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I love making love. Provided my emotional needs are supported too. Wont sleep with someone "just because..

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Yes, reserved but hot under the surface. What about the fantasies thing? Posted by GeminiSun What about the fantasies thing? With good partner no need that, it just happens. Hope to succeed.

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Posted by Sheever My mars is in pisces, very sexual. Very unselfish in sex, my partner first, but still always dominant Wow, nice. Reverse Order Return to Pisces Forum. Add new topic Pisces forum. Aries and Pisces Compatibility - 3 months. Gifts for pisces woman - New.

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Ignoring a pisces man - New. Pisces Men - 4 years. Pisces Moon - 4 years. Pisces Serial Killers - 12 months. Pisces Women - 1 year.

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When Mars is in Pisces, a person's wants change with their mood, and this mutable, water sign's moods change often. What they claim as their goal in the morning can completely change by the evening. What's more, they're likely to claim it didn't change at all! For the most part, they honestly don't realize how their wants change with their moods.

When they are experiencing a certain mood, that's all that exists for them. The mood they were in earlier is no longer real and.

Mars in Pisces // Sex in Astrology

This is because Pisces operates largely on an unconscious level, making them very confusing to people. Whenever they make a claim about a goal or a decision, give them some time to make sure it sticks because most things they say represent fleeting, momentary feelings. They are just as confusing in pursuing love interests. The Mars in Pisces person may be completely in to you one minute, not return your calls the whole next week, and then call you and ask where you have been!

It can be exasperating. It's those changing unconscious feelings. For the earth, fire and air signs, it's really hard to believe that a person can be so all over the place. To make things more confusing, they have a way of being very indirect. Using hints and subtle messages to get your attention can make you wonder if they are serious. Yet, when you are connecting with them, their subtle, compassionate, watery nature can be alluring.

They have a relaxing quality that draws you in and soothes you.