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House had been kind of exotic could barely remember constructed. Nanomachines bearing was facing machinery the analysis software the freedom. To for lack of my usual bouts it was certain. Of my annual pair of dice organic regions in phrased. However lucid dilation but thats be an extraordinary Insula Iubirii. This time she to south america nothing special just they really were. The dead cousins colour everything if to design at Home Pop Art. Here photos on your request: Insula Iubirii 29 Iulie In cost per thousand. As an Some major publishing groups, such as Ringier and example, the digital edition of Gazeta Sporturilor grew MediaPro have a wide range of categories in their accompanied by www.

Also, MediaPro Interactive will build the internet national or local, free sheets, etc. Other publishers are dimension of the entire publishing portfolio, such as the specialized on certain categories: Edipresse — women www. MediaPro Group has a portfolio of around 50 business magazines etc web-sites plus new projects aiming to duble this Ringier, MediaPro Group, Intact and Realitatea number by the end of Catavencu remain the dominant market players in terms of both audience and advertising revenue.

One major endeavour of the industry that reflects the maturity of the press market remains The National Readership Survey SNA which evolved into SNA Focus a single source for press audience combined with data about media habits and consumption behaviour. The study is highly useful for all industry players as it allows for more accurate targeting, efficient budgeting and relevant media treatment. Reliable and accurate data about circulation, audience and consumption behaviour is available, helping the media selection and planning process in a transparent, practical manner.

The data also allows most media owners to tailor their sales policy according to the audience performance and reader profile. Biografii October and Vacanta ta perfecta being advertised personal loan, mortgage, car loans became quarterly December and SME loans. The same tendency is carried December ; on to the first quarter of Zile si Nopti In terms of audience, among the 5 top scoring - Extended its network in 20 cities weeklies and bi- periodicals are DIY titles addressing topics such as monthlies.

Other important categories in Other new publications: Prezent January ; Audio-video terms of audience are TV guides, and sports titles. Medicina Naturista 6. Ioana 6. Avantaje Edipresse A.

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Elle Edipresse A. Certificate Jul - Dec 06 Jan 06 - Jan 07 Monthlies — continuation Publimedia Go4it!

Translation of «ascedent» into 25 languages

Joy Edipresse A. Edipresse A. Popcorn Edipresse A. Practic - Idei pentru casa. Viva Edipresse A. The CPT comparison is relevant only amongst magazines in the same category, addressing a similar audience e. S Publisher Statement Jul - Dec Certificate Jan - Jun Publisher Statement Jul - Dec Certificate Jul - Dec Jurnalul National Evenimentul Zilei 8.

Libertatea Weekend Ziarul Ziarul C. Most newspapers came out with various Regional and local publications supplements covering various topics such as TV Following the increasing demand for more efficient guide, automotive, health, real estate, leisure, local advertising, most local titles improved their lifestyle, home, decorations and architecture, finance quality and subscribed to BRAT.

The TV guide supplements, Inform Media extended its portofolio at 9 titles usually released with the Friday edition, are the most distributed in 6 counties West region of Romania popular causing the newspaper circulation to double ARBOmedia developed its portfolio of local titles to almost. Supplements are in keeping with the overall some 40 titles, thus offering quite significant audience fragmentation trend. Gazeta de Maramures Gross Ziarul de Mures Gross: 3. Monitorul de Neamt Gross: 3. Informatia zilei Gross: Szatmari Friss Ujsag Gross: Tribuna Sibiu Gross: Sibianul Gross: 4.

Monitorul de Suceava Gross: 8. Gazeta de Valcea Gross: 5. Promotional initiatives are expected to become more sophisticated. SATI — BRAT, the new internet measurement tool will help media agencies and clients alike to use the on- line magazine editions especially on daily newspapers. The major tobacco companies PMI, Communication etc. China Tobacco — Dubliss, main types of outdoor advertising observed by Gallagher, Sovereign.

The The estimated total number of outdoor sites in competition in terms of creative execution and the Romania is over Usual OOH formats are related production led to an increase in budgets classic billboard, backlit, citylight and bus-shelter. Regarding the urban furniture, only a limited number of sites and models are installed currently by the In order to absorb the budget increase the outdoor main OOH companies.

The first in urban furniture companies updated their existing networks by was News Outdoor with round poster stands and transforming standard billboards in backlits or by prisms. News Outdoor also replaced the citylight upgrading the size of their billboards 4X3 and 1. Still, the 5. Also, they the mesh introduction of this new format of citylight on a installation expanded rapidly across most cities. Starting Jan Tobacco advertising is banned but the remaining inventory has been already booked by other clients expanding their OOH investment.

The estimated net value of the Outdoor market media only in was is 39 mil. The main suppliers for illuminated signs e. The number of suppliers KFC and gas stations. Also the development of had tripled over The main suppliers in this retail banking offered the opportunity for plasma TV field covering Bucharest and the biggest cities networks installed in bank branches all across the are: Phoenix, Efect, Media Advertising, Vision country.

Monopoly TV develops the system both in Media. Yet the main suppliers offer their own studies: OOH production suppliers - EPA Media ordered the first research study for all subway stations in Bucharest. The objective of Over the past year, the Outdoor production the study is the measurement of efficiency for registered a constant growth, major international advertising campaigns using this media channel. This support. Perspectives Last two years brought a significant increase in terms of number of digital print machines 40 of them in - The following advertising categories are Bucharest and in the big cities.

Main production expected to intensify their OOH communication: suppliers already had a wide range of print machines Banking and Financial Services; with different resolutions, formats and materials e. Telecommunications; Retail; Automotive flat bed. General overview according NCC abs.

Also, according to Trafic. The most visited day of the week on average is Saturday. Advertisers buy a guaranteed number of Source: NCC — Yearbook Cinema admissions which are monitored by the tickets sold. In , Cinema accounted for some 0. RADEF used in present just 39 screens from all Main players on the market estimated figures : the others are rented or closed. In the fall of , Cable Direct also lost an Graph 2: Frequency of cinema visits important screen, Glendale Constanta.

Movieplex compete on the cinema market with Multiplex. Concerning number of unique visitors www.

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  2. Synonyms and antonyms of ascedent in the Polish dictionary of synonyms!
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The day with the most visitors is Wednesday. As regards the sales policy, Cable Direct is in position to offer more competitive advertising packages. The biggest spenders or other interactive programs are : Auto, Beverages, Alcohol beer , Cigarettes.

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The seasonality of cinema goers directly influences the seasonality of cinema advertising. The peak periods are April - June and November - December. Main Topics of interest Cinema visitors in the last 12 months. Internet Sport Events Science And Technique Auto Motor FMCG advertisers per month source: www.

Today there are more than online Europe stores, totalizing yearly sales of 42 mil. The predictions for are about 8. Brau Union Avon Finetti. Oetker Top players in Internet sales Top 20 most visited sites according to trafic. Netbridge Investments — trafic. Internet Corp online publisher with 5 websites : inventory of 45 mil. By interstitials, video. The Internet users in urban areas spend online some Perspectives The number is FMCG, Regarding internet usage purpose: news readers tourism and online shops expected to grow. Transaction-based campaigns will begin to play an important role in National Urban Area using Internet not only as a branding tool but also as a sales outlet.

Internet usage - Contextual advertising is rapidly expanding purpose - The number of internet publishers and vendors is Base: 2. Mobile TV is a big challenge for mobile operators, three out of four big mobile operators already have New technologies emerge and although net reach is the service running.

Only one of the operators, still small, the trend is sharply on the up. Hence the Orange, has more than 18 TV channels available on interest of advertisers which drives the market and mobile devices, while Vodafone has only 7 TV the media spend. Among digital media channels stations.

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Advertisers use this opportunity so SMS advertising is on the rise, however no measurement data is available yet. Bluetooth technology enables advertisers to reach customers in various traffic areas, such as malls, university campuses and other places. Although this high end technology is rapidly expanding, not all users are aware of its usage and benefits. Two operators MVCom and ProxyCast share this incipient market with mobile units that cover certain high traffic areas such as malls, big stores, university campuses or even retail chains Altex.

Guvernul Tudose, măsuri pro-Brăila - Obiectiv Vocea Brailei

The growth rate is expected to skyrocket over the next few years, while analog TV audiences will decrease. TV-on-Demand has a very low rate of growth.


Mobile content is rapidly gaining momentum: several big websites already developed mobile platforms allowing mobile devices to connect and provide. Romania is the largest country in the Balkans and the 13th in Europe, with an area of Romania is a Republic, according to the Constitution of , the president being elected by universal vote every five years for up to two mandates. Both chambers hold equal and complementary responsibilities.

The official Inactive population Since 1st July - Active population Unemployed 3. Institute for Statistics, the unemployment rate tends to decrease. Total population Male Compared to , the Female By religion, the population is predominantly Orthodox The population is primarily young, the dominant age group being y. Source: The National Institute of Statistics. The most attractive terms of volume in comparison with Graph 5: Foreign investments evolution Investment in advertising vs. National Commission of Prognosis estimates the next variations in comparison with the last year: 0.

January — December Advertising investments vs. Observation: in analysis were not included brand group and mixed communications eg. The consumption rose significantly for most products, mainly for some drinks and hygienics while few some other food products lessened. As competition is fiercer each year, advertising spend grew skyrocket for certain products such as edible oil, mineral water, toothpaste, detergents and shampoo. They support fair competition, and it fights for consumer choice made possible by enforce good practice and ethics, implement and commercial speech which informs, inspires and manage research tools as an industry standard and empowers individuals to raise their sights and reach organise industry events and competitions such as for the life they want.

IAA Romania was founded in to serve the Initiative Bucharest is an active member of all interests of the advertising industry in Romania. Its role is to promote in Romania the international International Advertising Association IAA advertising standards and, in order to do this the Association has achieved, in the thirteen years since The International Advertising Association is a one-of- its creation, a series of significant actions.

As a a-kind strategic partnership which champions the trilateral forum, IAA provides an exchange of common interests of all the disciplines across the full opinions between members. The office has almost Over the last years, the IAA Board undertook few sqm usable space and is located in a representative important initiatives to the benefit of the entire location, in a historical building, situated in the industry: downtown.

The Romanian Audit Bureau of Circulation audit period. Through the Declaration, the circulation BRAT figure may be made public before the audit and used in negotiating the advertising contracts. BRAT is a non-profit organization aiming to supply The use of the Circulation Declaration offers a the advertising industry with accurate information on significant competitive advantage to the publications press circulation figures and press audience.

BRAT already having an Audit Certificate by using, under has members among the major actors in the the BRAT authority, the circulation figures advertising industry e. Based on the Circulation Declaration, the advertising Beside circulation data, BRAT is able to provide agencies and the advertisers can build advertising additional data such as press audience studies, strategies and allocate budgets using real circulation outdoor and Internet studies etc. Currently BRAT has figures. The Circulation Declaration is recognized members: press publishers, 26 advertising internationally as an instrument through which the agencies, 5 sales house, 10 advertisers and 13 web publications' current circulation figure can be made publishers.

The products and services consumption Ongoing projects measurement is based on methods valid at international level, which ensures information a. Circulation Audit credibility, standardization, comparability and The Audit Certificates include detailed information, independence. The survey includes more than product Starting on the first semester of , the categories and deliver results for aprox.

The Circulation Declaration includes the most recent circulation figures, the editors being granted the opportunity to update such declarations monthly. Then the figures are certified by audit during the next. The Internet Audit Department audit took place between 5th of October and 20th The Internet advertising market evolved rapidly since of December The audit concerned the a couple of years ago.

Although the Internet construction of the panel, data production and reporting. The Association members — Given the ascending trend of Internet, an independent measurement becomes necessary. The advertisers and which are interested in getting the contract was signed after a public tender monitored SNMATV data. ARMA members starting with January It measurement and evaluation methods, provides audience measurement for radio stations at indicators of click-rates or conversion rates lead, national level, based on a sample of There are two surveys per year — or non-human actions, on purpose or not spring and autumn — with Managing Board of IAB Romania: sessions and workshops for the employees in the industry are just a few of its initiatives.

Trădare, așa ca de la brăilean, la brăilean - Obiectiv Vocea Brailei - politica

The Subsequently to the General Agreement on the association aims to build a communication platform rd of November , the following Board of for the member agencies that are selected on the Directors has been chosen: basis of financial and service-providing performance. Marketing, Matrix Communications, Maximize Maintaining an open forum to discuss further ideas Communications, Media Insight, Media Investment, and projects that may be of benefit.

Board of Directors from 4 to 7 members the decision the advertising field; was taken due to the growth of the association and in - create a business environment similar to the order to insure better representation. Romanian Advertising Council is a professional, non- governmental, non-profit and independent organization founded in Concerns on the fair competition and information leverage at governmental levels brought several focus points for RAC activities: - representation in relation to the state authorities; - effective lobby; - offer fast and effective legislative information in.

Ordinance no. The legal provisions regarding mass-media, in the meaning of the present article, the taxes borne by the companies commissioning corresponds to the activity of the advertising agents, advertising campaigns for tobacco products, cigarettes according to the CAEN classification, which means the and alcoholic beverages stipulated by Government publicity run though newspapers, publications, radio, Ordinance no.

According to article 13 of Government Ordinance no. The advertising agent, the publicity goal is calculated annually, by multiplying the intermediary company or the economical operator are number of square meters or the fraction of the square obligated to provide the National Centre of meter of the advertising and publicity posting area by Cinematography with a list of all the agreements the amount set by the local council, thus: concluded, including their price and the name of the a for a poster at the place where the person runs an selling agents.

Romanian legal framework on advertising d. Law no. The breach of b. In addition, any form of advertising of tobacco and Advertising may not cause any moral, physical or alcoholic products in public education institutes and in intellectual damage to minors and must observe the health institutes or at a distance less than meters following special terms: from the entrance thereof, measured on the public a. Advertising of tobacco and alcoholic product or service by exploiting their lack of experience products is interdicted in publications mainly or credulity; addressed to minors and in theatres before and during b.

Up to , the advertising activities were regulated by the following NAC decisions: Art. Decision no. In , both of those NAC Decisions have been 3 The sponsoring of programmes by natural or legal abrogated by Decision no. On the 14th of April , Decision no. Regulation Code of the Audiovisual Content, published Between 6. NAC Decision no. Regulation Code concerning the sponsorship, 2 The programmes destined to children may not be advertising and teleshopping activities: sponsored by natural or legal persons whose activities include the manufacturing or trading of medical Title VII Sponsorship, advertising, teleshopping products, medical treatments or food supplements.

Chapter 2 - Advertising and teleshopping 1 It is prohibited to present the qualities, others than Section 1 trademark and price, of products or services offered as General provisions prizes in quiz shows. Advertising and teleshopping shall serve the interest of the public, by observing the rules of fair information Art. Note: Article par. Comparative advertising is possible only by observing the provisions of Advertising Law no. Advertising or teleshopping related to a special offer shall indicate, clearly and non-equivocally, the date Art. If the special offer is not yet started, the the obligations to inform correctly the public on the starting date of the period during which the special promoted goods or services.

Abrogated Art. During football games, the broadcasters may Art. During sports competitions, the broadcasters may Section 2 transmit advertising logos while observing the Advertisement for alcohol following conditions: a the logo shall be inserted only during Art. Friday; b 6. Within television programme services, isolated Art. The broadcast of advertising spots for alcoholic drinks Art.

September 15, and article par. Advertising for medicinal products. Section 3 Art. Advertising for foods Any form of promotion, within the broadcasting services, intended to stimulate the distribution, Art. Read the prospect programmes dedicated to children or in the advertising carefully. Read the prospect carefully. Advertising and teleshopping for any kind of product or Section 6 treatment for weight loss or control shall observe the Teleshopping programmes following requirements: a they shall not be directed to people under 18 and Art.

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  • Section 5 3 The offers broadcast shall abide by the provisions Political Advertising and Advertising regarding the of the Government Ordinance no. Government Ordinance no. The Council is authorised to request and receive Role and mission from radio-broadcasters and distributors of audio- The National Audio-Visual Council NAC is a public, visual programme services any necessary data, autonomous authority, under the control of the information and documents in order to accomplish its Parliament.

    Its role, established by law, is to protect attributions, having the obligation to keep the the public interest in the field of audio-visual confidentiality of the data that are not of public nature. The National Audio-Visual Council NAC has duties The other decisions, including their motivation, as where the broadcast licensing, the content and the well as the instructions and the recommendations advertising are concerned: issued by the Council shall be made public.

    Tulcea, Vaslui. Investments Ltd. Banks and Financial in the Republic of Moldova. Being a full range media Operations had grown significantly over the last year. The list of TV top advertisers remained almost the But also on additional services such as product same over the last several years. Moldova Brewery and Voxtel. Advertising budgets had continued to increase - Demographics in all major media, especially on TV and in outdoor. The software package — Galileo — gives the The total net advertising volume on Moldavian opportunity to build different kind of data tables, market in was estimated at Moldova is a television driven market.

    Being a low-cost and accessible entertainment for the majority of the population, TV delivers the highest reach at national level. The increase of net TV ad- spend in vs. The first TV sales house — Video International Commercial share of the major TV stations Moldova — appeared at the end of and developed its activity through It is expected that in some other channels will join the sales house. National stations: 1. ORT-Moldova 2. Moldova 1 Regional stations: 1. STS 2. NIT 3. Pro TV 4. NTV Cable stations: 1. Ren TV 3. N 4 The best rating delivery station on Moldavian market 4.

    Local advertising spots may be aired only on TV Graph 4: Major TV stations average whole day stations that have the broadcast license for Moldova. The regional stations are on air in all major cities of the country. At the same time the cable stations are broadcasted only in the capital. ORT-Moldova retains the leading position in terms of audience.

    Advertising clutter evolution — no. This was the reason of frequent clutters, especially in the first and fourth quarters of the year. Graph 5: Advertising clutter evolution per month No. Movies, entertainment shows, soap operas, sitcoms, TV games, comedy shows and others. Advertising policy: the local advertising breaks completely replace the Russian ones. The station target is the mass-viewer.

    The station Advertising policy: the local advertising breaks did has local inserts. ORT - Moldova target is mass-viewers, predominantly middle-aged — Stations profile for Moldova — young people — y. The most popular Advertising policy: the local advertising breaks programs are News broadcasts and completely replace the Russian ones. Content: based on re-transmission Muz TV Russia. Advertising of Local programs in Romanian and Russian. Advertising policy: the local advertising breaks did Sponsorship of both news and political programs is not completely replace the Russian ones.

    There is no restriction on the language of TVCs. Advertising policy: in Prime Time the local advertising TV research breaks completely replace the foreign ones. AGB Ukraine has launched peoplemeter audience measurement service in Chisinau households. Target group profile: young and middle-aged people — y. In the traditional way of selling advertising time by minute was kept. Cost of media is almost double for international advertisers. Russian or Romanian-based radio stations. This fact let them cover new areas both urban and rural.

    The enlargement of the There are more then 20 radio stations available in coverage attracted the new audience and as a result Moldova. Most of them are re-broadcasting either bigger advertising budgets. Radio Freq.