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This lunar cycle will have some strong connections to those past events or situations. These events will play out over the next few months, in the meantime, follow your heart and create more self-acceptance. Our imaginations become very active on February 10th when mental Mercury enters fantasy-prone Pisces. When the planet of reason moves into the watery sign of compassion, traditional methods of making decisions go out the door.

In Pisces, the mental activity of Mercury moves into a completely different realm — the world of desire and dreams. Whatever your own method of mental reasoning is, you will undoubtedly encounter people who do not have their feet on the ground during this period. The energy will be electrified on February 12th when Mars conjunct unpredictable Uranus. There is a need to change and create exciting situations as well. Risk taking is not the best option now, even though we will feel like it. You should still follow your passionate desires and instincts but with self-control and a particular goal in mind.

Making and sticking to plans will not work during this transit because the energy can feel so recklessness and turbulent. The more of this erratic energy you use up on chasing your desires and goals the better. You want to find new and stimulating adventures, work and relationships. In this way, you reduce the risk of unexpected events happening to you. It just takes such an enormous amount of energy to get from point A to point B. Although Taurus slows down the ability of Mars to dash about; his impulsiveness is replaced with stamina and endurance.

Daily Planetary Overview | uxelaxujeg.tk

On February 18th the Sun enters mystical Pisces. Pisces is a mutable, water sign, meaning it has the ability to change and be flexible. Water has no shape of its own, yet it permeates everything and absorbs everything. Its power is deceiving and seductive. And so is the Sun in Pisces. It is a period when we can find out information or start relationships which can change the course of our lives.

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Jobs can turn out to be more stressful during this time, and the everyday work more tiring sometimes. The second period of Mercury retrograde motion last from July 8 until August 1.

Sun in Capricorn conjunct Saturn in Capricorn

Mercury will be retrograde in Leo, where the Sun and the North Node also resides. All these will determine us to stop from the daily commotion and to focus more on our personality, on our characteristics and on the way we present ourselves. It is recommended to delay the acquisition of any household appliances, tools or valuable assets because there is a predisposition for them to break much faster.

We can encounter obstacles on the road, the car breaks, we lose the plane or we are not able to travel for different reasons also taking into account the personal chart. Mercury Retrograde begins and ends with a shadow period. These periods have the main theme of mis-communications and misunderstandings, poorly planned purchases and contracts.

It is time to avoid making long-term decisions. It is a review time with bigger repercussions. Some cycles are great for moving ahead, this is not one of those; buyer beware or in carpentry terms measure thrice cut once. Where have I turned aside from rectitude? The Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus were in exact alignment, astrologically called a conjunction at the first degree of Virgo in Tropical Astrology.

Mercury was in the fourth degree of Virgo which most astrologers count as part of the same conjunction being within the "orb" of influence. Uranus, and especially Saturn are on the edge of this trine. Controversy is associated to the claim that this occurrence was a unique event.

Grand trines, where planets are at degree positions forming an equilateral triangle are not uncommon or particularly noteworthy.

Forecast for November 12222

Traditional astrology does not consider trines to be action points, so the notion of a special shift in world history would not be in the offing under a grand trine. Read your entire monthly horoscope here. What are your long-term goals, Taurus? When the Capricorn new moon and eclipse align on January 5, you can make solid progress toward them. Shine, Taurus, shine!

Mercury Retrograde Calendar for 12222 – When Mercury is in retrograde ?

Your relationships have a lot to offer you creatively, emotionally, sexually, and financially — but you need to dig past surface material attachments to get to the good stuff. What will matter at the end of you life? Figure it out and then invest in making it happen.

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All of the planets are within the exact same quadrant - within about 90 degrees of each other - about once every years, but they line up more loosely on a more frequent basis. There was a planetary alignment May of this year. Horoscope Free Online , - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. Outmoded patterns will dissolve at a rapid rate as the old paradigm no longer fits. The planetary alignment won't provide much of a visual spectacle, either. Early risers in late February and into early March will be able to watch a planetary alignment dominate the southeastern sky at dawn, as Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter will seem to hover near each.

The next perihelic opposition of Mars will take place in July , the planet positioned in South-western Capricornus, when it will attain an apparent diameter of 24".

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  6. The next transit of Mercury will not take place until Can someone. Such an event is said to occur every 5, years.

    The Astrology of Year 2020

    Finally, there's this claim of a planetary alignment only happening every years or so. Alignment for a grand tour will occur next in about years as a consequnce of the orbital periods of the four outer planets. No matter what you may think about the significance or lack thereof of a very interesting planetary alignment on December-3 , the fact is… it is happening and seems fairly remarkable. Each and every planetary alignment holds an opportunity to expand awareness about astronomy. Again, the world was supposed to end.