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  2. Scorpio Weekly Tarot Reading 3 10 September 2018 By Inspire 2016 | Special Virgo New Moon
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Yesterday Today Tomorrow Weekly Monthly Weekly Monthly Today's Star Ratings Your general mood. Sex Hustle Vibe Success.

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Scorpio Weekly Tarot Reading 3 10 September 2018 By Inspire 2016 | Special Virgo New Moon

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Clairvoyant, Crystal Manage your newsletters To manage your subscriptions, please type in your email below. The reason why I like to mix them is because I find that combining them provides me more insight.

What's Your Card?

I like the card meanings, elements, and the names provided by the Rider-Waite system; but I am in love with how astrology incorporates itself from the Thoth system to give energetic, planetary, and astrological details. When it comes to the royal court cards , each combines two different elements and two different qualities. When it comes to suit cards , it's easiest to remember that they are decanates of each zodiac sign.

Decanates run 10 degrees each, 30 degrees total per zodiac sign; equating to a total of '.

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The list of cards below are associated with one or two zodiac signs. It's easier to memorize the cards when they are put in the order of the astrological calendar. Get to know your cards and understand your cards.


A card deck that speaks to you will offer you more clarity. Let me know if this helped you.

The Lovers’ Tarot: March 3-9

I am a natural astrologist, tarot reader, and psychic medium: you can learn more about me here. I see myself as a vessel of energies spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically , and I have made a promise to God to deliver his messages to you. I communicate only with archangels, angels, and spirit guides. What is tarot reading? Get an Energy Natal Chart! Enroll into a Tarot Course. Enroll today and learn the following: How to choose tarot cards How to cleanse your tarot cards If you read cards upright or reverse How to organize tarot cards Rider-Thoth Tarot cards in detail learn every tarot card Starter tarot spreads Course 1: Tarot Basics is FREE for everyone. Learn More About Online Courses.

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