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Nhybalo Nybacash Lebneola JybJaxia I love reading your articles. GrvcIsody LkjTer NnmFoeda This website is fantastic, very excellent and packed with great articles. Sdfbalo Jmeacash VrtTer BrvIsody NcxFoeda But very soon we'll be moving to the bottom of the disc. This change, from top to bottom, begins on December 21, Yes, that's right. On the same day when our Sun is at it's solar maximum, something will happen that's never happened for thousands of eons of time -- the ecliptic of our solar system will intersect with the Galactic plane, called the "Galactic Equator" of the Milky Way!

If you imagine our solar system as a bunch of peas on a plate, with a huge meatball in the center, imagine the Milky Way as a city-size pizza with the "Guiness World Book Record Meatball" in its center! Prior to December we have been drifting on the top of the pizza, never really able to see the bottom. The plate and pizza are not parallel. They are moving at different angles.

We've been drifting down, down, down After , if we are still here, we will be passing through the bottom zone, viewing the Milky Way pizza from the South. Yes, there's even more! By some amazing coincidence, not only will we be intersecting with the Galactic Equator, but we will be doing this precisely aligned with the center of the Galaxy where there is maximum mass!

More mass means more gravity. More gravity means more influence from those barycenters in our Sun. That means exponential increases in solar disruptions -- all coinciding on the same day! This group of galaxies is held together by the gravitational attraction or "pull" of each individual galaxy on the others in the group.

This demonstrates the enormous gravity contained in a galaxy, such as our own Milky Way. This has been a "light weight" description of what's going to happen. It has been simplified to the point where some scholars and scientists could argue about my presentation. But the main facts are true. The date, December 21, , is a special day. It represents the maximum possible influences for solar flares that the universe can provide. Undoubtedly the Mayans, or the civilization that influenced them, somehow knew about these things.

Over the last decade, I have written a variety of stories about such things as underground cities and government actions that could only make sense if there were no future. I cannot help but think that maybe they, like the Mayans, know about these things. I'd specifically like to suggest that readers take another look at the underground complex at Yamantau that the Russians are building.

Could this be a haven for surviving a solar blast? And the "doomsday seed bank" that's being filled deep inside an Arctic island. And what about past events? Did the Hopi go underground to survive a similar event thousands of years earlier? Should we be going underground also? It's also important to stress that December 21, is only the "solar maximum" but that the gravitational effects of the Galaxy have already started to assert their influence on the Sun.

The drift towards alignment with the galactic equator is relatively slow and, in truth, has already started. I especially want to thank Dr. Rollin Gillespie, a man with whom I corresponded for ten years and who first developed the idea that planetary multi-body systems could be at play in the causation of solar flares. More of his work can be read on a special page on Viewzone. I would also direct your attention to the following two news reports of the discovery of gamma rays coinciding with the Galactic equator through which we will be shortly passing and the alarming report that our planet's magentic shield guarding against, among other things, gamma radiation has been damaged.

You may want to continue reading the second part of this article for more details on what to expect. Please let's have your input on this important issue. It's only three years away. Who knows, perhaps the influences of these disruptions will begin well before the solar and Galactic maximum is reached. We may not have that much time left. Here are some additional links to stories that may help understand the possibilities facing our planet and us. Here are some other articles on this subject that you will find very interesting: We're Not From Milky Way Galaxy - evidence our system is part of a dwarf galaxy that is being "eaten" by the Milky Way.

Will the Mayan Prophecy Really Happen? Their findings, published in the Dec. Gamma rays are considered by scientists to be the best probe of cosmic rays outside the solar neighborhood. The research team, which includes nearly 40 physicists, reported that Milagro, positioned at an altitude of feet in the Jemez Mountains, detected a signal along the galactic equator region and interpreted it as arising from gamma rays with a median energy of 3.

Previous satellite experiments have seen gamma-ray emissions along the galactic equator reaching up to energies of only 30 billion electron-volts. These emissions are understood to be produced by interactions of cosmic-ray particles with the abundant interstellar medium near the galactic equator. Previously, some researchers had speculated that additional mechanisms were needed to explain the large number of particles observed at high energies.

However, the measurements by Milagro can be understood by assuming a cosmic ray energy spectrum near the galactic center similar to that in the solar system and the standard properties of particle interactions. The results presented in the Physical Review of Letters paper were gathered over a three-year period, beginning in July The leaks are defying many of scientists' previous ideas on how the interaction between Earth's magnetosphere and solar wind occurs: The leaks are in an unexpected location, let in solar particles in faster than expected and the whole interaction works in a manner that is completely the opposite of what scientists had thought.

The findings have implications for how solar storms affect the our planet. Serious storms, which involved charged particles spewing from the sun, can disable satellites and even disrupt power grids on Earth. The bottom line: When the next peak of solar activity comes, in about 4 years, electrical systems on Earth and satellites in space may be more vulnerable.

How it works Earth's magnetic field carves out a cavity in the sun's onrushing field. The Earth's magnetosphere is thus "buffeted like a wind sock in gale force winds, fluttering back and forth in the" solar wind, Sibeck explained. Both the sun's magnetic field and the Earth's magnetic field can be oriented northward or southward Earth's magnetic field is often described as a giant bar magnet in space.

The sun's magnetic field shifts its orientation frequently, sometimes becoming aligned with the Earth, sometime becoming anti-aligned. Scientists had thought that more solar particles entered Earth's magnetosphere when the sun's field was oriented southward anti-aligned to the Earth's , but the opposite turned out to be the case, the new research shows.

How many and where Essentially, the Earth's magnetic shield is at its strongest when scientists had thought it would be at its weakest. When the fields aren't aligned, "the shield is up and very few particles come in," said physicist Jimmy Raeder of the University of New Hampshire in Durham. Conversely, when the fields are aligned, it creates "a huge breach, and there's lots and lots of particles coming in," Raeder added, at the news conference. THEMIS was able to make these measurements as it moved through the band, with two spacecraft on different borders of the band; the band turned out to be one Earth radius thick, or about 4, miles 6, kilometers.

Measurements of the thickness taken later showed that the band was also rapidly growing. And while the interaction of anti-aligned particles occurs at Earth's equator, those of aligned particles occur at higher latitudes both north and south of the equator. The interaction is "appending blobs of plasma onto the Earth's magnetic field," which is an easy way to get the solar particles in, said Sibeck, a THEMIS project scientist.

Next solar cycle This finding not only has implications for scientists' understanding of the interaction between the sun and Earth's magnetosphere, but for predicting the effects to Earth during the next peak in the solar cycle. The Sun operates on an year cycle, alternating between active and quiet periods.

We are currently in a quiet period, with few sunspots on the sun's surface and fewer solar flares, though the next cycle of activity has begun. It is expected to peak around , bringing lots of sunspots, flares and coronal mass ejections CMEs. CMEs can interact with the Earth's magnetosphere, causing problems for satellites, communications, and power grids. This upcoming active period now looks like it will be more intense than the previous one, which peaked around , some scientists think.

The reason is the changes in the sun's alignment. During the last peak, solar fields hitting the Earth were first anti-aligned then aligned. Anti-aligned fields can energize particles, but in this case, the energy came before the particles themselves, which doesn't create much of a fuss in terms of geomagnetic storms and disruptions. But the next cycle will see aligned, then anti-aligned fields, in theory amplifying the effects of the storms as they hit.

Raeder likens the difference to igniting a gas stove one of two ways: In the first way, the gas is turned on and the stove is lit and you get a flame. In the other way, you let the gas run for awhile, so that when you add the gas you get a much bigger boom. ScienceDaily Sep. Take plenty of shielding. Researchers have long known that cosmic rays go up when solar activity goes down.

Right now solar activity is as weak as it has been in modern times, setting the stage for what Mewaldt calls "a perfect storm of cosmic rays. If it was not for this fact I would say that was just another Y2K hoax. But the astronomy makes it believeable. It looks like this gravitational cosmic tsunami could cause the sun to scorch the earth.

That means that the only immediate survivors would be people in the underground cities, caves, and submarines. However, even these people may not survive too long because such an event gravitational surges might bring onearth quakes and volcanic activity, flooding, and the such. These events might collapse underground cities and caves.

Huge tidal floods might flood subways on the eastern seaboard. However, if just a few did manage to survive. They would not be able to come out of their underground dwellings for some time, because the earth's protective magnetic shield may be gone. If the upper atmosphere and the earth's atmosphere was able to repair itself say in even a short period of time of one year, the survivors would face a barren world.

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All surface vegetation and animal life will have been destroyed. The surface of earth might perhaps look like a barren planet. The only possible source of food for those few survivors might be the ocean. Plant life and sea life might survive this event to some small degree. However, there is one problem They live at the surface of the water and will be destroyed by the radiation. Plankton is the basic building block of life for many living organisms in the ocean.

Plankton is the biggest generator of oxygen on the planet. With plankton gone and the forest gone, what is going to provide and create oxygen for the planet? It doesn't look good for the few that survive It may very well be the end of the world. Unless, a greater power comes to rescue us. But are we worth it? Man is a miserable creature that kills and destroys himself and other living things. Johann For more reader's comments go here. This occurs every eleven years. Prior to this the Sun's north magnetic pole was at the north rotational pole.

Now the Sun's north magnetic pole is at its south pole. Since opposite poles attract, the magnetic poles of the Earth and Sun are now at their most stable. Just about the time of Winter Solstice, the Sun's poles will switch back. During this switch there will be a tendency for the Sun's magnetic field to pull the Earth's field with it.

If the Earth's magnetic poles switch, this would put stress on the planet aggravating earthquakes and volcanos, not to mention destruction of the electrical power distribution grid. And, if the switch happens fast enough don't ever expect your computer to work again. But if you have old tube type equipment, keep it. It should survive just fine. It will work if you can find electricity.

Turn off the TV. Turn off the internal voice and the intellect. Don't try to understand it. Feel it. Look around you Spend your time loving them and enjoying every moment. You can overcome depression by directing your attention outwardly, finding ways to help others -- God only knows the world is full of those opportunities. Try to accomplish something completely unselfish before your life ends.

Love is all we have. But it's enough. Can facial features shed light on which brain controls our thoughts? Great article by Dan Eden with photographic analysis of many popular figures. The Color Preference Personality Test Select your favorite colors and see what this on-line test reveals. Requires JavaScript. We're Not From Here! Recent evidence suggests that we are not part of the Milky Way but a dwarf galaxy being assimilated.

Smallpox: The Weapom A review of what we know about this deadly virus. Is it gone? How to read eyes! What do professional interrogators look for to see if you are telling a lie? Can anyone do this? Decorating with Feng Shui Nancy Uon gently introduces you to the basics and shows how to best arrange your living space. Handwriting Analysis What can be learned about you through your handwriting. Some famous mysteries are described and lessons are given. Money: what is it? This Dan Eden article starts with the history of money and describes the current economics that have resulted in the rapidly declining US Dollar.

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Re: want to give one topic which happening in my personal life Posted by anamika , hi gopinath i want to share something with u. Re: Re: star vijay tv - Mr. Gopinath Posted by kalyan , thanks for vijay tv, for being a very informative channel Kind attn: to Mr. Re: good tamil Posted by radha , hey there, i have been watchin ur show for soemtime nw and i'd feel ur tamil is so complicated..

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Good News from the Cobb County School District

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