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Dharma Houses give peak experiences in awareness and self-expression. We are able to wield the energy or faculties of planets in the 5 th house easily, almost playfully, like something we have done forever. We enjoy the activities associated with planets in the 5 th house, and so we may easily excel in them.

The 9 th house is associated with religion in both Jyotish and Western astrology. Gurus and mentors, shown in the 9 th House, point out the way , and lead us along the road to the achievement of our fullest possible individuation , or self-realization. The natural benefic Jupiter, as 10 th lord, is located in the 5 th House and from there aspects the 1 st and 9 th houses, since Jupiter in Jyotish specifically aspects within the triplicity it occupies.

Another preacher man with a penchant for politics is Martin Luther King.

horoscop acvaria capricornn azi

His Jyotish chart shows Jupiter, or Guru, in the 1 st house, happy in Mars ruled Aries, as lord of the 9 th house. Here too Jupiter aspects both the 5 th and 9 th houses and strengthens the entire Dharma Triplicity. The Sun, his 5 th lord, is in the 10 th house in Capricorn. As already noted, such a combining of the Angular and Dharma houses is considered very empowering and auspicious in Jyotish.

What Books Say About Fifth House in Astrology

Simple and clear. It puts materialism in its place. The 2 nd House represents both food and money or material possessions in Jyotish. Food is in fact the most fundamental material need we have, the most basic material support we require, and we typically meet this need with money. Your immediate social support. The people who not only break bread with you, but also nurture and protect you in other ways as part of your innermost circle. It could be argued that to eat bad food, and to lack household nurture, is a brand of ultimately material poverty. Understanding and managing your 2 nd house Artha is more holistic than eyeing the numbers on your bank account.

सूर्य मंगल रेखा या पूर्व पुण्य रेखा का क्या रहस्य है जानें - PURVA PUNYA REKHA - ASTRO NEERAJ

The 6 th house, being the house of work and service, and by extension servants or employees, is where we earn our daily bread through the rigours of developing and applying useful skills. Our work needs to meet a certain standard to be of any use. It is practical apprenticeship, compared to the honour and worldly authority of the 10 th house.

Everyone sooner or later has to earn their keep. There is an element of struggle in the 6 th house, to a greater degree than with either of the other two Artha houses. Illness, accidents and enemies may here threaten our fortress. We have to meet these contingencies with fortitude, vigour, commitment and skill.

Fifth House in Astrology: House of Knowledge, Creativity and Fun

The sterner malefic planets, in fact, yield useful results in the 6 th house — wilting wallflowers and shrinking violets need not apply! Benefics struggle here, at least for at time, but ultimately improve due to the 6 th house instinct for fixing and adjusting.

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The 10 th house is in a sense the highest or consummate expression of Artha. A brief perusal of this old tome of practical wisdom reminds one of how well one needs to know the world, society, and people, to manage Artha at that exalted level. You have to build bridges, wage war, wage diplomacy, uncover intrigue and conquer hidden enemies, grow the treasury. If we are not at the very pinnacle of worldly power and influence, the 10 th house will represent those who stand above us in the social hierarchy, and upon whose goodwill our Artha may substantially depend; the elders and authorities of our social organization.

At a higher level you have a career that requires harder work, or greater skill, something fairly specialized, important and respected socially, and therefore as a doctor, lawyer, judge or military general, for example, your status ensures that you will enjoy a level of preferential treatment. If we are able to rise head and shoulders above others through our ambition, self mastery and effort, and successfully undertake great works for the benefit of many, we are recognized, if not celebrated far and wide.

If 10 th House Artha is mastered, then, inasmuch as it is the highest of the artha houses, we as a matter of course tend to eat fine foods, our words are edicts or become public discourse, and we are spared much 6 th house type subservience, rigor and dirty work. Muhammad Ali, someone who rose to tremendous heights of fame and influence through his career achievements, has Mars in the 10 th house in Aries in his Jyotish chart. His 10 th house is enormously bolstered by this fact alone, and indeed, as Mars would have it, he was famous as a fighter.

Leonardo da Vinci has, in his Jyotish chart, an exalted Sun in Aries in the 6 th house, as lord of the 10 th house which already says a whole lot about him. Both the 6 th and 10 th benefit so far. The lord of the 6 th house is exalted Mars in Capricorn in the 3 rd house. Jupiter, lord of the 2 nd house, is comfortable enough in the 4 th house, and is Conjunct 9 th house lord Moon. The Moon and Jupiter, as two natural and temporal benefics being lords of the 9 th and 5 th respectively , aspect the unoccupied 10 th house with beneficial influence, supporting his social prestige and status.

Leonardo da Vinci was a meticulous, but also a bold and pioneering worker.

Natal promises for Speculative Gains

He believed in his own practical ability, and he gained opportunities to demonstrate it:. Gordon Ramsay, we know, is capable of producing and regularly savours the finest foods in the world. It is almost patently obvious from his Jyotish chart at a glance, what with exalted Jupiter in the 2 nd house of food and all. This is sanchita karma. Of these sanchita karma some are punya and some Papa and some mishra. This Punya is known as Poorva Janma punya.

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Thus 5th house is very auspicious and any association with 5th house lord or bhava ,gives immense happiness due to that factor. When malefics or debilitated planet aspect fifth house or lord, it is said there is loss of poorva punya. What is meant by loss of poorva punya?

click This missing of a chance to enjoy benefits can be as a loss to win over a maid, win a competition or lottery or a election. When such loses occur on account of forced mistakes , it can be understood that there has been a loss of poorva punya.

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When suddenly a bad incident occurs amidst good days ,cutting short a good run of successful stint, it can be recorded as loss of poorva punya. Cursing the one who is unblemished also destroys poorvapunya. Curse in general reduces poorva punya. Similarly a good wishes also reduces poorva punya , they take effects immediately if there is poorvapunya operating, else they will take off in another realm of time.

Sometimes poorvapunya becomes unwanted to Jeevanmuktas , thus they would like it to be destroyed [ as they do not want it to become a reason for a birth again on the earth]. You are commenting as a guest. If you have an account, please sign in. Reply to this topic Announcements Posts are approved by the moderators once or twice a day. Please be patient for your posts to show up. Vishnu Sahasranamam MP3.