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There are three types of Nadi astrology. Nadi 2. Mantra Nadi. Tantra Nadi. There are five types of Nadi in Tantra Nadi 1.

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Brahmand Nadi. Shareer Nadi 3. Panchabhoot Nadi. Triraja Nadi 5. Vaayu Nadi. By the helps of this Sahinta those pandits managing their lives,from past age. Some are written in Bhojapatra,and some are on paper,some are in Sanskrut and some are in Bangala languages. Some are with name of Jataka name of mother and father and names of relationships,ancients of life. Remedies also written in this Nadi grantha,like upachar by Shalya Kriya,upachara by Ayurveda,upachar by mantra tantra,Jaap Daan and feeling with bad karma.

Three lives of Jataka presented in this Grantha,date when prediction of life starts life's true description presented,but prediction of future not accurate. First alphabet of name and total akshar of name also gives prediction with this sahinta,this have story type with samwad of Ravana and Meghanada. Samwad with Soory deva and his Sarathi Arun,gives Soory kala knowledge,of one year and also makes place changes of Soorya in life. Nadi predictions depends with two reasons.

Some nadi grantha predict with Rashi Chakra basis those called Sahinta,some nadi basis of predictions depends on navamansa and Varga basis. In 24 hours 12 Rashi and average time of each rashi is 2 hours.

About the Author

The time of one nadi is 48 seconds. Seeing her beauty he just sat there looking at her without blinking his eyes. To distract his attention from her he thought about Indra where he was welcomed warmly. But there also he saw many beautiful Apsaraa. Vishwaachee Apsaraa was also there, she got attracted to him, so Shukra built a hut to fulfill his desire in a corner of Heaven. Then he covered it with darkness.

They both lived there making love with each other for eight Chatur-Yug period. After this Shukra's good Karm got used up and he fell down on the Moon. Then his soul reached the Earth through rains which fell on a rice paddy. A Braahman ate that rice and through his semen he reached in his wife's womb. Shukra was born in that Braahman's family. He fell in love with that female deer, mated her and produced a son who did not allow him to meditate. That Braahman's son who was Shukra, died by a snake bite and then was reborn as the King of Madra kingdom and ruled for many years.

After that he was born many times, bamboo forest, python, until he was born to a Rishi on the banks of Gangaa River. His original body had dropped on Earth long time ago and was exposed to wind, rain and sun, but the power of Bhrigu's Tap kept it preserved from being decayed. After 1, Divine years of Tap, when Bhrigu opened his eyes, he did not find his son living but only his worn out body nearby. Small birds nested in the wrinkles of his skin, frogs have started living in the hollow of his stomach. Seeing all this Bhrigu thought that his son had died premature death, so he became very angry and was about to give Shaap to Yam Raaj, that Yam appeared before him and said - "Don't waste your Tap to give me Shaap.

All creatures are my food, but your son has reached this condition by his own Karm. Bhrigu then told him about his past lives and showed the road to spiritual success. Then he decided to live on smoke alone for 1, years more. Then Shiv appeared before him and blessed him that he would eventually become his son.

He also taught him Sanjeevanee Vidyaa which is known only to Shiv, Paarvatee, his wife and his two sons - Kaartikeya and Ganesh. He further said - "You will be the best planet in the sky and as you will rise there, all auspicious rituals will follow you. Shukra has several wives and children. Thus Shukra became Shiv's son. Once Paaravtee Jee covered Shiv's eyes in a playful mood. Paarvatee's this action plunged the whole Universe into darkness.

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So she removed er hands from his eyes in hurry. The whole cosmos was lighted and Paarvatee Jee saw a young boy before her. She asked Shiv Jee - "When this boy came here? So he is your son. Since he is born in darkness, his name will be "Andhak". Andhak soon grew up into a terrible Asur and started troubling Devtaa. Once he got defeated by Devtaa, so he took shelter with his Guru Shukraachaarya Jee and Gueru Shukraachaarya Jee acknowledged him as his own son. Shiv Jee got furious at this and he captured Shukraachaarya Jee and swallowed him. Likewise, the eleventh house explains the income generated out of that source of livelihood.

The level of income, flow of income and possibility of multiple sources of income etc. The eleventh house has been defined as an Upchaya house of the horoscope. The word Upchaya means growth. No wonder that the eleventh house is known as the house of expansion and growth.

It is one of the most auspicious houses in the horoscope.

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Remember that under normal circumstances it is the income that defines the expenditure and savings for an individual. The following combinations deliver financial stability in relation to eleventh house finance : 1. Jupiter aspecting eleventh house in the birth horoscope. Venus aspecting eleventh house from fifth house. The owner of eleventh house aspecting its own house. The owner of eleventh house receiving favorable aspects from Jupiter, Moon, Venus or Mercury. Inherently strong Jupiter and Venus in the horoscope.

Astrological Yogas for Wealth

Eleventh house in Shubh Kartari Yoga benefic planets on either house to eleventh house. The owner of eleventh house strongly placed in the Navamsa chart D9. Eleventh house strong by way of Bindus in Ashtakvarga. The more combinations are present in your horoscope, the brighter are the chances for enhanced financial prosperity. In the next part of the article, we will discuss how income and savings are linked by way of houses in Astrology.

You may also like to read: 1. Astrological study of wealth house 2. Astrological Yogas for wealth 4. This house is the barometer to ascertain the level of accumulation of wealth by a nativity in his life time in the form of Savings Deposit, Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposit as well as holding of wealth in the form of shares, debentures, bond, mutual fund and through investment in other financial instruments. Placement or strong aspect of any money giving planets like friendly Jupiter, waxing Moon, Venus and Mercury in descending order of importance are considered to be most favourable for accumulation of wealth by a nativity through fair means.

watch The placement of malefics like Rahu, Ketu and Saturn in the 2nd house without their participating in auspicious yoga is viewed adverse towards accumulation of wealth. The second house of accumulation of wealth should be studied along with Hora Charts D-2 chart and the disposition of Indu Lagna in a natal horoscope. Similarly, 2nd lord should also be strong and well pl aced in 11th or 7th or 10th or 9th or 5th house for better financial prosperity. The exchange of houses or mutual aspects between the 2nd lord and 9th or 5th lord is a great Dhan Yoga. One just cannot dream of becoming wealthy, if his natal horoscope is devoid of any strong Dhan Yoga.

I have, in time to time, in this portal elaborately discussed about various Dhan Yogas through my articles basing on well researched and proven astrological dictum, which does not require any further elaboration here. Hora Chart is the most important divisional chart to measure the level of wealth. Here, Rashi of 30 degree span is divided into two parts of 15 degree each. Hora Chart can be constructed through different methods and result delineated accordingly.

The planets including Ascendant in the Natal Horoscope having 0 to 15 degree retain the same signs as in the Natal Horoscope in the Hora Chart also. Planets including Lagna within 15 to 30 degree are moved to 11th signs from their natal position and placed in the Labh Mandook Hora chart accordingly. Now, your Labh Mandook Hora Chart is ready for measuring the level of wealth according to the planetary position, their lordships, aspects etc. Poorva Parashari Hora Chart In this Hora Chart, planets in the first hora 0 to 15 degree in the Natal Chart retained the same signs in the Hora Chart, while the planets above 15 degree go to the next signs from their respective natal position.

In this Hora Chart, when the natural malefics Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu in the first hora immensely help in the accumulation of wealth especially, during their period and sub period while natural benefics moving to the second hora, which include money givers Jupiter and waxing Moon, showers wealth to a person.

Planets occupying the airy and fiery signs in this Hora Chart indicate necessary courage imbibed in a nativity to reach to hi s goal. Planets in watery and earthy signs give practical and cool orientation of mind to take forward his project.

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Vikram Mandook Hora This hora chart is prepared by arranging planets in the first hora remaining in the same signs and planets in the second hora going to 3rd house from their position in the Natal Horoscope. Natural malefics in the odd signs in this hora chart provide courage towards attainment of goal. The natural benefics in the even signs are considered good. Cyclical Hora A Hora is a one-half of a sign from 0 to 15 degree first hora and 15 to 30 degree second hora. In this arrangement, a repetition of cyclic order is followed. For example, first hora of Aries remain in Aries, the first hora of Taurus goes to Gemini, the first hora of Gemini goes to Leo and so on.

Notice the difference, the first hora of the first sign of the zodiac i. Aries falls in Aries, the first hora of Taurus goes to second sign from it, the first hora of Gemini goes third sign from it etc. This Hora Chart is assessed for material wealth. Only a financially inadequate person can understand the suffering and the real pain of poverty, as all his dreams in life remain unfulfilled only for the single reason of paucity of money even if he is otherwise possessing a number of well-defined virtues and qualities of becoming a Good Person in him.

It makes his life wretched even if he is possessing a good health. The finances and wealth are generated through ones profession, which includes business and service, as well as through inheritance. That is the reason; I attach so much of astrological importance in the areas of education and profession. One cannot get the chance of proper education in his childhood if his Sun and ninth house representing father is badly placed, weak and afflicted. I would discuss about this through a separate article. A strong Sun is the essential prerequisite to have proper education and rise in life through unconditional support from father.

There are a number of yogas planetary combinations for wealth called as Dhan Yogas and are found prominently in the horoscopes of wealthy businessmen Mr.