objectives. However, keeping this aim of making quick bucks at the back of their minds, the trade commonly ventured by them'is forward trading or speculation. After entering into this type Of business, one generally gets inhibition of failure or state of helplessness after earlier setbacks. He often becomes directionless and his concentration gets distorted.

Fear psychosis hounds him and he starts giving away his I he Investors 7 iiii lii 'H, I Kvspite his shattered confidence, the compulsions il ill1game gravitates hirii through the venture. Once he musters Ii" tyi'll lo light with full zeal and courage, he ingrains pellet lion find that is the touchstone for him.

I lie present economic upsurge, all around advancement Hlttl people enormously adopting fast life style, have made pet illation as part of a routine business for speedy HHllllplit'iilion of the fortune. Governance of speculatory IuiMiichh is carried out under a proper game plan. It has two Innli dimensions i. Not merely acquaintance of Ulnae rules but also impecable perfection is required; Hllte wise, one works on a slippery ground.

Losses or gains Hi uperiilation is squarely attributed to one's own acumen til nIh ii'P wittedness as it is one man show. Before one tikes plunge, a host of information which instills much in'tlnd confidence, is required. Without holding adequate IfcpiMlencc and assuredness, a speculator always functions Kinder lurking fear of failure. A few setbacks might totally 'liange Ihe facet of his life.

However, one with astute Capabilities should be able to define one's objectives and Unit In rather explicitly. II should be borne in mind that when you enter in the liHHlness you are competing with the most experienced and well established players who are equiped with all kinds of I 11' Isn of the trade and enjoy support. They are like sharks In Ihe ocean who are always out to swallow. Ilenldes, I hey acquire the services of such persons who have where-whith'al to provide accurate information and Vedic astrology in money matters projections on agricultural produce, industrial productions, governments financial policies etc.

Entering into this infamous world of plunderers with insufficient experience and limited finances and venture to compete with the hawks who are out to take a pound of flesh every time you tend to cross their ways, you are required to muster enough courage, hold your confidence and play your cards with great care and precision. You should never get U rVV'. Whenever any dramatic changes occur in nature, policies, economic structure etc.

The government generally tailor their fiscal policies to frustrate the moves of the speculators. The major players try to hoard the goods to execute false scarcity and set in upward spiral effect in the prices to corner a neat sum. The government on the other hand, impose all sorts of restrictions to arrest the inflationary trends. In this tug of war, if you maintain a low profile, you can take advantage of the situation at an appropriate juncture and make money even in the presence of big players. The wait and watch strategy is like shoot and scoot which helps establishing in this field of plunderers gradually.

Therefore, the speculatory trade if handled t olt'Hsionally and resources are utilized diligently, there is oilier business which enables you to earn sumptuous money so easily. Just play intelligently in between bullish hi I bearish swings but never get swayed for an illusory 11mills and do not overstep the resources through an Imprudent way because end of reckless movements is always IuiiI mid depressing. Meddling with trade everyday and increasing activities ImMi'ssly, by merely seeing markets going a bit bullish, is lipvor reckoned a clever move.

Weekly averages and favourable swings should roughly form the basis to corner ii portion of intended profits. This is always considered Millident for a sustainable business. Therefore, the first and foremost principle of forward lending is to do business freely but diligently and within own strength and means.

Even with inflationary market liriuls and fully confident to run the market favourably, one In mi Id not venture to do business beyond one's capacity. HfrtNon being that hefty earnings through risky efforts makes mu' lo lose mental control and balance of mind leading to oviMMlrpping the rules of the game and the end results may hr disastrous. Besides, every visit to stock exchange should not hr on the presumption that striking a deal is a must. It is only alter thorough study of the market and on the day a 10 Vedic astrology in money matters favourable swing is found, the deal should be concluded.

Ups and downs in the prices are not a daily phenomenon. Small gains here and there should not be taken a level of overall income because it is quite possible that a few weeks of favourable trend may not come again for months together.

Assessment of gains, is therefore, be on the basis of overall income for a particular period rather than on short terms of gains. Principles guiding markets : Before we really set on to describe principles guiding bullish and bearish trends for trading, one thing should be clearly understood that there are mainly two systems of generating profits.

Firstly, to produce such items or facilities through which the needs and wants of public, at large, are met or helps those persons who are behind producing such items. Secondly, to solicit gains by exploiting desperate needs of the others. This strategy also forms part of forwardtrading because copious gains are made on other's compulsions and privation.

By generating demands through this practice force the persons to pay any price for their urgent requirements. On the contrary, a spurt in the production depresses the demand and market becomes sluggish and no one is prepared to pay even the right price. An astute businessman is always at the look out for such desperate situations to make neat profits through manipulations. Efforts are always made by the government to control the surplus production to check the price line in order to repose confidence in the public, On the other hand, traders attempt to create shortages to fetch the desired price.

A few decades back, standing crop of cotton ctc. Mm icy is the major input and vital limb of any business i I in I he case of professional or consultancy services. A deal should be struck after a careful analysis of the feltd tind clearly understanding the climate of the market. Watchfulness is the hallmark of speculation, p i iif who are lazy and lethargic in their approach, generally liibr In the bargain. Remaining alert, not to change mind on rounds, and rerjram to act over rumours, generally mn fill'd by the vested interest, are the absolute conditions.

By correct choice, we nii'iiti loyal, sincere and above all having adequate knowledge on the subject. Do not choose an advisor on his Iiir value and do not follow any advice blindly. I t should I. Vedic astrology in money matters bo checked and cross checked before acted upon.

Use of Print Media : Number of leading dailies are also releasing newspaper exclusively dealing with the financial activities of the world in general and of the country in particular. These are popularly known as "Pink Papers". Every aspirant actively involved in stocks, speculation or any other similar trading pursuits, do subscribe to one or two such financial dailies to keep abreast with the trade and business developments and gather much needed information, to support a particular venture.

Daily critical study and analysis of these publications keeps the erratic impulses under check. An indepth examination everyday stimulates an independent assessment of a greater credibility. These inputs provide an edge over others which should not be shared or revealed even under any state of provocation. In India, agricultural production predominantly depends upon the level of rains each year. Therefore, if timely rains are not there or monsoon fails, the prices of agricultural produce shoot up. On the other hand, in the event of good crops, the prices of the commodities get depressed.

In addition, the effect of the shortage of other inputs such as fertilizer etc. To arrest the inflationary trend, if government resort to timely imports of scarce items, the prices would be controlled. Mill i nr failure depends upon proper and accurate i dcoju- Mini iiinl Ions as against casual and perfunctory assessments. Ignorance of statuary HHiipubiions puts a trader into deep trouble. Tin' first possibility is of market remaining bullish, the nml, lo be bearish and the third one is the slippery trend if which the market keeps on fluctuating upwards and ttownwards but within certain parameters.

It is in the third III lial Ion where it becomes rather difficult to make decisions fid earn profits. Normally a trader gets atuned to the market Mill lions but in the event of erratic trend, the investors do Ii Into losses due to i nabi l i ty to make short term IjliNtments. In this paradoxical situation, a person having nirp wits and deep concentration over the whole affairs jfcll even take advantage of such ticklish situations. I,aw of averaging plays an important role in dealing With uncertainty but the parameters of bullish and bearish Ha to be marked rather very carefully. When the prices touch the lower segment, that is tin appropriate time to generate profits.

Market for any commodity moves in a set pattern and it determines its own extremities like pencfulum of a clock. Bv establishing the A '. Perception of global markets : As detailed earlier, "Pink Papers" which predominantly cover financial news of the country and also the world, have become very popular amoiigst the senior executives of big companies and modern upcoming business community.

The present fast moving economy, globalisation of practically every trade and rapid development of electronic media,. It is a great folly to act on the trend of a particular product indicated by the local market spread on production and consumption. It is absolutely necessary to minutely analyse the transactions of major markets of the country in context with the international markets before making any deal. Lot depends upon the mood and trend set by the markets controlled by super economic powers like USA, Japan, Middle East and major European countries.

The standard of newspapers exclusively dealing with the economic and financial affairs published in India is no less than any i nternati onal l y acclaimed newspaper. Analytical stories, critics and reports published on a wide range of economical and political subjects are exceedingly useful to impart comprehensive knowledge practically on any conceivable item. Practically every business house worth the Hrtitu l'i the member of these institutions and draw full flplti'lil hum I heir activities.

For a single industrialist or JMIh liy, il becomes very difficult to give vent to their IfiiMi'liiH nd for such purpose, the forums of these pkllliilluns become quite handy. Hflvvcver, il should not perculate to a stage of demoralisation under its influence, one tends to go reckless and wrong decisions. It is not lil of deals which are important, but a few well planned ivm p,ivc's better profits writh much less risk. An indepth jllilv of market trends and swings are the essential precursor llle whole gamut. These factors are IVvii ys borne in mind even handling a small deal because jiy i ompromise the essential inputs lands an investor Hlu deep trouble.

Self trust could only be inculcated through BllHliinl assimilation of correct market signals concerning feinhi. Updating with the fiscal and financial policies of the major players of the world help identifying the capital environment and of leading countries. It has become more relevant in the present state of liberalisation of the our country's trading policies where multinational companies are evincing great interest in shaping the business atmosphere on a positive note.

Beware of political pronouncements : The transitionary economic scenario of has set the tone of Brisk and reckless buying and selling without serious calculations. These moves are purely speculatory. Therefore, this is the time when temptations are resisted to avoid regrets later because stability in the economy is yet to arrive as government policies are still to be firmed up. Infact, government remains unstable and dabbling with the country's future. Most of the schemes being pronounced at this juncture can not be taken at their face value as the economic situation still remains unclear.

To illustrate; in the early part of the month of January , the than Prime Minister Mr. Deve Gowda gave a statement that the government would announce a major economic package within a week's time to boost the capital market and resort to "borrowings" to bridge the mounting gap in the oil pool account.

With this announcement frekfy buyings were rallied between 14th and 16th January The foreign investors have resilmel3 their buying operations. On 15th January , Sensex zoomed over points i. However, on 18th January , the nose. On 15th January wlii'ii prices spiraled above their week highs, pushing Ni 'iiihv sharply upto Many investors felt sorry for not having a go at it. Their 1 for having missed the golden opportunity was tyHlntindod because those who had entered rather too early mni ti. Ii'h ill the game : I lit1above episode highlights one thing that an investor Mi "play by the rules" and not to act haphazardly.

When everyone around you is buying in a frenzy, give yourself a break. This is quite evident from the above episode, that only those investors who entered the fray have lost money in the bargain. II WI ion market is showing a study bullish trend, buy whenever the market reacts. That is to buy on the Iodines. Whenever there is corrections after a quick I'Imo, hotter buy at lower levels by allowing the market to settle at its bottom.

I t is a noted fact that I Mliarp declines are followed by a steep'rise generally I with Iho same magnitude and then settle high. It is noticed that a bullish trend sets in whenever a good news breaks but buying should only be resorted to when uptrend sustains. At the same time when a bad news hits the market or for a particular company, there would, be panic selling and buying at that stage yields good returns as after the panic is over, there would be an upswing. Do npt go in for blind scrips which are unknown. Never speculate without knowing the healthiness of the stocks.

Atleast do not risk your money for hearsay or least known stocks. If you dry up your funds souring capacity, you will be in a dire strait to retrieve the position because at that stage, it becomes difficult to meet the requirements of margins and financing charges and you have to sell out vour stocks at a loss. Small timers always become fodder for the big ones and they can ill afford to speculate because occasional speculators seldom make profits. An astute player m i hlM in the stocks when others ignore them and sells them nil whi'n others get involved in buying.

These are the key WokIn lor the fringe players who are at the verge of entering lOlo this dilcey yet very challenging business of speculations in n! However, if the planetary ItlI gurations are potent enough to yield wealth, the "illon will arise when? Here the astrological factors such liming of events, comes handy. Therefore, if a trader acts tit III the favourable time, there is every possibility of piling success. In I ndia we find references of astrological renderings in the ancient scriptures like Ramayana and Mnhabharata. In the modern time, scientists of great eminence like Isaac Newton had reposed great faith in this divine science and recognised the effects of celestial bodies over the terrestrial activities.

He infact himself was an ardent astrologer. He once retorted his pupil who had disregarded and ridiculed astrology by saying "I have studied these things and you haven't". This was a befitting answer to those who are scepticals about the efficacy of the astrologv, as their ostentations are based on the high conduct and achievements of science.

Now there are many renowned scientists and astronomers who are getting inclined towards this astronomical based science and none have any doubt over the fact that there exists an intricate relationship between celestial disturbances and terrestrial happenings. The credit of discovering some of the fundamental cosmic laws regulating the universe and inhabitants of the earth goes to the ancient sages. All this perhaps has been possible due to vibrant consciousness activated through yogic method and Divya Drishti Divine power.

Scientists and Astronomers can say with accuracy what iii I is happening in the universe but what they are incapable ul doing is relating these activities with the behaviour of human beings. The treatises propounded by our great seers have a clear message , lh. This what astrology is all about. The le,irned astrologers have created time co-ordinated system which transcended ordinary human frontier and established ,i lime link between the happenings on the earth and in the rest of universe.

This conception later on became an ideal I nr the astrologers who needed some mechanism to refer r. The planets initially assumed entities fjto be worshiped. At its final i. A secret that mind exerts di rect infl uence on the outer world, now ,u knowledged by the psychologists, was well known to the liMi neds of this science long before. Time evolution is allied1 lo I lie astrological perception.

The planets are the testification ol matter and these planets are under constant motion in l he universe space. Their movements are governed by time. I he linkage between "Time Space" and "Matter" become the h. I t does control the hustling movements of trading overtures and'cause market fluctuations stir, fuss and arao that make the tradesman reel iifoCjry under its pressure. All this topsy-turvy happenings are the game plan of the heavenly forces in which human bodies are the players remotely controlled therefrom to which we call cosmic laws.

The market fluctuations as has been amplified in the ACCryUU r introductory part, are caused by the starcity or excessiveness of a particular item. This gives way tp. The 1. These realms of nature transcend from the cosmic energy and disturbances are caused in the universe. It is a settled phenomena that NATURE does play an important role or for that matter is a key factor in stablising and destabilising the market prices and other ups and downs in the whole gamut.

In a common parlance, nature relates to the whole frame of the universe which explains how time, matters and other mundane factors are closely inter-linked with the causation of the spectrum of the forces of the universe such as magnetic currents, radiations and gravitions which emanate from the heavenly bodies. Since the cosmic rays at one point of time penetrate at variant angles and intensities on different areas countries over the earth, the diverse results are observed in various places of the world at the same period. Some places of the world I, destructions due to natural calamities and yet another pin is nf the globe enjoy boom and prosperity.

These factors, in the tore of ini i miomy and astrology, are attributed to the cosmic disturbances caused by the alterations and changing i. It clearly focusses on the fact that celestial bodies do dominate the global. I terns largely depend upon the availability. What makes sliitriages or surpluses? Why all these fluctuations occur? I he answer is quite simple. As already clarified that the movements of the heavenly bodies in the clestial sphere i usite disability in every terrestrial activity and these i ommercial events are not beyond their influences. To illustrate this phenomenon, we may say that the luminaries regulate the atmosphere, thereby they control the environment which besides other things, command the human mind.

Full moon days generate high tides in the ocean due to intense attractions between the Sun and the Moon having been positioned at an opposite longitudinal distance on lliis day. There could never be an Earthquake or other physical disturbances of any kind but for the interaction and mutual attraction of planetary forces. Similarly, the interplay of the heavenly bodies also influences crops, productions, rise and fall of market prices and other economic activities. This is a matter beyond dispute, otherwise, the ocean would be tideless without volatising power of attraction exerted by the luminaries.

The Sun with its solar system forms one harmoneous and balanced whole and every member of this system interact each other to generate viberations and magnetic fields to regulate the activities on the earth. The apperant determinants of these factors, to a common man, could be just a principle of supply and demand, but the origin of this concept lies in the celestial objects which electrify the earth with their radiations and viberations according to their dispositions in the universe.

When prices of commodities are appreciated or get depressed, it is attributed to bad or good crops and such status of crop is again accredited to favourable and unfavourable atmospheric conditions.

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The status of a particular commodity or item could be analysed by taking into consideration, the positions of planets through such items get vitalised. In this dynamic world, every thing or situation is i limiting. The change is either fast or slow, but change is a Hill! Under this ever changing scenario, the consequential Mmliiatxons in the commercial activities are not the matter nl h i m prise. Astrologically we know' that these changes are brought about by the displacements of planets and other i rlr.

Niial determinants and once the reasons of changes are I loured out, the element of surprise get vanished. The At times, an individual brings conceptual changes In llu' entire system, society and a country, due to strong liivourable influences over his nativity. I'or example in the early part of s, Mr. Harshad Mi lita an astute share broker who made fortune by diligently manipulating the share markets and also taking advantage ol the lppp holes in the banking systems of the country.

He amassed millions of rupees in a short span of time. He with his unscrupulous moves, changed the whole complexion of I ho share markets. He made this business so vibrant that ovory second person, in those days got involved in it. Mehta went whole hog in speculatory buyings and raised market tempo artificially through manipulation of the stocks wilh the connivance of the authorities. His horoscopic chart is placed below. Rahu Mars Sat.


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Venus Sun Rahu In the birth chart, J upiter, Mercury and Ketu are conjoining the 10th house which speaks of professional dishonesty. Exalted Saturn, the lord of the 5th house speculation and wisdom and also of the 6th house, is posited in the 2nd house Wealth and aspecting therefrom, the 8th house wind fall and the 11th house gains and also 11th lord.

Jupiter, Karnka of wealth though badly afflicted, aspects Saturn in the 2nd house. All these combinations depict tumultuous income through speculatory activities by employing unethical means. Again, retrograde Mars, the lord Celestial phenomena 27 I lie Hlh house casting its aspects on the 10th and the 11th Id him", and also on the Sun and the Moon, the lords of the 1,'lh and I he 11th houses.

He ran out of luck and mel with a sudden down fall. The lesson that could be drawn from this episode is that how an individual, when the time and planetary disposition Were in his favour, brought a sea change in the share markets. I lie power of celestial bodies are greatly evident in many pecuniary cases of rag to riches in a short spell. He became multi millionaire and one of the richest persons in U.

This shows how the radical planetary pn-. These principles are equally-applicable in the terrestrial changes which we often observe. All the events and activities are meticulously guided and influenced by the cosmic radiations resulted from the planetary interactions. Business activities can not but also I'. Once some one gets engaged in any type of trading activity or enter market to transact.

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Thousands of persons who are indulging in the marketing and carry out different transactions hardly know II t their movements and mental faculty are being contrived and impelled by the inperceptible laws actuated by the heavenly bodies. To interpret the cosmic laws is where astrology manifests incredible knowledge and logical explanations. If the general rules set forth in the astrology are duly accounted for and the impact and influences of the planetary forces are superimposed over the market inputs, pricing behaviour and the world's economic scenario, many puzzling and mystifying situations get resolved.

But even these perplexed happenings have some rhythm or pattern which an astute person is only able tc identify. Speculation is not considered, by many, a righteous deed and keep off it due to the fear of getting hooked, But it is not realised that in any venture or pursuit, their is some lurking doubt whether it ends up favourably or not. Like this, any activity is fathomed with an element of risk which does not mean that there should be no movements. Non performance takes to a state of inertness and develops inertia.

Hazarding a move is the challenging aspect and provide thrilling experience in which a crafty person speculates and shapes the moves cleverly to minimise the imperiiment. One should appreciate the fact that trade and commerce activities without any exception, are of the nature of speculating investments.


For that matter, even education falls in the same category as wre have seen that highly qualified person is not doing well to earn his livelihood. On the contrary, many lowly educated persons are making fortune. Wild I wo have to say to this if not startling and unpredictable lnippcnings. Here also his hpci ulalion, some what, failed as he adopted a diagonally opposite trait. I liis is the law of uncertainty where certain conditions j hi i i vi led by the adverse influences exerted by the planetary u ,! I f celestial sways. For example, to some it is in the form of labour u lnle to others, it is in the shape of money and yet to others, II i'.

To elaborate it further, it can be n. I lero, the trader is speculating against the rise and fall Iciuloncies of market prices. In fine, it could be said that all the activities are the 'iiihjeot matter of cosmic laws. The success lies in foreseeing Ill Wi Ih astrology in money matters unl. Finance provides status, popularity and ensures self-respect.

It stands as an Insurance for a lean period or in a dire strait. It is quite possible that even with all kinds ol accurate assessments about the trend of a particular trade market behaviour, yet it becomes difficult to reap the brnrfit or even good moves are turned into unexpected losses. All these unpredictable and unexplainable results luvr answers in astrology.

Astrology states with a degree of i! Astrology also Iirovides remedy to a bad situation and one such curative filep lies in a proper selection of time through Muhurtha I lectional Astrology. This is one of the important branches ol ihe divine science which acts over and above all the i aK illations that go in making a good or bad move in the trading activities. It is a kind of reassurance and also acts as ,i governance to check against taking plunge at wrong times.

Any person who has a little exposure to astrology knows about dhana yoga. He would assess it through 2nd house income and wealth , the 5th house intuition and speculation , 9th house luck and the 11th house gains of a chart. The relationship between these four houses indicates financial status of an individual. Ascendant which denotes "self" always plays an important role.

In addition, in Vedic astrology, the Moon sign is like an Ascendant and is a dominant factor. Therefore, a strong Ascendant and also powerful and well placed Moon, lend great support to money generating "Dhana Yogas". Jupiter, the signifactor karaka for status and wealth besides other traits, determines the financial status of a person.

Divine Trimurti, namely Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha are said to be responsible for creation, protection and destruction respectively. The chief wrork of Lord Vishnu is to rear up and give protection to the creation done by Lord Brahma. Just as there are four Ashramas, in the same way, there are four Avasthas. The third group consists of 3rd, 7th and 11th houses, known as Kama Trikona houses, the triplicity of airy signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius Vayu Tattwa. The last triplicity represents 4th, 8th and 12th houses which are Moksha houses corresponding to watery signs such as Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces Jala Tattwa.

Similarly, the angular houses 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th are known as Lakshmi Sthana while the trine houses 1st, 5th and I ombm. Hence Ascendant i. I In' A scendant and the 11th house indicate riches! All unexpected incomes through windfall and at 11iiisilion of wealth by way of inheritance or from some ti'iimU' sources are coupled with the strength of the 8th In Hi'. Wealth yielding planets dhana karakas are Jupiter and VtMMis.

Jupiter provides wrealth through righteous means, Wl'. While wealth acquired with the blessings of Vniiis renders opulence in. The Sun bestows dignity, status and I' ingship and the Moon inculcates creativity. Therefore, a harmonious connection Sambandha of the luminaries with lingular and trinal houses creates most effective dhana yoga. I lovvever, nullification of Dhana Yoga takes cffect once the ilgnil'Kators of wealth get afflicted by the lords of the 6th, lIn' 8th or the 12th houses in the crucial positions of the horoscope of the native. Similarly, if a strong malefic is in the 10th house counted from the Ascendant or the Moon and aspected by or conjoined with a benefic plant, the native with such configuration in his horoscope possesses much wealth earned through gambling and lottery.

Instead of a strong malefic, if benefic planet is placed, wealth comes through speculation and stock buying, After delineating the factors indicating general financial status, it is appropriate to focus on sudden and unexpected gains in one's life through various combinations expounded by the seers in the field of astrology. The 2nd house is reckoned as house of wealth dliann sthana and the 5th house apart from being house of progeny putra sthana concerns with speculatory gains.

As we are aware that to be blessed with these type of gains, luck has to play a a major role. Again, the 5th house is the 2nd house from the 4th house which also represents general public. Gains through lotteries which involve public money and where benefit of one person is against the contributions or loss of the public.

Therefore, the 5th house stands for speculations, lotteries etc. J upiter signifactor karaka of wealth if placed in the 5th house The 8th house is for a sudden and secret wealth and Combination for riches ' -y - , 35 lulu The inter- h I ilmn mnubmuiha of the lords of these houses who are I il I i wisc, well placed and aspected, do result in acquisition fi u i'.

In addition, the house of trade i. Further, the 6th house and its lord have an Import. I he combinations accountable for success and gains in I ul. Some of the crucial combinations suggested below : i The 2nd, the 5th and the l l l h houses and their lords should be well placed and well aspected in the birth chart. This is the fundamental basis from where the other combinations of speculatory gains are to be looked into.

Although the involvement ill lords of the 6th and 8th houses in the syndrome yield I Mill like unexpected, and sudden gains besides inheritance, I hi v. Mahadeva was a great savant of astrology who lived in the middle of the 19th century and collated a good number of SUTRAS which were short and easy to be memorised.

The yogas i. Although, at first instance, the native may not believe but a few wrong moves yielding losses likely to bring sufficient enlightenments. Besides, There are many more combinations yogas that would cause losses or clamp poverty to the native. It is not i onsidered much useful to list out all of them as it would unnecessarily create burden and confusion for the readers. In line, it would suffice to know the cardinal principle that involvement of the trik houses dushta sthanas and the influence of the lords of these houses mitigates or at times depending upon the strength and the status of these lords spoils the entire benefic effects of the Dhana Yogas.

In other words, it turns them into the combination of losses and poverty. The Western astrologers have put a greater degree of reliance over the Trans-Saturnian planets. They do not recognise the shadowy planets such as Rahu and Ketu Ascendant and Descendant nodes. These are amongst the recent astronomical discoveries which have taken place in the years , and respectively. We see that Pluto is the find of only 20th century.

Therefore, these are not figured in the Vedic astrology and recognised by the Indian astrologers. How'ever, when some purposeful and serious interaction started taking place during preceding half century or so, the Western astrologers have evinced interest in the shadowy planets as with their use they are getting encouraging results. At the same time, the Indian astrologers have also started giving credence to the Trans-Saturnian planets, particularly so in the "Mundane Astrology".

These are as follows : i When the lords of the 5th and the 8th houses are in benefic aspect with Uranus. It is remembered that the aspect of the weightier planets Jupiter, Saturn serve stronger indications. The sources from which such gains are obtained can be known by studying the nature of planets, their house lordships and their ruling positions.

Here, it is necessary to consider the strength of the lord of the 5th house and the 2nd house as well. I t is held by many that the Fortuna llulit. This point is found by mlding the longitudes of the Ascendant to that of the Moon ,nid subtracted that of the longitude of the Sun. Add degrees when necessary. I 06 hrs. Therefore, considering '12 Vedic astrology in money matters Fortuna as chief controller of the pecuniary well-being of the native stands to reason.

The wealth rendering combination of Jaimini with the application of "Arudha Ascendants" is dealt with later in this chapter to provide yet another tool to the reader to check potential of the wealth in a horoscope. Still on Fortuna, the author suggests that it is worthwhile to examine the efficacy of this imaginary point in the horoscopes and take advantage of this extra tool for delineation. It is generally observed that the conjunctions of planets with Fortuna have much significance than the aspects which give effects of secondary nature. Fortuna being conjunction with or in good aspect to the' malefic planets promotes good luck and riches just like ascendancy to affluency is caused by the benefic planets through their associations.

But the malefic planets involved are to be well fortified or have lordship of good houses. The following are some of the wealth giving combinations involving Fortuna : i The lord of the sign harbouring Fortuna is strong by sign and having aspects with the Luminaries, Jupiter and Venus makes the native rich. But bad aspect gives negative results in such pursuits. Combination lor riches 43 iv If Fortuna is in Succedent panaphara houses i. A link is forged when planets involved. Exchange of houses parivnrtana or Mutual reception.

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When aspected by its dispositor. In Ibis scheme of things, certain set methodology has been iiilnplcd based on the influences that the concerned planets 'i I over each others. These diverse combinations mainly centered! According to Vedic I I Vedic astrology in money matters. These principles do not have any universal applications.

The effects are of explicit nature which are related to that particular yoga alone. Panasonic wv-sltn datasheet.

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