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Two Aquarians might create an unconventional arrangement, like living apart, but being married. They might be from different generations, religious traditions, races, and class. In another Aquarius, the Waterbearer finds an open mind, for electrifying conversations. They love what pops, like an outrageous style and weird expressions. They'll bond talking about everything, from aliens to animal rights. Love sparks are created with such a meeting of the minds. Aquarius are often very plugged in — spontaneous texts alert each other to their whereabouts.

3 Best Compatibility Matches for Aquarius Zodiac Sign

What starts out casual and light, and is off and on, becomes more rhythmic over time. And yet, the unpredictability factor will always be a theme of this pairing. There's a good chance they meet within friend cliques and continue to move within a group. It's natural for them to socialize, as Aquarius is more of a transpersonal sign than a personal one. That means the Waterbearer is here to spread themselves around.

With another Aquarius, this is understood and supported. Aquarius is full of reforming zeal, and together, two are a force of change in the world. A life mission is to translate very fast moving cosmic energies, into this physical reality.

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Aquarians then, are ahead of their time, and a pair will create a quantum effect! Whatever they touch will be exponentiated, and there's potential to have a ripple effect of great magnitude. Aquarians are fixed signs, and love grows stronger when there's a shared sense of purpose. This can be to raise children or raise consciousness. Having a set goal helps Aquarius marshal its energies, and the shared goal can change many times over the life of the relationship.

What sparks them to each other most is the mind. They appreciate the original thinking and will support a fellow Waterbearer in the pursuit of inspiration. Busting out of limiting frames of thought becomes a tag-team effort here. They'll connect the dots in tandem, or share what they've discovered on their own. All this keeps the relationship crackling, especially if these breakthroughs feel liberating.

When Aquarius and Aquarius form a love bond, it's potentially the ideal mix of security and freedom. They need intellectual motivation at all times. They have the rare ability to look at things objectively, which makes it easy for them to solve not only their problems but other peoples' problems also. The Aquarians can get infected by the energy in their surrounding, but at the same time they have an innate desire to sometimes stay aloof and away from everything so that they can unwind.

They are also very far-sighted and can exactly visualize their goals and how to get there. When things boil down to a romantic relationship, the two Aquarius natives can feel a lot of love for each other, but they are more likely to look upon each other as just good friends. That's why the Aquarius-Aquarius love match is not very emotional in a strict sense, but this does not imply that they are unemotional.

Rather, their love is spread over a group of people. However, for the Aquarius man and Aquarius woman relationship, even though it may not be so romantic, for it to work out there has to be a strong foundation of love. The best part of their love equation is that though they deeply care for each other, there is no trace of possessiveness. The Aquarius-Aquarius sexual compatibility can be very interesting, full of new experiments and passionate action. They will not hesitate to fulfill each other's fantasies, and they will do it without inhibitions.


Both will be least bothered by the usual social taboos and restrictions, which is why they enjoy the carnal pleasures so much. The only thing that can play spoilsport in the Aquarius and Aquarius sexual relationship is the lack of emotions which leads to a lack of intimacy. So when the excitement of the initial sexual encounters begins to fade, they might find it difficult to keep it up. The positive aspects of two Aquarians relationship is the easy flow of conversation because they understand each other so well.

Moreover, since they are very intelligent people and they have lofty thoughts, the things they talk about are generally not understood even by people in their surroundings. Their intellectual connect is absolute and oblivious to everything around them. However, the Aquarius native is really strong, and they have big egos. So in an Aquarius compatibility it is easy for ego issues to crop and spoil things.

Leo and Aquarius Love Match

Their egos can really be the reason for a great deal of unpleasantness in their relationship leading to bitter conflicts between their personalities. The best remedy for such a situation is for both of them to relax, sit back and allow each other enough intellectual freedom that they want. Other people may think they are selfish, but the best aspect of an Aquarius Aquarius compatibility is that being selfish does not even occur to them when they are together.

They are prepared to go anywhere, do anything, and for any length of time as long as both are interested in it. They can take things to the extremes and enjoy them to the hilt like no other people can. One by one they will fulfill each others' desires as if they are their own.

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    Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle

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