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At times, you get too involved with the welfare of those around you. This does not happen by chance. A close study of your horoscope will reveal exactly why you are inclined to behave this way. Your zodiac sign is a Capricorn. Your astrological symbol is the horned Sea Goat. This symbol stands for wisdom and tenacity.

Also, it is associated with people who show a high level of responsibility and sincerity. Your life is under the direct influence of the planet Saturn. This is good news, considering that Saturn imparts such strong attributes as loyalty, fun, and determination. The fact the Saturn is one of the planets that you can see with your naked eye holds some significance. It shows that you are frank, honest and easy to relate to. Earth is the predominant element in your life.

With its unique combination of such fundamentals as air, fire, and water, you can be assured of positive influences from this element. Your Sabian Symbol of a choir performing during a religious service is quite telling. It shows that even though you do quite well as an individual, you can contribute a great deal to group dynamics. You can get ultimate fulfillment working in a team.

January 9, 2003 Birthday Facts

The fact that you have a January 9 birthday means that you are under the strong influence of the Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp. Cuspers in this category have a lot going for them. For example, you have the ability to understand issues in their entirety. Your astrological chart shows that the influence of the Cusp of Prophecy goes deep in your life. It has created a kind of harmony that enables you to balance both family and career impeccably.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

What this means is that it is quite easy for you to make a significant breakthrough, both financially and in your personal life. However, the influence of both Sagittarius and Capricorn on your life has created in you a streak of impatience! You expect things to go your way always. When this does not happen, you become either disappointed or antagonistic.

You need to appreciate that you cannot control everything! The charts are clear on the fact that you are both romantic and dependable.

Born on January 9 - Birthday - #aboutyourbirthday - Sample

Also, you seek out people with whom you share these qualities. This means you can easily win the heart of a fellow Capricorn since you do share many traits! You like partners who are reliable and intelligent. When you get the right partner, you can commit for a lifetime. It is noteworthy, though, that you do not rush to get into relationships.

You bid your time, carefully studying your potential partner to evaluate their suitability. In fact, you prefer to focus on other spheres of your life instead of rushing into a relationship. Try The Quiz Now!! Test Now!

January 9th, , Wednesday | 13 Must Know Facts

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The Rat is the first animal sign in the Chinese Zodiac. The Rat is ranked the first animal in Chinese Zodiac since Rat outsmarts other animals. Water is connected to wisdom. The rat's front leg has 4 toes and hind leg has 5 toes indicating a change from even number to odd number, and it coincides with the first time period of a day, which is p.

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Therefore, Rat is considered a half-Yang and half-Yin animal. Rat's characteristics are agile, active, resourceful, thoughtful, sharp-sighted and staying alert. Rat is affectionate, charismatic, eloquent, shrewd, systematic, disciplined, meticulous, sociable, and hardworking with a high aim. The Rat is connected to placid water, cold water or rain. Water is related to wisdom and intelligence.

So Rat is a clever, tricky, and tactical animal. The Rat has many ideas with a keen vision and can solve problems quickly. It is connected to knowledge, memory, and learning.

January 9, 2004 Birthday Facts

The Rat has a strong memory in learning and remembers the previous life experiences. The Rat is brilliant, brainy with a sense of creativity. The Rat has a dark-side personality. The other traits of Rat are gloomy, quiet, intolerant, selfish, introverted, conspiring, scheming and gossipy. The Rat might have some negative minds when encountering the troubles. When things go wrong, then Rat will blame on others.

Therefore, Rat people should have more outdoor activities under the sunshine. The Rat is active at night. Rats look for food and drink when it's dark. Zodiac Rat is one of the romantic stars in Chinese horoscopes. The alcoholic Rat is easy to get trouble in love affair. The Rat is good at earning money. Rat works for money and knows how to accumulate wealth.

January 9 Birthday Astrology

It desires a better material life and likes to hang out at magnificent places. When encountering the frustration, Rat has the tendency to leave the place, even relocate to a different town. The Rat has a love relationship with Cow in Chinese Horoscopes. The Cow gives Rat confidence and a sense of security.

Rat, Monkey, and Dragon have a strong Water relationship. Monkey can be passionately in love with Rat.

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