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What Happens if Nadi Dosha Occurs ?
  1. All About Nadi Dosha And Its Remedies
  2. Nadi Dosha – Scientific Reasons & Solutions

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Nadi dosh ke upay //horoscope matching //gun milan

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All About Nadi Dosha And Its Remedies

Follow Us. Astroyogi July 29, Nadi Dosha explained by astroYogi. Click here Traditionally Yours, Team astroYogi. It also depends upon other factors like position in the fifth house and so on.

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There are many remedies suggested by astrologers for Nadi dosha to reduce the adverse impact of Nadi Dosha. There are Eight Ashta to calculate health compatibility in which Nadi is the last one from Varna that is used to calculate work compatibility, Vashya that is used to check dominance compatibility, Tara for destiny, Yoni is matched for mentality, Graha Matri is to check friendship, bhakti is matched to ensure love compatibility.

According to astrology, two individuals having the same type of Nadi should not marry each other as their progeny or offspring will be feeble.

This is true scientifically as well. Therefore this is the prime reason why marriage in the same Nadi is not allowed but as we have told in the article, there are some astrologers who say putrakaraka and the 5th house that represents children must be checked more accurately than the Nadi Dosha. A lot of remedial procedures are prescribed by the world renowned astrologer Amar Sharma to help partners alleviate and counter the negative aspects of Nadi Dosh.

Nadi Dosha – Scientific Reasons & Solutions

These steps are effective and are trusted by countless people worldwide to gain a remedy for Nadi Dosh. Even with same Nadis, the couple can be guaranteed of a prosperous married life with the solutions offered by astrology.

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Following is a list of the remedies that the love specialist astrologer insists to follow in order to gain an effective respite from the astrological defect:. I was in trouble from the issue of shani sadhe sati, so I consulted Amar Sharma Ji, he cut all the roots of this problem, I see feel within a month, seriously you are just a incredible person I have ever met.

The Nadi Dosha and its type

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